Dominant Desires

By: Mollydx3

Page 32,

    Within the blink of an eye Jaxon rolls onto his side and hovers on top of me, our bodies pressed tightly together with only the silky sheets resting between us. Our eyes immediately lock in the most romantic and loving stare that I've ever experienced before and not even a second later his smooth, full, and moist lips are lightly on mine. Although I didn't tell this man I'm in love with him too, possibly even more than he is with me, I get the feeling that he somehow already knows without the words being spoken. He rests his arm beside my head on the pillow with his elbow propping himself up making sure to not put all of his body weight on me, while his warm hand lightly cups my face, creating warmth under my skin as the blood boils in my veins. His fingers caress my cheek in a gentle pattern as I take hold of his broad tense shoulders, desperate to run my hands across every part of his god–like body, digging my nails into his skin and pulling him as close to me as physically possible.

    It's as if I am craving him, needing my Jaxon Edwards fix, and I want him to the point of no return. Our lips part at the same moment and his tongue pushes into my hot mouth and lightly massages mine, so delicate and compassionate as I'm thrown into a state of pure amazement. His hand presses my face with more pressure as our kiss deepens, and he leaves my head spinning and butterflies entirely overtaking my stomach from how nicely he's treating my body. It's as if I'm a piece of artwork and his mission is to be as gentle with me as possible and that's something he's clearly not used to.

    He's never made love before, he has always just fucked, but this time it's different. It's different for the both of us. I can feel every ounce of love and admiration this man has for me, and it's incredible. It still leaves me amazed that nobody has ever made me feel this way before. I feel invincible, like I'm soaring high up in the clouds with no worries or a care in the world.

    The fact of the matter is that he makes me feel complete, like I'm important, and for so long I didn't even want to keep living this life of mine. Finally I feel like I have a purpose and I happen to still be here and I have made it out alive from the accident for a reason. Ever since I met Jaxon everything has remarkably changed. My whole perspective on life is different, new and improved from this day forward and knowing that he's truly in love with me makes me feel so alive.

    And oh gosh, I love him just as much and it stuns me to admit it to myself because deep down I'm still so scared and guarded. It's only been a week and yet my feelings for him are so strong. I want to give every part of me to this incredible, handsome, charming, and intelligent successful man, not caring one bit about his emotional flaws. He might have some problems but I have issues too and we're the same in that way, but even though he's a Dominant it doesn't matter to me. He lives his life in this dark and seductive manner but I will do anything to be with him. Falling in love for the first time in my life is so terrifying but exciting at the same time because it's time I open my heart up to someone. It's about time I let the real me out and savor every second of happiness.

    I know that he is sorry for what he had done to me at the cabin and I know now in my heart that he will never hurt me like that ever again. I have faith in this man. I believe in him, trust him, and feel so secure and safe when I'm with him. His possessiveness and controlling ways can be rather upsetting at times but knowing that he's here to protect me and that I'm not only sexually but emotionally his, it eases any negativities and pushes them far away. With all of these intense thoughts rushing through my mind I finally shut them out and allow myself to be in this beautiful moment with Jaxon.

   My heart rate exceeds my limit and accelerates inside my chest, beating wildly out of control from how passionately he's kissing me.  An intense amount of endless love. My fingertips slowly trail from his shoulders to down his strong muscular arms, scraping his skin with my nails ever so gently as our lips part from each other and a low groan escapes from his chest. He moves his palm to my neck while he places a delicate kiss on my chin, right below my trembling lips, so close that it makes me shudder. Again, again, and again. Innocent light kisses are placed on almost every inch of my face, leaving me so overwhelmed because he's never kissed me so many times before at once. Jaxon presses his lips beside my ear then to my jaw, traveling down and lightly kissing my throat. I moan from the amazing sensations he's giving me and finally I end my silence.

    "Jax," I softly gasp, not able to hold this in another second. "I love you too, Jaxon."

   Suddenly, he draws back his head after these unexpected words leave my mouth and instantly his eyes are widened, seeming to be shocked at what he has just heard. It seems like he is unsure whether or not I have really just said this to him, not knowing if he can truly believe it until a small grin claims my face. I practically melt at how his gaze is so filled with heated passion and I'm stunned from the intensity staring back at me, looking deep into my vulnerable eyes. My eyes are filled with unwanted tears but there's no holding them back even though they don't fall. At once he cups my cheek and inhales a long breath of air, his widened eyes searching mine while he struggles to catch his breath. He frowns and then grins, repeating this, so pleased with me telling him that I love him that it leaves me with an endless amount of happiness.

    Something inside Jaxon switches without any expectance, so many of his raw emotions bottled up inside of him spiraling out as I lift my hand and hold the back of his head. It feels like while I stare up at him I'm exploring his soul and I know now that I have his heart. Before I can fully smile he leans down and rewards me with a crushing kiss, and I adore that out of all of the females he's been with I happen to be the one who he's breaking his own rule with and I'm the only woman he's emotionally giving himself to. It's the best feeling in the world when I realize that I'm not only his, but he is also mine.

    He moves away from me and I can't help but wimper from the loss of all contact, until he quickly pulls up the sheets and moves under them so he's once again resting on top of me. Jaxon reaches down and grabs the material of the shirt I'm wearing and not even a second later he's pulling it over my head, which leaves me lying in just my bra and thong. My arms find their way around his neck but don't stay this way because he presses his hot lips to the side of my neck, slowly trailing down to my collarbone, then to the top of my chest. My eyes close and he's nipping his way to my cleavage, as I run my fingers through his hair. He moves his hand under my back and he easily undoes the hook to my bra, the straps moving down my arms then he tosses it to the floor.

    A loud moan travels up my chest and escapes from my lips when his warm mouth finds my nipple, his talented tongue swirling around in circles as it instantly turns into a hard red bud. With his large hand he takes hold of me and firmly massages my breast at the same time, sucking on my bud gently and taking me between his teeth, giving me so much pleasure already that it's almost unbearable. My fingers run through his still damp hair as I force his face closer to my chest, giving into the wonderful pleasure as he makes sure to pay just as much attention to my other breast only seconds later. His lips kiss their way to the other, devouring and flicking the tip of his tongue around and against my nipple, more quiet moans leaving me.

   "Ugh, Jaxon," I barely whisper.

    My breathing picks up and has never been so uneven and when he moves down to my stomach I don't know how much longer it will be before I already come. The tips of his teeth graze every inch of my skin, dipping the tip of his tongue into my naval when I least expect it as a quiet gasp comes from me in return. I lift my hands and dig my fingers into the pillow while he leaves a trail of small kisses to my hipbone and since it's a sensitive spot I can't help the euphoric grin that spreads across my face. His breath is hot against my flesh and it's such an incredible feeling, so relaxing, until he takes hold of the string to my thong and rips it right off of me. It startles me so when I flinch he lifts his head and our eyes connect, his smile making me so content.

    It's amazing to know he's just as happy as I am. I've never seen him so at ease and at peace before in this entire week that I've known him. It only took one week for us to fall in love with each other. My life is starting to feel like a fairty–tale. Unexpectedly, he spreads my thighs apart and moves all the way down between my legs. He runs his tongue from my waist further and further down and before I can make a single movement, he finally makes contact with my slick folds, and pressing against my clit as I whimper. He works his magic on my nub and at the same time he pushes his long finger into my core. I cry out to him and throw my hand back, my eyes tightly squeezed shut as I get a fistful of the pillowcase. Very gently he removes his finger before pushing back into my wetness, moving so slow it's pure torture. I can hardly take this climax that's rushing towards me, every nerve ending on edge.

    "Jax," I moan to him, my breathing already out of control as he thrusts into me over and over. "Oh shit."

    I feel him move his arm under my thigh and he reaches up, resting his palm against my tightening stomach. He adds in another finger, pushing into me as far as my body allows, knuckles deep. In, out, in, out. My orgasm has never been so close and once he arches his fingers he hits my g–spot, and I nearly scream in a state of awe. He does this again only this time he sucks on my delicate and swollen clitoris, which intensifies the pleasure. He's pumping his fingers into my core and getting faster with every second that goes by, my inner walls squeezing around him and I just can't take it any longer. 

    "Go on, baby. Let go," He softly orders, his tone as demanding but passionate as ever and his wish is my command. "Come for me, Sasha. I want you to come and say my name."

   "Oh," A whimper comes from deep within my chest as my climax finally consumes me, sending a shockwave of intensity through my core. My stomach muscles tighten and my toes curl, his fingers still slowly thrusting into me and this only seems to make it last longer, and my orgasm is stronger than the last he had given to me. Not even a few seconds pass by before he has me panting and convulsing against him, his tongue rubbing against my clit once again as he pushes his fingers into me one last time. "Jaxon," I cry out, grabbing onto his hand that is on my stomach and holding onto him for dear life. "Jaxon, shit, Jax." Moaning and riding out the amazing climax he's given me, I'm finally able to catch my breath after he withdraws. I am caught off guard when he licks my juices, cleaning me up and at the same time giving me insane aftershocks.

    "You taste incredible," He whispers, licking his lips.


     In a quiet groan he lets out under his breath, "I know, baby." 

    "Please. I need you, now." I say to him in a soft moan and his attention is still set right on my face, my whole body filling with heat and the anticipation is killing me. "Please, Jaxon–"

     "And I've never needed to have a woman before, ever, in my damn life. Until I met you." 

     Finally Jaxon is back in place on top of me right where I want him. My eyes close and I lift my head, waiting a moment before his lips crash against mine and he kisses me with everything in him. My hands press on his warm chest, so much heat radiating beneath his bare skin and warming up mine as his palm settles gently on my face. My fingertips map all of the muscles he has in his strong arms, up and down, then finally they travel across his hard chest. I lightly trail them down the creases of his abs, all the way down until I reach the front of his pants. 

    He grabs my hand and guides it to the big bulge of his erection, making me rub him through the material as he lets a sharp groan out under his breath from the friction I'm creating. "Christ, Sasha. I want you. I need you. I've never wanted to be inside of someone so bad in my life. Do you see what you do to me?" He asks, although it sounds much more like a statement than a question. "You make me so hard it hurts." The tone of his voice makes him sound so emotional but it's so sexy and seductive at the same time, because my body aches for so much more of his touch.

    "I can't wait anymore. Make love to me, please."

    "I plan on it, baby. I already am. I'm making love to every part of your body." He breathes, and without warning he leans down and his mouth finds mine again and he completely dominates me in our lustful and passionate kiss. I unclasp his pants without any hesitation, undoing his buckle before yanking his belt out of the loops and tossing it to the floor. As soon as I pull down his zipper I reach inside, wrapping my hand around his long length. He's so smooth, big, and hard against my palm as I stroke him from tip to base. Jaxon groans through our kiss and our lips instantly part, his forehead resting against my neck. "Oh fuck."

    I continue to please him with my hand and get a new rush each time he moans out to me, until he begins to lightly suck the delicate skin on the side of my neck and I have no other choice but to give in to how great it feels when he marks me. I pump his rock hard cock slowly, taking my time since his pants are tight and barely leave any room. He continues to grunt while I work him with my hand and it's easy to tell that he will most certainly leave a hickey from the firm suction of his mouth against my neck, but that's the least of my worries. 

    When I least expect it he takes my wrist and slides my fingers out of his pants, then he rolls onto his side and removes them at once so at last nothing is separating us. Our bare bodies press together and the warmth has never felt so amazing, the both of us comfortable and content, completely naked lying against each other. My legs are wrapped around his waist as his hard–on rubs against my wet folds, the friction so wonderful but I need more. Just as he reaches down and positions himself against my entrance is when I realize something extremely important that we've both forgotten.

    "Wait," I softly breathe out, his mesmerizing bright blue eyes staring down into my eyes. "Condom?"

   It takes him a moment of being silent and allowing that to register, until he entirely shocks me to the fullest and takes me by surprise by shaking his head. "No, Sasha. No condom. No anything. I want to feel you, every inch of you, with nothing between us."

   Just from the sound of his voice and the way he purred to me with innocence and no dominance at all, my stomach tightens and my heart falls. He positions himself against my core and in one long, smooth thrust he enters me. My eyes squeeze closed as I'm consumed with his possession and with his size, the tightness is heightened. From listening to him trying to catch his breath, gasping for air, the intensity of emotions I have taking over my thoughts. 

    My inner walls grip him hard, satisfied moans coming out loud from the both of us and echoing in the room. Jaxon slowly pulls out of me, taking his time while I wrap my arms around his neck. The moment he eases back I whimper, and he's filling me as deep as possible. "Oh, Sasha." He sharply mumbles, and his lips press to my face while he seems to kiss every inch of my cheeks, down my jawline and eventually to my neck.

    His pace picks up and his speed increases, as he pushes into me over and over. My arms link around his neck so I can hold him close to me, and as soon as I do this Jaxon's lips return to mine. Very slightly he draws back his head, gazing into my eyes with so much love it knocks the wind out of me. His hand moves to my cheek and he stares at my face in silence, watching me intently while he pumps his shaft into my core relentlessly. I stare back at him and don't look away, extreme pleasure and amazement written on every inch of our faces. I run my fingers through his hair and then take his face between my hands rocking from his endless thrusting, and I lean up to press my lips to his. I begin to lift my hips to match his movements, my thighs spreading open even more, giving Jaxon much more access. I can feel the emotion he's putting into this beautiful moment, and it's such a breathtakingly amazing feeling.

    His mouth leaves mine and trails down to my collarbone, while I completely give myself over to the feeling of his hot lips moving cautiously across my chest. It feels like his teeth are grazing every inch of my upper body which makes this hot steamy sex even better. Beginning to move with him I match his movements as passion overtakes me and with how gentle he's being with me is so different than the dominance I'm used to. I feel my second climax building up at a rapid speed, my need and want for him so clear while I struggle to catch my breath. The pleasure that this beautiful and flawless man gives my body is so much to handle, so much stronger than anybody I have ever been with before, and it leaves me speechless.

   "Ah, Sasha." He breathes, lifting his head and gazing into my eyes as I lightly cup my hand against the side of his face, caressing his smooth skin like he has done to me so many times. "I love you. I adore you. You're mine, baby. Tell me that you're mine."

    "I'm yours, Jaxon." I whisper, not having to give it any thought. Now at this point in my life, I feel myself longing to belong to him. "I love you, too."

    Once these words leave my mouth, his thrusts become faster, much more insistent as he sends spirals of extreme pleasure through my body. He moves and moves while staring straight into my eyes, piercing through them and it feels like he's looking right into my soul. He removes his palm from my face only to take my hand and pushing his fingers through mine as we tightly hold onto each other.

    Jaxon rests the back of my hand against the pillow beneath my head, our fingers locked, and I've never felt so connected to anyone the way I am with him. This handsome and addicting man watches my face intently while he makes steamy passionate love to me, which happens to be a first for the both of us. He's continuously kissing my lips every few seconds unless they're somewhere else on my body which makes our emotions very raw. I've never been kissed this many times in my life and even though it's such an overwhelming feeling that I'm not used to, just knowing that Jaxon must be feeling the same way makes me as happy as can be.

    Unexpectedly he links his arm under my back, rolling us over until he's resting flat on his back and I'm now on top of him.  Not used to this position with him I gaze down at his face in confusion. "Jaxon?" I whisper, until he silences me by shaking his head.

    "Ride me, Sasha." He tells me, and it leaves me with shock since that would mean him not having all control.

    With a nod I softly mutter, "Okay."

   With his hands he grabs my waist, staring up at me with sincerity and it's such a breathtaking sight. "Baby, it's okay. I want you to ride me. I don't need control right now. I want you on top of me and I want to watch your face as you ride my cock."

    Not saying another word in response to him, I nod without any hesitation. Knowing we've done this position only once on the jet when we had sex for the first time, and he barely even allowed it for a few seconds without taking back the power, this makes me very anxious.  For a change this man who lives as a Dominant is giving someone else the control, and I've never felt so special in my life. I sit up and straddle his waist, both of his hands against the top of my thighs, and I reach behind me and take his erection in my hand. A deep breath escapes from him as I wipe away the pre–cum with the tip of my finger, positioning him at my enterance but not making a move. He frowns shortly after realizing this, seeming to be caught off guard before I finally push myself down. Inch by inch I allow him to fill me, and I didn't even think it was possible but it feels as if he's deeper than ever. I'm entirely consumed with his length and his shaft has never felt this massive, but that doesn't stop me.

    Wanting to take full control of this moment that he's giving to me, all my mind is focused on is making him feel as good as he has made me feel. I wrap my fingers around his wrists, removing his hands from my hips as I take a deep breath. As slow as possible I move his arms up beside his head, pressing the back of his hands into the pillow, tightening my grip on his wrists. Our eyes remain connected and he doesn't glance away for even a second. Jaxon is motionless beneath me and I have him locked right where I want him. The muscles in his strong arms begin flexing, his jaw tightening, and he's never looked so helpless. Just the sight of seeing my Dominant and lover like this it makes my head fill with so many passionate thoughts it's unbelievable.

     And he's allowing me to put him in this position which makes this moment even more satisfying for me. I lean forward so his shaft begins to leave me, his face now right below mine, before I instantly bring myself back down. I take my time making these movements, pulling my waist up and then pushing back down, his cock filling me completely each time I bring my hips back down. Not once do I release my hands from his wrists and instead of this looking like he's not enjoying me taking control, it's the total opposite. His groaning is louder than I'm used to and every time I see him bite his lip it gives me a new rush.

     Down, up, down, up. My movements become fast and hard with every second that goes by and the look on his face is so helpless that it's sexy, and it's such a huge turn on for me. "Sash–" Jaxon exhales, his jaw falling open. "Christ. I don't know how much longer I can take before I come. I can't. Oh, fuck."

     Finally I let his hands go and I lean back all the way, and now I really plan to ride him. It's not long before I'm bouncing up and down on his shaft repeatedly, coming down as hard and fast as I can. With my hands I grab my breasts and he firmly grasps my knees, not interfering with my intense rhythm but from how his mouth has become wide open and his eyebrows are tightly scrunched together I don't know how much longer I have. Pleasure overtakes me as I continue my relentless bouncing, Jaxon's fingers digging into my skin until they travel up to my waist, his hips rising from the bed each time I bring myself back down. This seems to make the pleasure even more intense and I can barely breathe. My climax builds up quicker than I expected and soon I'm right there, until he pushes himself up into the sitting position and takes my face between his warm hands. 

     Jaxon kisses me with passion, my hands grasping his lower back as I grind against him, moving my hips around and around. Before I can make sense of it he has his arm wrapped around my back and he immediately flips us over, pushing me onto my back. With his hand he grabs under my knee and wraps my leg tighter around his waist, and suddenly he begins pounding into me. I cry out to him and can't hold back or control the loudness of my moans, but his are mixed right along with mine so it doesn't seem to matter. I lock my arms around his neck and reach up to press my lips against his chest, absolutely astonished with the fact that he has just given me so much control.  I peck small light kisses all over his solid muscular build, trailing over to his shoulder, and eventually all the way up to the side of his neck. 

    I breathe in the manly and addictive scent of the cologne that still lingers on his skin that I love so much, which happens to be his signature smell, the specific cologne that he wears the most. The sound of the rain pattering on the roof of the plane becomes much harder than before so it's almost as if it senses how much pleasure is bursting through us, and how intense our emotions are as they take over not only our minds, but our hearts. My fingers run through his soft hair and once I rest my head back on the pillow, our eyes immediately lock in a compassionate gaze and I know for sure that this is by far the best sex we've had.

    "I'm so close." I say, a whimper escaping my lips before his press lightly to mine, and he catches my cry in his mouth. 

     He groans quietly against my mouth before drawing back his head. "Me, too."

   The amazement he's giving me is pushing me right to the edge and I don't know how I was able to hold on for so long, and the same for him. My hands carefully trail down his sides and rest on his back and without even realizing it my nails dig roughly into him, scraping his skin as a sharp hiss leaves his mouth. I know for sure from how amazing this feels that I have definitely left red marks on him. Our breathing is erratic and finally his warm palm returns to my face, his fingers lightly brushing my cheeks, and my hands move down his sides until they're resting on his firm butt. I spread my legs even wider as he pushes into my core, now beginning to slow down his thrusts. This forces us even closer together, our bodies tightly locked and our legs intertwined, and when I least expect it I climax so intensely that I find myself not even bothering to breathe.

    My eyes close on their own accord, my jaw dropped and mouth wide open, one final moan escaping from me. The most incredible orgasm bursts through me, exploding out from my core at full speed and I have never felt something this powerful in my life, not ever. And suddenly he stills, his luscious soft lips finding mine as he moves within me, although he's so gentle it's mind boggling.

     "Jesus ChristFuck." From the confusion filled tone of his quiet and husky voice, it's easy to tell that what he's feeling is so much more than he expected. And it's the same for me, but just to hear the shakiness and total vulnerability in his tone it sends shivers throughout my body, because I'm not used to it. Finally it begins to make sense to me in this shocking moment when I realize this is truly his only time of making love to someone, and the amount of pleasure that's entirely consuming us if far more powerful than we could have imagined. I watch him closely as his eyes narrow, suddenly squeezing shut all the way while his lips part, and instantly a sharp breath leaves his mouth as he whispers, "Oh, Sasha."

     We both find our release at the same time, together. Jaxon's forehead rests against the side of my face and our climax seems to last for eternity, pure amazement consuming us, and this is by far the best peak I've ever received from him. Finally, he collapses onto me and all we can hear is the sound of the rain and our heavy breathing, the sweat thick on our bodies.

    Now the side of his face is on my chest and we're both in pure silence while I hold the back of his head with my hands, my arms weak and limp. Making love to me really seems to have taken a lot out of him and I understand. He's incredible in bed and there's no question about it. But he's all mine. 

     About a minute later he lifts his chin and stares into my eyes, and it's such a relieving feeling when we both are smiling at one another. I take my lip between my teeth and feel myself blushing when I least expect it, brushing the hair away from his beautiful eyes so I have a perfect view of them.

     They seem to have the power to make the entire world around me come halting to a stop.


    "Yes, wow."

     "Jaxon," I say in hushed tone, my voice slightly hoarse. “That was incredible.

    "Not so bad for a Sadist. Now was it?" He lets out, getting a small chuckle out of me. "When I make love, well actually, I don't make love. Not usually, not ever. Only to you. my Sasha." 

    The smile plastered across my face should win an award for being the happiest woman to ever live on the planet. "That's cute," I say in a whisper, his eyes slightly narrowing in response. "My Sasha. I'm your Sasha. I like the way that sounds coming from your mouth, Mr. Edwards."

    I trace his bottom lip with my fingertips with my touch as light as a feather. He grins, his piercing electric blue eyes gazing at me lustfully. "If you call me Mr. Edwards one more time, there will be a consequence, Ms. Pierce. Do you understand?" He challenges me, raising an eyebrow before quickening breathing in. "Damn, I'm out of breath."

    "What's the consequence," I carefully mutter, deciding to test him as I say, "Mr. Edwards?"

    Suddenly when I don't expect it, Jaxon gets to his feet and before I can even make sense of it he's lifting me into the air until he's holding me bridal style. Being right here in his arms have never felt better. I'm consumed with so much happiness it's unbelievable. He has so much power over me.

     "I believe it's time for us to shower so I can be inside of you again."

     He sharply grunts, the sexiness and domination in his voice so entirely sexy. But as he walks us around the bed and begins to carry me in his arms to the bathroom, I happen to glance into the mirror to get a peek at his backside. And a loud gasp echoes in the room around us because I was not expecting to see what I've just noticed. Two long red scratches are marked on his flawless skin, right on his upper back, and they look so painful. Realizing the shock I've just made perfectly clear, Jaxon draws back his head to look nervously into my eyes.

    "What's the matter," He races out, but I look at his back again. "Sasha?"

    "I kind of hurt you." I unthinkingly say, swallowing hard before he gets the hint and turns his head very slightly, staring behind him into the reflection of the mirror over his dresser. And out of nowhere a quiet chuckle comes from him and in response I glare into his eyes. "What's so funny?"

     "You didn't hurt me. I'm fine, really. Didn't even notice. I'm a business man. I wear suits almost on a daily basis since I have companies legitimately everywhere. Nobody will know about them, but us." Jaxon's voice is husky and filled with lust. "And besides you marking me, I've also marked you. That's a nice hickey you have there on your neck. There's no hiding that."

     "You didn't," I rush out to him, his smirk showing me he's being honest as he makes his way into the bathroom with me still in his arms against his glorious bare body. "You deserve a consequence now, too! At least you can hide the scratches I gave you. How bad is it? Can makeup hide it, do you think? I'm seriously going to kill you if it's that noticeable."

    Once he places me down onto my feet, I look into the mirror and oh, was he right. There's no missing the huge hickey he has left right on the upper side of my neck. My jaw drops and I turn around to stare at him in horror, not able to hold back a smile the moment he full out smiles at me.

      His pearly white teeth are so beautiful and it just reminds me how handsome Jaxon Edwards is.

     "Come here, baby." He cautiously breathes, turning on the water to the shower but not daring to look away from my intense stare, holding out his hand. "Let me make it up to you."

     Within the blink of an eye I'm pulled into the shower, and he's pulling me closer to his body as he wraps his arms around my waist. The water pours down warming our bodies with steam fogging around us, and not even a second later his full lips are pressed against mine. The kiss is slow and innocent completely taking over my heart and only he has the control to give me butterflies that I haven't gotten since years and years ago. My arms find their way around his neck and my fingers tangle in his wet hair, his hands cupping my butt and holding me closer to his body, and then I'm forced to move backwards. Jaxon pushes my back against the wall of the shower and round two happens, this amazing man making love to me for the second time today. And it's just as beautiful.

    About two hours later the downpours have come to an end. When we go outside and notice the clear sky, Jaxon reveals to me that he has something planned for us to do which really throws me into a state of nothing but suspense. I gladly get in the car with him and he takes my hand linking his fingers through mine, not letting go for the whole way. Once we arrive at the cemetery again for a second time today, I shoot an irritated and almost upset glare at him but he gets out of the car and closes the door before I have the chance to do or say anything.

     Me being stubborn and annoyed with what he could possibly want from me now since this is the last place I want to be, I stay right where I am and don't move an inch. I hear the trunk being opened out of the blue and even though it makes me very confused and curious I still chose to not move a single muscle. Suddenly I look out the window and Jaxon's standing there for a moment before he opens my door, his arm behind his back so it's very noticeable that he is hiding something from me.

    "Don't be angry with me. I'm sure it's pretty obvious by now that I love you, so I mean no harm. I have good intentions. Come with me, Sasha." Jaxon Edwards says to me, holding out his free hand palm side up and his breathtaking eyes staring deep and romantically into mine. "Please, trust me."

    Letting out a long and anxious breath, I place my hand on his. "Alright, I trust you." I softly rush out to him, barely any sound to my raspy voice, as I stand up and close the door behind me. "Now show me what you're hiding from me behind your back."

    And he does exactly as I say, revealing a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. There's so many colors, different types, shapes, and sizes. It's so beautiful that it actually seems to make me utterly speechless. The thought of Jaxon doing this for me makes me so overwhelmed with more emotions, not only for him but for my loving parents as well, and this simple gesture is so sentimental. Hating to admit it since I was really against him taking me here again in one day, this really does mean the absolute world to me that he cares for me so much. 

    "Oh, Jaxon," I quietly say, leaning down and breathing in their wonderful scent. "This was really thoughtful. You must have planned this out if they were already in the trunk of your car. I honestly don't know what to say right now besides thank—"

    Within a second he's holding my chin with his free hand and his lips are lightly pressed to mine, a small but adorable gesture, before shorting pulling away to crookedly grin at me. "You have no reason to thank me. I had a feeling you would break down and be upset about me taking you here, but I had to do it. And I'm so glad I did because if I had to hold it in for any longer I don't know how much more I would have been able to handle. You owe it to yourself to visit their grave site, and maybe you should consider coming back in a few weeks on your birthday. It could end up being a good way to cope with your loss, because losing your parents is something nobody should have to go through. Not even your worst enemy. When you told me your story it broke my damn heart. You don't have to face this alone anymore, Sasha. I'll be right here with you and I will comfort you as best as I can. But you deserve to find peace with this, baby. It's not your fault."

    Without thinking it through or hesitating for a second, I nod in acceptance. "Okay," I whisper.

    Jaxon wraps his arm around my shoulder and we walk through the gates, taking our time and soon enough I bring him to where my parents are peacefully buried. They have two gravestones that are basically combined and since I didn't have much money and I was the one who had to take care of everything since I was all alone, I had no other choice but to buy whichever one I could afford. I'm not too proud of the looks of it but that isn't what matters. Their names, Richard and Michelle Pierce are printed in the stone, the dates of their birth and to the date of their death, my birthday. It's about three weeks away and just the thought of how depressed I get on the anniversary of their tragic death makes me shudder, but by Jaxon telling me he will be here for me makes me stronger. But the sound of my soft sniffle since unwelcomed tears start to fill my eyes, Jaxon notices.

   "Are you alright?" He unexpectedly questions, looking very worried and almost upset with himself for bringing me here again until I nod my head and release a deep breath.

    "Yeah, actually. I think I am." I honestly tell him, loving how for once being here doesn't bring me to sobbing tears. It's as if I'm finally beginning to heal and find my inner peace in what has happened to our family, and it's all thanks to this man right beside me. "I think I'll be okay. I never thought I'd say it, but I know you're right. I have to move on and grieve about this. It's been almost four years now and if I don't make peace with it soon then I don't know if I ever will. Thank you, Jaxon."

    We stare at one another for a while in an emotional stare down and it's clear to him that I've never been so sincere. "Of course, Sasha. You mean a lot to me, much more than I ever would have expected. I hope this can be my apology for what happened that morning after you told me about the accident. I was so wrong for doing that to you. I'm man enough to admit it. I just hope that you can forgive me because it was heartless of me and I only gave a damn about myself in that moment. I'm used to living that way. Hiding my feelings is what I do, I've always done it. Do you understand? It's my defense mechanism. But I understand if you can't forgive—"

    "You're forgiven," I interrupt him, his mouth closing in response to my sudden words.

   At the same time I step closer to him he happens to move towards me, my arms loosely linked around his neck as his strong arm wraps around my back. He holds me close to him and everything about this moment feels so unreal, like it's a scene from a romance movie, and it's so foreign to me. It's like we belong together and it's finally time for us to be happy with our lives for once. A relieved and relaxed breath is released from me and I feel so happy, untouchable, until my eyes flutter open and my whole world turns upside down. Standing about twenty feet from us in another row of gravestones is a man that I never thought I would ever see again. The mystery man.

     It's for sure that this is the guy who we ran into at the restaurant. He's the stranger who hit on me, pushed me up against the wall, and had me consumed me with complete fear. He wouldn't let me go and was very threatening and fortunately just in time, Jaxon came to my rescue. After getting called a whore by the man, my protective Dominant who's much like my body guard, hit him hard in his face. They had a horrible confrontation and I know deep down that if there was a second time there's a chance it could turn out a lot worse, which honestly terrifies me to even think about.

    "This feels too good to be true, you know? I've always felt so alone and I was completely alright with it, until I met you, and now look at us. I've never been so happy before. You make me so damn happy, Sasha Pierce. But don't think that I'm still not your Dom, because I am. I have so many different ways I'm going to pleasure your perfect body in my playroom."

   "Oh, I can only imagine." Is all I'm able to let out, still as shocked as ever.

   "You don't have the slightest clue. Finally it's our time to have some peace in our lives." Jaxon breathes, still firmly holding me against his body while I keep my eyes on the man who happens to be staring right at me. "Don't you agree? How do you feel about this, about us? Honesty, as always." 

    "Um, I feel great—"

   "You don't sound it." He suddenly states, taking me by surprise as he draws back his head to look at my anxious face. "Are you having second thoughts about this?"

    "No! I'm not having second thoughts. I like this. I like us this way," I sincerely tell him, meaning it with all of my heart and when he kisses my forehead in return I finally release a deep breath.

   Instead of letting him go, I lock my arms around his neck again in silence, hesitating and not having the slightest clue on what I should do right now and how I should handle this situation. Should I ruin the moment and tell him about the guy, when it will only make him upset and possibly make matters worse? Jaxon surely has a very bad temper and their confrontation that night at the restaurant was extremely dangerous. He could have made it a huge scene and it would have made it to every newspaper in California, or perhaps even the country. Should I really ruin this moment and tell Jaxon that here he is again, for the second time, while his frightening gaze continues to stare straight at us? Or should I just let it be and act as if I haven't just seen him? Fear courses through my mind but since I'm being held in his arms, I know that I'm safe and protected regardless.

    And once the mysterious man turns around and makes his way in the opposite direction away from Jaxon and I, is the moment I finally decide it's best to just let it be.

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