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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I got off the phone with him after he told me what happened at the waterfalls. Brock and Ruby had gone to picnic in that area where they thought they'd be alone.

They weren't of course and the man I'd sent watched every detail of them fucking underneath the waterfalls. He said that Ruby enjoyed it very much.

I clicked off the phone after finishing the call. I ran through the details that he'd given to me as I sat at home working on some case files in the entertainment room. Images of what Brock and Ruby had been doing filled my head but I'd become an expert at compartmentalizing areas of my life so I could hone my focus on the task before me.

Tiffany sat out by the pool chatting on the phone with one of her friends. Shelia I think her name was about the gala coming up. Lars would be taking her, I knew that and he'd been working with Brock on some assignments lately. I didn't like him hanging with my daughter but Gloria had reminded me that if I tried to forbid our daughter from going out with him, she'd just do it behind our backs. Did we really want to have no idea of what she did, Gloria had asked me. So I'd backed off on trying to get her away from him and just kept a watchful eye. The first wrong move he made against her and I'd take care of him as I had any others.

I'd raised her after all from the time she'd been born and always looked out for her. If she'd been hurt as a little girl, I'd brushed her off and told her to go back out there. But I didn't let anyone mess with her either, if they did they had to answer to me and I knew how to hit a message home. There had been times…but I won't go back there, let's just say again, no one messes with my daughter including to get at me without paying a steep price.

It'd been hard the past few weeks to think of her as mine…really mine now that I knew the truth about what my wife had done with my best friend back in those days when Brock hadn't been just my friend and my partner but family as well. It burned me to the quick to find out later that they'd played me for a fool and that he'd been fucking her behind my back…at the time when Gloria and I…had been trying to add to our family.

We had a beautiful daughter who looked a lot like her and I'd always thought a little like me. But now when I looked in her eyes, I saw less of that and wondered if I was looking at Brock instead. I had thought about getting at the truth…having tests taken to find out if she was my daughter…but what it'd do to her, the truth could be devastating to her. I didn't want to face the possibility that the DNA that she had inside of her wouldn't match mind, that years believing I'd been raising my own flesh and blood, it'd all been lies.

But I'd be damned if I would let Brock ever call Tiffany his own child, and she'd never know him as her father. Because too much time had passed…all she knew was that we were family, why disrupt that? I didn't want to look at my daughter and have the images of Brock and my wife doing all kinds of things with each other, including conceiving the girl who'd grown into a woman outside talking with her friends.

I had to stop thinking about this and what I had planned to get Ruby away from Brock and back where she belonged in my bed. I hadn't told her that I had been done with her when she told me she couldn't do me anymore. Until then…she was mine…after all no one knew what we had shared together and no one would ever know. What had happened with Megan on the beach…a slip, an aberration that would never be repeated.

The pain, the fury all wrapped up in what my daughter had unleashed at me that day, I'd never risk her finding out. I had my needs and they were none of her business, as long as she or her mother didn't know about them than what was the harm? I'd come so close, too close to losing my daughter that being more careful about what I did that didn't involve her.


I looked up and saw her standing in her bikini wearing a wrap around her shoulders.

"What's up?"

She paused.

"What's up with you and Brock," she said, "You used to be friends right?"

I just looked at her, wondering where the hell all this came from, questions about him.

"We used to work together," I said, "We're still get along fine…we just grew apart. Not all friendships stay as strong as when they started."

She gave me a pointed look.

"I know that Dad…it's just I've seen photos of you and mom with him and you all look so happy."

I didn't know how to respond to that, the past being the past and the present being far different and removed from it.

"Tiffany…back then things were much different than they are now," he said, "Just trust me on that."

She sighed.

"I don't know how different they can be," she said, "Brock's always been cool with me and friendly."

"He watched you grow up," I said, "but like I said, everything's changed."

She shook her head.

"Maybe it's just you that changed," she said, "Mom still seems to like him a lot."

I felt my body grow rigid at her comments said in all innocence but I didn't want to be reminded because Gloria hadn't backed away from the past we'd shared with him at least not as much as I did.

"She's friendly to almost everyone," I said, "It's just that."

I don't know if she believed me but she didn't ask any more questions just walked past me to the kitchen perhaps to get something to drink. I thought back to Ruby because I hadn't seen her in the past couple of days but I knew she worked longer hours at the nursery this week before it'd put a big sale on over the weekend.

I also knew she avoided me. She'd never cross paths with me if she could help it. She hadn't been spending much time at her home with her mom and Dirk. That meant she must be staying with Brock most of the time.

Tiffany popped into the recreation room with a glass of iced sweet tea in her and plopped on one of the sofas.

"When's mom getting back?"

I looked over at her.

"When she gets back," I said, "She's at another one of her meetings."

Tiffany didn't respond back but picked a magazine and thumbed through it. She had grown into a beautiful young woman…just like her mother at that age. But she'd become more worldly than her mother at a younger age. I did know that and I hadn't been able to protect her from that world.

My phone vibrated and after I saw who was calling and I left the room and went out into the deck out back. It was him, the one that I'd sent to follow Brock and Ruby when they'd gone to the park. He complained about his old lady not taking him back but that soon she'd realize she'd messed up. It took some effort to get him back on track.

"Did you get your payment?"

"Yes…inside the locker at the club like you said."

"Good…now I'm going to need you to do something else for me…"

He listened while I outlined the next stage of my plan.


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