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Dominant Desires

Novel By: Mollydx3

Sasha was the girl who had a perfect life, until a tragedy took place and she lost her parents. But most of all, she lost her self respect. Now living in an apartment with her friend she's living the hooker way of life, selling herself on the corner of the city. One night she comes across a man and he is not what she expected. He is handsome and everything about him draws her in.
When he offers her ten thousand dollars to stay with him for three months to pose as his fiance, what will she do? And to top it all off, what will happen when he pulls her into his dark and torturous secret lifestyle of her accepting to be his Submissive while he is her Dominant? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 20, 2013    Reads: 20,538    Comments: 7    Likes: 41   

I wake up to a gentle breeze blowing against my skin with a blinding light shining through an opened window. Stretching out my arms and releasing a deep breath is when I realize this was the best sleep I have ever gotten before and it feels amazing. I look up at the ceiling in a state of peace and serenity. I'm so entirely relaxed as I pull the soft sheets off of my body and sit up, staring towards the window in a satisfied daze. Making my way over to the window to stare out at the city is such a pretty sight, the busy city so far beneath Jaxon's suite in this beautiful hotel. Oh, crap! I almost forgot about Mr. Edwards... I stayed the night. I stayed the night in his hotel room.

Beautiful and handsome billionaire, and secretive Dominant in his spare time, which absolutely nobody knows about besides his old Submissives. Holy shit. What have I gotten myself into? Obviously I have a big choice to make today and I'm going to have to face him really soon, but have I made up my mind yet? No. I don't think so. I really need the money and without it I am completey screwed when it comes to paying Natalie my half of the rent for our apartment. Oh, god. She is not going to believe any of this crap! But, I'm not allowed to tell her anything.

How is this going to work? I haven't even read his contract yet. What is going to be in it? What if I don't like what I read and find out? But most of all... What if I do like it? What if I actually want to become Jaxon's sex slave? That's it. I don't think I have any other choice, which means I have to push all of my fear aside so I can accept this deal he's offering me. In reality, he doesn't need to pay me anything. He's doing me a favor in an awkward way, me being his in return for a shitload of money, so why am I whining like this? I need to get myself together.

I open the door and slowly peak my head outside of the doorway, only to hear complete silence which strikes me as odd. After making my way down the hall is when I realize Mr. Edwards is nowhere to be seen anywhere. Not in the dining area, not in the living room, and even not on the balcony. Maybe he left? Turning around and trying to even out my breathing, I make my way back towards the long hallway and I decide I'm going to do something very stupid.

Standing only inches away from Mr. Edwards master bedroom is when I finally release a deep and nervous breath, gently knocking on the door. But there's no answer. I slowly push it open since there's a slight crack and I freeze once I glance inside and notice he isn't in here either. But suddenly I hear the water running and I realize where he is. Jaxon must be in the shower. Oh, my god, the thought of him being naked and wet just makes my body ache for him, and he hasn't even touched me yet. I can't believe I'm this attracted to this man I only met last night.

I take a quickly look at the clock hanging on the wall and am shocked to see how early it is. It's only a little past nine and I'm usually use to waking up around noon which strikes me as odd. I'm kind of glad in a way that I have oken up though, mainly because it gives me some time to think. But the moment I step only inches away from the door to his bathroom is when every nerveracking thought miraculously leaves my head. Glancing inside the room is when my eyes suddenly lock right on the huge shower, the only thing blocking the view of inside of it a thin wall of glass.

And oh my god how sexy the sight in front of me right before my eyes is. I can see Mr. Edwards taking his shower almost perfectly, from the outlining of his body which gives me a pretty clear look at the side of him. His ass looks firm and I can see the tone of the muscle in his arms in chest while he has his hands in his hair, and when he turns to the side a bit I swear I'm almost able to get a decent view of his manhood, but unfortunately I can't. Oh wow, this is so sexy. His body is to die for and the slight blur barely even allows me to fully see through it. I can only imagine how defined and great it is without anything in the way, blocking my view.

"Good morning, Ms. Pierce. Did you sleep well?" His voice unexpectedly comes out, snapping me back into reality as a loud and shocked gasp comes from my mouth. Embarressment and almost anger runs through me to know that I have just gotten caught checking him out while he's taking a shower! This morning can't get any more awkward.

I anxiously gulp before tucking a strand of hair nervously behind my ear. "Uh... good morning. And yeah. I slept well. The bed was really comfortable. I slept good," I anxiously babble, releasing an irritated groan under my breath before all of a sudden the water stops running. Oh my god he can't be about to step out of the shower into my view! I'll die.

"That's great. I'm happy to hear that."

"Did you sleep good?" I quickly rush out to him.

A small chuckle echoes in the room around us, thankfully getting me to calm my nerves a bit which is a pretty big relief, and I'm ready to see him naked. "Yeah. Although I'm not much of a sleeper. I tend to stay up through most of the night but it was fine," He tells me, and I start to blush until the next words leave his mouth. "Sasha, do you mind handing me that towel?"

I turn to look over at the hanger against the wall and I practically race over to it, taking it between my hands before carefully walking over to where he's waiting. The door opens and I anxiously look away to give him some privacy, backing away before he steps into my view. And damn, is he beautiful. He IS muscular just like I had expected, with his broad shoulders with his firm chest and perfectly toned abs. Jaxon Edwards is flawless.

My gaze travels down without my permission and once I lay my eyes on the loer V shape he has right above where the towel is hanging around his waist, keeping me from seeing the lower half of his body. His arms are the perfect size and he's really fit and I can't help but stare at him in a quiet daze because nobody I've been with has ever looked this handsome and perfect before. But he isn't perfect, that's the truth. He has a dark life style and he's willing to drag me into it with him.

All I want to do right now is find the nearest pen to sign the damn thing already just so he can have his way with me! I fold my arms across my chest and my eyes immediately lock with his, and his wet hair drips down his face as well as his chest and arm, and my god it's delicious. But before I let him say a single word is when I turn around and I race out of the bathroom, sitting down on the couch once I am able to breathe evenly again. Time slowly passes by.

"For God's sake, Richard. I flew all the way here to discuss a very big investment and to recieve a business proposal, only for you to tell me that it has just been canceled? This was a complete waste of my time and I am outraged by this. It was your job to inform me about this yesterday the moment you got an official statement about the changed date. I don't like dealing with this shit. I cannot stand it. This is your second warning Rich, don't make another mistake or it will surely cost you your job," Jaxon snaps in frustration, his tone business related and firm.

"Is everything okay? That didn't sound too good," I carefully say to him, glancing at him only to notice he has on a pair of nice black dress pants along with a collared dark blue, button up long sleeve shirt. Once his angry gaze meets mine is when a long groan escapes from his chest and he runs his fingers through his towel dried hair, calmly shrugging afterwards.

"Came all the way here for nothing, that's about it. Looks like I won't be staying here in New York for the next three days, Ms. Pierce. Which means you need to make a decision by five o'clock today, no later. I apologize about this. I didn't expect for this to happen," he states, cautiously shaking his head while keeping his eyes on my every movement, almost studying me.

"Where's your contract, Mr. Edwards?" I speak up in a brave tone, his eyes slightly widening.

"The table, where you left it."

I pick it up in a burst of complete and total silence, very awkward in an odd way mostly due to the fact that I am about the read the one thing that is keeping me from giving him my final answer about the deal he offered me. Relax, Sasha. I just need to relax. "I want to read it to myself, first."

My big curious brown eyes meet his when I glance up and he nods in acceptance. "Of course. Please, take your time. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions."

Here it goes...

Dominant and Submissive Contract

I, ___________, with a free mind and an open heart; do request of ____________that He accepts the submission of my will unto His and to take me into His care and guidance, that we may grow together in trust and mutual respect. The satisfaction of His wants, desires, and whims are consistent with my desire as a submissive to be found pleasing to Him. To that end, I offer Him use of my time, talents, and abilities. Further, I ask, in sincere humility, that, as my Master, He accept the keeping of my body for the fulfillment and enhancement of O/our sexual, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. To achieve this, He may have unfettered use of my body any time, any place, in front of anyone; to keep or to give away, as He will determine. I ask that He guide me in any sexual, sensual, or scene-related behavior, both together with, and separate from Him, in such a way as to further my growth as a person.

I request of _____________, as my Master, that he use the power vested in His role; to mold and shape me; assisting me to grow in strength, character, confidence, and being, and that He continue to help me to develop my artistic and intellectual abilities.

General Rules

The slave agrees to obey her Master in all respects. Her mind, body, heart and time belong to Him. The slave accepts the responsibility of using her safeword when necessary, and trusts implicitly in her Master to respect the use of that safeword. If a condition arises in which the slave needs to use the safeword or gesture, her Master will assess the situation, and determine an appropriate course of action.

The slave shall keep her body available for the use of her Master at all times. In addition, the slave agrees that her Master possesses the right to determine whether others can use her body and what use they may put it to. The Master will discuss all such instances in advance with the slave, to be certain that such play with others will not violate any established limits. The slave shall demonstrate her acceptance of her role of service and availability at all times while at home and at other times and places specified by her Master. The slave acknowledges that her Master may use her body or mind in any manner He wishes within the parameters of safety. He may hurt her without reason to please Himself. The slave enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect her treatment. Further, she accepts that if her Master tires of her noise, he may gag her or take other actions to silence her.

The slave will answer any questions put to her honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information her Master should know about her physical or emotional condition. While her Master expects His slave to speak honestly and forth rightly about anything that bothers her, she is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. She will phrase her concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept her Master's judgment in these matters without further complaint.

The slave will always speak of her Master in terms of love and respect. She will address him at all times as either "Master" or "Sir."

Duties of Servitude
Above all, it is the duty of the Submissive to please.

Personal Duties: Physical/emotional needs of Owner, amusement, sexual toy/plaything, physical comfort, obedience, honesty, loyalty, waiting on Owner as desired and needed.

Household Duties: Cleaning and keeping the home straightened, laundry, shopping, cooking, run errands as needed.

Behavior Attitude: The servant should show an attitude of respect at all times. Disrespect is a serious offense and will be punished severely. Respect includes: manner of speech, promptness, kneeling to serve, proper answers, obedience, loyalty and honesty. Respect and obedience are the two most important aspects of attitude the servant shall show at all times. Failure will be punished. Behavior in Private Slave shall address Owner as _____________ at all times without fail. Slave shall pay full attention to Owner when spoken to. Owner is more important than any other activity the slave may be engaged in. The slave shall sit, stand, walk, kneel, and lay where, when and how Owner desires. Slave shall stay in bed at night unless permission is granted to do otherwise. The slave shall not remove any restraint device for any other reason than an emergency.

Behavior in Public: The slave shall address Owner as Sir at all times when there is not enough privacy to use the afore-mentioned title __________. The slave shall remain within eyesight of Owner unless permission is given to do otherwise. The slave shall be courteous and prompt at all times, showing Owner full respect. The slave shall dress as Owner desires. The slave shall not argue or complain when in public with Owner.

Orgasm Control: Slave is to achieve orgasm ONLY by permission of Owner. Slave's orgasms will be controlled for proper training of slave, teaching slave good habits, providing motivation, physical and sexual energy. Owner will allow slave reward upon permission.

Social Contact: Slave is allowed to write, visit and talk to any family member as long as it does not interfere with [his/her] servitude. If speaking to anyone other than Master, there will be no talk of the relationship between the two individuals or there will be action taken with law. All such contact will be monitored by Owner. These are privileges, not rights, and should be appreciated.

Punishment will be given for the following offenses: Going anywhere without permission and/or threatening to do so. Cockiness or rudeness. Drinking without permission. Disobedience. The slave shall perform the confession ritual once a month and be punished accordingly. Failure will be punished.

Mild Punishments can include: slapping, ear or nipple pinching, cropping, hair pulling, going to bed early, time-outs.
Medium Punishments can include: multiple slapping, genital pinching, intense bondage time, clamps and weights.
Severe Punishments can include: panty or ball gags, leg chains and/or handcuffs, caning.

With my signature below, I agree to accept and obey all preceding rules as well as any rules my Master may choose to issue at a later date. I gratefully consign by body and soul to my Master for His pleasure and use for the contract period noted below.

Duration This Contract is valid from this day until 3 months has passed, and then it may be renewed or renegotiated if Owner and/or slave feel it needs to be reviewed and updated. At that time, the servant will receive a new contract. With my signature below, i agree to accept and obey all preceding rules as well as any rules my Master may choose to issue at a later date. I gratefully consign by body and soul to my Master for His pleasure and use for the contract period noted above.

_______________________________ slave___________ date

I accept My slave's desire to serve Me more fully, and take responsibility for her well-being, training and discipline to more perfectly serve My will.

_____________________________ Master ____________ date

Oh, hell. I stare down at the paper I'm holding and try desperately to look untouched and satisficed with what I have read, but I don't know what to do. What do I say? I slowly look up into his intimidating but yet beautiful blue eyes and I say the first thing that comes to mind.

"I thought you don't consider your Submissives as Slaves."

And unxpectedly, he smirks! "Out of all the things you had just read to yourself, this is the major thing that is on your mind right now? Really, Sasha? That's very... interesting," He sarcastically speaks up, crookedly grinning while I narrow my eyes at him in frustration. "It does say that, you're right. But with most contracts it does. No other woman has had a problem with this. Would it make you feel better and more sure about this if I reprinted the contract with changing the word Slave to Submissive?" I can tell he's trying to be a smartass from the wise voice thick in his tone, but I just take him seriously to the fullest. I sternly nod my head. And his grin fades away.

"That would make me feel much better, actually."

Jaxon Edwards stares down at me long and hard before a small groan escapes from his parted lips, and damn does it sound hot. "You're so stubborn." He folds his muscular arms across his firm chest and shakes his head, placing his hands firmly on his hips. "Fine. I'll agree to that. So this means your answer to me is yes?" He cautiously questions, his eyebrows scrunching together while I hold my breath.

I nod my head once again, showing him I am not going to ease my way out of this awesome deal he has offered me. Even though I don't like anything that I have just read my mind hasn't been able to process it all yet so I need to do myself a favor and just give in. I can't back out of this offer. He is a millinaire! Just three months of this, twelve weeks of him being my Dominant and me his Submissive, and then I will get my reward of ten grand!

"Yeah. My answer is yes. But I'm not signing your contract until you change the horrible word slave into Submissive. Maybe your other little girlfriends didn't mind that reference, but I do. Guess I'm different and you're just going to have to deal with that. Live with it."

"You're going to need training, Sasha. I don't like your backtalk," he suddenly races out, firmly stating the words with his eyes now glaring at me. Before I can do anything he nearly jumps on top of me throwing me backwards so my back is pressed on the couch and his body is almost all the way on top of mine, pressing me down and capturing me entirely. Our faces are mere inches away, his lustfull gaze burning right down onto my moist lips as I feel his warm breath lightly blowing against them, making my heart race. "I could teach you a lesson right now, right here. But I'll save that for when you're living in my place. I'd really love to fuck your mouth. I can't wait until I fuck your mouth."

I gulp, now hating the fact that I had never given head before. I guess you can say I'm a weird type of hooker, because all I allow is regular intercourse, not oral, not anything else. Especially not kissing. And it's about time I let him know this now. "I don't kiss on the mouth. Ever."

His eyes narrow and it makes me lightheaded as soon as I realize how dramatically his face has dropped, but there's something behind his dark guarded eyes that shocks me. He actually seems to be vulnerable with this new expression and I don't have the slightest idea why, but I want to find out. "Ever?" Jaxon asks, leaning down closer to my face as I turn my head in one swift movement, firmly planting my hands onto his shoulders. "Look at me."

And I do, I listen to his order and I don't go against his rules which I read in the contract. Even though I have't signed it yet doesn't mean I can't start now. I do as he says but to my surprise he just stays perfectly silent. He cocks his head to the side a bit, looking over every inch of my face while I stare up into his light blue eyes, ready for anything he does. But he doesn't do anything so I begin to feel more relaxed until he sits up and presses his hands against my inner thighs which quickly spreads my legs wide open. A shocked gasp comes out of me from his unexpected act and a slight smirk plays at his lips from my reaction.

"What're you doing?" I rush out, wanting to push him away but I just can't. I'm immobile; my body won't let me make any rash movements because I want him so bad. I want him just as much as he said he wants me. But when he hovers back ontop of my small body is when I know this isn't teasing. This is really going to happen and I'm going to let it.

"Quiet, Sasha. I don't want you to say a word. Not yet," he sharply tells me, almost sounding like it's my warning as I nod in response, but barely.

He rests his arm beside my head on the couch, making sure to keep his full body weight off of me as his other hand rests against my neck. His fingertips slowly slide down my throat, tracing lightly against my collarbone and over my exposed cleavage, before they torturously travel down the side of my body all the way to my hip. In one quick movement he yanks up my dress which reveals my lower half, and only seconds I feel him touching the back of my thighs while his hand firmly cups my ass.

I softly moan in response because this man turns me on so much, so much it's literally unbearable, and the moment I his fingers graze lightly against the skin on my inner thighs is when I know what's coming. Suddenly he rubs me gently through the material in the front of my panties, and I can't help being so entirely wet all because of him.

Because of how damn sexy nd irresistable he is! In the blink of an eye suddenly he rips them off of my body, leaving me completely bare for him as I hardly bite my bottom lip to keep myself from making any more sounds. But when he pushes aside my slick folds and rubs my clitoris in a slow and teasing motion I can't help but let out a small whimper, hating how good this already feels.

"Fuck. You're so wet. God, I want you."

"Jaxon," I softly moan under my breath.

"I might take you right here, hard. If not now, soon. Very soon." His eyes stare down hungrily into mine and I dig my fingers into the material of his shirt covering his chest, and all of a sudden he thrusts his finger into my wet enterance and I cry out while he does it over and over again. He pushes knuckles deep inside of me His palm rubs against my cl*t increasing the pleasure he's giving me while he screws me with his finger harder.

I softly gasp, "Oh shit!"

"So fucking wet," he lets out in a deep groan, the seductive tone of his voice making me more wet, if that's even possible! "I can't wait to slam my cock inside of you."

He adds in another one and a long moan leaves my mouth without me even bothering to hold this one back, and he pumps in and out of me even faster, relentlessly, grunting with each thrust as I throw my head back against the couch in pure astonishment. I'm out of breath. I can barely breathe from the overwhelming feeling he's giving me. I feel myself getting closer to the edge with every torturous second that goes by and he lifts his other hand to firmly grab my jaw with his free hand, forcing me to stare him in the eyes which is so difficult to do because I know he can see right through me. His teeth tightly clench together with his full lips still slightly parted, and I find myself staring at them.

"Look at me," he sharply breathes.

He takes me to places my body has never been to before. He's the only one who has ever made me feel this good, gave me this much pleasure. It's crazy how much I need this man right now. All I want to do is let him fuck the living hell out of me. His serious gaze burns into my eyes and all he focuses on is working his fingers inside of me and watching me intently, my every movement. He pushes into me as deep as possible and once he finds my g-spot I loudly cry out in an overload of pleasure, not even able to handle how intense it is, but he angles his fingers the same way and hits it again. I practically fall apart beneath him and I've never felt this way before. I have never in my life had a man give me this much pleasure from only using his fingers. I want him so bad. I can't believe I'm actually doing this right now.

"You're so wet and tight," he tells me in a seductive tone, running his tongue over his lips as I come again without warning this time, moaning so loud it echoes through all of the rooms. "It makes me want to take you here even more. Fuck, Sasha." He releases a lustful groan under his breath and thrusts faster and faster, even harder and much deeper than before, and it blows my mind.

"Ugh! Oh, Jaxon!" I cry out against his long and talented fingers that he uses so well, and my orgasm is coming closer, closer, a mindshattering climax only seconds away and it's finally here--

"Oh no, baby. Not yet." Jaxon cautiously orders, pulling his fingers covered with my juice out of me as a loud whimper comes from the back of my throat. I was so close! "I'm going to take my time with you Sasha. Be still for me while I do this. Don't move."

I breathlessly stutter in return, "Do what?"

He pushes himself up when I least expect it, and I instantly release his now wrinkled shirt from my balled up hands as he leans on his knees on the floor. Confusion runs through my mind until his big hands grab my legs and he yanks me onto the edge of the couch, and finally I'm aware of what he's planning. Oh, god! I've never let anyone go down on me before! But I just can't stop him. My body needs this. My body physically is craving for him. It needs him. The antisipation to feel his mouth on my sex is killing me.

I want him as he kisses my inner thighs, sucking, licking, and nibbling along the way which is teasing me to the fullest. I want him to the point of no return. He blows gently against my sex causing me to flinch from the chilling sensation, and before I can even realize it his tongue is running between my folds, licking my clit before stroking my entrance! A high pitched moan comes from me and I practically convulse under him until he firmly presses his hands against my thighs holding them apart, keeping me still.

His talented tongue swirls around in circles and the alien feeling of having someone go down on me for the first time consumes my whole body, every nerve ending going crazy from the new sensations I've never felt before. He continues to move around and around, torturing me with his tounge as he pushes into my soaking wet core, and then he releases his right hand from the inside of my thigh and draws back his head so make complete eye contact with me. I have no control over how red I must now be blushing. I'm falling apart and it's all beause of him.

His tongue slides out of me and lightly flickers against my nub, and the speed of his fingers slow down before he hardly pumps them into me again. My breath is coming out heavy and in pants and Mr. Edwards continues to stare into my eyes, watching me, studying me, only concentrating on pleasuring me as much as he can. And oh does he! Jaxon thrusts his finger inside of me once, slowly pulling out causing me to whimper again before he every so slowly slides it into his mouth, tasting me with a look of complete domination.

Mr. Edwards quietly lets out a deep breath and groans. "You taste delicious, Ms. Pierce. You are mine. Contract means nothing at this point. You accepted my offer, therefore you now belong to me. Your body," He growls to me, hesitating. His eyes instantly widen and his voice is harsh and hard, demanding and dominating, the other side of him now fully showing and it's so incredibly sexy, "Is mine."

And he hardly thrusts his fingers back into my dripping wet sex, his tongue once again back to swirling around my clitoris quickly, and firmly as I plunge my fingers into his still damp hair and I can't help but cry out from this intense and amazing amount of pleasure, my hips shifting to match his thrusts with each movement he makes. I hold the back of his head closer against my sex and my legs drape over his shoulders and rest against his firm back. I begin to lose myself in this intense amount of pleasure, my legs beginning to go numb and my toes curling, feeling my orgasm getting closer and closer.

"Oh god, yes," I moan out to him, looking down only to see him staring right at me up into my eyes. There's so much lust and want held in them, so much need. It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Nothing has ever felt this good in my entire life and this is a sad but perfectly true fact. He continues to pump his fingers into my soaking wet enterance, thrusting a little harder each time, his expert mouth throwing me closer to the edge as he quickly tongues my clit. Suddenly he hits my g-spot as I loudly cry out in response, throwing my head back against the couch and running my hands through my hair in pure amazement. I don't even think five seconds go by before I'm right there, ready. Ready to climax.

"That's it, baby. Let go," He says huskily, his breath coming out warm against my inner thighs as I push myself up slightly on my elbows and I bravely stare into his bautiful but over powering eyes. They immediately narrow and the look on his face is so passionate and to die for that it pushes me even closer. And I'm there. "Come for me."

He fucks me in hard torturous thrusts, fast, deep, and immediately I come onto his fingers. I explode into a thousand pieces and clench around him my climax to the extreme, to the max, giving me the most breathtaking orgasm I've ever gotten before. I helplessly cry out his name and my body convulses, after shocks rolling through me as I ride the rest of my orgasm out. I softly fall onto my back and am panting trying desperately to catch my breath, my eyes now closed and my hands still loosely twirled in my hair. Holy fuck.

"Open your eyes."

He firmly orders, pulling out of me as a soft whimper leaves my lips. I do as he says and silently watch as he leans back down and I know for sure that I won't be able to handle anymore of this, but before I can stop him he's lapping up my sweet juices and it throws me into another after shock as he once again lightly makes contact with my clit.

"Oh, shit! Fuck!" I curse, softly moaning with a deep breath, as hee comes closer to me so that his waist is between my legs and his face is above. Our eyes are locked in an intense gaze. He's a sex God... He's my sex God. "You deserved to come for listening to me for the one time since we've met. This is what it will be like with me. If you go by my rules and you're a good girl, I will greatly reward you. This is absolutely nothing compared to what I will do to your body." I swallow down the lump in my throat and sighing. "We're good together. You were meant to be mine."

He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and lightly brushes his hand against my cheek, causing me to shutter in response. Wow, his facial structure is so handsome, his good looks so striking, his features beautiful. But all I can honestly think about is the fact that his waist is resting right between my legs. Between my thighs. His crotch not even inches away from my bare core, just the material of our clothing in the way. If he's that talented with his hands and mouth I can only imagine what he can do with his cock.

"Let's go. I'm taking you out for breakfast, Ms. Pierce." Mr. Edwards gets to his feet easily, fixing his collar and brushing the wrinkles I made in his shirt before he turns to walk away. I pull myself to a sitting position and I pull down my dress, feeling weird that I now have on no panties thanks to him from impatiently ripping them off of me. "I'm guessing you're the one who must be starving right now. I, on the other hand, already ate." He cautiously lets out, seductive for the fullest, and I obviously get the sexual reference he just made which makes me blush again.

I anxiously clear my throat when I finally catch my breath from the mindblowing orgasm this sexy and rich man has given me. "Um, yeah. I'm pretty hungry." I quietly mutter.

"Great," he deeply states, and I eventually make my way over to where he's standing near the door, as I slip into my high heels. "Oh and Sasha."

Looking up is when I notice him politely standing at the door. "Yeah?" I croak.

His eyes gaze deep into mine almost as if he's looking straight into my soul, and only seconds later I'm standing only feet away from him, mesmerized from the way he's suddenly staring at me. Jaxon slightly tilts his head to the side, rubbing his magic fingers along his jawline, his lips parted but no words leaving his mouth. "I don't kiss on the mouth, either." Shocked with his statement which I assumed nobody else would ever have besides me and my fucked-up-ness, is when I carefully hold my breath. But before I can say a word he holds the door open for me and motions with his hand for me to exit his suite. "After you."

I walk out of the doorway in stunned silence while Jaxon Edwards follows behind me.


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