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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I woke up in a deep sweat after dreaming of her again. The first night we'd been together in the cabana after she'd tantalized me in the pool like a whore who had set her sights on me. Yeah she'd been a virgin meaning she'd never actually fucked a man's body before or allowed a man to penetrate hers with his cock. But she'd been fucking with men's minds long before that including mine. Wearing those outfits that hugged her body even before she was old enough to do more than fantasize about when she came to visit my daughter.

That night in the swimsuit she'd gone too far and we both knew it. We did our little mating dance in the pool and I almost took her there against the wall just out of sight while both of us floated in the water. We'd kissed as if we were both starving and I'd slid my hand inside her suit, even with water everywhere around us, I could feel her own wetness.

I had to have her or I'd do something I swore I'd never do. Inside the darkness of the cabana I'd held her down and poured every ounce of frustration and lust I had stored inside of me, every dark fantasy and ever want into her before I marked her insides with my cum. She'd slip into my daughter's spare bed, my scent wrapped around her. My fingerprints all over her…mussed up hair, swollen lips and stubble marks where no one could see them.

I slipped into my own bed next to my sleeping wife, smiling knowing that my little fuck toy was only a few feet away down the hallway.

It'd been damn good between us, I thought staring at the ceiling until she broke it off with me. She'd walked away from what we had to go off and fuck Brock of all men. My former best friend who'd fucked my wife years ago and may or may not be the father of my daughter Tiffany. Brock and I had fallen out not long after Tiffany's birth. I'd rushed to the hospital as soon as I found out and saw him and Gloria together…she'd been holding a baby…our baby in her arms in the bed and I noticed how she looked at Brock when she thought no one was watching.

It struck me then but I thought it was parcel of the tight bond between the three of us. Now the truth of what they had shared behind my back colored my perception of everything we'd been through and done together and I wondered if back then she knew…that Tiffany might be his child and not mine.

He'd turned my whole life upside down destroyed everything I thought he had and on top of it he'd been fucking Ruby…who belonged to me.

So I had my own plans to get her back where she belonged. I couldn't sleep so restless I got up and went downstairs to get something to eat.

The refrigerator and freezer didn't harbor much as Gloria clearly had no time to go grocery shopping in between these damn meetings.

Suddenly I heard noise outside. A prowler? I wasn't sure so I went for my gun and tucking it in my hand opened the door and walked outside onto the deck.

The Jacuzzi was lit and two people, male and female were inside of it. Both looking buck naked and the sounds I heard…

"Oh god Lars…yes…yes…right there…oh god…"

She was in his lap and by the way they were moving, it was pretty clear what they were doing. I thought about breaking it up, tossing the guy fucking my daughter under my roof out on the street. My fingers clasped the gun more firmly but at that point, she squealed and maneuvered off of him. They sat next to each other in the tub.

"You're so good Lars…you know how to do me fine…"

Lars laughed.

"You're a damn good little slut Tiff. Not that I'm complaining."

I bristled at the way he talked about my little girl…even if she didn't turn out to be mine. I'd still raised her from the time I walked into that hospital room and saw my wife holding her.

"I'm no virgin should I apologize for that? Been doing it since I was 17…"

He laughed again.

"You waited that long?"

She smiled, her hand disappearing beneath the water. From the expression on her face I knew he liked where she put it. Sometimes Tiffany shocked me I hadn't raised her to be like this with guys.

"I did two men in one night…would that shock you? They both were building the decking right here and some fencing….my daddy hired them and then took off and since my mom was away most of the time, just me out here by my lonesome with two very horny men."

Lars didn't sound shocked by the revelation. My heart pounded in my chest…I remembered those men.

"I even did it in my parents' bed. I offered myself to them while I had a choice. I knew they'd do me one way or another before they finished the job."

Lars fell silent.

"Does that shock you? It shouldn't considering what we done. One hot night, hell of a way to lose my virginity. The one who took it in the cabana…he wanted me to be his lover but I never saw him again. Like he disappeared."

I listened to her talking to him remembering back to that time. I knew more than my daughter did about the men I hired. If only she knew the truth of why…but it was that kind of world I worked in where debts were repaid in kind.

A world I'd never wanted her to know.

I left them alone and went inside to think about my plans for Ruby and whether or not I should give more details to the man who'd help me. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of milk, drinking it.

I had my work to do and I knew why I was doing it. Brock might think Ruby would be his as Gloria once had been but he had another thing coming.


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