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Memories Of My Cousin Pierre

Novel By: MellYK

Tags: Rape, Sad, Virgin

Life when a cousin you love scars you and ends your life forever. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 24, 2013    Reads: 447    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

I woke up in what seemed like a hospital ward and felt safe knowing there were nurses that I could tell to call the police to arrest Pierre. I then found out it was just another random room in this large house. I was starting to get tired of the house and everything. Yes, it seemed like I had every luxury you could imagine because Pierre was very rich but I still hated it with my gut. I had no freedom and was forced to give up my virginity to my own cousin who kidnapped and repeatedly raped me. I didn't even want to think anymore. I just closed my eyes and started to think of the good old days before Pierre ruined my life. My friends, my family, my boyfriend...I started coming to the realisation that Pierre would never let me go but I had to keep on trying my best to escape and go back to those I loved and cared about and who also cared about me. I remembered my boyfriend Blake and recalled how he used to touch and hold me in his arms which made me feel safe and loved. I didn't just love him because of his personality, good looks and body, but because of his respect for me. He protected me from others who tried to hurt me and calmed me down when I was moody. He respected the fact that I was a virgin and didn't want to lose my virginity until I was married to my special guy which most likely would have been him. I missed my best friend Ivory she was like my twin with the same personality lol although I was older than her by a year. She'd keep me informed on the latest happenings in college because I was not much of a social person but a bookworm; but I also did find some time to socialize. Suddenly hear a soft knock on the door and hear a voice, "excuse me maam can I come in". I did'nt know who the hell that was but didn't care anyways as long as it was not Pierre. "um yes come in". It was the nurse kind of nanny. She came to check my casted leg and then I realized what had happened to my leg after so long. 'Sorry maam for the inconvenience just wanted to check how your leg was doing". She looked sweet and had this perpetual smile on her face which got mine lit up a little. As she turned to leave I asked her "sorry, please what's your name, you seem to be the nicest person around so I might as well get to know you". "Elena maam". I then continued "oh okay, another thing, how long have I been here? "oh,maam, about a couple of hours". "Where is P..ierre". "He is in his study maam, would you like to speak to him? he's been worried sick about you maam". "N...n...no thank you I'm fine and if he even asks of me tell him I am sleeping". "Okay maam would that be all?" "yes". As Elena turned to go I called her back "one more thing. Thank you for being nice". "No problem maam" as she turned and left the room. One thing I realized as the days went by was that Pierre was not going to rape me in my condition and so I was glad about that. But then again my leg healed faster than I wanted and I started to panic because I knew Pierre would have been starved of sex and may decide to make me have sex in the most extreme manner to cover up for the time he didn' t touch me. The night I finally left the ward kind of room since I was fully recovered, Elena took me back to Pierre's room and I was scared to death. He wasn't there but I found black see through lingerie and a note on the bed. The room was lit with candles. I picked up the note and it read: My love, I will be with you soon, kindly put on what was left on the bed and wait for me. I have to settle some things and will be with you in a while. I can't wait to ravish your body. Tonight I will take your body, mind and soul and plant my seed in you and you would have my child. Better behave yourself tonight if you ever want to hear from you family again and if you don't want me to get your best friend Ivory too. rape her, and kill her. I love you, P. As I read the letter I froze and dropped it. Tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably because I knew what I had to do...if I ever wanted to see my family again; if I ever wanted to save the best friend I loved so much, I'd have to do whatever Pierre wanted, without struggle. My body suddenly became weak as I fell to the ground and thought of what. Pierre would possibly do to me. After a short while I got back to myself again, stood up and wiped away my tears. I thought of all those I was doing this for. My family, Blake, my best friend...but I swore to myself that I would never let him take my heart which belonged to Blake. He could do whatever he wanted with my body after all he had taken it before , but never my heart. If that was one thing I would take away with me if and when I leave this place, let it be so. I took the lingerie, went to the bathroom, washed myself, combed my hair and put it on. As I came back into the main bedroom, Pierre stepped in. He wore a black tank which showed his body and some black shorts. When I saw he I became scared because of the way he looked and knew he was gonna hurt me anyway. He looked at me from head to toe as he smirked. He started walking to me slowly as I backed my myself away until I reached the dresser that was my dead end. There was nowhere else to go from here. He immediately grabbed my waist in one arm an lifted me unto the dresser but I still didn't reach his height. I was small and petite while he was muscular and much bigger than me. He lifted the see through lingerie and pulled down my panties. "You look damn beatiful today my love" he said as he eyed me up and down agian. I saw his hardness and I knew it was It my best interest not to cry. It would only show him how weak I was. Sex with him had always been painful and so I definately wasn't lookin foward to it now. He took off his tank top and pulled down his shorts and briefs and then I saw it. He was ready to enter me. I backed out more onto the dresser as I sat and watched. He just smiled with a sigh and continued taking his clothes off. When he was done he pulled me closer as he spread my legs and got between them. I closed my eyes tightly as he began to kiss my neck and squeeze my breast as he moaned. I tried to take myself into some kind of parralel universe and then I felt him at my entrance. A teardrop fell from my eye unto his shoulder as I waited for him to take me, and with one hard thrust he entered me and groaned in pleasure as I winced in pain. He started pounding faster and faster until he suddenly tore of the rest of the lingerie. It hurt more and more as he pounded into me as I felt the blood pumping through my head. I kept my eyes shut as I started to think of Ivory and how I would never want this to happen to her. That was the only thing that held me back there in one piece. I slowly drifted away because of the pain and didn't know what Pierre did to me after that moment.


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