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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Brock and I returned to his place after the picnic at the waterfalls. We'd hit the food and wine after we'd fucked underneath the cascading water. The coolness of the water meeting the heat of our bodies coming together, god it just made me come that much harder. He did too, after he thrust his cock inside my wetness and I squeezed it tight…showing only enough mercy to release it long enough so he could withdraw before his next thrust.

Anyone could have seen us and known what we were doing underneath the falls but few people hiked out this way. After we'd both come down afterward we swam back in the pool to where we'd left our clothes. We dried off and got dressed and then ate our dinner, watching the sun set turning the sky into a myriad of colors. I leaned against the hardness of Brock's body with his arms wrapped around me.

Then before it got too dark we packed up and hiked back to the car. We didn't talk much just sat in companionable silence. We didn't need to fill it in with words that didn't mean much except to fill empty spaces.

When we got to his house, we headed to bed and made love again. I'd call it fucking except it happened so slow and leisurely like it almost seemed like time stopped for a while. He stripped my clothing off while he had me lie on my back on his bed. Then his mouth and tongue nursed a path down my body from my mouth, down my neck, flirting with the sensitive spot in between my neck and shoulder and then my breasts…which he tormented each in turn.

When he moved past my navel down to my pussy, I had to grip the bedspread with my fingers to keep from writhing beneath him. Having a man tease your clit with his tongue, trace the slit in between your folds with it…then grip each of them with his lips, before thrusting his tongue inside of you…there's nothing better than that. Brock worshipped my pussy in ways that Devlin had not…he loved what he did whereas Devlin viewed that part of me as something to conquer over and over…I didn't understand it wasn't always that way until Brock.

Not that he couldn't dominate me every bit as much as his former friend but he gave back as much as he took from me. He'd push my boundaries, nudged them really but he'd give me time to adjust to his demands. If I could have fallen for him…but I can't…I can't do that with anyone.

I don't know why and I don't know why I asked myself that as Brock made me come so hard with his tongue fucking my pussy that I nearly cried tears…and I clutched the spread in both hands…reveling in him being between my thighs. I'd come down from my incredible high he'd helped me reach and feel him slide his body up against mine, nudge my thighs apart wider and then I'd feel the tip of his hard cock push inside me, nudging past my folds and the with one hard thrust, sliding seamlessly inside me.

The guy loved sex and he liked doing me enough to come back for more, leaving me exhausted but perfectly sated. My hands sliding over the warm smooth skin of his back damp beneath my fingers and his chest pressing my breasts flat against it with each powerful thrust…rocking the bed with it. He'd dare me not to cry out…and sometimes I'd bite my lip with it feeling the intensity climb and climb inside of me until I could no longer hold it back and then…damn…

Like right now and as the pleasure simmered through me, I just lay against him breathing hard. It didn't take me long for my body to relax enough to fall asleep against him.

The man in my dream came back, he was with me and I couldn't push him away. He'd promised me through rushed whispers that he wouldn't hurt me but when he rolled over and pushed my legs apart, what came next…the pain seared and I felt trapped. Why did people make promises that they never meant to keep? I just wanted him to go away, I had told him that but he wouldn't listen.

I woke up quick again, my heart beating against my chest until I felt faint. I didn't understand these dreams at all. After all, I was with Brock and he lay asleep next to me, his arm wrapped around my waist loosely. I needed some water so I extricated myself from his embrace to go get it from the kitchen after slipping his shirt on. His house still was dark and shadows loomed everywhere, some skimming the walls, perhaps trees blowing in a wind outside. I got a glass and poured some water and sipped it slowly, wetting my throat. I didn't know where these dreams came from, who I dreamed of and why. Did I know during my sleep and just forget when I woke?

I put the glass down after I finished and went back to the bedroom. When I'd returned Brock had bee awake, sitting up in the darkness. I saw his shape before I heard his voice.

"You okay Ruby?"

I went over to the bed and crawled in next to him and he wrapped me up in his arms again. I don't know why he did that. But it made me feel better.

"I just got thirsty…"

"Did you have a bad dream?"

I just looked at him.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because I heard you talking to someone," he said, "something about going away…"

I smiled.

"Oh that…I don't really remember it now…"

A pause between us.

"Who is he Ruby?"

That question caught me off guard.

"He…I don't know…like I said I don't remember…"

"But he must be someone right?"

I found myself not liking his questions and started to pull away from him and wrap the sheet around myself.

"Maybe… I don't know…don't you ever have dreams that make sense at the time but when you wake up you don't recognize them?"

He paused and oh, I know he did just like me. Not the same types of dreams but the man next to me had his own mysteries perhaps.


"What do you dream about then?"

He settled back in bed and I moved closer to him again. Brock had a quiet way about him despite his strong personality. He could be so aggressive in the sack but that was only a part of him. I put a hand on his bare chest and looked into his face.

"If you don't want to say anything…"

He sighed.

"It's a dream I've had for a while now," he said, "I'm someplace and I hear a baby crying…and I'm trying to find it…I don't know why…maybe it's in trouble but as hard as I try…"

"You never find it."

He drew silent again and I knew he relived it. Then he shook his head.

"I don't know where it comes from," he said, "Maybe it's my mind's way of telling me it's time to settle down and have a family."

"Could be…Brock, you don't have any children do you?"

He looked at me oddly.

"No…no I don't," he said, "Why do you ask me that…?"

I shrugged against him.

"I don't know…you served in the military…sometimes you know what happens…"

He smiled at me.

"I do…but while I had my fun when I served, I was also very careful and it's very unlikely that I sired a child."

I knew what I thought then and I couldn't ever tell him about it. No, it was impossible after all, but I remembered the night I'd spent at Tiffany's when we'd been going through her baby book and the photos. After all, he had this thing with her mom back then…before and after she'd been born. They'd all been tight friends, almost like family judging by the photos only now…

"There was a time when I wondered…but it was years ago…"

I rolled on my side looking at him, still rubbing his abdomen.


He nodded and I knew he thought about it now.

"I had a…relationship with a woman I thought I loved," he said, "She…we slept together for a few weeks and we were careful…but she got pregnant."


"It's not that simple Ruby…she was married at the time and she and her husband…they were trying to have another kid. So they weren't…being careful."

I could tell by his halting words that whatever happened then remained with him today even if it had been years. And I knew how many years…I wanted to ask him about it but I didn't…

"Brock are you sure you're not the father?"

He paused a long time and I knew he still wondered about it.

"I…no…without a damn test how could I be absolutely sure," he said, "but it's just doubts Ruby, not facts and this baby…she's nearly a grown woman now and she has parents who love her."

I heard more than wistfulness in his voice, I heard loss.

"What about you? If this girl…if she's your daughter…?"

He sighed.

"It doesn't matter…I would never disrupt her life. Mess things up with her parents…the ones who raised her…"

I knew he'd made up his mind about it way before he met me. And I knew that Tiffany hadn't betrayed whether she doubted her own parentage. Certainly not enough to ask any questions about it or start looking for the answers… He was probably right, why disrupt the past?

Then he put a hand on the one I'd rested on his stomach, looking at me.

"You really are something…"

I shrugged.

"I'm just Ruby…but I can show you something…"

I pulled my hand with his on top of it lower and started stroking his cock which started growing harder beneath my fingers while looking at his face. Soon enough I'd be riding it and we'd be thinking of other things besides any dreams that haunted either one of us.

But I couldn't shake my own dream. I tried to remember it, remember him and what had happened the night that my mom had been out of the house…the one which by morning drove me straight to Tiffany's house. I'd known once, why didn't I know now?

I forced it out of my head and focused on the man beneath me giving me all kinds of pleasure.


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