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Set in a place that is reminiscent of ancient Arabia - Sultana chronicles the turbulent adventures and sexual intrigue in an ancient kingdom, ruled by a powerful, ruthless and beautiful woman. View table of contents...


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The Hellene worked at the court. Princess Mediha knew him because of the palace gossip about a boy outsmarting the Sultana's council. Now he had saved her life.

She didn't fancy the boy's apparent fascination with her, but she was well bred and was as far from an ingrate as a human being could be. She knew that she was bonded to this boy, and as someone who had saved his life, and who had had her life saved by him. They were akin to family. It was the ancient law that no man or woman had written but everybody followed. Water dripped off both their persons, as they had shared something that makes humans far more intimate than making love. They had been in the presence of near certain death together, and that from the same foe.

The boy's presence in her quarters had been unexplained, but she allowed him to go unchallenged. He told her he had been lost in the labyrinth that the shadows of the palace housed, and she pretended he was telling her the truth. The sly and lusty look in his eyes bothered her, but he seemed a harmless boy.

She had screamed for the palace guards, and her private retinue of female warriors streamed into her chambers, each giving the Hellene a look of surprise and almost assaulting him before the princess stopped them and explained what had happened.

The warriors fanned out into the dark, internecine depths of the palace labyrinths, hoping to cut the throat of the assassin before the hour was up. A few stayed behind, staying close to the princess, and eying the boy as though his presence offended them.


She dreamed of him, night and day. The name Rustum was on her lips at all times. Her mother noticed that her sparring had deteriorated, and she received too many skin wounds as sharp reminders to be alert and attentive. She spent more time staring into ponds and taking solitary walks than she ever had, and this was terribly out of character for someone who was as socially active as her.

Princess Lubna was awaiting word from the Persian satrap. She wondered whether she should tell her mother what she was doing, but decided against it. Their relationship with the Persian kingdom wasn't specially warm, and she hoped that her initiative and her love would bring the two kingdoms together. Her mother would receive a gift of allies, because her daughter employed the power of love.


Every woman who crossed his path thought he was a boy. He was in his twenties, but his accursed baby face undid him every time. Younos cursed silently, while enjoying the princess's hospitality.

It was difficult. The princess's beautiful form was just a few feet away from him. She had personally supervised his afternoon snack, and checked on him, and she asked him to come back when he desired. She also told him that he was family now, because of his action. It was an ancient law of the Arabs.

Younos loved it. He planned to come back to ogle to princess, of course. He also knew that he could learn so much more about palace politics through sly inquiries from someone as powerful as her. He was beginning to like his life. The Sultana trusted him, and now her daughter trusted him. He hadn't been trusted a whole lot in his life before, so it made him feel astonishingly light on the inside.

Her female warriors turned him on even more. One of them looked Hellenic, and he tried stealing glances at her dark blonde locks and the bronze armored bust that covered her breasts. She glowered at him, catching him at the precise moment he stared at her bust.

The boy turned red in the face, and turned his head away. He turned to face the princess, and excused himself, because he had to go and meet the Sultana on urgent business. He heard a soft chuckle behind him as he left.


They went over the sisters' messages with the Hellenic boy again. He had nothing to add that the palace scribes had not sieved from the messages. This boy had his wits about him, however, and the Sultana was hoping that he would think of something she hadn't.

Her frustration for so many years had been that finding a good adviser was close to impossible. Her nonagenarians were wise, but they no longer thought well on their toes, and completely alien situations challenged them in ways that they were not prepared for. A boy such as this one was a godsend.

The messages were clear. There was something within their own kingdom that the sisters were mortally afraid of. Something of enormous power. That something was hidden in the area between the woods that were shaped like a star and a Wadi that was nearby.

The Sultana's soldiers had scoured the entire region multiple times. She had made one visit to the region herself. Now it was deliberation time. She had already debated digging up the entire region. Perhaps there was some gem or treasure that contained enormous power that could control these sisters. Perhaps an entity of enormous potency was hiding beneath the earth, and they would have to dig to get to it. Perhaps there was some plant in this two mile region that was poisonous to the sisters.

She ran these ideas by her council members, which now included the sharp Hellene. The boy shook his head at every suggestion, and then was lost in thought, much as the Sultana was. Her advisers were lost in thought as well.

The boy wondered aloud whether they knew the origin of these snakes. Nobody knew where they had come from, and it was a sound enough suggestion that they attempt to uncover their origins. It had been one of the Sultana's first thoughts, however, but there had been no information forthcoming. She had sent spies and soldiers to the Persian border, from whence these sisters had appeared.

Her spies reported nothing of substance. The sisters had decimated some Persian outposts, but that was only because they had been attacked. Their intent was to disable the Sultana's border security.

Even this didn't logically add up to any person who was capable of thought in the council room. The sisters were mortally afraid of something within their kingdom. It would have made more sense for them to turn tail and run, or to simply launch an attack on that something in order to get it over with, but they were disabling the kingdom's border security.

It was almost as if the sisters wanted to get the attention of whatever they were mortally afraid of.


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