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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I kicked back on my bed inside my dorm room after returning from Christmas break. Tiffany and I had flown back and her mother picked us up at the airport. We'd gone to some pizza parlor and stuffed ourselves with pizzas with everything on them and breadsticks.

Devlin wasn't there. He was due to fly in from some job the following day. I kept my disappointment to myself. There were still five days left…and five nights.

Christmas meant spending time with my mom who got a week off from her job managing a lawyers' office. A small Christmas tree, a couple of presents and some overcooked ham and sweet potatoes for dinner.

The college dorm is filling up with students coming back from holidays. The hallways getting noisier…Tiffany's holding a welcome back party in her room two doors down. She brought back some tequila from home and someone brought some lime and another person…so they put everything together to make up margaritas.

She invited me but I wanted to be alone. My phone vibrated then and I looked and saw the familiar name used by her father. He had sent me the photo that he took when we were in the cabana having crept away into the shadows away from the New Year's Party taking place nearby. It'd been an unseasonably hot day and that had left to a festive mood to the party even as it chilled down pretty quickly outside.

I had bared my pussy to him after I'd been stripping down teasing him with it. I'd been drinking some shots that Tiffany had served earlier and feeling giddy. But it wasn't just the alcohol. It was him and how much I wanted to just slip away from the party to go some place where we could fuck…somewhere no one would find us even if they noticed we were missing.

I'd been drinking shots and my phone had buzzed then. Devlin had asked me to meet him by the cabana. We'd been texting and teasing all night. God, it made me damn hot to see his resistance melt away after I revealed how much I wanted to see him naked, for him to see me naked, to strip the clothing off of my body and for us just to do what we both wanted.

When he'd fucked me with his finger that day in the car, I'd felt desire burn through me that hadn't ever ebbed away not even with the distance between us. He'd left me hungry for more and hanging because he'd refused to let me come around his finger, even as I squeezed it. I wanted so much more than his finger inside of me.

Just like now, if he didn't ease my ache I'd go crazy with it.

When I left the house to go outside, I headed past the pool steaming warm water up into the night and headed to where I knew he waited for me. I bit my lip as I approached because I remembered the warning he'd given me about what it'd be like with us.

I slid inside the door like a thief dressed in my blue dress and dressy shoes. He stood there looking at me, dressed in jeans and a black turtleneck.

"Ruby god you came…"

I smiled at him.

"Not yet…but the night's young."

He groaned.

"I just left my wife…she thinks I'm getting some wood for the fire…but she'll get distracted."

I licked my lips, thinking how damn gorgeous he looked right now in front of me. I reached behind me to unzip my dress.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking my dress off," she said, "I want to show you my outfit I bought for you."

I wanted to show off the naughty red lacy bodice and barely there silk panties that I know he'd rip right off of me if he saw them.

"I'll do it…"

My breath hitched as he came behind me and slowly…leisurely slid the zipper down my back baring skin where the bodice didn't cover. He stopped to move my hair aside and caress the nape of my neck with his mouth…kissing it…nipping it.

I jumped.


His hands were so deft, so smooth the way he stroked the dress off of my shoulders, down my waist, past my hips and his eyes widened.

"You're playing the slut tonight aren't you?"

I preened the front of my bodice with my hands looking at him.

"Whatever it takes…to get what I want…"

He put his hands on my bodice like he wanted to tear it off of me.

"Be careful what you wish for…"

I sighed, at the taste of menace in his softly spoken words. He had an edge to him but that wasn't anything different.

"You tease me too much, I'm going to have you on that bed…open up those naughty legs of yours and…"

I wiggled underneath where he still held my bodice as his hands slid over my lace adorned breasts. God I wanted him so much. I wanted to slip a hand down to that bulge in his pants to let him know I knew he wanted me too. But with him, it was a lot like playing with fire…sizzling hot and pleasurable but I didn't want to get burned.

"And you'll what…you always promise don't you?"

With that, he pushed me on the bed and slid on top of me. He pulled down one of my thigh high stockings that I wore and then before I could react, grabbed my wrists and tied them with it so I couldn't move them.

Damn he moved so quickly…and now he had me unable to touch him…my heartbeat quickened with a twinge of fear but my pussy grew slick in my panties.

"You really want to play like a slut Ruby?"

"I…I just want you to fuck me…"

He sighed.

"God I could go to hell for what I'm thinking," He said, "but I don't care…you little tease."

He left me on the bed and got up to reach into a drawer in the bureau that lurked in the background. My eyes followed him even as I lay on the bed, my wrists bound dressed only in my lingerie. He returned with something in his hands that I couldn't see and joined me on the bed.

"Oh you're going to get it Ruby…but I've got a surprise for you…"

He pulled out what looked like a phallic vibe…I'd seen them before and had used a smaller one on my clit which gave me much pleasure. But this one…it looked more like a penis…rubbery and contoured like one but…it wasn't small.

"What's that?"

He smiled parting my legs with a hand.

"You know what it is Ruby…you probably have one in your dorm room at college…because you're just a cockteaser after all."

I shook my head…

"No I don't…and I'm not a tease."

He started tugging at my panties with a hand, chafing the skin of my legs as he pulled them down.

"Oh yes you are, but it doesn't matter," he said, "because tonight I've got something for you."

And like that, he pressed the vibe against my pussy…which was slick with him driving me damn crazy. I wiggled because fear filled me because damn that thing was huge and so thick…it'd tear me up if it penetrated me.

"Oh god…I can't…it's too huge…I could never…"

He fingered my pussy, rubbing my clit and I felt my body relax, the warmth spreading through it.

"If you can't handle this, how will you handle my cock when I fuck you Ruby…if you're still a virgin?"

I felt my skin bristle.

"I am…but this…I don't want to hurt."

He teased my pussy with the head of the vibe, lathering it with my juices. When it brushed my clit…I felt the ripples of anticipation take control over my fear. I needed to be fucked more than I needed to flee and so I lifted my hips slightly…and he thrust the vibe past my pussy lips…it slid inside of me, friction making me bite my lip but god, to feel so full and snug around it…I felt a primal need to fuck…to ease the ache inside my pussy. To thrust against him as the vibe disappeared inside of me and then to have him ease it out of me before the next thrust….

"What about my hands?"

"You don't need them Ruby…now just your pussy."

He slowly at first pushed the vibe which stretched my pussy further than I thought would not hurt me. Instead, the teasing of my clit and the snug resistance to his cock made the pleasure build up inside of me.

In and out, the vibe slid through my wetness and I sighed around it. He looked down at me as he fucked me with it and when I raised my hips to meet his thrusts, he quickened his tempo…until god…I had to close my eyes to contain how I felt.

Then he turned it on and the powerful tremors turned into vibrations that made me rock against it even harder.

"Oh yes…yes…yes…I need it bad…"

I didn't even remember what I said only the nearly unbearable promise of pleasure that took hold of me.

"I know you do Ruby and you're going to get it," he said, "You just better be sure you want it."

I looked at him as my orgasm shook me deeply and my wrists chafed from being tied by my stocking. He withdrew the vibe after turning it off and then nudged it against my mouth. I tasted myself on it.

"Open your mouth Ruby…I want you to lick your juices off of it…imagine it's my cock that's just fucked you and you're cleaning it."

I nearly broke from the words. Damn how much I wanted that but he was playing some sort of game with me.


He prodded the vibe into my mouth to get me to shut up and I licked my juices off like he wanted.

"It's going to be my cock just not tonight," he said, "We don't have enough time to even get started in what I want to do."

My body shivered at his words.

"So when…I go back day after tomorrow."

He put the vibe down on the bed and rolled over on top of me, my bound wrists between us…his hardness pressing against me.

"Later…I'll decide when and once we start…when we stop."

I just felt my throat go dry.

"You might be begging me to stop by then," he said, "Like I said, I fuck a woman hard and I don't stop until I'm done."

I nodded.

"My wrists…"

He rolled off of me and untied them, rubbing them to restore the circulation.

"So we go back to the party now?"

He shook his head.

"No…I've got something for you to do before we leave…"


He unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock.

"Now that I got your hands tied…I want you to make me come…want you to get to know the cock that's going to fuck you."

I sighed, and reached for his cock with my hands as his groans started to fill the room away from the party.


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