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Memories Of My Cousin Pierre

Novel By: MellYK

Tags: Rape, Sad, Virgin

Life when a cousin you love scars you and ends your life forever. View table of contents...


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I woke up with the bed covers to my chest as I lay on the middle of the bed, and as I opened my eyes slowly I saw Pierre leaning on the bed post watching me with his chest bare and only his jeans on. His eyes showed a bit of worry and then he asked "Are you hurt"? "No" I replied and then he sighed, looked down and shook his head. As I tried to sit up I felt a sharp pain in my back and screamed, and then understood why he asked that question. "What the fuck did you do to me" I yelled. "It would do you good to mind the tone in which you speak to me if you don't want to hurt in more places". I shivered as I heard his words. He kept his gaze on me as his face turned red. His hardness starting to show through his jeans. "No, please no, I'm still sore" I managed to say with a small voice as I ignored the pain in my back and backed up to the headboard of the bed but as soon a I hit it I screamed again as the sharp pain came back. I thought that I might have dislocated something. Pierre just watched with the rage in his eyes gone and replaced with emotion. "The nurse will be here to check you out and make sure all is well". He picked up his shirt from the foot of the bed and turned to leave. As he left tears from where I don't know came to my eyes as I started to cry. I didn't know why I was crying but could only think of what Pierre could have done to me last night. My thoughts were interrupted when Elena quietly entered the room. "Maam, master Pierre sent me to check your back I hope you don't mind?" Oh, no, I quickly replied as I wiped off my tears before Elena could notice that I had been crying. She opened the curtains and turned off the bedside lamp beside me and proceeded, to thug on the beddings. "Maam, if you don't mind could you just lay on your stomach for a while so I can examine your back please. I pulled myself from where I sat into the bed and turned to lay on my stomach. Elena pulled the covers down to my waist making sure I wasn't completely exposed because I was naked. She gasped as she saw bruises of all sorts on my back and a little blood streaking from some part which I didn't notice earlier. "Wh-what is wrong?" I managed to mumble in shock as I heard her. "Maam it's just that you look like you were terribly beaten. Are you aware of this maam?" "N-no" I replied as she continued. "Well maam it looks like you will need a little bandaging here and there and lots of rest" She got to work and started applying some ansticeptics to my bruises and wounds which made me wince a little and then she proceeded to bandage me where needed. She adviced me to take a bath and rest for a while assuring me that I would feel better when I woke up. With that she went to the bathroom and turned on the tap in the tub and I could smell some lavender bubble bath fragrance coming from the bathroom. After a while Elena came back into the room. "Maam, your bath water is ready" Thank you I said as I began to try and stand up with much effort. As I stood with the bed sheets covering my body I walked to the bathroom as Elena proceeded to leave me in the bathroom. I dropped the bed sheet covering me and placed one leg in the moderately hot water. It felt so good. And then I stepped in completely and sat down in the bath and my body tingled as the water soothed all the pains away. I soaked myself in it for about thirty minutes and the decided to stand up. I reached out to grab the towel hanging by the wall and wrapped myself in it as I stepped out of the bath. I walked out of the bathroom and saw that the beddings had been changed and that some underwear, loose shorts and a tank top were on the bed. I walked over to them and put them on. I then took Elena's word for it and decided to get some rest. I soon fell asleep. I didn't know I slept so long until I was rudely awakened by Pierre who barged into the room and crossed the room to where I was and I froze as he watched me angered. "My gosh, you sleep like you were dead" he said sternly as I watched him in fear. He then walked back to the door and locked it and started to undress. "Wh-what are you doing?" I said as he interrupted me. "Look, slut it'd be best if you shut up and not annoy me". "B-but you just raped be last night" I squeezed out in courage with a small voice, but I was cut off again by him as he stopped undressing saying "I swear slut if you ever use that word rape again I swear that I will kill you". He then continued undressing. I just stared at him as he finished undressing scared of what he would do this time. "Now slut, take off your clothes off" "I won't, and am not a slut". He smiled sighing and nodding his head with his eyes closed. He walked briskly to his trousesr and brought out a phone which seemed to show a video tracker as he turned it on. He then threw it to me and then I slowly picked it up and saw my best friend Ivory walking on the street from the tracker. I then looked up at Pierre and yelled "no you won't, don't dear touch her". He grinned saying "now slut one; I dictate what you are called and not you. Two; I can have your little friend brought to me anytime I want if you keep up refusing me, and who knows maybe she won't fight me as much as you do. She might just enjoy what I would do to her hmm" as he walked over to the bed and leaned against the bed post facing me and watching me with an evil grin and lust in his eyes like I was something to eat. "Shut up, you asshole you won't dare touch her" I said but he cut off saying "ah don't forget to mind your tone when talking to me my little vixen, for I surely do not want to mar you body more than I already have". "You are sick" I said. "Now my little vixen don't upset me. Ah, yes I was saying something; and three; you shall do whatever I say and will not resist for then I would hurt you. Is that understood my little one?" he said with the same evil grin spread on his face. I started to cry as I gave up and stood up and began to undress slowly as I managed to mutter the words"I hate you" and continued undressing for him crying. He watched me with lustful eyes as I took off the last piece of my clothing an stood before him humiliated and defeated. He then told me to come to him and so slowly and reluctantly I walked to him still sobbing. He grabbed me in his strong arms as he kissed my face and then got to my lips and tried gaining entry into my mouth with his tounge but I refused to let him and held my lips tightly shut. He then proceeded to push me to the wall squeezed my throat in his hand and began to choke me and with what sounded like a low snarl he whispered in my ear "Open your mouth slut" as I kept on sobbing in fear. I finally let him and he took my mouth by force and as he continued to assault my body roaming it with his other hand. He squeezed my breast and then moved on to my ass as he took my mouth. He suddenly moved me from the wall and threw me on the bed groaning heavily saying "Oh my little slut I will break you tonight and you will have no choice but obey to my every desire" He then climbed on me and continued kissing me as he dug one of his hands into my already bruised back and I screamed in his mouth and tried to push him away. He then straddled me and slapped me hard that it caused my lower lip to bleed. He tore part of the bed sheets and then tied my hands and then moved me to the end of the bed as he continued to tie me to the bed post. I stared with wide eyes shivering at his hungry ones as he moved his face down to my breast and filled his mouth with it and bit as I winced in pain and bit my lip being careful enough not to scream so I wouldn't earn a beating from him. He sat up and took my legs and put then on his shoulder as he thrust into me. The pain from this spread through my body like wildfire and I turned my head to the side burying it in the sheets as I cried uncontrollably as he continued to pound me with his flesh. Suddenly with one hard thrust and a loud groan he cummed in me and and came out of me. His cum was dripping out of me as I turned to look at him with swollen red eyes still sobbing. He stared at me with eyes filled with pity and let my legs down and began to untie my hands from the bed post and held me in his arms tight as he covered me with the bed covers.


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