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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I woke up next to him and reached for my phone. I checked to see if Tiffany had called or texted me about her night out with Lars. She'd been at the club earlier with him and we all sat together until they left early.

I'd headed out to the car with Brock and damn if he hadn't hoisted me on the hood and started kissing me while running his hands over my body. I'd totally gotten into it with him until my eyes wandered and I saw Devlin standing at a distance. I don't know if he was watching but he looked like it. I tried to forget about him and surrender into the sensations that Brock coaxed out of me. Then all I could think about was how much I wanted him.

We left, drove straight to his house where we fucked on his bed…collapsing together naked and our bodies intertwining as I waited for the slickness of my pussy to hold snugly around his cock as he thrust inside of me. He felt like riding hard so he pushed down with his body until the mattress practically bounced off the bed. I came so hard against him; I almost bit his naked shoulder…damn I never thought I could ever feel like that…but each time Brock proved me wrong.

He held me afterward and we kissed softly both coming down from the intensity of it. We had less than a month left and it felt like time closed down on me. I don't know about him because maybe Caroline would decide to come home and they'd wind up picking up where they left off. I didn't want to think about that of course.

It wasn't because I cared about him, seriously it couldn't be because I don't work that way and don't believe in love and other shit…I just was into living for the present now each day at a time…still not sure what I wanted in my future.

Tiffany had left me a brief text.

"He's fucking hot…"

Okay that told me all I needed to know about how her night went. But then I saw some older texts and when I saw that the ID was "unknown", fear filled me. My body must have tensed because Brock's own posture changed.

"You okay Ruby?"

I felt shaky but I nodded forcing a smile on my face as my hands held my phone. How to be matter of fact about getting more twisted texts some of which were downright nasty, even threatening. I still didn't know who sent them.

"I'm coming for you bitch…"

The phone froze in my hands as I gripped it tightly. Who would send something like that? I tried to think who hated me that much, this couldn't be a random person doing a prank for kicks. No, this person had me in their crosshairs and I didn't know who…let alone why. What had I done to deserve this because it had to be something.

"Ruby, you are okay aren't you?"

I heard concern in Brock's voice and I tried to widen my smile.

"Yeah…sure…I really had a great time last night."

That made him smile. He stroked my bare shoulder.

"Me too Ruby…you got any plans today?"

I hesitated and then nodded.

"I got to go meet up with Tiffany," I said, "She's got to exchange her shoes for the dance. The heel broke on one of them."

"How about afterward…?"

"I think I'll be done by dinner," I said, "We could do a picnic in the park."

"I'll pick up some food and a bottle of wine."

That sounded like something to look forward to after a day dealing with Tiffany's jitters which had only part to do with her footwear. Lars would be taking her and had booked a suite for her afterward at the hotel.

"Should I go for it?"

I didn't know why she was asking. The two of them had been going at it like rabbits for several weeks now.

"Knock yourself out Tiff," I said, "You'll have a great time."

Tiffany had smiled and nodded.

"You're right…I'm just being silly."

Sometimes it seemed that she was insecure about things that normally didn't faze her. She'd fucked more men than I had after all…starting when she was younger than me. Hints of some wild times in the sack with men though she didn't ever elaborate on them…but I knew she had nothing to worry about in terms of pleasing a man.

I looked at the next text, again by an unidentified number.

"And this time it's going to hurt…"

I had no idea what this meant; wait did this mean that I'd had a run in with this person before? If I didn't know who it was, how could I remember?

"Ruby…you didn't answer my question."

His voice startled me.

"What…what was it again?"

He studied my face in that way he had that I knew came from his professional background.

"If you wanted to hike to our favorite spot…"

I smiled at him and nodded. It wasn't a long hike, just twenty minutes but it was totally secluded…which is what we both wanted. I watched him get out of bed and I reached for a robe I'd borrowed from him to slip over my body. We went to the kitchen to go make some breakfast just omelets with some wheat toast with butter and jam.

We ate in the breakfast nook and I felt myself unable to stop thinking about the texts. They scared me because they were from someone I knew…who knew me and it sounded like this person wanted to hurt me for a reason I didn't know. Brock sat there eating quietly.

I took a deep breath unable to believe I was even doing this…but something inside made me.


He looked up at me.

"What is it?"

I bit my lip harder.

"I've been getting these…texts…hostile ones…"

The concern was immediate on his face and in his voice.

"What kind of texts?"

I paused, not wanting to worry or upset him.

"I don't know…nasty ones…it's been going on for a while now. It starts then stops for a while and then starts again…I got some during the night."

"Any threatening…?"

I didn't know…because I didn't know who it was and what they intended by it. Just because I felt threatened, didn't make them threatening did it? No, they couldn't be just because they had me looking over my shoulder a lot now.

"Yes…no…I don't know…it's probably some random weirdo."

"They're not leaving a phone number?"

I shook my head.

"It's not a big deal," I said, "It just bothers me."

"If it bothers you, it is a big deal," he said, "even if it is a crank."

I just got up and took my dishes to the kitchen, not wanting to talk about it anymore. I hadn't told him most everything about me after all.

"Like I said, it's got to be nothing okay?"

He still looked at me with concern but I didn't want him to worry…it made me feel uneasy when I saw him to do that. After all, no one had ever worried about me and I'd survived this long. I rinsed the dishes and he brought his own and picked up a towel to dry them off.

"If you change your mind, I'll be here to listen," he said, "and I can do something about it."

I knew from the sound of his voice that he could and he would…he had all these experiences and this knowledge I knew nothing about either. In many ways we really were strangers. I just nodded and then went to hit the shower knowing he'd join me.

"Lars is getting so intense."

Tiffany didn't sound too happy as we went to the boutique to exchange her shoes. I knew she liked him but she'd been known to get cold feet after a while.

"Is Brock like that?"

I thought about it and then nodded.

"Sometimes…but I enjoy being with him…even outside of bed."

Tiffany chuckled.

"Oh that can still be very hot."

I almost blushed but Tiffany looked almost upset.

"Listen has he done anything to…"

She shook her head vehemently.

"Oh no…he's actually decided to be nice," she said, "says he cares about my feelings."

"What's wrong with that?"

Tiffany sighed.

"I don't want him to do that," she said, "All I want is some good hard sex until I get back to school this fall. Nothing serious…nothing that'll make me miss him."

"So you really like him then?"

Tiffany paused for a while.

"Do you?"

She finally nodded almost reluctantly and I didn't know what her problem was…after all, she'd grown up in a normal household unlike me. Why did she have doubts?

"I do but I won't like him too much," she said, "You know I've never been in love with a guy and I've fucked a few."

"I know…you've been doing it since you're 16…"

She got this expression on her face suddenly.

"You have, haven't you?"

She sighed deeply.

"Not exactly…maybe I started a little older than I said."

That stunned me…how much older I wondered.

"I was about 18 when I popped my cherry."

"I thought…"

She shrugged.

"I lied…well not really it happened," she said, "I just subtracted a couple years."

I thought she wouldn't be the first to do it. I suspected most of the girls in our class did it than didn't…meaning fibbed about some of the details.

"It was pretty wild though…not what I expected," she continued, "God, really not what I expected…it was hot but it scared me too…it took me a while to want to do it again."

I paused.

"You didn't get hurt did you?"

She shook her head.

"No…not really," she said, "But I felt like a slut for a while…I'd really made up for lost time…"

I thought about that and the secret she'd kept from me.

"You're not a slut Tiffany and neither am I."

She just looked at me and nodded slowly but I'd just lied to her like I'd lied so many times already. I hadn't lost my cherry to Brock, I'd lost it to her father in the cabana near the pool and I'd wanted him so much I would have done anything. When I thought of what he'd done to me, it filled me with shame as I stood in front of her.

If she ever knew the truth about me…but I had no plans to tell her and I knew her father wouldn't so my secret was safe.

Wasn't it?


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