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Set in a place that is reminiscent of ancient Arabia - Sultana chronicles the turbulent adventures and sexual intrigue in an ancient kingdom, ruled by a powerful, ruthless and beautiful woman. View table of contents...


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Younos was worried. He had to arrange a sum of a hundred dinars, unless he wanted to smell like the sewer. The Sultana actually had thought he was a boy, although he was in his early twenties. It smarted. Such a ravishing woman, and she thought him a boy. Of course his first thought when he thought of the Sultana was not ravishing. It was terrifying. Her personality was something else. It was as if she carried an enormous reserve power just beneath her surface, and if anyone got too comfortable, she would blast them to smithereens with that power.

Maybe he could allow himself to smell like the sewer for two weeks. His sister would complain, but he was sure she wouldn't give him a hundred dinars. Then, there was the character reference. The Sultana's personal scribe had been ordered to give Younos the details. He was supposed to get a person of repute in the city to vouch for his character. He did not know anyone of repute.

He did not know where he'd get that character reference. Hypatia was a whore. If she vouched for his character, he suspected that she would be insulted in the Sultana's court as well. Perhaps a soldier in the Sultana's army with a secret to keep would be a good character reference? Almost as soon as he thought of it, he dismissed the idea. The Nubian would break his neck the moment he approached him with any idea of blackmail. He had suspected as much a while back, and had used Agathon as the bait to confirm this suspicion.

He could approach a customer of his sister's. Someone with a unsullied reputation, who clandestinely asked for fetish favors from her. He was absolutely sure she wouldn't tell him anything. Which meant he had to ferret this information out himself.


Imi crawled out of the prince's chambers. Her loins were sore, and her anus hurt. Her jaws had been overworked. Her entire nervous system had been excited beyond all comprehension many times in the night, and now she required rest. It almost seemed as if every single nerve and particle in her body was aching. It was a gentle ache, and one that made her fondly remember the night, but it was an ache nonetheless. She was both happy and exhausted.

The prince was more of a Dev (devil) than a Farishta (angel) when it came to carnal indulgences. The previous night had started with a simple session of cock sucking, that had descended into games of trying out different postures, and the prince teaching Imi how making love in different orifices in the human body felt.

The prince had shown her how a large male member can be housed in a female mouth for extended periods of time. He had coached her on how male testicles must be treated in sex play. He had also initiated her into the pleasures of having a penis stuffed in the anus. There had also been plenty of regular lovemaking, with the prince fucking her vagina from different angles.

Now Imi knew two things. First, that she would rest all day, and perhaps the next day, but she would come back to give the prince more company. Second, that there must be a way in which a serving girl can marry a prince, no matter how much of a lecher he is. After all, his sheer good looks seemed to make up for any flaws in his character.


Rawer gave the lips of her womanhood another loving kiss, and felt her mouth the head of his penis. He smiled, and continued loving the princess. Again they climaxed simultaneously, and his seed spilled all over her face, and her juices wet his face. It was their favorite shared experience, to lose themselves in the throes of mutual orgasm, forgetting the cruelties of a world that would attack them from all directions if their affair came out.

The crawl through the sewer had been worse than the princess had anticipated, but she had done it. Rawer had observed from a hidden vantage point for a good quarter hour before calling out to her, and taking her on horseback to a secret lair which he had set up. Even Tuya wasn't privy to the existence of this lair.

He had gathered water in a bath near the lair, so that the princess could bathe and refresh herself. It wasn't the same as bathing in a bath, as she was used to, but it was the best that he could arrange given the secretive nature of what they were doing.

After the lovemaking session, he spoke to her about his plans to take her to be his wife to another country. The princess was both happy and dismayed. She was attached to her people and her family, and would lose all of that, for the sake of gaining his love.

He told her the truth about him, and she was pleased. He was royalty just as she was, and she would live like a princess if she were to accompany him to the Kushite regions. They were powerful allies of the Sultana, and once she was adopted by them, even her mother could not do anything about her marriage. He told her all this. She was happy beyond anything she had ever dreamed of. She told him this. She spoke to him of how her heart leapt, every time she thought that he was the only man she wanted, and how she was the only woman he wanted.

Rawer's eyes reflected something in addition to the joy she felt. It was subtle, but disturbing.


The star shaped section of the woods had been scouted. An entire section of the Sultana's army had gone there, including the princess Lubna herself. She was the adventurous one, and once she knew of her mother's plans, she had prevailed on her to accompany the party.

There appeared to be nothing there of consequence. There were simply woods, and peculiar star shape. The entire length between the woods and the Wadi had been scoured inch by inch, with many pairs of eyes scanning the region for signs of that secret something that they needed to survive the onslaught of the sisters. The general consensus was that this something was buried deep within the ground, and that they would have to start digging the entire length between the woods and Wadi to uncover something.

The Sultana was given this information and contemplated it. She was sitting with two of her nonagenarian ministers, the ones that had aged well and were wise and not cantankerous. They had wanted to reflect on it the earlier night, and had met again to think about it.

The section where the secret lay was approximately two miles long, and they were thinking through whether this was the most efficient way of dealing with the challenge. Were there any clues in the missives they had received from the army from their reconnaissance of the place?

Nothing appeared definitive. The Sultana read through them multiple times, as did her excellent ministers, and then they together reached the conclusion that the hidden messages of the sisters didn't give them enough.

"Send for the Hellenic boy," the Sultana said. "He may have missed something in giving us his information."


General Mohal stood up. The two slave girls shivered. They were bleeding from the whipping he had given them. Their blood was mixed with his semen and his excrement. He had not only whipped them, he had also forced them to suck his cock and had made them a dumping ground for every vile substance that came out of his body.

The girls were in their twenties, and were both native Mesopotamian beauties. Now their physical beauty was marred by the hours of abuse they had tolerated at the hands of the general. He slapped both of them in turn again, and pressed his balls against the one, while he read a missive from a messenger.

"Enjoy it when you can, slave," he told her, "one day you can tell your grandchildren that the great emperor Mohal wanted you for his amusement. This is the most exalted night of your life.

The girl whimpered, unable to breathe. He continued sitting, ignoring the look of alarm on the other girl. The girl he was sitting on lost consciousness, and fell, while the General righted himself with a expression of disgust.

"Mesopotamian girls nowadays don't have stamina," he said. "Isn't that right, my dear?"

The other girl was crying, but she nodded through her tears.


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