The Chandeleers

By: Melody Rose

Chapter 1, Lucy finds herself trapped inside an erotic mansion ...

The Chandeleers’ house looked old yet new. The moment I stepped inside that house a man put his arm round my waist and started leading me deeper inside.  ‘Wait, I have to go,’ I said, turning back towards the door, but it was already closed. The man’s grip tightened around my waist.

‘This is a house of mistresses,’ he said. ‘And you are my mistress for this evening. Tonight I will plunge deep inside you and we shall both moan in agonizing ecstasy.’

I giggled. ‘You must be joking,’ I said.

‘I joke not, Heather.’ He looked pretty serious.

‘Why are you talking like that?’ I said. But he didn’t hear me.

‘Here is the great dining room,’ he said as he motioned with one graceful arm.

Okay, it looked real. Everything looked so real. It was surreal. This guy was a pretty good actor. ‘It’s very impressive,’ I said. ‘But I have to go now.’ I hesitated. He looked at me. “Of course, I don’t expect a refund. I quite understand. It’s just I’m not really up for any of this. I mean I thought I was, but I’m not. So, thanks. And goodbye.’ I held out my hand.

He stared down at it, then he knelt down on both knees and started kissing my hand, licking my fingers. He took them into his mouth and sucked. I pulled my hand back, and he bit down so that my index and middle fingers were trapped between his teeth. My pace quickened. ‘Please let me go,’ I said.

He released my hand and rose like a ghost from a grave. He leaned in close and whispered, ‘I heard you are a virgin.’ I gulped. ‘I heard’ – he moaned – ‘you have never even been kissed by a man.’ Who the fuck told him my personal shit? I was about to speak but a feeling between my legs stopped me. I looked down. His hand was there, clenching. ‘I own this tonight,’ he said. ‘Tonight, I will defeat your virginity and it will be forever mine.’

I’m getting out of here. Now. I pushed his hand down, turned and ran. I ran straight to the door I’d entered in, praying that it wasn’t locked. I opened it and gasped. I cried out. ‘No!’ All before me was rocks. And mist. I looked up and saw the moon. But how was that possible? What the fuck was this? I’d only been in here for five minutes, hadn’t I? And it was two o’ clock when I’d arrived. Two in the afternoon.

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