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My deep despair

Novel By: MissCosti

Rose finds herself scared and being held for ransom by her three terrifying kidnappers. She experinces things that will scar her for the rest of her life, she finds herself the victim of sexual torture and rape, and her fate is entirely held in these mens hands. One of which seems different than the other two... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 31, 2009    Reads: 12,785    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   

Darkness. Fear. Pain.
Terror. Anguish. Torture.

Those cold grey eyes threatened to engulf me whole as I was forced up to look at him and feel his putrid breath on my already bruised and beaten face. 'I'm going to ask you one last fucking time missy. Give me your parents name, or I swear to God the pain you think you've experienced, will be shit all compared to what I'll give you.' He snarled at me. The hands that were holding my arms behind my back tightened even more painfully as he laughed in my ear.

'There is nothing more you can do to me' I whispered, no longer able to look in his eyes. I was defeated; I couldn't fight him any longer. 'I've already told you, I will never give you my parent's name. You'll have to kill me first' I sobbed rapidly. A part of me wanted to beg him to kill me and to let the darkness cease, the fear be gone, and then pain to be no more. Behind me I could hear something, or maybe someone, being recklessly dragged along the forest floor, they're body sounded as though it was nothing more than a ragdoll.

The moment the sight came into my view the arms holding me relented and pushed me roughly forward as I sank to my knees by the power of my vomit. A mangled, bloody and decomposed naked corpse lay in front of me. I could not tell the gender of this body but what else was there to know? A life had been taken by these three excuses for humans, and I knew my fate was to be the same, but how soon?
I tried to crawl away from the body, my own body shaking uncontrollably from the pain in my ribs and the sights I was seeing, but I could no longer go any further for my way was obstructed by his legs. Even though I knew that this was the man who held my fate in his hands I clang to his leg sobbing and pleading for me to go home, to no avail expect to be kicked away. He grabbed a tuft of my hair from behind and dragged me further towards the body whilst I scrambled, kicked at every part of him I could reach and screamed to the God who never hears.
Still holding me my by hair he pulled me upwards and forced my head downwards to the pitiful site. 'Want that to be you, do you?' a smile playing around his lips. I shook my head desperately. His other hand I suddenly felt on my thigh, caressing it, and moving up to my lips. I felt sick and with all my might pulled my hand back to hit him, but I was too late, his hand enclosed around my wrist and he smiled his sick smile. I saw his scar on his left arm, running all the way up from his wrist to the tip of his sleeve, and I wondered if it was from one of his other victims. His teeth were bared, yellow and rotting. I had never seen someone that lacked so much self worth, inside and out. However he got that scar, I truly hoped it hurt.
'Ross, think about what you're going to do. You kill her and that's another murder sentence hanging over all our heads' said a softer voice, whose face was out of my vision.
'And what do you propose? Free her and let her run off home and tell the cops everything? I've never known a kidnapper with a conscience.' Said the man named Ross, his grey eyes turning away from me and onto the unknown speaker.
He threw me to the ground and walked over to the other man whose face I could now clearly see. He had blazing blue eyes with tousled brown hair, and high cheekbones and a set, square jaw. I had no hope of trying to escape as I saw his muscles through his blood stained shirt. A fragile young girl against three burly men, the odds did not look good. I lay motionless as the other three conferred about my fate in low voices. I had hoped to pass out on the ground to relieve my suffering, even if only for a short while but before too long I was hauled over someone's shoulder and chucked into the boot of their car. I cried out in pain as my ribs smashed hard against the floor of the boot and my breathing became harsh and heavy. I saw the blue eyed man go to slam the boot shut, but cautiously I stuck my head out to smell the air for what could be the last time with tears rolling down my face. He looked at me with his head on one side, almost like a curious puppy approaching a stranger wondering what would happen next. His face looked cold and uncaring, but his eyes seemed concerned as he saw me clutch my ribs and gasp.
But the moment of caring I may have imagined as his face vanished and I was plunged into my prison. My deep despair.

* * * *


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