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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I watched him fuck her by the waterfall and I understood why he wanted her. After all, I knew what it was like to have a young girl like that. It hadn't been that long but I can't talk about that. I was just supposed to follow them and that led me to the waterfall section of the park and the sight of them under the cascading waters. It'd make anyone hot and give them a hard on to see them going at it like that.

Talking nasty with only nature to hear them…and me.

When the bitch threw me out again, I needed something to do. I had spent all my winnings and didn't feel like looking for more work so I'd been hanging out at my favorite watering hole. Drinking to relax and just forget that last fight and listen to some music. I'm not perfect but I deserve better than an old lady who picked a fight on me just because she thought…never mind what she thought. Anyway, it wasn't my fault. It's never my fault.

Like when that man, Devlin was his name, in the bar said that I'd molested a girl…accused me of rape or something because he didn't know better. I don't do things like that. I don't have to do them. But I'm a man and I have needs like the rest of them.

Like the guy in the bar. He's married to some girl he knew in school, one of the prettiest women in town but a guy like me…could have only dreamed of someone like her. They'd been popular back in high school, ran with the right crowd or so my ex-old lady told me. He'd been a jock and she'd been popular too, the kind of popular where people acted like you were the queen in front of her face and her ass in private. The guy wasn't a prince either. He wasn't in town most of the time and when he was, I figured he wasn't doing his wife. No, I knew he was like me, he liked his pussy young. As young as the woman in front of me because I knew he'd been doing her. When I asked him, he acted all surprised but he doesn't hide it well. He then told me the rest of it, about how she was his and his alone and how Brock would just break her heart and the rest of her.

I didn't challenge him, I didn't judge him, I just listened because I knew there was an angle in here somewhere and I would need some serious money soon. We talked on through the night and then met up after that in a more private place.

I didn't tell him my own secret. No, I'm not desperate and I'm not stupid. But by the time I walked out of there I'd agreed to help him with his…for a price. That included following her up to the waterfall with her fuck toy. I thought about the man and what he had that I didn't…why he wanted to fuck with all the good things that life had brought him when it was dumping on people like me…his beautiful wife for starters.

I would have liked a woman like that, could have treated her like a queen but I didn't come from here. That old lady of mine picked me up on some strip I can't even remember and brought me here. I stayed because I had it in good with her. Nice pussy to fuck even if I'd hardly been the first, room and board in a nice house and then there'd been her daughter.

A pretty young thing who drove me to thoughts that I buried because I had no desire to go to prison. But a man like me can only be disciplined for so long.

I watched Brock and Ruby cavort under the waterfall not caring who'd be watching them. So much they were into their own pleasure. I felt my own pants tighten and damn, I knew what I wanted to do about that. Ruby's face when she neared her climax…so damn precious…I wanted to own it. Brock held onto her after he poured his cum inside her and they both held onto each other tightly afterward as water splashed their dirty deed away. They both went into the nearby pool and swam to the other side where he helped her out of the water, their bodies both slick with it.

They both put on their clothes and it was a shame to see Ruby cover her ripe young body up. I knew I'd have to relieve myself soon with images of her buck naked and pleasing me instead of him. They then turned to food and ate together, talking and laughing together.

Damn, I thought Ruby's so different when she's with him…much different than with me…but then that was my ex's fault not mine of course.

Like I said, a guy can only take it for so long.

I slipped away because I had myself to take care of and so far I'd gone undetected. Besides I had more than enough to use. I'd been careful so far, as I had carried out my own plans. After all, I had a good thing with my old lady until she ranted at me for something I hadn't done, but then I wasn't honest with her as it's a matter of dates.

That's all I can say about it. But that night, it'd been so sweet, like the most forbidden of fruit. I replayed it in my mind many times since. I would do it again in as soon as I got back to my new digs at the motel.

I walked back down the familiar trail back to where I'd parked my car not too far away from Brock's own car. They would never know that anyone else had even been here…at least not right now. I had my own use for that information and soon enough, at least one of them would know that someone had watched.

Anyone reading this might think I'm sick in the head or perverted but I'm not, I'm one of the most normal people at least on the outside. If I have my own fantasies then that just makes me a guy right? I slipped inside my car and headed back to the motel down the dirt road that turned onto the main road. I wasn't staying too far away and after parking my car there, I went across the parking lot to my room.

I saw that Sonia bitch that my old lady bagged on all the time walking quickly to some motel room near mine where I knew a man would be waiting for her. Everyone in town had their secrets that they hid from the world around them. No one really knew each other as well as they thought and those who did know…they could do quite well for themselves if they knew how to use it right.

I headed to the shower because after what I'd just seen…man I had to get myself off quick…but I wanted to savor every image as well. I knew that I wouldn't be at the motel wrong anyway. She'd taken me back just like she'd always did before when she came to her senses or got lonely in her bed.

After all she'd already fucked most every guy in this town, the ones who'd have her and so I'd be back in her house and her bed soon enough. I'd hit Vegas, a casino that hadn't banned me for just outsmarting the house and strike it rich again.

In the meantime, I had work to do, a man who'd pay me to do what I'd already wanted to do anyway. I had everything I needed and as I thought back to the two of them at the waterfall, I had time on my side as well.


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