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Dominant Desires

Novel By: Mollydx3

Sasha was the girl who had a perfect life, until a tragedy took place and she lost her parents. But most of all, she lost her self respect. Now living in an apartment with her friend she's living the hooker way of life, selling herself on the corner of the city. One night she comes across a man and he is not what she expected. He is handsome and everything about him draws her in.
When he offers her ten thousand dollars to stay with him for three months to pose as his fiance, what will she do? And to top it all off, what will happen when he pulls her into his dark and torturous secret lifestyle of her accepting to be his Submissive while he is her Dominant? View table of contents...


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Waking up is such an amazing feeling this morning mostly due to the fact that when I open my eyes I see the beautiful bright rays of sunshine beaming in through my window. Until suddenly, I realize I'm not in my apartment. I remember everything that has happened within the hours I have spent with Mr. Edwards. I really need to stop forgetting where I am because this is the second time this has happened to me, the first being on his private jet. The moment I push myself up and stretch out my arms with a yawn leaving my mouth, I feel the sheets drop to my waist and I notice my bare upper body. I grab the sheets as fast as I can and cover myself, even though it's quite obvious I am the only one in the room at the moment.

My room. . . Woah, I think to myself, finally letting my gaze roam around at my surroundings which completely has me at loss for words. Right in front of my bed is a big circular window, the wall almost entirely filled with glass along with a door, and my view is the ocean. It's absolutely incredible and leaves me entirely breathless from how divine it looks, with the water and the bright blue sky with barely any clouds so it's as clear as can be.

The long curtains that hang are pulled to each side, which allows me to see perfectly through the glass but can still give me full privacy if I decide to pull them closed. The ocean is such an amazing view so I drop the sheets and gracefully get out of this comfortable queen sized bed, making my way closer to get a better glimpse of the scenery before my very eyes.

There's a deck outside that forms a small but roomy balcony with a white type of gate surrounding it, and as soon as I'm about to open the door and step outside on to it is when I remember that I'm completely naked! Fortunately, this is definitely a private beach because no people are around anywhere from what I can see, so I don't exactly have to worry about covering myself up. But I figure I might as well get dressed, anyways.

I turn to find a door that seems to be in the corner where a closet might be, so I slowly and carefully pull it open to realize it is in fact a closet, and it is huge! It's a full walk in and is probably as wide as a medium sized bathroom which is so unreal and ridiculous, and the fact that there are clothes everywhere just blows my fucking mind! As I walk inside and let my fingers come in contact with every piece of clothing I come across I have so much excitement within me that it's literally crazy.

I feel like a crazy person. A little kid. But weird enough, I actually like it! Everything hanging around me is so elegant and gorgeous, fancy and some casual, and when I drop my eyes to the carpet I see all the shoes spread out on special racks. Holy shit!

"No way," I happily squeal, covering my mouth with my hands and slightly bouncing up and down from an overload of pure joy. "No way, no way, tons of new clothes, high heels, oh the sparkles, so fancy and expensive looking, oh my god what to wear-"

"A dress," Unexpectedly sounds from behind me as I loudly let out a shocked yelp, jumping and turning around to face Jaxon standing only feet away from me, leaning to the side with his arm pressed against the doorway. My jaw falls wide open and I gasp for air to fill my lungs but I can't help but stare at him in a state of shock. "You should go with a dress, for today."

"What are you doing in here?!" I snap at him, aggravation filling my tone until his eyes widen but narrow at the same time and the smirk from his face entirely disappears. And I gulp, realizing how rude I just sounded, and this man is my Dominant! I try to save myself. "I'm sorry. I just thought I could have a little bit of privacy around here." I softly rush out, grabbing an outfit from beside my off the hook and covering the front of my bare body with it. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm naked."

With one sudden and easy motion, he darts forward and reaches for the piece of clothing, practically tearing it from my hands as a soft whimper escapes from me. He throws it onto the ground in a harsh manner and shakes his head at me, now glaring deep into my eyes as a lump of fear forms in the back of my throat. I try to breathe but I honestly can't. He steps towards me and out of reaction I quickly move backwards, and out of nowhere the wall stops me as I hardly thump into it, hurting the back of my head in the process but that isn't my main concern right now.

"Sasha, you have no privacy. Not anymore," Jaxon breathes, informing this to me in a relaxed but husky tone which sounds so seductive it unfortunately turns me on. "You're my Submissive. You're mine for three months, twelve entire weeks, ninty one days. Let's just say you're basically my property. You physically, mentally, and emotionally belong to me." He stops speaking when he's only standing inches away from me, cocking his head to the side and gazing into my eyes, but he's unreadable. He definitely has his Dominant side showing, nice Jaxon no longer here.

"Yes Sir," I whisper in agreement, inhaling a long breath before he slams his hands onto the wall, his wrists resting against the sides of my head causing me to flinch from his sudden movement full of rage. I hold back any further sounds by pressing my lips tightly together, trying to remain calm.

He breaks our intense eye contact when I least expect it and I silently watch as his gaze travels down every inch of my body, and when I say every inch I mean exactly what I said. My neck, his gaze traveling down my collar bone and to my exposed breasts, my hourglass shape stomach and the slight curves on my hips, to my lower half which is pleading for his touch, and down my legs. Then his eyes roam back up my body as Mr. Edward's looks over me, almost mesmorizing me in a way I can't explain. Every detail I possibly have and it's so weird because I'm not uncomfortable with it.

"I didn't appriciate your tone, Sasha." Jaxon finally speaks, now sounding stern and once again slightly overtaken by a form of frustration and diappointment, in a way. I drop my gaze to my feet and feel myself becoming emotional in a way I also can't explain, probably due to the fact that he's making me feel as if I did something wrong. Like I'm a child being scolded. But it doesn't feel that way to me, that I've done something bad, I mean. Being his Sub is most definitely much more difficult and complicated than I assumed it would be. But I have to face the consequence.

"I'm sorry," I quietly apologize, feeling his fingers under my chin immediately lifting my head up so I am forced to look right into his intimidating but yet compassionate eyes, making me breathless. My body becomes numb and the room around me spins, and all I can see is him. He has so much power and control over me now. I am his.

"You're sorry. . . what?" He loudly urges, his lips parted. I plead with myself to not look down at them, because God only knows how he would react to me breaking eye contact.

I let out a quick breath of nerves and mutter the word, "Sir."

And thankfully, he grins with acceptance, finally seeming to happy with me. "Good girl," Jaxon mumbles as his pleased grin turns to a crooked smirk. "Maybe next time I walk into this room without you realizing it, you'll greet me with respect. Get down on your knees for me."

His unexpected order shocks and confuses me as I inhale air through my mouth and stare up into his eyes in a state of fear. What do I do? What is he going to make me do? Oh, he wouldn't. But would he? I swallow hard and feel a slight anxiety attack coming on, trying to even out my breathing but I honestly can't seem to do so. But without wasting another second I slowly drop down to my knees on the comfortable soft white carpet, and I notice what he's wearing.

I have never seen Mr. Edwards, billionaire and business man, in anything other than an expensive suit, but today is different. He is wearing dark blue jeans, black shoes, and once I let myself look back up is when I finally notice the black shirt and leather jacket he has on. Wow. And oh my, this man has never looked sexier. How did I not see this the moment I saw him? How could I miss how attractive he looks?

He leans down and his large hand cups my breast, startling me at first until I can understand what he's doing. His thumb lightly traces around and over my nipple, making it hard in return. I allow a soft moan to comes from me, and his sharp breath follows afterwards. And as my gaze looks at his crotch is when I see his big erection pressing up in his jeans, causing my eyes to widen in euphoria. "I've told you before that I could hardly wait before I could fuck your mouth, and now I can. You will take me in your mouth, Sasha. Do you understand?"

Nerves strike through me and I innocently stare up into his piercing blue eyes. "But I've never done this before," I carefully tell him, hating how vulnerable I sound but it's the truth. So this means I obviously might not be so good at it. And how embarrassing will that be?

The moment this statement comes from me, Mr. Edwards instantly frowns, making it so noticeable it's absolutely ridiculous and so judgmental. Those frightening and bold eyes of his half close and his lips pucker up in a confused manner, before a loud grunt comes from his chest. "What the hell do you mean you've never done this before?" He harshly demands, huffing under his breath while I don't say a single word. "You were a hooker, you had to have given oral sex at some point. You mean to tell me that for three whole years you have never had any man request this? That's insane."

"They have," I quickly rush out, biting anxiously on my bottom lip. "I've just never done it. I made the rules. No kissing on the mouth and no oral or anal. Just regular sex. That's all, sir."

Jaxon continues to look at me as if I have ten heads before his face softens, and his eyes widen at the same exact time, before he tightly clenches his jaw. "Were you against it?" He questions.

"Yes," I honestly answer him.

"Are you now?"

As I look up into his eyes I notice another side of him, a side that I haven't really seen that well. He now appears to be sincere with me, not rude, bold, demanding, or sarcastic. When I really look up at him all I can see is how confused he is right now, maybe because a part of him doesn't want to overstep my boundaries. As if a part of him doesn't want to make me do something I'm against doing. Finally, after releasing a deep breath, I push all my fear to the side. I shake my head in response and his eyes light up before he straightens himself up, sharply exhaling in return.

"Good, because whether you are against it or not, you will do as I say." All emotions now are entirely gone in a simple second.

He reaches down and firmly grabs my wrist, placing my hand against the big bulge hiding behind his jeans, making me rub him through the material. Within another second he has unbuckled the belt and becomes still, waiting and urging me to do it for him. I release a soft breath and pull down his zipper, slightly pulling down his pants just enough and his long, hard, member springs free. My stomach drops right way because I know there is absolutely no way he is going to fit all the way in my mouth, clearly from his size, but I know I have to try. I have to please him. I want to please my Dom.

I take hold of his shaft and wrap my fingers around his length, not able to go around all the way which isn't a surprise. Anxiously lifting my chin to gaze at his handsome face he is looking down at me, enjoying the view.

"Well?" He questions, raising an eyebrow. "I doubt this will kill you. You want to please me, don't you?"

I nod. "Yes."

"Then what're you waiting for? I'm mentally going crazy just waiting for you to take me in that amazing mouth of yours."

"I'm, I'm sorry for making you wait-"

"There's no need for you to apologize." Seconds later his hands are in my hair, and he's holding the back of my head. "Just don't make me wait any longer."

With that I take one deep breath and then my lips are around him, sucking gently on the tip of his pulsing member as a quiet breath escapes from his lips. When I get the confidence I lick away the pre-come that has formed before swiftly taking him into my mouth completely.

"Suck," He orders and right after I listen to him is when he loudly hisses. "Jesus! Easy."

I draw back my head and drag my tongue up the base, swirling around the tip and loving the pleased sounds that are released from him. His cock is now coated with my saliva as I wrap my lips around his shaft, taking him back into my mouth and slowly massaging him with my hand at the same time.

"Good girl," He sharply breathes. "That's good."

I take my time stroking his member bobbing my hand up and down, running my tongue along the underside of his shaft. My head is moving back and forth in a steady rhythm. Jaxon groans and I feel him tangling his fingers into my hair, sounding like I'm taking away his breath which also happens to get me off as well. Pleasing him is also pleasing me in a way I didn't think possible. Loose strands of my hair fall into my face before he brushes them back. I take him all the way into the back of my throat while twisting my wrist loving how his mouth opens as wide as it possibly can the moment I glance up at his face. He loudly exhales as I increase my movement. I pump him with my hand and mouth at the same time, picking up my speed which assures me I'm doing an even better job.

I assumed this would be difficult but I get the point now, and something about me being able to touch and suck his manhood is exciting and pleasurable for me. Right when I begin to slow down is when I allow him much deeper all the way to the back of my throat, so far back that it triggers my gag reflex. Hearing him grunt out in a wave of pleasure gives me a rush so I do it again.

"Fuck," He curses, pressing his lips together and narrowing his eyes as I do it again, gagging even louder this time but not pulling away. "Fuck!"

I manage to do this for at least five seconds before I can't breathe. I draw back and quickly pump him with my hand. "Am I doing alright, Sir?" I softly ask, clearly knowing the answer as he nods his head and forces mine forward as I continue. My lips wrap around him and when I happen to glance up I see how his face is filled with pure lust.

"Don't speak again." He says, breathing hard and fast as I inhale a long breath through my nose. He grunts even louder this time and more frequently, quickly shaking his head as I allow myself to take him deeper and I quietly gag for him again. "Christ... Again, Sasha." I obey his command as a moan comes out deep from within his chest. "So good."

With my free hand I reach forward and grip his hip, pressing my nails into his skin and holding him tightly. I continue to please Jaxon with my mouth for the first time, cupping his balls as his fingers are knotted through my hair. It's as if my mission is to send him right to a climax, an overload of intensity, and it's all because of me.

"Sasha. If you don't want me to come in your mouth then you need to stop. Right now," He warns me in a sharp exhale, his voice assertive and overpowering. "I'm going to come-"

But I don't care. I continue, faster and faster, loving the sound of his groaning because knowing that I'm giving him so much pleasure makes me proud. Jaxon grabs the back of my head and forces me closer which gags the hell out of me but I don't allow myself to pull back. Tears fill my eyes and my stomach turns with the urge to puke. My eyes tightly squeeze shut and I don't move a muscle, remaining as still as possible.

"Oh, Sasha." He sighs in a sharp breath, a deep groan escaping his mouth as I feel him release his seed all into the back of my throat without any warning.

His hot come drips down and I barely have time to even taste him. I slowly pump my head a little more as a few more drops leave his pulsing shaft and I finally swallow. At this point his hands are still twisted in my hair and once I gaze up at him is the moment I realize how satisfied he seems to be.

"You're lying to me. You must think I'm mentally challenged if you expect me to believe that was your first time going down on a man." He frowns. "You must have had pleasure when I spanked you. You want another punishment for lying?"

"I swear it was," I immediately rush out in my defense and he becomes silent. "I understand that no lying is on the contract, Jaxon. I wouldn't lie to you. Please trust me?"

Mr. Edwards lets out another deep breath and nods in response, slightly grinning. "I do," He states in an odd tone, pulling up his jeans and fixing them. "You swallowed. I didn't expect you to do that. I assumed I'd have to force you." In my head I think to myself how he gave me that one warning, which confuses me but I let it go. "Pick a dress, and do not wear any panties. You will be rewarded later." And he turns and begins to walk through the doorway before coming to a stop and facing me once more. "You have twenty minutes to get ready. Do your hair, makeup, whatever you'd like. Be in the living room. I'll be waiting."

"Wait, where is the living room?" I ask, still not standing up.

And Mr. Edwards has the nerve to smirk at me with nothing but sarcasm, getting a scowl to overtake my face. "Oh, I wore you out last night, I almost forgot. Downstairs to the left and take your first right," he easily explains, walking further into my room. "You can stand up now, Sasha." Then I hear the door close and he's gone, finally giving me some privacy.

Once I'm finished showering and blow-drying my hair, I end up choosing a beautiful light blue dress with a pair of heels which are not too dressy but not too casual either. Something that will look good with his outfit that he obviously only wears when he's going to his parents, otherwise I'm almost positive the suit and tie is what he prefers. It isn't long before I've styled my hair and put on some makeup, and eventually I make my way down to the living room just in time. But instead of looking around at everything with all the lighting now, I simply stare over at Jaxon who is standing still, waiting to see me. And his face drops the second he finally does. Passion or lust, who knows? It's one of them.

Once I make my way over to him he half grins. "You look beautiful, Ms. Pierce. Or should I start to call you Mrs. Edwards?" He jokes, actually getting me to smile at his remark.

"Let's just go with Sasha. For now, at least."

"Agreed. Shall we?" And I place my hand in his.

The car ride to his parent's house is when he lets me know that it will just be his mother and little sister, so I don't have that much pressure on me which relaxes me a lot. I've never been in love before and neither has he, so we're both a little anxious about pretending to be in love with each other. All we need to do is be all touchy, hold hands, and say romantic stuff and hopefully we can easily pull off today without a problem. We go over some things such as what are our favorite colors, foods, hobbies, and stupid unimportant shit like that, in order for this deal to work out the way we plan. This in a weird way is almost like my job, obviously because after three months go by I am getting paid for it so I want to do the best that I can.

Their house isn't even big like I assumed it would be, so it's clear that their son just so happens to be the one in the family with money, obviously because of how successful he is. If only they found out about the secret lifestyle he lives on the side.

Him lying to his family about this is terrible of him, clearly because him faking an engagement is a big deal, but I'm surely just as bad as he is since I've agreed to act this fake relationship out with him. Once we are standing at the front door is when reality hits me and it comes at me hard! Nerves fill my body and the second he wraps his arms around my waist and holds my body closer to his is when I start to feel even more worried. But I fake a happy smile.

Once the door opens is when I lay my eyes on his mother for the first time, who is a very beautiful and friendly looking woman. It's obvious that Jaxon gets his good looks from her, that's for sure. Her hair is shoulder length and jet black, her eyes are blue and her smile is lovely. She just happens to look like one of those people who are constantly happy and loving life.

"Why hello there!" She suddenly says, with a quiet gasp afterwards. Jaxon leans forward without letting me go and places his hand on her back, gently pecking a quick kiss on her cheek. She shows him a loving smile but instead of greeting him friendlier, she seems to have her interest completely and only locked on me. at the moment. Without any indication, she quickly rushes up to me and gently pulls me into a warm embrace and I'm speechless before hugging her back.

"Hello," I happily say, my voice cracking as I quietly clear my throat.

"Oh, I've been dying to meet you for almost a whole year now!" This kind hearted lady steps back while gently holding onto my upper arms, smiling at me with total admiration and warmth. "I never thought my son would fall in love. I wished for it to happen, but with how into his work life he is, I just simply didn't even consider him finding someone. And then he found you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. You're such a gorgeous girl. So beautiful! Oh, I'm so happy for you two!"

"Mom, take a deep breath." Mr. Edwards lets out with humor, causing her to softly laugh under her breath as she pulls away from me and gazes up at him since she's so much shorter. "We're happy to see you too. I've missed you. Life's been... Hectic, you can say. You know me."

She widely smiles, her pearly white teeth showing entirely, deeply sighing while she locks her eyes with mine once again and I smile back at her, not even having to force it this time. She looks like such a young parent mostly because I assumed she was going to be in her sixties or seventies, even. At this moment I wonder how old his younger sister is than him. "Lucy, you can call me Lucy."

I nod with ease. "It's really nice to finally meet you, Lucy. I'm Sasha." And she looks back and forth at us before tension builds up and anxiety hits me, until Jaxon plays it off perfectly and smiles down at me lovingly, actually shocking me with the fake love for me he has built up behind his eyes, and he leans down to gently kiss my forehead. I gulp as he awkwardly and quickly pulls away.

We walk inside the house and everything is decorated so well and my surroundings are very fancy, so it's clearly exactly how I pictured it would be which gets a soft chuckle out of me. I think back to my apartment and shutter. The door closes behind us and Jaxon continues to hold onto me until all of a sudden, something catches both of our attention and honestly startles me at first. A voice.

"Jaxy!" I hear a girl exclaim, which sounds like it's coming from the other room around the corner just from the way it echoes through the room. He drops his arm from my waist immediately and I frown in response to his unexpected movement, until I see a little girl come running through a doorway and stopping with a huge smile spread across her face. "You're here! Awesome!"

He smirks, waving her over to him in a loving gesture. "Get over here and give your big brother a damn hug! I feel like I haven't seen you in decades."

His sister goes running into his arms and he lifts her off the floor as if she weighs a simple feather, which she probably does from the looks of her petite body, and he spins her around while she giggles a beautiful sound, crazy happy to see him. "Stop it! I'm going to puke all over you, idiot."

I stay silent as puts her down and she smiles up at him with so much love it's honestly adorable. It's simple to tell how much she loves and cares about her big brother and it's so touching to watch, especially for me. Lucy chuckles and stands inches beside me, and I turn to gracefully grin at her. I feel so at home here already, which slightly startles me. She glances over at her children and I do as well, watching as Jaxon exchanges a few words with her that I can't make out. "She absolutely adores her brother. But I'm sure you can already get the picture by now," Lucy quietly mutters to me, as I turn to face the both of them completely and see her excited expression spread across her face.

Turning my head to look at his mother, I nod. "Oh, it's obvious. It's so adorable."

Mr. Edwards takes me by surprise when he says my name and I quickly glance over to him, and suddenly he's only inches away from where I'm standing. "Baby," He calls me, as I lightly nibble on my bottom lip. "This is Blake, my baby sister." He cautiously announces, as she stands in front of him and he places his hands onto her shoulders. "And Blake, this is Sasha… My fiancé."

"You're going to marry her?" Blake softly questions, immediately lifting her head to glance up at him as he nods in return. She locks her eyes with mine and I can't believe the resemblance between all of them. She has dark brown hair which is almost a shade of black, more his color than their mother's, and her eyes are almost identical to his which is simply incredible. I smile as she shyly gazes up at me, her cheeks turning a slight shade of pink.

"It is so great to finally meet you, Blake. I've heard so much about you," I happily say to her, her big eyes widening while I smile and she slightly smiles back at me in return.

"You have?" She asks, her eyebrows raising and her jaw dropping with suspense.

"Yup! You're obviously his number one girl. I can't beat that." I answer her and she giggles.

"We're tied, how about that?" She sweetly offers and I nod as Jaxon suddenly tucks a lose strand of my hair behind my ear so it's away from my face, and my breathing begins to quicken. Once I glance over at his mother is when I notice how happy she seems to be which simply amazes me that she's this joyful over an engagement. Did she really think her son was going to be alone forever?

"Blake, sweetie, how about you show Sasha to the living area. I'm going to make some lemonade," Lucy softly says to her daughter, showing her a stern but delighted look which is telling her to make me feel more at home, most definitely. "Jaxon, darling, will you help me get a few glasses?"

He easily nods and expresses a crooked grin, turning to quickly face me while I blush uncontrollably. Gosh, this is so difficult and crazy! Lifting his hand and softly brushing his fingertips against my cheek which sends the shivers all throughout my body, Jaxon and I look lovingly into each other's eyes, trying to make this look as real as we possibly can. He gently cups my face with his warm palm and shows me a slight grin before taking my hand and bringing it to his lips, pecking a small kiss and playfully winking at me. "I'll be right back, Sashy."

I roll my eyes once him and his mother begin to walk in a different direction. As soon as they're out of sight is when Blake shows me the world's biggest smile that definitely should be the new record for that to go right in the book of World Records. She darts forward and takes my hand firmly in hers, practically dragging me to the living room and pulling me down onto the couch.

"I love your dress Sasha," she softly mutters, sheepishly staring at me as she blushes.

"Aw, thank you. I love yours too. Pink is my favorite color," I anxiously lie, and we continue to talk for about a minute before Jaxon and Lucy come into the room with four glasses and a tall pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade from the looks of it, and he sits down close beside me, so close that our his left leg and my right leg are pressed together.

An entire hour passes by before we know it and it seems as if time is flying and our fake relationship is going great. Hand holding, head kisses every now and then, and lovey-dovey eyes is all it takes and we're pulling it off amazingly right according to plan. Finally all three of us are standing in the dining room waiting to be called into the kitchen for lunch and Blake is showing me the pictures of her and her brother from years and years ago that are hanging on the wall, and they're so adorable. He was such an innocent looking little boy! No domination anywhere, and when I look into his eyes he doesn't look back at me. All I want to do is laugh but I can't because I don't want to get punished for it later. It's better to be safe than sorry.

"You're so pretty," Blake unexpectedly tells me in her high pitched voice, staring up at me with her adorable smile and big blue eyes, just like her brother's. I feel my cheeks turning a slight shade of red and can't help but feel extremely flattered at her sweet compliments that she's been giving me.

"Aw,. . . Thanks. You're pretty too. I really wish I had your eyes. Big and blue." I happily say, and she widely smiles and wraps her arms around my waist giving me a tight hug as I hug her small body back. "You're so lucky. I always wanted blue eyes growing up, but I was stuck with brown."

"They're beautiful," Jaxon whispers, barely any sound to his voice as I look up and our eyes lock together in a lustful romantic stare, but we're both only acting. "Hey, have you gotten taller?" Jaxon unexpectedly changes the subject, while he playfully frowns at his sister and a giggle escapes from her full lips. "I know you have. You're getting closer to my height every time I see you."

"I don't think so!" She gasps, releasing me and turning to face their mother who just so happens to be standing in the same room with us now at the moment, perhaps to inform us that lunch is ready. "Mom, did I grow? He thinks I grew, too. I told you I did, mom! You didn't believe me."

Lucy glances over to her son and shoots him a thankful stare, before embracing Blake as she takes her hands and begins to jump up and down from excitement. "I think you have, as well. I knew there was something different about you," she rushes out, and I laugh in response to the peaceful vibes I am really getting from these people. This obviously wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Jaxon suddenly wraps his arm around my shoulder, planting a kiss on the side of my head as I flinch from the passionate feeling it gives me. This happens every single time, but knowing that it's just fake and an act makes me feel much better about it. "I like you Sasha. I'm happy I met you," Blake smiles, and I gladly smile back. "Why haven't you kissed on the lips yet? Kiss her, Jaxy!"

My heart falls and I gasp for oxygen to fill my lungs, and pure fear races through me. Kiss me? Oh no. Please no. Don't do this to me. My number one rule and his rule as well, never to kiss on the lips. I won't do this. He clearly won't do this. Or will he? I never even thought of this until this very moment where we are both put completely on the spot. My face fills up with unwanted heat and I can tell I'm turning beat red from the tingling sensation, and my entire body tenses in response. I get the sudden urge to throw up and I try desperately to hold it back.

And Jaxon is acting the same exact way, I can tell easily from the way his body has tensed as well as mine. "Um," he blankly lets out in a mumble, and I stare innocently into his guarded eyes as he becomes completely unreadable. They instantly narrow a few seconds later and I quickly drop my gaze to the floor, trying so hard to even out my breaths. I honestly can't believe this is happening. I haven't kissed anyone ever since senior year in high school and it was only two boys ever, and I've always been against it because I simply don't do feelings, and kissing is personal.

"Aw come on. Do it!" She giggles, staring intently at us.

"Oh sweetheart! Don't put your brother and Sasha on the spot like that. It's quite rude," Lucy nicely but sternly rushes out, saving us in a way, while shaking her head and shooting her daughter a firm stare. She looks up at Jaxon and frowns, before slightly grinning over at me. "Blake tends to put people on the spot with everything. It's a very bad habit of hers lately, I'm sorry."

Jaxon chuckles, catching me off guard. "Mom, that's absurd. No need for you to apologize for my sister wanting me to kiss my future wife-to-be," he easily states, and I let out a breath of relief until what he said immediately processes inside my head. What does he mean by that? He wants us to kiss? No. We can't do this. I don't want to do this. Or do I? I don't dare to stare up at him as all of these thoughts are racing through my mind. "I just feel... a bit uncomfortable, yeah I feel uncomfortable doing it on command. It's an awkward position for Sasha and for myself as well to be put in," He pulls out of nowhere, clearing his throat as I realize he just said the first part to cover it up.

"Please Jaxon. Please! I knew you weren't really in love. Mom told me but I didn't believe her. You never brought any girl here. Is she really your fiancé? You'd kiss her if she was!" Blake teases him, and for a little girl she is undeniably smart. My heart stops beating inside my chest. This is it. What is he going to do now? We're now more on the spot than ever.

I turn my head and look up into his eyes, deeply, seeing the concerned new expression that has entirely taken over his handsome face. This is where our kissing on the mouth rule ends. We have no other choice but to do this right now. His mother and sister are watching and it would look so suspicious if we ended up not kissing, so we don't have any other option but to go against it. Mr. Edwards lifts his hand and lightly rests it against my neck, his thumb gently carressing my cheek while I struggle to catch my breath. I'm lightheaded and queasy, and as soon as he frowns is when I do the same. There's no turning back now... He slowly leans down, stopping for a few desperate seconds before his lips are only inches away, and I close my eyes waiting to feel his warm lips on mine...

Until unexpectedly, his phone rings blasting a loud and obnoxious ringtone, snapping us both out of the deep moment we were forced into and throwing us back into reality. We pull away happily without kissing and he yanks his IPhone easily out of his jeans pocket, holding up his finger to his mom and sister.

"Dammit," He sighs. "I have to answer this. It's business."

"Alright!" Lucy easily replies.

Out of nowhere Jaxon cups my face and leans down to press his lips on my cheek, catching me off guard before leaving the room. And I release a sharp and relieved breath.

Saved by the phone.


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