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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I got home from work and Gloria said not to expect Tiffany to be home in time for dinner. I asked why not and she said that she and Ruby were out looking at some jewelry to wear at the Ball.

"Ruby's not going to buy anything," I said, "She knows the value of money and saving it up for what's important."

Gloria shot me a funny look.

"Are you saying that our daughter doesn't know that?"

I hedged a bit…because I hadn't been talking about her as much as I had about Ruby. I'd been watching her since she'd been a little girl and even when she stayed at our house, she had Tiffany would argue about spending money on just about anything. Tiffany spent whatever money we gave her as soon she got it on what she just had to have at that moment. Ruby held onto it, she kept it safe somewhere in her house hidden from anyone else until she had enough to buy what she really wanted. I knew this because I watched her overtime just like I watched my daughter…except I was playing the waiting game with Ruby.

I'd told myself I'd buy things for her that she never did. Jewelry…she'd look nice in it and nothing else. Images of her riding my cock buck naked except for a strand of pearls around her neck, reflecting their luminance from the light shining in the room. I'd slide my hands down the slickness of her back feeling her exertion as she moved her pussy up and down, gripping my shaft with each stroke she exacted out of me. A pair of jeweled nipple clamps on her hardened nubs squeezing them until they turned reddish like a ripening plum. I had all these images of her inside my head…frustrating me because she still didn't want me to touch her let alone to fuck her.

All I'd heard this week was Tiffany talking about how she and Ruby were double dating at the Ball. She'd be taking Lars who was too old for her and who I watched carefully and Ruby; she'd be with Brock of course. I'd hoped Caroline his girlfriend who'd gone to work in London would fly home and get back into his bed. Then Ruby would see he'd just been using her to fill in as his fuck toy while his real girlfriend had been away.

She'd come back to me then…asking maybe even begging me to take her back. I would of course but I'd get her on her knees first…unzipping my pants and pulling my thick cock out, fondling it enough to harden it. Then sliding her lips over the tip of it where I wanted it, suckling it with that sweet mouth, lacing her tongue around it until she'd flick it underneath on my sweetest spot.

Damn, it made me hard just to imagine my cock disappearing, sinking inside her mouth stretching it wide open, ramming it as far as she'd let me and then just a bit beyond. Her lips hugging me when I pulled out, squeezing my head just enough until I came inside her mouth…and she swallowed all of it licking any drops slipping out of her mouth. Ruby knew how to suck cock because I taught her. The thought of her sucking Brock's made my hands clench into fists and my body tighten…I pushed all the images of them together away.

Gloria came into the entertainment room where I'd been trying to focus on the news instead of Ruby and my ex best friend.

"Devlin…I'm out of sour cream," she said, "It's for the potatoes…do you think you can go to Nancy's and get me some?"

I sighed getting out of my chair needing a diversion.

"I'll be back in a…"

Then a thought took over my mind.

"I'll be back…I might go and pick up a magazine that just came in at the store," I said, "I won't be long."

I left the house and went to Nancy's and not just for the sour cream. I knew what I needed right now and I knew how I'd get it.

Nancy hadn't been home but her younger half sister Cleo had been staying with her after finishing her first year of college…she'd been laying on the couch watching TV when I rang the doorbell. She opened it and when she saw me, she smiled and invited me inside.

"Nancy will be back in a couple of hours," she said, "She's picking up her dress from the tailor for the Ball…you going to it?"

I nodded, sizing her up. She was an inch taller than her sister and had soft curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Her sweat pants hugged her figure, an inch below where her matching tank top left off. If she noticed me looking at her she didn't let on.

"Yeah…I'm going…how about you?"

She shrugged.

"I don't know…seems too dressy for me," she said, "I'd rather kick it with my friends….but my sister's pissed off with Gary…so I might wind up going to keep the peace."

I knew there'd been tension between the two because Gary had gone off and fucked some sweet young thing Cleo's age and Nancy might have found out.

"Some little home wrecking tramp stands between them and is making life difficult for everyone in this house…but you don't want to hear that…"

"No I don't…so what about you? How do you deal with it?"

She smiled at me and stepped closer as I knew she would…because I knew what she wanted right now.

"Why don't you stay a while," she said, "I'm alone…we could talk…"

"I'm not interested in talking Cleo…"

It didn't take much more than that to get her where I wanted her and for her to be what I wanted her to be. She led me back to the den where the plush firmness of the couch waited for us.

"I won't tell if you don't tell," she whispered as she removed her top revealing her breasts, the nipples riding high and I palmed them, toying with them as I lowered my mouth over hers. I felt her hands greedily groping at my pants, unfastening and then pushing them down past my thighs and then she reached a hand inside my briefs grabbing hold of me. I nearly jumped…damn she was eager.

"Cleo…easy now…"

She shed my briefs for me and then pushed her own sweats down and off of her, kicking them loose revealing her red lacy panties hugging the part of her I needed right now.

"Everything's easy about me…you got a problem with that?"

I didn't…not as I squeezed her ample breasts with my hands, probing inside her pliant mouth with my tongue as she pulled me over to the couch. I pushed her down on it, and after she opened her legs for me, I started peeling off her panties bearing her pussy and I thrust deep inside of it, sinking into its folds before she even knew it.

She wasn't Ruby but I could forget that as she pulled me eagerly closer to her wrapping her legs around me so her calves caressed mine. I started thrusting, and she gasped before urging me on.

"Damn you're feeling so hot," she said, "for an old guy…"

I growled in her ear.

"I'm not that old…and you're not that young."

My hand slid down to stroke that area between her legs that would make her squeal. She rewarded me with some naughty words telling me how she wanted it.

"Young enough…"

"Shut up…and just let me fuck you…."

She did settling for gasps and whimpers as I drove my cock inside of her and she bucked her hips to meet each thrust. The couch moved as we did and I quickened my throat, feeling her slick walls squeeze my cock. I closed my eyes and it wasn't her that I saw anymore…as I kept on slamming her until we both came.

She threw me my shirt afterward after she'd found her panties and slipped them on.

"You'd better hurry and get out of here," she said, "My sister's just about due back and if she saw you…especially like this…what she did would be all over town."

I knew that she'd run to my wife if she caught me with her sister so I got dressed quickly and slipped out the backdoor to go down the side yard just as I heard a car pull into the driveway.

I made it back to my house without being seen…without the sour cream.

I had to lie to my wife…after I went to the store and came back with what she wanted for the potatoes. She'd said nothing about my being gone too long and probably didn't notice. Just that she'd been on the phone with Angela about some last minute problems with the decorations.

"I'll have to be down at the hotel early in the morning," she said, "Hopefully it won't take long. Tiffany will be with me."

I just nodded and went to the back patio to sit on the porch with a beer I grabbed from the frig. I thought about calling him…calling my partner and going over our last minute plans for the Ball. If Ruby thought she could walk away from me…she had another thing coming. I'd find a way to make her listen to me.

A way for her to see that she wanted me and not Brock…not the man who'd taken my wife from me and fucked her behind my back. The man who took my daughter away if he's the one who sired her…I had nothing left that was mine.

Except Ruby.


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