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Dominant Desires

Novel By: Mollydx3

Sasha was the girl who had a perfect life, until a tragedy took place and she lost her parents. But most of all, she lost her self respect. Now living in an apartment with her friend she's living the hooker way of life, selling herself on the corner of the city. One night she comes across a man and he is not what she expected. He is handsome and everything about him draws her in.
When he offers her ten thousand dollars to stay with him for three months to pose as his fiance, what will she do? And to top it all off, what will happen when he pulls her into his dark and torturous secret lifestyle of her accepting to be his Submissive while he is her Dominant? View table of contents...


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We stay at my parent's cemetery for about another few minutes before I'm ready to leave. The beautiful flowers rest on the grass right up against their gravestone and it makes me feel at ease being able to do something like this for them even though they're gone, and having Jaxon here with me is probably what gives me all the confidence I need. He holds me close to him comforting me as best as he can and I've never felt so loved and cared for. It's truly an amazing feeling to realize that my life is going perfect for once but unfortunately, something deep down in my gut is telling me that this isn't going to last. I don't have the best luck when it comes to anything and I can't even remember the last time I was pleased with where my life was heading, until this very moment. I'm being held in this amazing man's arms and I no longer feel alone.

It's as if the world has all so suddenly become a better place and I've never been happier than right now, and it's overwhelming me but inside of in a bad way, it's in a great way. Once we drive back to Jaxon's private jet it's almost dark outside and exhaustion happens to be taking over me.

Sometimes when you're very relieved and there's no more stress going on it makes you feel relaxed, and I believe that it's one of the moments for me.

I'm at peace with everything that has happened within the past few hours, so it makes up for all of the sadness and pain I've felt within the past couple of days. This man has never had any feelings or emotions for any other female in his entire twenty seven years of living, and he even made up the fake fiancé to try to make his family think he had found love when in reality he didn't. He's lived as a Dominant, in the BDSM lifestyle, and that's the only type of relationship he has been in, so knowing that makes me look at this situation we're in in many different ways. Mr. Edwards would rather be all alone with his luxury, exquisite mansions, his private jet, fancy expensive cars, millions of dollars, all of the businesses that he runs and companies he owns, and that was the truth.

That was all he cared about, until he met me.

And now that's all that truly matters in my heart. Finally we've arrived back to the empty runway where I'm pretty sure we'll be taking off from soon and since the stormy clouds are suddenly returning, slight fear of flying consumes me. I've never been in an airplane before I met Jaxon and the thought of going up into these dark clouds during a storm is very frightening for me. Just by the nervous expression my face has claimed I'm sure he can tell exactly what's on my mind.

As I'm gazing out of the windshield and staring up to observe the sky, it doesn't even register in my brain that he has already gotten out of the car until my door opens and I flinch in response. There he is looking down at my anxious face and I honestly don't know what to say to him, because being scared to go on his jet to head back to California is far beyond embarrassing.

With nothing but concern etched on his face, he breaks the silence. "Are you alright?"

"Um, yeah." I softly respond as he holds out his palm to me, and without hesitating I place my hand in his while he pulls me close to him once I'm standing. "I'm. fine."

His eyes narrow right away and only seconds later his attention is fully focused up on the clouds, a slight rumble of thunder sounding unexpectedly and startling the both of us. "Ah, I see." Jaxon lowers his head and our eyes are locked, and the sly grin that's playing at the corners of his lips is very obvious. "I'm guessing someone is afraid to fly into a thunderstorm?"

The moment a chuckle escapes from him I thump his chest forcefully with my hand, releasing a sharp breath and trying to mentally calm myself down before responding to him. "It's so not funny. I don't find anything humorous about this at all, Jaxon. You're used to being on jets and I'm not. It was just really beautiful outside and now all of a sudden the rain and thunder is coming back? Is there any way we can wait until the storm passes?" I try to question, but instead of speaking he presses his finger against my parted lips and surprises me by shaking his head.

"Nothing is going to happen to us. Planes take off in bad storms all the time, Sasha. There's no reason for you to be worried. Besides, if I thought it was dangerous to be flying, do you really think I would dare to put you in harm's way?" Jaxon asks, his tone gentle but firm. I sigh and instantly he knows my answer. "Exactly. You're my woman. I'm here to protect you and keep you safe."

"I know that," I instantly agree, biting my lip and swallowing hard. "It's just a little scary."

"It's hardly scary." Just as these words leave his mouth, a strike of lighting comes down somewhere in the far distance as the sky lights up to the fullest, a yelp coming from me from how it came out of absolutely nowhere. There was no holding it back. Once he turns his head and looks into my frightened eyes once more he nods in acceptance. "If we get going now, we'll be fine."

"Jaxon! No way."

"I would never let anything happen to you, Sasha." He breathes out, his voice sounding promising and his eyes widening, staring so deeply into mine that it leaves my head spinning and butterflies rushing through my stomach as usual. I feel like a little child in grade school who has a crush on a boy for the first time, and it's crazy that at my age this man can give me butterflies. "Now take a deep breath. Come with me." Even with my hand placed against his warm skin and his fingers tightly wrapped around me, I can't find it in me to make a single movement. "Don't you trust me?"

With that being said, I don't know how to reply because the last thing I want to do is make him feel bad, but the truth is I do trust him. I trust him more than anyone else. Rain begins to lightly fall from the stormy clouds and I realize I'd much rather be anywhere besides standing out here in the open. Following Jaxon around his Ferrari and heading towards his jet is when I notice the same man as before walking quickly down the steps. Without even having to speak a word to the guy, I watch as he races to the car and hops inside, turning the vehicle around and starting to drive it. At first it confuses me until that's when I understand that he must be driving it into the back of the plane where Jaxon stores his car. It's incredible how wealthy he is and it's insane to think about.

As soon as we make it up the stairs the co-pilot meets us, standing right beside the opening of the doorway making it clear she's here for no reason at all other than to speak to Jaxon. Her eyes shoot over to my face and I swear behind them lies jealousy and disgust, which really bothers me. She places her hand on his shoulder and he doesn't seem to be bothered by it, so maybe it's a normal gesture she makes and he's alright with it. But I'm not okay with her putting her filthy hand on him.

"Hello, Mr. Edwards." Her voice comes out chirpy and oh gosh, it's highly obnoxious, her pearly white teeth sparkling as she smiles. "It's so nice to see you again."

The moment he glances over to set his gaze onto her eyes, it immediately seems like she has lost her train of thought, clearly from how handsome he is. The way he stares at you makes you feel like you're the only woman in the entire world and it's as if you mean something. His amazing eyes have a twinkle in them that seems to stun females all the time over how beautiful they are. All I want to do is pounce on her and claw her eyes out. I want to jump on top of him and show her that he is mine, but I know I have to stay in control of myself. Suddenly, before he's able to get one single word out of his mouth, my hands are grasping his face and our lips are pressed together in a heated kiss.

Thinking that he's going to pull away and punish me for what I have done around his co-pilot, he completely shocks me when his arms sneak around my waist and his firm large hands trail down to cup against my butt. I run my fingers through his messy hair from the wind outside and we kiss each other for what feels like eternity, out of nowhere yanking on his dark strands and catching a soft groan of his in my mouth. This goes on for another few seconds until I know she has must have gotten the picture at this point, and not another moment goes by before we both immediately break apart from one another. When I glance back to her the look of stunned awe has taken over her facial features along with her jaw dropped wide open, and it's clear I have gotten my point across.

"Nice to see you, again." My own voice takes me by surprise as soon as I realize that I have spoken to her out loud, her cheeks colored with a pink blush. She nervously smiles back and forth from Jaxon and I, puzzled as to what she should possibly say or most importantly do, as we watch her in silence. She clears her throat and presses a button as she closes the door. Without another glance she takes me by surprise when rushes by him making sure not to come too close, and thankfully she's gone. My eyes lock back on Jaxon only to catch him staring down at me with an expression which consists of passion and lust, and it's noticeable that I've just turned him on. "What?" I innocently wonder.

"Well," He replies, clearing his throat afterwards. "That was quite, unexpected."

"Oh come on. Did you see the way that she was gaping at you?" This question rushes out of my mouth so quickly that it barely even makes sense, his eyebrow raising in curiosity as he folds his muscular arms across his toned chest. Wow, does he look sexy in a suit and tie or what? I can barely even think straight when he's in my presence. From the look of confusion spread across every inch of his face I know the answer. "Of course you didn't. I'm almost positive that's because all of the females stare at you that way and you just so happen to be used to their drool and loss of life by now."

Sensing the discomfort and annoyance in my voice, his arms fall to his sides and his hands rest gently on my hips, bringing me right against his strong body that I love so much. "What's wrong?" He mumbles, his lips parted while I hold my breath in silence. "Did I do something that bothered you? It seems like you're angry with me for a reason I'm clearly not aware of."

"Not angry with you. I'm just not so sure I like when you're around other women now."

"I can't help that, baby. Do you really think I have any control over how females stare at me? I'm around them all the time. There's nothing I can do to change that."

"I must sound like a psycho, sounding so possessive. Don't I? I just couldn't help myself." I honestly admit to him, avoiding eye contact and instead focusing my gaze on his chest, as I wrap my fingers around his tie. "She touched your shoulder, flirting. That broad had to be taught a lesson."

"And what lesson is that, Sasha?"

"That she needs to back off like everyone else now, because you're mine."

The moment this statement easily slips out of my mouth, I feel his body tense up against me. Within a blink of an eye Jaxon's fingertips are lightly resting under my chin, lifting my head so he leaves me no other choice than to lock my eyes right on his. The undeniable and heated passion they hold behind them is simply incredible, leaving my body weak and making me breathless.

"Oh, Sasha." He groans under his breath, tilting his head to the side to continue to stare lovingly at me, almost memorizing every inch of my face that his eyes seem to roam. It's like he's studying my every detail and trying to store a mental picture of me always inside his head and from how powerful his stare is it only seems to leave my heart pounding wildly against my ribcage. "You don't have the slightest clue how incredible it is to hear that coming from your mouth-"

Unfortunately, I just can't hold myself back anymore. "What am I to you, Jaxon?"

When my voice fades away and silence fills the area around us, it leaves me worried because I realize how confused he looks in response to my sudden question. As intense and straight forward it happens to be I have to know the answer, or it will drive me crazy. After the both of us confess our love for each other what does that mean from this moment further? Am I still just this man's Submissive or have I become something more? Not knowing is mentally tearing me apart.

His strong jawline clenches tightly shut and his piercing blue eyes close half way, his gaze dropping down to my lips that are pressed together in a firm straight line. And very quietly, barely any sound to his deep voice, he speaks up. "I don't understand," Jaxon lets out, finally lifting his head and setting his eyes on mine, but the distance in them scares me. "I don't understand what you mean-"

"You don't have to be afraid," I instantly rush out over his words, taking his face between my hands and running the tips of my fingers against his clenched jaw. "I know you've never felt this way about someone before, but I haven't either. We've been alone and now it's different because we're putting our differences aside and putting our feelings first. I won't be upset with your answer, I promise. I just want to know the truth. I want to know how you feel."

"I'm head over heels in love with you, Sasha Pierce." Jaxon cautiously breathes, his beautiful eyes desperately searching through mine. "What more do you need to know?"

For some reason, his answer satisfies me. In return my head easily nods and a moment later my feet are lifted off of the ground and Jaxon is holding me tightly against his chest in his amazing hug, his arms wrapped secure as ever around my back.

Neither of us were the kind of people who opened up to others and we're very alike in that way, and in reality it's taking a lot of courage for the both of us to own up to our feelings and embrace them as best as we can. I push away the confusion into the back of my mind and let it go, because nothing else matters besides me being happy. I know for a fact I will not let anyone ruin it or anything come between us, because we deserve to be with each other.

We sit in our seats and buckle up once the pilot announces over the intercom that we're going to be taking off any minute now, and my hand is grasping Jaxon's so tightly that my fingers and knuckles are pure white from the pressure. At first the ride is a little bumpy on the way up into the air and then it becomes a little worse as we get higher to the clouds, but the whole time I'm freaking out he just laughs at how badly I'm overreacting. For some reason by him making a joke out of it, it seems to ease my emotions and keep me from losing it. About twenty minutes later we're high over the stormy clouds and high enough to get out of our seats, and before I can say a word his ringtone loudly rings.

He glances down at the screen to see who's calling and surprisingly it's his mother, so he holds his iPhone up to his ear and answers. "Hey, mom. No. We're actually on our way back from New York. Yeah, I had some business to take care of. Sasha is feeling much better. She happened to have a case of food poisoning from the restaurant we went to the night before. No, I don't plan on suing them." He rolls his eyes and I smile, holding his other hand and linking my fingers through his. "The day after tomorrow? Of course. That sounds great. All of you will be there for dinner? Alright. Sounds like a plan. Sasha and I will see you then. Okay. Bye, mom."

After he hangs up he lets out a small breath and grins at me while I smile back. "We're going to your parent's house for dinner and I'm going to meet your whole family this time?" I quietly ask, him nodding in silence. "At least now we'll be alright with kissing each other for Blake."

"Ha!" He races out, chuckling which gets me to giggle as well. "That's true. I didn't even think of that. This will most certainly be a lot easier. Our deal should go perfectly now."

"Our deal is still on?"

Immediately he nods. "Yes, of course. You need the money. I'd never take that back."

"Is it going to be different now? You're obviously still my Dominant and I'm your Submissive, right? I'm just a little confused at this point. It seems like everything's going to change."

"Our contract still stands and yes you will remain my Submissive. I am still your Dom whenever we step foot in my playroom. You will call me Master or Sir, and you'll do as I say. You defy me and you'll be punished, but please do so. I've missed your wise ass remarks and how difficult and stubborn you are. I'm pretty sure that's one of the main things that made me instantly attracted to you. But even though I've fallen for you, Sasha, you still have to listen to me and comply with my rules. Am I clear?" He sternly asks, his intimidating glare appearing along with his controlling tone.

"Yes, you're clear."

"Great." He breathes out, expressing an adorable smirk while gazing deep into my eyes. "Now that you fully trust me, our sex life will become much more intense than you ever thought possible. I just want to make you aware of that. Since you have your safe word, you will be perfectly fine. I won't hurt you. I won't do anything you happen to be uncomfortable with and these are some of the things we have to go over one day. This is all about you wanting to please me and the same with me wanting to please you. There's still a little under three months left of our contract and there's much more to do with you in my playroom, and you're going to love it. You'll be begging me for more and that is a fact."

Gulping from how sexy he just sounded while speaking in his Dom voice, I inhale a long breath of air and my imagination goes crazy picturing what else he has planned for me. Between my legs begins to get wet just from the thought of him pleasuring my body in that dark and seductive room, and as soon as it begins to get unbearable I try desperately to think about something else.

"Do you enjoy it when I dominate you?" Unexpectedly he asks, and once my eyes meet his I just can't seem to look away from his hypnotizing eyes. "Honestly, Sasha. Do you?"

"Yeah, I do."

A smile appears on my face when he crookedly grins in return, seeming very pleased with my response to his question. "That's fantastic for me to hear. You know, I love dominating you, too. I love it when you're helpless under my body and mentally going crazy, pleading for me to let you come. It gives me so much pleasure to know that I'm making you feel so good with every time I fuck you. To be completely truthful here, Sasha, I don't think I have ever loved being in control of a woman so much until I met you. You're like my obsession and property as sadistic as that sounds, but that's why I enjoy it so much. I'm just so glad that my GPS was taking me all over New York and I had to pull over, or else I never would have found you. I can't imagine the thought of not being around you."

By the time he becomes silent, I've slipped into a state of shock from how much I adored every word that has just left his mouth. "Well, same here. I can't imagine the thought of not being around you, either. Any girl would kill to be with you and I'm so lucky I met you. You're perfect, Jaxon."

"No, I'm not. I'm far from perfect, Sasha." Suddenly his cell starts to ring again, and it's a name I don't recognize. "Ah, shit. This is important. I have to take this," He says, sharply exhaling and rushing to his feet. But before he makes any attempt to answer, he takes my chin in his hand and leans down to press a lingering kiss on my lips. "I'll be in my office. If you need anything don't hesitate to come get me. Understood?" And I nod, then he walks away and heads towards his office.

About a half an hour later, boredom consumes me and I don't know what to do with myself. Even though I'm aware Jaxon is probably extremely busy I just can't stand being away from him any longer. Once I'm standing in front of his closed door I gently knock, only to hear him still speaking on the phone. Very slowly I twist the knob and push it open staring further into the room, noticing Jaxon pacing back and forth. His phone is to his ear and he notices my appearance only a second later, expressing a small grin which lets me know it's alright that I've barged in without his permission. Just seeing how handsome he is draws me to him and has me craving for his touch. I let out a deep breath and decide to give in to my sexual temptations and one of my biggest fantasies.

I close the door behind me and take my time walking across the room to where he's standing, at this point completely motionless, shaking his head in aggravation while he growls under his breath. "No, for Christ sake. You tell him to listen to me and listen to me good. I am not taking no for an answer. I never accept no as an answer. Does he not understand? This is huge, Jonathon. Very crucial! You need to get a group together and set up a meeting before it's too late."

Finally, I make my way right up to him although his back is now facing me and he's running his fingers through his tousled hair. My hands rest on his shoulders and he flinches very slightly from not realizing how close I was to him, and as he turns around our eyes immediately connect. I grab his tie and play with it as I twirl it around my fingers, and he continues to speak but I tune out everything he's saying. Without hesitating for another second I loosen the knot at the top and begin to undo it, lifting up the collar to his shirt and quickly removing his tie completely as it drops to the floor.

"I don't care where it's held, so just set it up. Do your job. It would make mine a hell of a lot easier," He speaks into the receiver, staring deep into my eyes while I take my time unbuttoning every single button there is from top to bottom, eventually opening his shirt to reveal his toned chest and incredibly sexy abs. "Uh, yeah, that would be great. Good idea, Jon. Have you spoken to Mr. O'Donald?"

My hands press against his solid chest and the warmth from his body radiates under his skin, heating up my palms while I carefully run my fingertips gently down his abs, the muscles in his arms flexing from the light as a feather touch I'm using. With my heart racing I lift my head to stare into his widened eyes, grabbing the buckle of his belt and undoing it within the blink of an eye, yanking it out of the loops and throwing it behind him, clinking to the floor. While he stares at my face I pull down his zipper and rub my hand against his crotch over the material of his pants, loving how erotic this feels while I do this. A large bulge forms and his breathing quickens, then I slide my hand into his dress pants taking hold of his hard cock before he can even make sense of it.

"Uh, um yeah, I'm still here." He quietly lets out, groaning for a second as I massage his shaft until he covers his mouth with his hand to silence himself. "Okay then. What's the date for this arrangement that I knew nothing about, and why was I not aware of this sooner?"

Without waiting for another second, not giving him any time to stop me, I drop down onto my knees. His eyes immediately widen as big as ever and shock floods through his mind and all of a sudden I pull his shaft out of his pants. Before he can spring free my hands wrap around him and I lick away the pre-come that has formed with the tip of my tongue, Jaxon releasing a sharp breath in return.

My tongue runs up and down from the tip to base, over and over again as I lick him like a lollipop. At once I take him into my mouth and within a second I'm sucking him hard, my tongue caressing his shaft with each thrust his hips make. My head moves back and forth while my lips wrap around his smooth skin as gentle as ever. I cup his backs with my hand and massage them at the same time, which I knew increases his pleasure.

Through my eyelashes I glance up to see his reaction and it's priceless. His phone is still pressed to his ear but instantly his eyes squeezed closed and his head is thrown back along with his mouth wide open in what seems to be pure amazement. With his free hand he grabs his hair and I can tell how difficult it is for him to hold back his groans because they're bundled up and pleading to be released. My pace picks up and my hands pump his shaft, twirling my wrist around and around, my tongue caressing the underside of his cock. I watch his face intently and finally he drops his head and his narrowed eyes are glaring down at me, his hand fisting my hair.

"Oh, hell." He sharply breathes, digging his teeth into his bottom lip and moving my head even faster, forcing his member all the way into the back of my throat as I gag. "Tell him to have it written within the next few hours. Yes, hours. We don't have any time to waste, now do we?"

My hands grip his waist while my head continues to bob back and forth, my saliva soaking him as my tongue caresses his throbbing shaft. Jaxon's eyes narrow in disbelief and my eyes still remain fixated on his until he shakes his head, giving up.

"Listen. Something just came up, Jon. I'm going to have to call you back." And he presses end before shoving his cell into his pocket, both of his hands now holding the back of my head as a loud groan escapes from his parted lips. "Fuck! I can't believe you just interrupted me like that. You're a naughty girl, aren't you? Stand up."

Releasing him at once from my mouth I get to my feet and then he's pushing me backwards. I almost trip on my heels and fall until my lower back comes in contact with something solid and the moment I look back is when I realize it's his desk. Jaxon takes my face between his hands and hungrily pushes his lips to mine, deeply kissing me and taking control completely. Everything about this is so hot, from me blowing him while he's on the phone with someone from his work, and to him holding me against his desk.

He takes my lip between his teeth and tugs on it before taking it in his moist lips, getting a moan from me as I reach for his member. Suddenly he grabs my wrist and stops me, drawing back his head and moving me to the side, taking me by surprise.

And unexpectedly he lays his arm on his desk and in one swift and fast motion he swipes everything off of it. Some of his office appliances, most of his papers, and some of his files fall down on the floor with a loud thud and shuffling. Then he grabs under my ass and lifts me up onto his desk, spreading my thighs apart and rubbing my delicate nub through my lace black thong. More moans escape from me and pleasure finally consumes me until he opens a drawer and shoves his hand inside to search for something. The second I notice it's a foil packet is when confusion runs through me.

"Do I even want to know why you have condoms in the drawer to your desk?" I question, already out of breath as he slides it on while his mesmerizing eyes pierce through mine. "Oh, I get it. Easy access."

"Watch your mouth, Sasha." He says as he moves aside my thong. "You're such a bad girl."

With one long and rough thrust he slams into me, his cock wet from my saliva. A loud moan escapes from my mouth and echoes around the room from the sensational feeling he applies to my body. Jaxon eases out before pushing back into my core with full force, not wasting any time before pounding into me so fast it catches me off guard. He's firmly gripping my waist as I fall down onto my back because my arms holding me up have suddenly become limp.

"Oh, Jaxon!" My breathing is so uneven that my voice is now raspy and from me crying out to him feeling so helpless it only seems to make his movements harder and faster.

"Yeah, that's right. You like it baby?" He practically whispers, his breathing becoming shallow from how much energy and force he's using with his thrusting. "Tell me you like it, now."

"Ugh, oh!"

Unexpectedly he stills, catching me off guard. "I won't allow you to come until you do as I say," He firmly states, narrowing his beautiful blue eyes at me.

"Yes, I like it!" I exclaim to him without any hesitation, his hands moving back to my hips as he grasps me much tighter, and I don't think my moaning has ever been this loud.

"Again," He commands.

"I like it," I rush out in a whimper. "I love it. Please, harder." Slowly easing out, he pushes himself back into my core as gentle as ever. "Faster Jaxon. I want it harder, please, Jax!"

"Do you deserve it? Now that is the real question here." He releases a sharp grunt and fills me once again in one fast swift movement, me crying out in response. "You interrupted me-"

"I wanted to please you," I immediately say. "And I wanted you to please me. Please."

Even though my eyes are suddenly closed, it's easy to tell he's smirking. "As you wish."

He wraps my legs around his waist and yanks me more to the edge, creating even more access for him. Feeling his fingers tightly digging into my skin on my outer thighs increases every ounce of pleasure he gives me from the roughness and it makes me feel invincible. Here I am spread across his office desk and he gives me the time of my life, the both of us nearly screaming with pleasure and amazement with each second that goes by. It isn't long before his pace increases and my climax is building up racing closer and closer, his deep thrusting throwing me right to the edge.

"You're mine."



I gasp, "Yes, Jax."

Suddenly he slams into me, and I nearly scream with pleasure. "Mine," He grunts, moving back then thrusting into me once more. He's now pounding into me. "Mine, mine, mine."

"Oh, shit!"

He grabs my legs and pulls me closer to the edge of the desk, grabbing onto my wrists and pinning my arms above my head. I'm completely immobile before him. Jaxon leans down to plant a kiss on my neck, nipping and sucking my delicate skin as I cry out with need.

Once I tighten my inner walls around his shaft, he deeply groans under his breath, gazing down into my eyes.

"Fuck, yes. Squeeze my cock." So I do. My inner walls grip his shaft hard and he thrusts slower, and this seems to make the feeling even better. "Ah. You're going to make me come sooner than I thought possible."

"I- I can't take, anymore, Jax-"

"Milk me, Sasha." He growls with power. "You're going to milk me dry. I'm going to come so hard for you. I can feel it."

Him talking dirty to me like this is such a turn on.

"Fuck me harder."

His grasp on my wrists tightens before he releases me, my arms free to do as they please while Jaxon grabs my hips. "I plan on it," He quickly breathes. "I advise you to hold on to the desk."

I reach behind my head and do exactly what he said. Before I can even make sense of it Jaxon is slamming into me, each thrust having the power to push my body backwards. It's relentless and tormenting because of the pleasure but I can tell I might be sore after this.

Jaxon groans, "Fuck!"

"Oh God-

"Being inside of your tight hot cunt is my favorite place to be," He says as his pace quickens. "You can let go, Sasha. I'm going to come with you."

Much quicker than usual and most definitely faster than I ever would have expected I can no longer hold myself back, and from the looks of his face I don't think he can either. At the same time we both find our release and from the intense amount of euphoria and pleasure, my body convulses and I cry out in amazement, panting like crazy while Jaxon's groans get even louder than before. Waves of my climax overtake me. I can barely breathe and handle how extreme this orgasm for me is and I know perfectly well that it's the same with him.

He collapses on top of me leaning over his desk once he has exploded, his forehead resting against mine with his hands planted firmly beside both sides of my head. And without any warning at all his lips are lightly on mine, nearly brushing over them from how gentle his sweet and teasing kisses are.

My arms find their way around his neck so I can hold him closer to me, not ever wanting to let go of this beautiful man that I can proudly say is mine.

Since he's done all of the work his breathing remains out of control until he finally manages to catch his breath. His bare chest is rising and falling hard on mine. My fingers run through his hair while I gently hold the back of his head. Jaxon's forehead is still pressed against mine until he nuzzles his face against my neck, kissing my shoulder and wherever else his lips make contact with my hot skin.

"You're too good at this," I whisper.

And even though we're spread across his hard desk I don't think I've ever been more comfortable.

"Jesus. You're going to be the death of me one day." He cautiously breathes out, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear and kissing the tip of my nose. Then once my eyes flutter open I notice he's staring at me with so much passion and love. "How do you have the power to do this to me? I lose myself when I'm with you, Sasha."

"I don't know," I whisper in a peaceful breath, gazing deeply into his bright blue eyes.

"Me either," Jaxon whispers back, cupping my face with his hands. "But it's so entirely worth it."

I grin with satisfaction. "Agreed."

"Turn over," He quietly commands. "I'm going to fuck you again, except this time I'm taking you from behind."

A little over five hours pass by before we arrive back in California, and right when we're getting lower to the ground is when Jaxon tells me to look out the window. Not wanting to see the thing that he claims will be one of the most breathtaking sights I've seen, I finally get the courage to go against my fear. As soon as my gaze is staring out the window, down to the land so close but yet so far below us, my heart nearly stops with shock. There's so many lights and it's so incredibly romantic while I remain on his lap, so happy and content in his arms, and I can honestly say this is one of the most unique and beautiful moments of my whole life.

Flying at night is so much more amazing than I ever even considered possible. As his jet becomes lower, Jaxon kisses me for almost the entire way down right until our bumpy landing, keeping my emotions steady and fearless. He can be so kind and caring when he wants to be and such a wonderfully thoughtful person. I just wish he could show this side to everyone. It isn't long before we get back to his house and his mansion has never felt so homely.

It's almost four in the morning and the first thing we want to do is take a nice steaming hot shower. Once we're finished and all ready for bed, I begin to walk up the long unique staircase until takes my wrist and halts me to a stop. Jaxon shocks me by asking me a question I never thought I would ever in a million years hear him ask me in his whole life and it manages to throw me into a state of nothing but shock.

"Sasha, will you sleep with me?" Stunned with his question, I find myself stuck in silence. "I want you to sleep with me tonight, in my bed, but it's going to be different this time. I'm not going to wake up in the morning with you beside me and mentally lose it. I'm not going to be terrified and pull away from you. I'm not going to build up another wall again to keep myself from having these intense feelings terrify me to the point of fucking things up for us when they're going so well. I swear, I am not going to hurt you like I did at the cabin."

"Are you, are you sure?"

He nods once. "I want you to sleep with me."

Still as stunned as ever with this amazing gesture, I answer him in a whisper. "Okay."

"Do you want to?" He anxiously races out, frowning with concern. "You don't have to-"

"Yes, of course. Of course I want to," I softly respond, looking over his face and how drastically it drops once the silence breaks. "I'm just shocked that you want me to."

"I've never wanted to sleep with someone before. And I don't mean sleep as in fuck, Sasha. I want to hold you in my arms and I want you to still be in them when I wake up."

And he tightly takes my hand without saying another word and he walks with me to his room. When we're inside he strips off his t-shirt and reveals his glorious body that he must have worked so hard on to build himself so strong and muscular. As soon as he flips his light switch and turns off his light the room is overtaken by darkness and after he picks me up and carries me bridal style in his arms, finally he lowers me down onto his bed. I crawl under the satin sheets and it's so comfortable and it's as if I'm floating on clouds. Jaxon moves under them beside me and seconds later his arm is wrapped around my side, pulling me as close to him as possible.

My arm is over his toned abs while my hand rests against his bare chest, our legs intertwined together and lying in his bed with him is so entirely perfect. His fingers brush through my hair and his other hand rubs my back at the same time, soothing me and relaxing every muscle in my body. My cheek rests on his shoulder and even though it's dark I can't seem to look away from his face. All I think about is what did I possibly do to deserve such peace and happiness.

"You are beyond comfortable." Jaxon breathes, his voice so extremely quiet that I wouldn't have been able to hear him if I wasn't this close. "I never thought I'd willingly have a Sub of mine sleeping in my bed with me. Although, it's pretty obvious you're much more than just a Submissive to me. I'm not used to this. You really don't have a clue how much you're changing me, Ms. Pierce."

"I'm not used to this, either. You're the first man I'll sleep with that I won't hate myself afterwards for. With clients, I just feel so disgusting, so low. I know it's for money and to help me live my life but I hated myself after every time I gave myself to a guy I had no interest in," I say, releasing a deep breath and swallowing down the lump formed in the back of my throat.

"You're not going to be a hooker anymore." Complete confusion consumes my mind, because I've never thought of this before. Me, no longer a prostitute? "Never again will you ever stand on the corner and sell your beautiful body to complete strangers. I won't allow it. And besides, it's no longer necessary. At the end of this you'll have one hundred thousand dollars and you won't have to do this anymore. You have no reason to be disgusted with yourself."

"But I do, Jaxon. And you were right. I don't respect myself."

Realizing my emotions are beginning to get to me, he turns onto his side so he's staring straight into my eyes and I feel so vulnerable gazing into them. "If I said that to you, I apologize. Sometimes I don't think before I speak and this is clearly that occasion. You do have self-respect. You're an amazing young lady. For someone who is about to be twenty two years old you sure as hell act much older and wiser than people your age. I'm going to be twenty eight and women my age still don't seem to know what they want, but that's the thing. You do. You're different, so unbelievably different than other females. You're independent, smart even if you didn't graduate which doesn't make you stupid, and you're stunning. And you're not afraid to get through life by yourself. You know exactly what you want and that's another thing that has me drawn to you-"

"I do know what I want." I softly speak over him, our eyes locked so passionately. "You."


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