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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I picked up Ruby at her house and we headed to the park to have a picnic dinner. I'd picked up some takeout and a bottle of wine and then as we drove over there, I had planned what I wanted to do. Go on a short hike to the water fall where it'd be nice and private for us to be alone together.

Only about a mile up the trail until you reached a clearing where the water cascaded down a series of ledges until it poured into a pool of water about the size of a swimming pool which fed a stream that forked its way through the terrain to the lake. This time a year, the water would be at its warmest and I thought that Ruby would like to dip herself into it after the hike and I'd join her. She had dressed in her denim shorts and a long sleeve shirt, the color of pink salmon. Her hair loose around her face and wearing a trace of makeup, a pretty girl like her didn't need it.

"So how many girls had you taken to the falls?"

I didn't lie.

"A few but none like you Ruby."

That part was the truth. I don't know how it happened but Ruby had surprised me in the way I felt about her. Okay, things hadn't been going great with Caroline…we were at our best when fighting and the separation, well she'd hoped that it might bring us closer but I knew we were almost over. The distance that separated us would just make it official. When Ruby came back from college and I saw how she'd ripened into this beautiful and sexy woman, I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I'd get my hands on her.

And not long after that, my cock inside of her….yeah I had thought about it as crudely as it sounded when I first saw her. Who wouldn't want to fuck a woman like that, with gorgeous hair just perfect for running your hands through her when you kiss that full mouth and tits, you can grab with your hands just right before you suck on the rosy tips, feeling them harden inside your mouth. Unlike most women these days, Ruby had curves, hips a man would grab hold of and thighs perfect for feeling wrapped tightly around your waist when you sunk your cock right inside the most perfect pussy you could imagine.

I loved that pussy…soft rosy pink lips that hid the most snug, tight opening and when she got aroused, they'd turn dark red. Her clit flicked perfectly against my tongue and damn those muscles she had going…squeezed my cock enough to make me feel like coming right off but yet, she'd tease me enough to stop me in my tracks.

As a package, Ruby was damn well perfect but very young…too young for a guy like me. Damn, she could be my daughter but at the same time I just couldn't stay away from her. So I made up my mind that I would have her. She'd been eager enough so I knew she wanted me too…even with that other boyfriend she mentioned from time to time but not as often as earlier in the summer. I wondered about him but I knew that if he had a tight enough of a hold on her she wouldn't be spending nights with me.

I knew enough in this stage of my life that I'd never fall in love again. I'd been married too early too fast to a woman that wasn't what I thought she'd be and so within months we were fighting and not long after that we broke it off.

Divorce is a long, hard way of paying for those impulsive actions and it taught me a lot but while I'd loved my wife, I hadn't really been in love with her. That came after when I started spending more time with the wife of my business partner and friend Devlin.

Gloria could knock the socks of any man with a pulse. Damn she's not only beautiful but downright hot, only she had this demureness to her that had me so wrapped up in her that I couldn't see reason. I knew she was married to the man who'd once been my best friend but the part of me that wanted her immediately didn't care.

But it wasn't just my cock that wanted her, I started having all kinds of crazy thoughts…of love and marriage and sharing so much with her even kids. So irrational as she was living those dreams with someone else already! But I couldn't talk my mind out of what it wanted. She flirted back with me and I knew that though she loved her husband, a wall of tension had developed between them…something to do with wanting so badly to have another baby. They had tried and every month…well nothing had happened with that. In the meantime, I had worked myself up into believing I could have her and so when her husband took off on a business trip…it happened between us. I seduced her. Oh she wanted it, and by the time we fucked in the motel...she'd been so wet for me, that sliding my cock inside her had been seamless.

So for days we had crazy assed sex, meeting in motels even when Devlin returned. The more I had her the more I craved…I don't know if it was love but what I'd felt for her was so powerful, so intense. She'd dumped me in a tearful conversation inside the pool cabana in her yard after she'd pulled me inside of her. I'd wanted to fuck her on the bed…so bad it was all I could think about and that's when she told me she couldn't do this anymore.

She'd gotten pregnant. I thought…I know it's crazy but I wondered if…it was possible that I could have been the father? But we'd been so careful and she'd made a point that she hadn't been so with Devlin because of obvious reasons.

I did what a friend does and that is support her and Devlin…even though inside of me, I still wanted what I couldn't have with her. I'd fantasized that she carried my baby not his and we'd reunite and live happily ever after, the three of us and that was just fucking nuts and I knew it.

It's not like me to think like that and I forced myself to stop it and to just focus on building my career…away from Devlin. Our partnership broke up not long after Tiffany had celebrated her first birthday. She'd grown up into such a pretty girl and smart…I'd always done my best to help her when I could…and sometimes she'd needed it. I'd do anything for her which sounds like more craziness because nothing connects us.

Nothing at all…


I looked over at Ruby shaken from my reverie.

"We're almost there…"

I realized I had driven all the way to the park while revisiting the past. I looked at the woman next to me who was the same age as Tiffany and realized that she'd grown on me on ways I didn't expect or even want. With her, I could be myself, I could laugh at myself and the world around me and when we were in bed…it wasn't just the hot sex that brought me back…it was her. Not that I was in love, because I had only loved once and that was it. But I knew I'd had the best summer since back when I'd been part of Devlin and Gloria's circle and I knew that I'd miss her when she went back to college.

Ruby had her demons, I knew that and I didn't push her hard because I'd been there myself and my first instinct had been to circle the wagons around myself, build up my armor and keep them buried deep not to deal with…anyone who wanted to know them…wouldn't get far. The past was the past and couldn't be changed.

I got out of the car after we parked and we hiked down the trail carrying our dinner and the blanket to spread out across the grass. The warm breeze blew against us and it'd be a while even after sunset before it'd cool off.

We didn't see anyone else in front of or behind us which meant more privacy for us. My cock hardened at the thought of what I wanted to do with Ruby once we were really alone. The sight of the waterfall cascading over her tits and the cleft in between her legs warm and inviting…it was all I could do to keep walking and chatting about the day's events.

But as soon as we heard the roar of the waterfall and then turned the bend to see it, we put our things down and Ruby just looked at me.

"Damn that looks perfect right now…"

She winked at me and started pulling off her shirt, shucking it and then her breasts nice and firm, I reached over to fondle them. She put her hand up.

"First things first…"

So she helped relieve me of my shirt and I pulled her closer for a hot kiss…our lips meeting and our hands all over each other mostly on each other's pants. Unsnapping them and then pushing them down along with her panties and my briefs…until we were both naked and very horny….

She ran away from me with laughter and splashed into the pool, striding out to the waterfall. I followed her and amid the splashing we both made it to the rocky area behind the falls. She looked at me her hair slick behind her shoulders and reached for me.

"Come here…"

I did more than that. I grabbed her hips and after kissing her as thoroughly as I knew how, I lifted her, bracing her back against the wall behind us and after she wrapped her legs around me, I bucked my hips up and thrust inside her.

She cried out with it, her voice muffled somewhat by the cascading water and she tightened her hold around me as I thrust inside of her, while her pussy gripped my cock tight and my balls slapped her.

"Oh god…god…I want you so fucking badly," she cried…and I added my own words to the sounds of our bodies colliding hard and fast…it felt so damn good right now with the heat of her pussy wrapped around my cock contrasting with the chill of the water falling on us, coating our skin.

If anyone had been around to see or hear us, we would never know…so intent we were on fucking each other. It reminded me of how much I'd wanted Gloria…but Ruby wasn't Gloria she was something much different…

Our bodies pressed together harder and she gripped my waist with her legs as I deepened my thrusts, wanting to brand her in a way I didn't understand.

Damn hot and I didn't want anything else as long as I had her.


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