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Dominant Desires

Novel By: Mollydx3

Sasha was the girl who had a perfect life, until a tragedy took place and she lost her parents. But most of all, she lost her self respect. Now living in an apartment with her friend she's living the hooker way of life, selling herself on the corner of the city. One night she comes across a man and he is not what she expected. He is handsome and everything about him draws her in.
When he offers her ten thousand dollars to stay with him for three months to pose as his fiance, what will she do? And to top it all off, what will happen when he pulls her into his dark and torturous secret lifestyle of her accepting to be his Submissive while he is her Dominant? View table of contents...


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I am shocked with his statement and I'm guessing he is perfecty aware of this just by the way his facial expression changes when he stares over at me. What does he expect... He's going to take care of me? He takes care of his Submissives? Ugh, this is beyond confusing. Chains, whips, cuffs, I've always assumed that those are ways of torture and pain, but Mr. Edwards would take care of me? What does that mean for me? I'm still so lost, it's ridiculous... But I have to do this. I don't think I have any other choice. I need the money this badly to the point where I'm actually trying to decide whether or not I want to become his sex slave. He says he doesn't call his Sub's that, but who is he kidding? Doesn't this have everything to do with his sex life, including mine?

But then again... What he said actually makes sense. He'll take care of me. He said so himself. He just told me if I'm good and I listen to his rules, then I'll be rewarded. And if I do the opposite and I disobey or don't follow what he says, I'll be punished... That word is still freaking me out. Punished? Will be hit me? What will be punish me with and how? Everything about his life style is so confusing to me and in the back of my mind I know I must be crazy for even considering to become his sex slave, but this is my only other option.

"I'll have you know that I am very good to my Submissives, Ms. Pierce. I don't know exactly what's going on in that pretty little head of yours but I don't want you to automatically assume that I am a bad person and I don't treat my women with the respect they deserve," Jaxon explains to me, his tone filled with sarcasm but honesty at the same time.

"You're right. You have no idea what's going through my head right now, Mr. Edwards. This is crazy... Literally crazy! I can't do this, can I? I've never done this before," I softly rush out as nervous as ever, when he unexpectedly removes his right hand from the steering wheel and he places it ontop of mine. I drop my gaze down to my lap and he gently rubs a slowmotioned pattern against my skin, his hand so much larger than mine that it's unbelievable. I can only imagine the sight of his dick and how big it must be... I shake the imagine out of my head and I hold my breath, before lifting my eyes and locking them right with his.

"Relax, Sasha." He calmly tells me, in a quiet but powerful demand.

He cocks his head to the side and his eyes slightly narrow, those beautiful and sexy eyes filled with nothing but pure mystery. It's about a few seconds later before our eye contact breaks and he looks out at the car in front of us, but I can't help but keep my eyes on him. He's so perfect. He's absolutely flawless. He looks like a God and he must be so great in bed... He's charming but dangerous at the same time, and this is such a turn on for me. I've never been with a man like this before. Always old guys or unttractive ones who are just in desperate need for some quick sex, but he's going to be so different than from what I'm used to.

A Dominant. A sex God. The man who will own me for three entire months.

"I'm trying to relax," I softly murmur, feeling my face flush up with heat as I take my free hand and lightly cup it over his, the warm from him heating me up until he suddenly yanks it away. A small gasp escapes from my parted lips from the shock of his action, obviously not wanting me to touch him. I begin to feel awkward about this so I press my elbow on the side of the door and rest my palm against my cheek, crossing my legs so I'm not as revealed in front of him.

"Lucky you, I just so happen to have an agreement contract in one of my bags. I usually don't bring any along with me while I attend business proposals... but I guess you can say I got an intuition to bring one along with me," he huskily states, his tone so low and seductive that more wetness begins to pool between my legs. How does he do this to me?

"Wait... Hold on," I quietly mutter, my jaw dropping as I turn to stare at him in confusion. "A contract? An agreement contract? I have to sign a contract for this?"

"Yes," Jaxon Edwards firmly answers, stopping at another intersection before staring over at me. I can't believe how handsome he is... I've never been affected by anyone like this before. He's so good looking and perfect that is literally stuns me and has me at loss for words every time I lay my eyes upon him. There's just something about this man that draws me in. .

My eyes widen once I realize what he just said. "For what? You need my signature?"

"I told you we will talk more about this agreement when we get situated in my hotel room, Sasha. Again with the not listening to a word I fucking say," He loudly snaps, getting me to press my lips together in a straight line from not expecting him to sound so angry with me. His eyes narrow immediately while he silently glares at me, his jaw clenching shut tightly, his head tilting to the side a bit. Finally, his expression softens and he doesn't look so angry, but his eyes are still hooded and guarded. My insides turn to gush and I can't help but feel saddened by the mean look he gave me, but I turn my head and try not to show it. "Okay, I raised my voice again. You're not used to this. This is how I am, at some times. I apologize. Now look at me."

I frown at him and shake my head in aggravation. "You're ordering me around again. I am NOT your slave just yet, so cut the shit with all of the demands!"

"You're not going to be my slave! There's a difference between a slave and a Submissive," He shouts at me, sounding as visicious as ever while I hold my breath now in a state of shock and fear. "Jesus, Sasha. You're killing me here. What am I going to do with you and that ignorant attitude of yours?" Jaxon suddenly smirks, completely taking me by surprise once I understand the mood swing he just had. "I should teach you a lesson."

And he scowls before looking forward and stepping on the gas, as I hardly gulp. I direct Mr. Edwards to The Pierre hotel and we say no other words to each other, which is a very strange feeling. I feel doomed, like I'm doing the wrong thing by even agreeing to accompany him to his suite, but deep down I know that I really need this money and maybe I'd be willing to do anything for it. He parks his car under the large outdoor roof beside the parking Valet, where a man in a professionally dressed suit stands to the side with a few others as well. I look over at Jaxon but before I can say anything is when he beats me to it.

"Wait here," he sharply states, in another order but I bite my tongue.

He suddenly throws open his door and gets out of the car leaving me sitting here by myself, and I feel so helpless as I watch him walk around the front of the car. He's leaving me? How much of a gentleman is he for God's sake? But unexpectedly, he raises his head almost as if he has been reading my thoughts and I realize he isn't walking away from me. He makes it to my door in a split second, opening it for me as I nearly slip into a state of shock.

His emotionless gaze sets onto me and our eyes instantly connect, and the way he's staring at me simply causes me to lose my breath. Now I'm really able to get a better look at him and he's so sexy in that black suit with his blue tie, standing there like he's actually mine. He holds out his hand palm side up, his eyebrow raising in suspense before I quickly shake my head.

I softly whisper to him, "Um... thanks."

"Of course, Ms. Pierce." I gently place my hand on his, very lightly, until his fingers crash against my skin and his grip becomes firm and tight, actually catching me off guard. Struggling to catch my breath is when I swing my leg to the side and I get out of the car, shyly biting my lip as he hardly slams it closed for me like he's secretly fighting the urge to 'punish' me. I begin to walk to the sidewalk until he slightly jerks me backwards, suddenly pulling me against his muscular body with our faces only inches away. I can feel his wrm breath on my lips. "Watch your step."

I quickly glance down and notice the curb I almost just tripped over. "Right," I carefully mutter, grinning and he smirks in response, giving me this intense stare before walking with me toward the valet. He immediately lets go of me and when I least expect it, the Valet guy slightly bows and I realize it's in Jaxon's direction.

"Mr. Edwards," The guy says in a formal and polite tone. "How are you this evening, sir?"

I glance up to see his blank face as he nods in response. "I'm great, thank you." Jaxon nicely replies, actually making me a little jealous because he hasn't sounded this nice to me like he is to this valet guy. He turns and sets his gaze on a man standing a few feet away. He bows to him and I roll my eyes and snort under my breath, folding my arms across my chest. "My bags are in the backseat. I'd like them taken to my suite," he says to him.

"Yes, Mr. Edwards. Of course." He bows again.

He pulls out his thick wallet and doesn't bother hiding the hundred dollar bills lying inside, me gulping in pure shock and excitement from realizing he actually is a billionaire... Wow. Holy shit. This is ridiculous... I'm so lucky I ran into him and decided to walk over to his sharp expensive car. I silently watch as he pulls out some bills and folds them to hide the amount, momentarily shaking their hands to get them their tips. And they happily bow for the tenth time.

"What are you, royalty?" I sarcastically question, giggling under my breath until his head snaps in my direction and his eyes immediately narrow in response, causing me to shut up. "Sorry..."

And he unexpectedly smiles, revealing his perfect, straight, pearly white teeth. I stare at them and dramatically sigh, wondering what flaws this man can possibly have. How can anyone be this beautiful and charming? "It's quite alright, Ms. Pierce." He steps closer to me and wraps his arm around my slim waist when I least expect it, holding my small body against the side of his muscular firm one and he continues to stare down at me and gaze deep and lustfully into my eyes. Mine widen and I try to swallow down the lump of nerves that has formed in the back of my throat.

I walk beside him as he keeps his arm firmly around my waist, his wide large hand resting on my hip while he manages to hold me as close to him as possible. We must look like a couple and once we walk inside through the doors is when everyone turns to stare over at us, and everyone either nods their head politely or bows again, getting me to groan under my breath. Just because he's rich he has this huge effect on everyone?

Once we get to the front desk in the lobby is when they continue to treat him like he's a king and they give him the key card and floor and number to his room. We make our way towards the elevators and I am stunned as I look around at our surroundings, realizing how gorgeous this hotel is. The floors are marble with black and white tiled shaped X's, and the walls are beatifully designed and painted into amazing patterns, the ceiling so high and breathtaking that it entirely takes me by surprise.

Not paying attention, I keep on walking while letting my eyes roam around until I'm haulted to a stop as I almost stumble on my high heels. My eyes lock with his as he lifts his arm and slams his fist against the light up button to call the elevator for us. I quickly look away to break the awkwardness of the way he's staring at me with lust but I can tell from the corner of my eyes that he has not looked away from me. Once the doors ding ad they slowly open, he tightens his grasp around my waist and yanks me inside, turning us around as I notice a couple walking in.

"Excuse me," Jaxon unexpectedly races out, as they both lift their head and the man's eyes immediately widen with what looks like amazement. "Would you both mind waiting for the next elevator? My fiance is feeling rather sick and she's sick to her stomach. Not knowing if it's the stomach flu or if it's contagious, I think it would be best if you caught the next one."

"Oh, of course! It's so nice to run into you, Mr. Edwards. So nice. Have a great day. Oh, have a very good night Mr. Edwards. Of course," The man quickly lets out with a wide and polite smile.

"You have a nice night, as well. Very nice to meet you and your beautiful woman," Jaxon formally says, sounding as charming as ever as I stare up at him in aggravation. The lady blushes and looks as if she's going to faint before Jaxon presses the button to close the doors.

Once they close, I release a sharp breath and I pull myself away from him so we're no longer touching. He looks nothing but shocked at the furry and sarcasm now spread across my face, and I firmly rest my hands on my hips in a burst of bravery. "I can't believe you! I can't believe all these people. They like, worship the ground you walk on! They're bowing to you and shit, treating you like you're king Tut or God, for God's sake! And fiance? I am not your fake fiance just yet! I didn't say yes. I didn't sign your contract! I hate to break it to you, Mr. Edwards--"

He glares at me before looking at the wall of the elevator as he suddenly smacks his hand against a shiney button, as I feel it stop moving and fear makes its way through my veins. When I snap into reality and finally realize that he has just stopped the elevator is when I knew I was in for something big. Before I know it, he runs at me and puts his hand on my chest pushing my back firmly against the mirror attached to the wall. His fingers lightly wrap around my neck as I stay as still as I possibly can, completely silent in shock.

"If you think you can get away with speaking to me with that tone, you're in for a goddamn surprise. How dare you talk that way to me, Sasha. How dare you," He viciously growls at me, glaring deep and angrily into my fearful but passionate eyes. Seeing him like this is scary, but on the othr hand it's the biggest turn on ever! I can feel myself getting wet just from seeing this dominant and frightening side of him. "I should punish you right here, and now." His fingers losen from around my neck and I hold my breath, as his hand slowly slides down onto my chest so his palm is lightly placed against my exposed cleavage. "But you're right, Ms. Pierce. I can't becuse you have yet to sign my contract. But don't you worry, baby girl. Soon. I'll have you soon."

"You act like you're so sure. . ."

"Oh, I am. You're going to be mine. You're going to belong to me," He huskily states.

"You don't know that Mr. Edwards," I try to tell him, as he pushes his waist up against mine and I wrap my arms around his neck without thinking it through. The temptation to rip the clothes off from his body is so strong but I can't show him how much he has this affect on me.

He runs his hands down the sides of me, pressing his hands against my ass as he yanks up my dress and reveals my bare bottom. Crap! I just had to wear my black lace thong tonight! His hands grab my butt and he tightly squeezes my cheeks yanking me closer to him, and just from him touching me I feel like I'm about to come. I hear him groan when I run my fingers through his hair and a slight moan comes from me as well, but before I can touch him anymore he grabs both of my wrists with one hand and hardly holds them up against the mirror over my head.

Then he rubs his crotch against me and I get even more wet once I feel his large erection growing against my thigh, and then he goes entirely still once I feel his lips against my ear causing me to try to catch my breath. This cannot be happening right now! He's just trying to prove to me that I want to do this deal, but I can't let him get to me like this just from being a little touchy!

"Your skin is so soft," he cautiously mumbles, his warm breath blowing against the side of my face and ear as I shudder against his sexy and muscular body. "I want you Ms. Pierce, very badly. I admit it. You've made me so frustrated and hard that the temptation to fuck you hard right here and now is almost overpowering me. I'm only seconds away from removing my belt and turning your body around forcing you against the mirror so I can punish you for your defiance, and then after that I would take you so hard and intensely that you won't be able to walk for days, weeks, even."

"No," I quietly blurt out, unthinkingly, alhough it sounds more like a question than a statement. Giving up is when I push my chest against his and arch my back and he pushes me with his body closer up against the mirror behind me. His lips lightly hover against under my ear and to the side of my throat, barely running along my jawline as I push my lowerhalf harder against his big buldge in his pants. I shake my head and pull myself together. "Let me go."

"What? What was that, Ms. Pierce? I couldn't hear you," He firmly states, his voice demanding as a long whimper leaves my mouth. I need and want him so bad right now...

"Let go of me," I loudly repeat myself, turning my head to let my eyes meet his and the moment they do he pulls his face back a few inches making sure to not be so close to me. His beautiful eyes are filled with lust and I can tell how much he does want me right now, so I know I'm about to get what I want. Him. I want him so bad... Just thinking about his cock slamming into my pussy makes the wetness pool even more between my legs. Ugh! Why am I thinking this way?

"What? I want you to beg me to, Ms. Pierce. I want you to plead for me to let you go," He orders, and this is the moment I realize this must be a glimpse of what it would be like to become his Submissive and for him to become my Dominant.

"Please, Jaxon. Let me go," I carefully say, obeying him as I press my body closer against his, trying to break away from his hand but his fingers just tighten around my wrists that are still firmly pressed over my head. "I learned my lesson! Just let me go! Okay?"

He releases my hands as they fall lifelessly to my sides. "Fine. Now turn around. Turn around, now." I turn around and when I do I'm able to see him in the reflection standing close behind me. I stare up at his beautiful and handsome face as he reaches down and grabs my arms, lifting them and forcing them to press firmly against the glass. He leans his head down and doesn't look at me, and I feel the front of his sexy firm body press against my back, while he releases my arms and sudenly he moves them down my body to the top of my bare thighs.

I take my bottom lip between my teeth and try to hold back my moan, but I fail once he slides his hands around my thigh until he's firmly cupping my ass before smacking it, making my moan. His lips part and his eyes narrow, and I'm able to tell how much he wants me just as much as I'd like to have him until he leans down and has his mouth beside my ear. Our eyes lock in the reflection of the mirror before he presses his lips into a straight line and he shakes his head. "It's a damn shame you haven't signed my contract just yet. Then you'd have no other choice but to give yourself to me however I want, when I went."

"Such a shame."

He yanks down my dress and covers my exposed lower half, before he steps away from me and takes his time walking over to press the button as the elevator moves once again. I quickly turn to face him and he doesn't look at me, not once. He releases a sharp exhale under his breath and he qucikly runs his fingers through his dark hair, before a smirk plays at his lips.

"You're like an open book. This little act doesn't fool me. I can tell by the look on your face how hard this is for you to reject me. But then again, I only fuck my Subs, Sasha. So think very thoroughly about this agreement. Here's your last chance to leave me before we step inside my room. Think about it. Think about what exactly you're getting yourself into. I'll be down the hall."

And the doors open as he walks out, leaving me standing helplessly in the elevator in complete frustrating anger. How am I going to do this with him? His arrogant attitude and obvious anger problems make my head spin... But then again, he's right. I do want him. I've never wanted a man this badly before in my life. And that scares me. But what do I do?

I walk out of the elevator about a few seconds later and I turn to the right to spot him leaning against a wall near a door, staring right in my direction. And I take a deep breath before making my way to where he has been patiently waiting for me.


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