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Dominant Desires

Novel By: Mollydx3

Sasha was the girl who had a perfect life, until a tragedy took place and she lost her parents. But most of all, she lost her self respect. Now living in an apartment with her friend she's living the hooker way of life, selling herself on the corner of the city. One night she comes across a man and he is not what she expected. He is handsome and everything about him draws her in.
When he offers her ten thousand dollars to stay with him for three months to pose as his fiance, what will she do? And to top it all off, what will happen when he pulls her into his dark and torturous secret lifestyle of her accepting to be his Submissive while he is her Dominant? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 20, 2013    Reads: 17,259    Comments: 6    Likes: 39   

Sitting in the car with Jaxon Edwards, the beautiful sexy millionaire, I really don't know how I should be feeling about any of this right now. All that's running through my mind is how I'm seriously doing this right now and taking such a big chance in life. I'm so used to living in a box and keeping to myself so by agreeing to move into a house with a total stranger is really nerveracking for me. I keep thinking to myself that maybe I'm making a huge mistake, but then again on the other hand maybe I'm not. Maybe this is meant to be and I can handle this. There's a chance that he's trustworthy.

I have to do this because ten grand is a lot of money and it's such a nice offer by allowing me to move in with him without me even agreeing to become his Submissive. There's complete silence for the twenty five minute car ride and before I know it, we arrive at a private airport that seems to look completely abandoned so it must not be used very often. It it obviously kept for the wealthy people who don't wish to deal with having people attacking them with pictures and stares.

Jaxon pulls his car up to a gate where a tall man in a business suit is standing and waiting formally for him, and without me expecting it is when the gate opens and we drive inside. We arrive and stop near the runway and this is when my gaze roams out his window and I spot his private jet, and holy shit it is the biggest airplane I have ever seen in my whole life! I figured it would be small but oh my gosh it's huge and his last name 'Edwards' is printed on the side, and I can't help but drop my mouth wide open in a state of pure shock.

"Alright, Ms. Pierce. We have reached our destination," He cautiously lets out in a short breath, eyeing me I can easily tell but my gaze is locked right on his own personal jet. A chuckle leaves his lips and once I turn my head to stare at him in silence is when I notice the smirk that has now entirely overtaken his handsome face. "Close your mouth, Sasha, or I'm going to fuck it right here."

My jaw immediately snaps shut and my face must turn red in response to what he has just said, but a sarcastic grin plays at the corner of his lips. "Sorry, I guess I'm just a little. . . Surprised," I softly croak to him, my voice dry and hoarse as I clear my throat.

"Surprised, are you? And for what reason might this be?" He asks, as if he doesnt know.

I glance away from his face and stare back out the window while releasing a quiet sigh, really excited to see what it must look like on the inside since it's so amazing on the outside. "Is that a serious question Mr. Edwards, or are you just being an arrogant ass?" I playfully test him.

His lips pucker up in a sexy manner on their own accord, and those intimidating blue eyes of his narrow in almost a look of disbelief. He cocks his head slightly to the side, blocking my view of his airplane before he lets out a laugh, although there's no humor intended. "An arrogant ass?" He questions in a sharp and deep tone, getting me to gulp in return. "Hmmm, I really should fuck your mouth for that backtalk. What do you think? Should I give it a try, Sasha?"

"You agreed to no sexual relations until I can trust you," I sternly remind him, and his face hardens with my sudden statement filled with determination and bravery. "So no, Mr. Edwards. You shouldn't give it a try and you won't."

"Stay here," He races out in a bold angry voice, stunning me as he throws open his door. I open mine and I don't exactly feel like listening him, so I swing my leg over and am about to stand on my feet until I stop myself and look up to notice Jaxon hovering above me, glaring at me with hate and domination. It terrifies me. "What the hell did I just say to you?" He snaps while taking a quick breath, his nostrils flaring along with his eyes widening, getting me so nervous butterflies rush to my stomach. I open my mouth to interrupt him until he bends down to become eyelevel with my gaze. He reaches forward and takes my jaw firmly in his hand, a soft shriek releasing from my mouth as I stare blankly into his eyes in fear. "And what did I tell you about shutting your damn mouth when I'm speaking to you? You don't listen to a word I say. How am I going to deal with this?!"

"Let me go," I loudly whimper, my eyes filling with tears and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it, which saddens me. I hate him! His eyes widen and his angry face turns to sorrow in the matter of a simple second, before he lets my jaw go and he quickly shakes his head.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I couldn't control myself." He starts to say as I get out of his car and I rush a few feet away from him, staring down at the pavement in silence. Thankfully no tears fall and I'm so fortunate for this. His shoes step closer and closer to me so I'm able to know he's only inches away from me, but I don't speak a word. "I lost control Sasha."

"I'm aware Jaxon," I harshly rush out, looking up and glaring into his eyes in confusion. "And now what am I supposed to think? How do I know you won't hurt me as soon as I step foot into your jet, or your house, even? Screw this."

"No, don't say that. It won't happen again," He states, letting out a deep breath before lifting up his hand to gently brush my cheek with his fingertips. "I promise it won't happen again. It won't. Okay? Just, just relax and let it go. I'm sorry," he cautiously mumbles, his voice at almost a whisper before I drop my hurt gaze back to the ground again. "Look at me. Forgive me."

"Fine. Just leave me alone for a minute. Let me be. Don't touch me," I quietly say to him, and his hand falls to his side immediately.

"Of course." He turns and walks away from me, leaving me standing by myself heartbroken in a stanrge way, because after him talking to me like that and grabbing my face I don't know whether or not this was all a stupid and unthinkable mistake I have made.

I glance up at I look at his backside, watching as the man walks over to him and very slightly bows, smiling with a look of graditude. "Good afternoon, sir. How are you?"

"I'm doing great. I figure that you had made it to the Pierre to make sure you had my belongings together, correct? And filled the front desk in on my early leave."

"Of course. Your suitcases and briefcase are in the trunk of my car. I'll make sure to take them to where they belong. Would you like for me to handle your woman's belongings as well, Mr. Edwards?" He questions in a polite tone, turning to make eye contact with me as I shake my head.

"No, that's alright. But thank you for the kind offer," I softly answer him in response to him.

"Please, Max. Take care of hers too. Her name is Sasha Pierce and she will be staying with me for the next few months. She's my fiance," he suddenly states, and without thinking it through I snap my head in his direction and I make my way to his side in anger. Jaxon glances down at me and sneaks his muscular arm tightly around my waist, keeping my body close to his while I stare up at his relaxed face and I glare at him in horror. I bite my lip when he looks away. "That'd be great. Oh, and please make sure my car is secure in the garage. Thank you, Max."

We start to walk around the car to make our way towards his private jet, and only a few seconds into walking is when I unhook is arm from around me and I slightly push him away. "I cannot believe you just introduced me as your fiance! I didn't even agree to doing this yet!" I loudly whisper in anger, practically hissing out the words as he turns to smirk at me with ease.

"You'll say yes." He turns to set his gaze on the jet in front of us.

"But you don't know that. If I wanted to I could turn around and leave right now and not even bother to look back," I harshly rush out without thinking it through, haulting myelf as he dead stops too. I watch him intently as he turns to face his body in my direction, and his face is blank. I have no way of knowing what to expect.

"Who's stopping you?" He tests me in an unfriendly and dominating tone, not daring to unlock his gaze from staring deep and lustfuly into my eyes. I cross my arms and fold them against my chest, not having the slightest clue on what to say. "I don't like not getting along with you, Sasha. Come with me. Let me show you around my jet. Let me try to be good enough for you to submit yourself to."

He holds out his hand and stares at me with his intense baby blue eyes, looking at me through thick long lashes before I gently place my hand in his, his fingers tightening around mine. "Okay," I quietly say, shocked with how easily I'm giving in but something about him keeps pulling me back, and it's so confusing to have these strange and unfamiliar feelings for a stranger.

Cupping my neck with his large warm hand and happily staring down into my eyes is when I realize how much control he has over me and I hate it with every ounce of me! "I can't tell you how sorry I am for losing my temper and hurting you like that. I will never do it again." After I nod in response is when we slowly walk up the steps and as soon as I step inside of his jet is when my heart drops.

I swear I must slip into a state of pure shock and desperation just because of how amazing and beautiful it is in here, and yet it's simply a jet! I live in a horrible disgusting apartment while this mysterious man is living the good life and is as rich as can possibly be, and it's totally not fair. It's so roomy and has a massive amount of space in here and it is the most decorative place I've ever seen up this closely before. We make our way past a few rows of seats and then we turn to the right. Jaxon lightly places his hand against my back, and we walk to the place that seems to be the living room.

Gazing around at everything and how formal and perfect this room looks, is when I hear an unfamiliar female voice coming out softly from behind us. "Hello, Mr. Edwards. It's so nice to see you again. When would you like to take off, sir?" She happily chirps to him, staring at him with so much passion and care that it catches me completely off guard. She's probably a few inches taller than me and she has long blonde hair and she is very gorgeous.

"Taking off within the next few minutes would be perfect, Sofia. I'd like for you to meet my new business parter, Ms. Pierce." Jaxon happily grins down at me, but looking formal about it. "And this is Sofia Levington. She's our co-pilot. Where is Roger? How's he doing?"

She batters her eyelashes at him and blushes to the fullest, which sickens me because all girls must act like this towards him. He has this effect on not only me but the whole female population! At least I'm not the only one. "Roger's doing good. He's in the cockpit, at the moment. But I'll tell him that you're almost ready and then we will take off within the next few minutes. I'll close the door, yes?"

"That'd be great. Thank you, Sofia."

And she curtseys before turning and quickly walking away from the both of us, after giving me a dirty look, I should make perfectly clear. Watching Mr. Edwards as he walks away from me is when I get the point, and I follow until we reach two big comfortable seats with seatbelts attached to them. He faces me and motions with his hand to sit down in one so I do as he says and I sit down, watching silently as he does the buckle for me before I even get the chance to do it myself.

"Did you ever have sex with your co-pilot?" I blurt out unthinkingly, going quiet once his head snaps up as fast as ever and he instantly frowns, raising an eyebrow afterwards.

"No, Ms. Pierce. I don't have sexual relations with women who have not signed my agreement contract.I assumed I had made that perfctly clear to you. She's not a Submissive of mine, past present or future. I don't want her nor do I need to have her in that way." He sits down in the seat next to me and eyes me carefully, and they fill with darkness and mystery. "Why? Does this bother you? Do I sense some jealousy here?"

"In your dreams," I sarcastically mutter, rolling my eyes hearing him laugh in return.

"You don't fool me, baby girl. You want me just as much as... I... want... you," Jaxon slowly lets roll off of his tongue, those lucious moist lips parting as soon as his eyes narrow.

And we take off, flying up high into the beautiful sky. I've never been on an airplane before but I chose not to tell him, and it's pretty scary for me at first until we make small talk. About thirty minutes later we no longer need our seatbelts because we've reached the right height. He takes my hand and shows me around everyone, taking me to the living room which we've already seen, his office, room where he has his meetings for business, a bar area, dining room, and finally out of nowhere is when he takes me to a door. Once he opens it is when I step inside and realize it's a bedroom.

Not just an ordinary bedroom. A girl's bedroom. "Um, this room's nice. Who's it for?"

"My Subs," he sternly answers, and when our eyes lock is when my heart falls in my chest. He's glaring down at me with hunger, seeming to be undressing me mentally and trying to control himself from breaking his promise of not touching me without my permission. The way he's looking at me is scary and he is definitely in his Dominant mindset right now, but I just quickly glance away.

"So, this would be my room to sleep in when you'd take me with you on business trips?" I carefully question, trying desperately to change the subject. He nods in response.

"But enough with the tour. Let's get some food in you."

He ends up taking me to his kitchen and I cook an easy meal for the both of us. He stands behind me against the wall the entire time, staring at my every movement for the entire time that I make our food for us. We eat in the dining area and then we sit on the couch and I drift off into a deep sleep when I least expect it, not meaning to. I open my eyes and wake up to notice how there's a lightweight blanket covering my body and through the windows I'm able to easily tell that it's dark outside which I had to be asleep for at least a few hours. Holy crap.

"Sleep well?" A husky voice unexpectedly comes out, slightly startling me as I turn my head to notice Jaxon sitting in a seat a few feet away with a glass of wine in his hand. Nodding in response to his question is when he stands up, places his glass on the table, and he sits down beside me as soon as I sit up and fix my dress. "Would you like some wine?"

I gladly accept and a few minutes later is when I'm standing up and roaming around the living area because Mr. Edwards has left the room, and I find a sterio so I turn on the music. A funky but slow song immediately catches my attention and I get the sudden urge to dance, so I sway my hips to the beat and I feel so free flying this high in the night sky. It can't get any better than this. The beat changes and becomes faster, so I close my eyes in pure ecstacy and I let myself go. I spin around in a circle with the glass in my hand running my fingers down my body, and as soon as I open my eyes is when I realize Jaxon standing right in front of me a few feet away. He's staring wide eyed at me with nothing but pure lust written on his handsome flawless face.

I stop dancing and my jaw falls, before I quickly turn around and I turn off the sterio. "I didn't know you were there... How long were you watching me?"

"Just a few seconds."

I face him and he pushes his back from the wall and takes a seat on the comfortable couch, crossing his ankle over his knee and continuing to keep his gaze locked on me. Slowing approching him is when I think about how seductively I was just dancing and I feel so awkward about it now, and when I sit down I nervously bite my lip in complete silence.

"Sasha, come with me. Please." His eyes turn dark when I look over at him and he swiftly rushes to his feet, staring down at me with so much lust and hunger that it intimidates me in a way I don't expect it to. Excitement but yet a sudden burst of pure fear courses through me, the blood boiling in my veins while I struggle desperately to look untouched by this. It's hard to even catch my breath. I stare up at his tense pose and in one easy motion he holds his hand out to me, palm side up, hypnotizing me with his eyes. His beautiful amazing but frightening eyes.

"To where, Mr. Edwards?" I cautiously whisper, anxiously biting my bottom lip.

His head tilts to the side very slightly as he gazes down at me, studying and investigaing my every movement. I swear it's probably possible for him to see my heart pounding wildly through my chest and it's probably even more possible for him to notice the confusion running through my mind, but instead he answers me so boldly it literally spins my whole world around in circles.

"You looked so sexy touching your body like that. I'd like to introduce you to my room," He slowly lets out, his full lips parted while he continues to keep his eyes locked right with mine. I feel all the color drain from my face and I get the shivers all throughout my body, starting to feel the wine swirling around in my stomach threatening to come back up. He wants to show me his room, where his bed is located? What does this even mean? I open my mouth after hesitating for a long time but words fail to come out. "Come with me. Stand up, Ms. Pierce. I'm taking you to bed. I need to make you come."

"Woah, wait, what?" I rush out in a nano second, my eyes nearly buldging out of my head as I stare up at this handsome dominant man standing only feet away from me. Make me come, again, so soon?

His jaw tightens and I watch as his eyebrows narrow, and as soon as he gulps so obviously I realize I had just set the flame to the candle. I've made him upset. "What did I tell you about repeating myself." Jaxon says, although it sounds much more like a statement than a question. I open my mouth to apologize to him but he takes his opened and waiting hand and waves it at me, silently ordering me to not say anything in return. "No, it's fine. Don't say it. Let me have you tonight, Sasha."

I shake my head in total shock, really freaked out with what he has just said. "Mr. Edwards... Oh my god. What do you mean let you have me? I already told you I can't trust you enough to let you take control of me just yet. Especially not in bed..." I heavily gasp, blinking uncontrollably but before I can say anything further is when he darts forward and reaches down to grab my hands, yanking me up and tightly holding my body against his. "Jaxon! I can't do this right now. Not tonight. You haven't even given me a chance to get to know you yet!"

Trying to push myself away from him is when his grasp on my waist is even tighter, feeling his hands firmly pressing on my lower back as a small moan escapes from my lips. I lift my head and our eyes lock in a lustful crazy staredown, and I can't find it in me to speak. "You don't understand what I'm saying, Sasha. So shut that big mouth of yours and listen to me," He snaps, his fingertips digging hardly into the skin on my back while another soft moan comes from me without warning.

"I'm listening," I carefully whisper, no longer breathing.

"I don't do Vanilla sex, Ms. Pierce. I've never done that before with any of my subs. It's always BDSM, no whatever what the situation is. But I want you so bad right now, I can't control myself. I'm trying to keep myself under control enough so that I don't lose it with you at the moment and rip the clothes from your sexy body, but I'm not able to do this. I need you. I need you right now."

My jaw falls wide open and I'm now holding my breath not even meaning to, completely taken back and surprised from hearing this that I feel like I'm dreaming. "What are you saying?" I softly mutter.

"For just one night, I won't be your Dominant. You can treat me the same exact way that you have normally treated your clients. I'll allow you to take control. I won't hurt you, I won't do anything besides Vanilla sex and I'll take your body to places you've never been to before in your life."

My heart drops and wetness pools betwen my legs just by the thought of him fucking me and sending my body straight to Heaven. He releases me once he sees the lustful new expression that has claimed my face and I know my cheeks must be as red as ketchup. I slowly step back and try to even out my breathing because I am so stunned and shocked with this situation, and I really never expected that this was going to happen. But I want this to happen. This is going to happen.

"Just regular, normal, sex? Nothing else. . ."

"That's right," he sternly answers me in a deep and husky tone, taking a step towards me. "Although it doesn't mean it won't be hard as you've ever had it before. I can't give you complete control, Sasha. You need to understand that I'm not used to doing this. I might not be so good at it. But I want to try this with you. I want you so bad. I want you to know how it feels to be with me."

"I don't know about--" He scoops me off my feet and holds me briddle style in his muscular arms, hugging my petite body against his firm solid chest. "Jax," I instantly gasp, wrapping my arms gently around his neck and having no other choice but to breathe in his wonderful strong scented cologne that is suddenly causing my head to spin. He smells amazing. He looks amazing. He is amazing.

Mr. Edwards quickly walks us down the long hallway before turning a sharp right, pushing open a door with his back and suddenly we have entered his master bedroom. This sex god closes the door behind him and drops me for a second, as I tightly wrap my legs around his waist and he slams my back against the wall. I cringe and groan from the pain and I squeeze my thighs tighter around his hips, tangling my hands through his black messy hair. He slides his hands under my dress, pressing against the skin on my ass, pulling my body closer against him. He completely takes over and presses his mouth to my neck, his lips tracing every inch of the skin on my throat as he holds me against him and races across the room and hardly drops me down onto the bed.

I give in to the sexual temptations I have for him before firmly grabbing his big hands and I pull him right on top of me as he collapses onto my slim body, seeming to be shocked with my action. I wrap my arms around his neck, hearing him gasp for his breath before he trails his mouth down my jaw line, and then to my neck where he begins to harshly suck. I moan from the feeling of his warm lips on my throat, and he continuously gives me hickey after hickey, as I burry my fingers into his hair and force his mouth closer to my neck, giving him more access as I tilt my head to the side. Once his mouth reaches my collarbone is when I can't take waiting anymore.

Impatiently I grab the collar of his shirt and I suddenly yank it open as every single button flies around in all different directions, before I yank his arms out of the sleeves and I toss his shirt somewhere onto the floor. I run my fingers down his upper chest, and I travel them gently down his abs, perfectly toned and muscular body, having trouble trying to realize he's real. A man this beautiful and attractive should not exist, but yet he does have his dark side. I shake these passionate thoughts out of my head as I suddenly place my hands at the top of his chest, before I hardly dig my nails against his skin and scratch all the way down his chest and abs.

He looks into my eyes and a loud hiss leaves his mouth. "Fuck," Jax groans, glaring down at me in what looks like frustration before sharply exhaling. "Don't make this harder for me. I should spank the living shit out of you for that!" He stares at me for a few seconds like I'm his own personal drug and then he pulls down my strapless dress which reveals my lace black bra, and he immediately undoes the front hook and rips it off in one easy motion, which turns me on like crazy. Staring at my breasts and studying every inch of me is when a small groan comes from him, turning me on to the fullest. "You're so perfect. You fit right in the palm of my hand. So, beautiful."

He leans down and devours my nipple into his mouth as I moan in complete ecstacy from the amazing sensation he gives me. His tongue works like magic as he licks, sucks, and bites on it, pleasuring me so much until it's a hard red bud. I tightly dig my hands into his hair, pulling on it hearing him moan, as he sucks on the nipple of my other one. His firm hands squeeze and massage my breasts as he takes his time, pushing me closer and closer to the edge. Suddenly when I least expect it, he moves to the end of the bed and slides my dress entirely off of me, before placing his fingertips up at my hips against the strings to my thong, before he slips it down my legs leaving me completely naked in front of him. This is when I suddenly realize the lights are on, so he's able to see every part of my body... which I'm not used to. Usually I have the lights off with my clients.

"You need to turn the light off, Mr. Edwards," I say, staring up at him.


Confusion fills my head and I sigh in response. "Will you please turn them off?"


"Jaxon just turn them off, please!"

He lets out a sharpy groan and growls at me, glaring now. "No! I want to see every inch of your body and I want to see your face as I fuck you."

Mr. Edwards out of nowhere takes me again by total surprise as he firmly presses his fingers against my thighs and he widely spreads my legs apart, making me whimper with longing. He kisses the insides of my bare thighs up and down, torturously teasing the hell out of me leaving me gasping, until he stares up at me deeply and he see's the lust burning in my eyes. Oh shit, not again! He looks down at my sex hungrily before his tongue finally makes connection with my lips, before moving against my clit, getting my body to flinch in response to the pleasure.

My mouth opens in a silent O as I prop myself up with my elbows and feel him now sucking on me, leaving me breathless as reality entirely blurrs out around us. His hands move from my thighs to underneath them, until his arms are reaching up to cup his hands over my breasts, his fingers rubbing and pulling on my nipples, while he continues to eat me. He's doing this because he knows what this did to me this morning. The back of my thighs rest on his shoulders as his tongue flickers against my clit, getting me to cry out in a joyful burst of amazing pleasure before he moves against my enterance, making me ten times more wet for him which I don't even think is possible. I want him so bad. His fingers play with my nipples which just increases the sensational feeling he's laying upon me, before he pulls one of his arms back and suddenly pushes his finger inside of me.

Right when I thought the pleasure couldn't get any more intense than it was now, he suddenly licks and sucks my clit, thrusting with his finger at the same time and same time of movement which builds up an orgasm deep within me, my body suddenly shuddering beneath him. I cry out as I throw my head and back against the mattress, running my hands through his hair and pushing myself against his tongue and long finger. And amazing and familiar feeling suddenly rushes through me, every ounce of my soul and nerve endings now right at the edge, as I immediately climax and moan out so loudly I literally have no control over anything at this moment.

After he removes his finger he continues to devour me with his talented mouth, before he slowly raises his head and his lustfull and wanting eyes lock with mine. I push him over so he lays on his back and I straddle his waist, feeling his erection in his pants as I rub him over the material of his jeans, loving the loud groan that comes from deep in his chest. I want him to know that he' not dominating me tonight and I am not submitting to him, I'm also in control. Hell, I want to feel him inside of me so bad.

I stare down at him and my eyes narrow, slowly unbuckling his belt before pulling down his zipper and I slightly lean down and pressing my mouth on his upper chest, biting my teeth against his skin as I graze them down his chest and abs, trailing further and further down to his waist as he groans with need for me like crazy, which gives me a new rush every time.

"Sasha, I can't take it anymore. I need to fuck you, now."

He grabs my breasts with his hands before unexpectedly pushing me off of him as I fall beside him and watch as he takes off his dress pants himself along with his boxers. Once my eyes travel down his perfect body and connect with his manhood that has sprang free is when I feel myself fill up with energy, knowing he's most definitely the biggest guy I've ever slept with before out of every client I've had. That is a lot to compete with, and he easily comes in first place. He crawls ontop of me and his sexy blue eyes scan my bare body while I notice a passionate expression makes its way overtaking his beautiful facial structures. Then it turns into something different, like he doesn't have a single care in the world. It's blank, just like mine, which deeply confuses me. But then again... He doesn't love me.

We don't love each other. This isn't making love... This is fucking. Like usual, right? It feels so entirely different and I have no idea why. But when he presses his hands onto the pillow both beside my head is when I'm no longer able to see his face because he runs his lips along my neck again at the same time of pushing his manhood against my thighs. I know he's teasing me and it makes anger rise through me because I want him just as badly as he wants me.

"You're so sexy, Sasha. I can't wait to be inside of you," He seductively mumbles as I blush, leaning down to place his lips beside my ear. "Your body is all mine tonight. And when you sign my contract you will not be with any other man. You're going to belong to me, baby. I can't wait to have you all to myself. I can't wait to have your heart and your trust. My life depends on it."

I don't hesitate before reaching down the space between our bodies, positioning his manhood at my enterance about to let him fill me when he suddenly enters me in one long, forceful, and deep thrust. I loudly cry out in a long and desperate moan, my thoughts all out of control the moment I realize how intense this feels. His size is massive, clearly nothing I've ever felt before, my inner walls suffocating his manhood as I gasp for my breath. Only because I wasn't expecting that to happen, him being the one to enforce it. Usually I'm the one in charge, but this to die for man is taking my place, and I don't know if I like it. But if I agree to be his Submissive, then this is how it would always be. I would have to listen to everything he said.

He slightly pulls out before thrusting into me again, a new expression crossing his face. "Ah, fuck!"

"Ugh, oh my god. . ." I rush out in a dramatic tone without realizing it, and my core feels so tight around his shaft that it's actually uncomfortable at the moment. "Ohhh!" Without even a second passing by, he slams into me again as we both gasp for air to fill our lungs from the breathtaking feeling, and my mouth falls wide open. I stare up at the white ceiling trying to keep my breathing evened out but when he begins pumping in and out of me I just only seem to completely lose my breath.

"Ahhh," I softly whimper, shocked from how amazing this feels. Sex has never felt this good in my entirely life and it's scaring me but at the same time pushing me to signing his contract. Suddenly I lift my hips up with his movements each time he thrusts in, which only causes his groans and heavy grunts to come out more frequently.

"Damn," He growls in an exciting groan. "You feel so amazing. Christ!" He looks down into my eyes for a few strange seconds, us both frowning with our lips parted. And out of nowhere, he entirely pulls out of me only to slam himself back in as far back as he can possibly go as a highpitched whimper leaves my mouth. I lift my hands up over my head and rest my palms against the wooden headboard, his pumping with so much pleasurable force that the only way to keep my body from moving up the bed further and further is by holding onto the headboard behind me.

He slowly moves almost all the way out once again only to hardly force himself back in, when he takes his hand and gently holds onto my throat which scares me at first, finally slowing down his pace. His smokey blue eyes widen in response and he slowly shakes his head. "Don't worry, baby. I won't hurt you. I'd never hurt you unless you wanted me too, or deserved it."

Breathless and not used to having someone take charge over me, I wrap my legs around his waist, allowing his long length to enter much deeper as his arm sneaks under my back and he pulls us both further down the bed to keep my head from hitting the headboard. Our hips move in perfect rythum as the minutes go by, and his hold on my throat begins to losen before it moves up to my jaw and his lightly cups his warm hand on my cheek. He gazes down at me and doesn't look away.

It's not long before I'm so close to reaching my climax, his hand returning back onto the pillow as I tightly hold onto his upper arms, loving the feeling when they flex. I close my eyes and arch my back, his pace quickening once again before a loud moan escapes from me and I hit my climax, exploding around his shaft as I firmly rest my hands against his neck somehow trying to let him know I've reached my point, but he doesn't stop. "Oh, Jaxon!" He thrusts again, again, again, and again, more and more as I begin to get so sensative I feel another orgasm building up in my body. I'm gasping for air loudly now to keep myself from passing out from the amazing orgasm until I suddenly have another one as I wrap my arms tightly around his neck and I pull his chest against mine, tightly squeezing my eyes shut as I try to come back down. This one is earthshattering.

"No, I can't take anymore, I don't think I can handle another one, please."

He pulls back and his beautiful and sexy eyes burn deep into mine before he slowly shakes his head before slowing down his pace. "I'm not done with you yet." I stare up into his eyes and he doesn't dare look away, slowly thrusting into me then pulling out, repeating this pattern at a slower motion as I continue to climax, this one coming even more intense. I cry out in pleasure shocked with the amazing feeling he's giving to me over and over again, because it has never felt like this before.

"Turn around," he unexpectedly orders me in a dominating voice, his tone stern and demanding as I stare up at him in shock. I don't know how much more of this I am able to handle! I scowl and anxiously shake my head, feeling nothing but weak. "Turn over now, Ms. Pierce."

He glares at me and forces me to roll over as he pushes me into the blankets as the front of my body rests against the sheets. As soon as I'm about to tell him I can't take anymore and I get his point is when I feel him spreading my legs unexpectedly, as he suddenly slides back inside of me. He loudly groans as I burry my mouth into the sheets as a whimper escapes from my lips. He thrusts deep into me and pulls out, before pumping at a much faster pace than what I'm use to. I feel his firm and muscular chest leaning against my back as he enters me as far as he can possibly go, as his mouth rests against my ear and I shiver as his warm breath blows against the side of my face.

His hard as a rock dick pounds in and out of me at a quick speed, his hips smacking against my ass with each time he enters. His mouth begins to suck on the back of my neck as I lift my head from the blanket and he trails his lips to the side of my neck, sucking under my earlobe as I nearly shriek with his next movements. His fingers tangle in my hair and he yanks on it, forcing my head to fling backwards. His out of control breathing is all I hear for about another minute and I try to gasp for my own, as he suddenly pulls out of me and firmly takes my arm, turning me over so I'm laying on my back again staring up at him, before he grabs my leg and drapes it up over his shoulder.

This is the most breathtaking sex I've ever had in my life. "Oh, god! Oh fuck, oh shit!"

He stares down into my eyes as I innocently gaze up at him. "Tell me you like it. I want you to tell me that you want me to fuck you harder, Sasha."

"Harder," I gasp.


"Please. I need this," I whimper, my mouth falling open a second later.

He leans down to lick and then bite my neck as he continues to hardly fuck me, my leg even higher up on his shoulder which causes him to slide into me with easier access. "You feel so damn good," he groans, glaring at me as another grunt leaves his mouth. "Tell me you want me."

"I want you," Suddenly leaves my mouth, and I have no control any longer. This unbelievable sex god has complete and total control over every ounce of my body and soul.

"What?" He huskily mumbles, narrowing his eyes as he suddenly goes entirely still, my sex waiting and begging for more so I can find my release. "Say it again, baby."

"I want you, for God's sake!" And I reach another climax, my eyes rolling in the back of my head as the pleasure goes on and on and doesn't end. It gets more intense with every second that has gone by, so it leaves me nothing but entirely vulnerable, pleading for more.

"Tell me you want more."

"I want more. . . Please," I quietly plead to him, opening my eyes as he smirks in return.

And he nods, entirely speechless with how I'm giving in, and before he can do anything I take his arms and pull him down so he's laying beside me. I sit up and straddle his waist, finally gaining back some of the control I have. His erect manhood rests against my thigh as he stares up at me in what looks like some type of confusion as I feel his hands suddenly rest on my thighs.

I rub my sex against his manhood, creating friction which gets a low moan out of him. My hands press against his firm chest and I feel his body tense under me, until I draw back my head and I stare into his eyes with as much willpower as I can... I reach behind me and position his manhood at my enterance. He doesn't move. I slowly move downward, as his huge hardon enters me, this time I feel entirely filled with his length.

I'm consumed with him and feel as if he's deeper within my body than ever before, and I carefully push myself up before pulling back down. His hands slide up my thighs and up the sides of my stomach, gently cupping my breasts as he massages me. They move slowly around to my upper back, tracing every inch of me before they rest on my lower back, his fingertips pressing hardly against my skin. A moment later I feel him take hold of my butt, firmly pulling me down all the way to his hips, before he moves me back up. We repeat this pattern, moving slow and torturously, what we both are not use to. But it feels. . . amazing.

I run my fingers through his silky hair as he pulls my butt down harder, his hands sliding up so he is now holding onto my hips. Our pace quickens as he grabs my back and pulls me forward and down closer to him, so that my chest is in front of his face. My hands rest on the bed above his head him suddenly taking hold of my breasts and taking my nipple into his mouth, innocently licking around in a circular motion before nipping at it with his teeth, sucking afterwards. It gives me an amazing sensation that causes me to release a quiet and lustful moan. He continues to work my breasts as his hips raise from the bed and he thrusts his manhood inside me, repeating this motion while the feeling of my next climax building up deep within my body.

Not even a minute later Jaxon gives up on letting me take over and his arm wraps firmly around my lower back as he flips us over, his sexy and muscular body leaning ontop of mine. He slowly slides himself back inside of me while reaching down and rubbing my clit with his thumb as I throw my head back and let myself moan for him, no longer wanting to hold them back. His thrusts are slow but deep, and he leans his arms on the bed beside my head with his warm hands resting on my forehead pulling the hair away from my eyes. I wrap my arms around his waist and cup his firm and sexy ass with my hands, forcing him down faster with his next thrust, before I hear a groan release from deep in his chest. I stare into his eyes and realize he's been staring at me this whole time, watching me intently. He's getting so much joy from seeing the pleasure written on every ounce of my face.

After another long and amazingly incredible minute of his sensational pumping my walls tighten around his shaft as he loudly moans from the feeling, nearly suffocating his big size as another moan leaves our lips at almost the same exact time. I feel him push into me which seems like as far as he possibly can, and then suddely, we both climax together. This time it's different and it just sends millions of questions rushing through my mind as my eyes tightly close and I dig my nails into the skin on his back. He finds his release and pours into me as I'm about to yell 'You stupid bastard!', but I'm just so into the lustful moment that I stay perfectly silent, only hearing the loud and quick panting of our out of control breathing. Our chests press together as he lays motionless ontop of my body, his muscular arm leaning against the side of my face as I immediately swallow down the lump in my dry throat, wondering what on earth am I going to do now?

He took my body to Heaven! And he can do this to me over and over again, whenever he likes just to please not only himself but me as well, if I become his Sub? This just seems like a perfect idea but then again it could just be my orgasms talking.

"Ahh, fuck." He sharply exhales another deep breath before drawing back his head and gazing down into my exhausted eyes. My chest raises up and down against his and he continues to stay motionless ontop of me, our eyes connected, before he quickly pushes himself up and gets to his feet while gazing down at my naked body and I silently look up at his. His glorious body.

"I really hope you think this through and you decide to surrender yourself to me so you can sign the damn contract for our agreement. I want this to work out, Sasha. I want to have you like this every day, any time, and anywhere. I want you be become mine and I will get that because we were made for each other. We fit perfectly. We match and I've never felt so connected to any woman ever, in my life. You're different and I want you," Jaxon cautiously lets out, before I nod in silent agreement with him. "Good night, Ms. Pierce. Sleep well. If you need anything please don't hesitate to come to my door."

I instantly frown and gently nibble on my lip. "I'm not staying in your bed with you?"

"No. We already discussed this. I don't sleep with my Subs--" He hesitates, almost reading exactly what's on my mind at the moment. "I don't sleep in the same bed as anyone. I sleep alone and it will always be like this and it will always stay this way."

"Good night, Mr. Edwards. I'll be in the guest room," I softly mutter, as he swiftly turns around and starts to head over towards the bathroom. I stare at his backside and his firm fit butt, admiring how beautiful he is until he turns to shoot me one last serious look.

"Sleep well. We should be landed within the next few hours." And he closes the door as I fall onto my back in pure amazement. Who knew it was really possible to have more than five orgasms in one night? This is the moment I realize that I know exactly what my answer is going to be...

I'm going to sign the contract. It's just a matter of when.


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