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Seducing the admirer

Novel By: momabear

on her first business trip away Sophie can't but help to seduce the obviously very shy young Mr Anderson, but it doesn't stop there when she finds herself craving him. View table of contents...


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I woke the next morning feeling totally content and relaxed; the sun was shining through the window brightly letting me feel it was going to be a good day although the sun wasn't warm enough to appreciate. I looked around the room and panic started to hit me; Sam wasn't in bed next to me and Matty wasn't in his cot. I looked at the time on my watch and it was just gone 9, he's usually up around 7 gurgling in his cot and if I'm not up by 7:30 he starts whining for his bottle but I didn't hear anything this morning, he usually wakes me up. I jumped out of bed thinking the worse; had Sam came to steal our son and he had during the early hours of the morning? Ok I was far from the world's greatest mum and wasn't really maternal not minding Matthew or Natasha taking him out so I could have a break but I loved Matty, I went through so much to have him.

I ran to the living room and neither of them were there and with my heart beating frantically I called out 'Sam' heading to the Kitchen and met him at the door dressed in deep blue jeans and a white plain t-shirt bearing a small logo on his chest, Matty still in his pyjamas under his arm smiling happily reaching out to me; I let out a sigh of relieve taking him in my arms and kissing at his head

'Morning' Sam smiled 'we were just making you breakfast and coffee; unfortunately I still haven't learned to cook so it's only jam on toast and I would have gotten Matt dressed but I don't know where to find his clothes, but I changed his nappy though and gave him a bottle. I hope you don't mind'

I chuckled happily at him shaking my head saying it was alright, the panic from minutes ago forgotten and I didn't want to bring it up and make him feel he done wrong. He placed a light kiss on my lips telling me to go back to bed; he's just making the coffee and if I could take Matt he'd appreciate it so he could bring it all through at once.

'Matt' I questioned and his smile seemed to fall a little then he apologised saying it just seemed to come out 'I don't mind, he is your son after all. I guess I got to choose his name and Matthew came out with Matty and it just seemed to stick. I like Matt' I smiled to him bringing back his smile with a nod.

I took Matt back to bed lying him down on my legs talking to him asking what he thought of his daddy and did he like him, his response was just a load of gurgles while he chewed on his fist. Sam came in a few minutes later with a mug and plate in hand, smile on his face sitting down next to me on the covers. I smile up telling him where he can find Matt's stuff and if he wants to get some warm water he can wash his face, around his neck and ears with some cotton wool and his face lit up as though he was a kid being told where the secret stash of sweets were making me chuckle to myself, it amazed me how a simple gesture could mean so much to him, but when I looked at my toast I felt that the statement applied to me too. He'd cut the toast up in heart shapes and the strawberry jam gave it the red colour, but instead of making a comment I smiled to myself at the simple romantic gesture and felt like I didn't want to eat them and ruin the beauty of it but I was hungry and could mentally keep the picture in my mind.

Because Natasha wanted to met Sam it was arranged that she came over for lunch and I was unsure of how'd feel about it because I remember him being shy with new people, especially females; well, me anyway but when I mentioned it to him he seemed alright about it and helped me prepare some lunch and I forgot how much fun he was and how child like he can be. We popped to the local supermarket first and he kept throwing random things into the trolley that he fancied saying he wasn't expecting me to feed him and would provide for himself but wasn't really paying much attention to what he was picking up shrugging whenever I made a comment saying it was fun this way and while we were preparing a salad he kept picking at the food I was cutting making me slap at his hands and he'd back off sulking saying he was hungry and me saying he'd ruin his appetite pushing him away to finish off the chopping and slapping at his hand each time he tried to take some more. After a few failed attempts he grabbed the box of cherry tomatoes and started eating them with a huge grin on his face, all I could do was laugh telling him he wasn't having any in his salad then 'but I love them' he whined and I shrugged my shoulders 'please' he pouted and I shook my head. He sighed putting them box down with a bigger pout folding his arms across his chest.

Natasha pretty much turned up then and he went quiet but quietly spoke when spoken to, I could see he was really making an effort and kept giving me side glances. While Sam offered to clear the lunch things away Natasha squealed making me chuckle 'he's so hot and cute, I can see where Matty get's it all from, why aren't you with him already' she almost whispered

'You know the storey' I shrugged

'But he's just so hot, adorable. Please tell me you're going to get with him'

'I really like him and last night was good, this morning fun but we've not really spent any time together properly'

'Come on Sophie, you know enough and if you have fun with him as well as great sex, what more do you need. You can see he adores you and you admitted you feel you love him' she continued and I sighed 'let me have Matty for the afternoon and you two spend some quality time together, get to really know each other'

'But he came here to see him'

'And you, I bet he wouldn't mind' she smiled getting up

'Where are you going' I asked as she headed to the kitchen

'To check him out if you're not interested, Matthew is fun, but Sam's hot' she fanned her face

'You what' I almost shouted with a bit of jealousy over her checking Sam out and her reference to Matthew, she's never mentioned anything about him before 'what is that about Matthew being fun' I asked and she smiled

'I've noticed recently how really fun he is and such a sweet guy, what is it with you turning a blind eye to lovely admirers'

'I never said I was turning a blind eye to them' and she raised her eyes in question coming back to the table taking the seat back next to me and looking deep into my face

'Look Sophie, Matthew is great and worships the ground you walk and if he wasn't so wrapped up in you and Matty I would be looking for a chance. I know you care a lot for him, but I can see you really like Sam and I can't blame you although he's way out of my league. Make it work for all your sakes, you've been unhappy for a while now and I see the spark of life is there ready to be fired up again and it wasn't there when I last saw you, oh, you finished already' she smiled over my shoulder making me turn around to look at Sam slowly heading back with a little smile and shrug of the shoulders

'Hmm, yeah, but I couldn't find a clean towel so I left it on the drainer, sorry'

'That's alright' I smiled then I felt a kick from under the table making me look at Natasha

'Go get him a clean towel or I will' she whispered to me nudging me from the seat and somehow the thought of her alone in the kitchen with him sparked off jealousy and I immediately got up telling him I would show him where they were.

He held the door open for me while I went into the kitchen heading for the cupboard where I kept all house towels and pulled out one of my best red ones while telling him Natasha really liked him, she thought he was hot and when I turned round I saw he was turning red 'I don't really care what she or anyone else thinks'

'Really' I ask heading towards the wet dishes and felt his presence behind me making me turn round

'I only care what you think of me, I want you to think I am nice' his eyes locking onto mine

'I think you are really nice too' I smile with him returning it showing off his little dimples and bringing his hand up to my neck to trace it with his fingers making my whole body warm up 'I think you are wonderful, the best creation' he whispered 'and I love you' then brought his mouth to mine and started a powerful hungry kiss that I took over wrapping my arms around his neck, my fingers into his soft hair making a moan escape him and for him to pin my body to his with his hands held firmly onto my neck, his arousal growing fast into my stomach.

A knock came at the kitchen door breaking the kiss immediately with both us slightly panting as we moved to face the door as Natasha appeared with a smile, eyes cast on Sam's crotch 'wow, that's huge' I bore my eyes into her and she immediately looks up to Sam's blushing face 'The dish pile, you're wiping up right' Sam snatches the towel off me turning to the dishes tense and I hold back a chuckle 'Look guys, I know Sam came to see Matty and everything, but I thought I could take him out for a few hours so you could have some time together to talk, do something together'

I looked up to Sam who was busy with the dishes and asked him what he thought and he gave me a side way glance 'I, hmm, don't mind. Whatever you want is fine by me'

'That's settled then' Natasha beamed giving me a wink and mouthing 'make it worth it' 'I'll grab his stuff and coat' then headed back out the door and Sam let out a huge sigh

'You really don't do strangers well do you' I asked grabbing at the dry dishes and he just shrugged a response 'what do you want to do then'

'I could take you somewhere, like on a date'

'I'm not sure what's around really, only a kiddies park'

'I could push you on the swings' he joked with a smile making me laugh

'Sounds fun' he laughed in response then Natasha poked her head through the door again saying they were ready and she'd bring him back before bedtime unless she hears from us first, Sam went to say goodbye to his son with me following.


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