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My deep despair

Novel By: MissCosti

Rose finds herself scared and being held for ransom by her three terrifying kidnappers. She experinces things that will scar her for the rest of her life, she finds herself the victim of sexual torture and rape, and her fate is entirely held in these mens hands. One of which seems different than the other two... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 17, 2009    Reads: 2,401    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

If you looked at Rose lying on the floor you would have understood how much pain she was actually in; her chest looked raw and constricted, her face drained of all colour looking terrified, her rose pink lips slightly parted in surprise at Adam's action.

He was surprised!
Brief moments of relief are very rare in Adam's life, and this was no different. Knowing that this was going to hurt her, and that he his heart was now burning through his chest, he redeemed himself by thinking that he had no other choice, and if he didn't do it now, Ross would do so much worse. Gently, knowing that she was still in pain and shock, he tried to pull her up standing to ready her for what was about to come but she let out a small moan as her knees buckled underneath her, as Adam grasped her body firmly to hold her up. She was still trembling and the time was running out. Staring at her Adam didn't even think she was still fully conscious, her eyes were glazed over and was staring straight ahead, still no strength whatsoever in any part of her. Is this what they had bought her down to?

With tears pricking at his eyes he tried to support her as his other hand slipped under her dirt covered dress and caressed her inner thighs getting nearer to her lips, trying to make it as gentle and somewhat pleasurable for her, hoping with all his might that Rose didn't see him as a molesting monster. Rose's eyes were clamped tight shut, with a frown creasing her forehead. In her mind she was still dazed and just wanted to lie down and comprehend what happened to her, but she knew what was coming for her and the more she struggled the more they would hurt her. Adam's hand was entwining in hers and without hesitation she fastened his fingers around his, trying to feel protected. She was about to be raped and with her heart pumping wildly trying to hold back the inevitable tears, the only thing she could do to make this half bearable was to imagine that the hand holding hers was Colin's, that the fingers that were running down her pussy were his, and that the penis which just penetrated her was his testament of love to her.

The moans escaped Rose's lips without her being able to restrain it. And this is where the tears began to flow; knowing that a tiny, unconscious part of her was enjoying being dominated and like she's loved. Her grip on his hand fastened tightly as his guilt washed away and pleasure increased and dominated his soul, thrusting faster and faster inside of her, never once looking away from her face and blocking out her screams for him to stop as he started to thrust faster and harder inside of her, not only forcing himself on her sexually, but forcing himself into her heart. Rose always believed that once two people have sex together, then souls are then intertwined for eternity, and they will always share the bond. Adam has now bound himself to Rose for eternity.


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