By: monica maybe

Chapter 1, Mothers marrage to Blake is a chance of reclaiming all they had lost. Wealth, privlege and security. However when the price is set for all the riches bestowed, Casey must pay the price with her innocence.

  Chapter One
 The sun streamed through the window and and a slight breeze fluttered the thread worn cotton panels. Unfortunately for the small body in the single bed underneath, the breeze was just as hot as the stuffy air that was already in the room. Casey stretched and moaned. "Saturday was thee longest day of the week "she thought.
Saturday was long for Casey because as a 16 year old, spending the day with her mother, whom constantly tried to reclaim her old life, was not fun.
   Casey thought about the day to come and dreaded the hours of etiquette training  and shopping thrift stores for designer cloths that wouldn't betray the empty cupboards and empty bank account.
Life didn't always turn out fair. And good guys sometimes finish last. Her father was a kind man who in the banking world was a respected and powerful. Life was full of dinner parties, private clubs and the best for little Casey. Mother was a perfect socialite, with charities and brunchs with the other wives who were blessed with rich husbands. Mother loved her role and was good at it. Until that is, her husband had the bad luck of being arrested for fraud. 
    Casey let her mind drift to those last few days before her life as she knew it ended. She was aware the was something wrong just by the glares between her parents. Kids always know when mommy and daddy are mad. Mother was shoutin.g and screaming. Words like embarrassment, failure, jail, stupid and swearing all mixed into a verbal assault that Casey had never witnessed before. 
   "You piece of shit! You stupid little man. Do you know what you've done? We will be out on the street! With nothing! The house?" Mother screamed
  Casey's father just nodded 
    " The beach house too?"
Again he nodded
    " You fucking bastard! Our accounts are all frozen, none of the credit cards will work, the district attorney said that you will go to prison and everything we own now belongs to the government! Edward I lunch with his wife for fuck sake!"
     "Jane please, I never meant for this to happen. I just got carried away, we will be fine, I promise" Edward pleaded. 
   "Fine? Are you insane? I am the gossip of the whole town! I will never be able to show my face at the club again!"
    Edward sighed and shrunk smaller in his chair " Honey we cannot afford the club dues right now... Until we get back on our feet we will have to adjust"
Jane walked over and slapped her husband of sixteen years in the mouth. "I hate you and I am ashamed to call you my husband. You are worthless." Jane hissed the last words through her perfect bleached teeth
   Casey pretended everything was normal and continued going to her high end private school, but the other students soon overheard the rumors at home and peppered Casey with mean spirited questions. When will she have to visit her dad in the pen? They asked with a little smile on their lips
By the time she arrived home she was exhausted and tense. She wanted so badly to scream at her parents for forgetting she was a human being too and all this effected  her as well, but proper young ladies do not speak to their  elders that way, proper young ladies didn't worry their heads about matters of money. 
    After what seemed like ages, but in reality was just a few days , tension in the house was so thick it was almost humming. After dinner Jane returned to her rooms to drink in peace, something she did every day for the past few weeks, and Edward looked across the eight foot long teak table at Casey.
Tears were in his soft brown eyes, that are exactly the same shade as hers. 
"Honey I will love you forever,and I am so sorry" Casey didn't know what to say,so she just smiled and said " I love you too Dad"
That night as Casey slept upstairs and his wife lay passed out in the den, Edward had a long hot bath, then slit his wrists and bled to death.
Casey decided to stay in bed until Mother called to her. The heat was almost unbearable but the choice was easy , here or out there with Mother. Living in a trailor made of metal in the summer is unnatural Casey thought, but its better then the street. Dad has been dead for three years now and wishing it was different will solve nothing. Mother needed her and like it or not Casey needed her too. 
"Casey dear come out here I have some bad news" Jane called in a sing song voice, which made it seem to Casey tbat she did,t think it was bad at all. 
" I have to cancel our shopping trip honey, I hope you will forgive me" Jane had a uncanny ability to disregard the obvious and go about her days in blissful disregard for Casey. Casey was thrilled there was a break in her routine and maybe she could go out of the yard and go swimming with the other teens in the trailer park, who Mother looked down at and wrinkled her nose like she smelled something bad at the mere mention of them.
"Thats ok Mother, I will find something else to do today. Maybe a walk?" Casey tested the waters, no dice.
" no no dear , I have someone I want you to meet, a gentleman that I've been having lunch with for awhile now" 
Casey thought Mother was standing a bit taller, and at a closer look, the makeup on her face was more precise, her raven hair done without a flaw and the dress she was wearing looked new, as opposed to the slightly worn ones she found at the stores they shopped. 
" So who is he?" Casey asked. Casually  looking in the cupboard for some bread for toast.
"well" Jane gushed " he is an attorney from Dallas that just moved here, We met at a church function, and he is a sweet, handsome and very wealthy, so please make a good impression"
    The first thing that came to Caseys mind was how happy Mother looked. The smile she saw spread across her pale cheeks was genuine . The second was, wait a second, wasn't he supposed to be trying to make a good impression me?

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