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Set in a place that is reminiscent of ancient Arabia - Sultana chronicles the turbulent adventures and sexual intrigue in an ancient kingdom, ruled by a powerful, ruthless and beautiful woman. View table of contents...


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Mediha felt the warm, new water against her skin. All the grime from the sewer was gone, but now she simply stayed in the bath for the pleasure of feeling this fresh flow of water in the bath. They had placed a trace of some exotic fragrance in the bath. She didn't know where it was from, but she loved it.

Her lovely raven hair looked divine when dripping with the bath waters. It was undone and floated partially on the surface of the bath, as she massaged a bath oil into her breasts, kneading her nipples, and enjoying the supple feeling the oil gave her skin.

The bath was a great place to think. She had a lot of thinking to do. More so because what Rawer had told her left her confused in so many ways, and her emotions were doing a circus act right now. She didn't know whether she wanted to leave her people, her family, her race, and her comforts. On the other hand, there was Rawer. She had so many more questions for him, but he had given her so much information in one viscous dollop. She giggled. The way he gave information was exactly the way his big, ebony cock spurted out his seed. That one visual image made her decision for her.

Two pairs of eyes watched her. It was her most private space, her sanctum sanctorum, but someone had gained access to spy on her here. One pair of eyes was simply ogling her, while another pair was glaring.

As the princess dipped her beautiful head under the bath waters again, a masked female figure that was dressed in black from head to toe, including a black mask, leaped out of her hiding place, and launched herself into the bath. She landed right behind the princess, and forced her to stay under water.

The princess struggled and panicked. The assassin was strong, and she didn't have enough oxygen to last more than a few seconds, having already been underwater a half minute before the attack, just to test her breath. She wriggled and thrashed, and pushed her feet against the foot of the bath, unbalancing herself and the assassin.

The two of them sank backwards, both their torsos facing upward, well under the surface of the water. The assassin's hands were clamped around her throat, and she knew that she had to change that somehow. Her lungs were struggling now, and she felt her life slipping away.

She wriggled some more, using the slipperiness from the bath oil to good effect, but the assassin's grip remained powerful. Her mind screamed in alarm, and the fragrance of the bath waters that had been the last thing on her mind seemed a laughably trivial detail now.

Her lovely and powerful mother's face came to her mind. When she thought of someone saving her, she didn't think of Rawer, and certainly not of her father. It was her mother, who had taught her all she knew, that appeared in her mind's eye. Her mind cried out for her mother. The assassin's grip was powerful beyond measure, and the princess started losing consciousness.


The Sultana started. She was worried, but she didn't know why. She was adjourning a meeting where she oversaw different provincial magistrates as they addressed petitions from citizens. It was a review process that they went through each year.

The panic that the sisters were causing in the kingdom weighed everyone down, but that was no reason to pause the important affairs of state. Besides, the Sultana was well versed with how the human mental mechanism worked, and knew that taking some time off from a problem was sometimes the best way to deal with it.

Now though, some worry for her children entered her mind. She did not know why, but she felt that her eldest child was in danger. She wondered if she was just panicking for no reason. Then she dismissed the thought. It could surely wait until the meeting was done.


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