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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I saw her and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Ruby sitting on a car and her legs wrapped around a man I knew to be Brock. They were kissing and had their hands all over and it disgusted me.

I clenched my own hands into fists. Damn her for giving him what she should be giving me. I wasn't hung up on her; I just always had been the one to cut a woman off when I was done with her. I had a few of them begging and crying for me to take them back but when I was done fucking a woman, I was just done. After all, there were tons of young women out there just waiting to be open up their legs to be fucked or get down on their knees to please me.

But Ruby had been different. I'd wanted her for so long even when it was forbidden. I'd wanted to do things to her at a time when it would have gotten me arrested. I didn't think it was perverted to want to push her down on a hard surface and want to fuck her untried pussy, revel in its tightness around my cock. I just couldn't act while she was still jailbait. Well I waited and I'd played her until she came running to me begging me to do things, working me up to the point where I might have…I couldn't say the word but it ran through my mind all the time still. I hoped it wouldn't come to that but one way or another I was getting her back into my bed.

Brock wasn't right for her. He was a player too and he'd played my wife back when we'd been young and still believed in our marriage being about love and not necessity. My wife had given birth to our daughter but I no longer believed that she was mine. How could I be certain if my wife had been fucking Brock behind my back? What if Tiffany was his and what if he got suspicious that he sired her not me? Would he try to stake a claim?

I'd never do that, I'd kill him first. I'd kill anyone who threatened to take my daughter away or turned her against me. Yeah she'd been pissed off when she caught me after I screwed Megan and that was just stupid on my part to open myself like that in ways I wouldn't on the job. But Ruby had me so damn frustrated at that point, I needed some nice pussy to sink my hard cock into and Megan had just been there…and willing. Just like the others who had sated my urges for a little while.

But watching Ruby right now not knowing if Brock was going to fuck her right on his car in public, it just enraged me. I wanted that body of hers so bad I ached with it and I couldn't just watch her with another man let alone the man who'd fucked my wife.

Her soft cries reached my ears and I knew that the hand that disappeared out of sight had found her sweet spot. Leaving me to watch her come against his hand like she had done with mine in the swimming pool…would he thrust his fingers inside that pussy and find her soaking wet with need? My pants tightened as I thought how I could take care of that and her. But they stopped and she whispered something in his ear and then he helped her off the car after they untangled themselves. They got inside his car and in a rush; Brock drove off without seeing me. I knew he was taking to his house and I knew what he was going to do to her.

God, I wanted to rip him apart and take her for my own. I knew my craving for her was taking my mind even further into the darkness than it had ever been. I had secrets I hadn't shared with anyone or even admitted to myself. I can't share them here or I'd incriminate myself. But I knew what would happen next with Ruby.

But I needed some help and that meant trusting someone else with as little as possible to get him to help me, to take the lion share of the risk.

A hulk of a man who I'd met while nursing a scotch in a drink a couple years ago. He'd just walked in and nailed a few hard shots of vodka, to ease his conscience as it turned out.

His name escaped me but I'd seen him around town before, when he wasn't shacking up with the town whore. He had sat down beside me ready to get ripping drunk before crawling to some rundown motel to sleep it off.

"She dumped me again the bitch."

I had looked over at him.

"Your woman…?"

The man had nodded.

"Over some stupid ass thing," he said, "So her daughter took off to stay with a friend."

I knew where this daughter was, she was sleeping in the bedroom with my daughter Tiffany and I had tried so damn hard not to get hard thinking about that.

"Why was that? Fight with her mom again?"

Ruby had a stormy relationship with the mother who hadn't been fit to raise her. She'd looked after herself when my wife hadn't taken her under her wing as a project…one in a list of them.

"No…this time her mama and I fought…over her. She thinks I'm after her daughter."

My eyes widened. I couldn't imagine this low life putting his hands on Ruby…my fists clenched below the bar table. If he'd done anything…but then I had my own feelings about her and they sure weren't chaste either.

"Are you?"

He paused and looked around the barn before downing another shot.

"I…I'm not a pervert or one of those abusers."

"If the daughter's under age and you did anything then yes you are," I said, "but if you just wanted to do her, that's different."

I always told myself that whenever I fantasized about fucking her myself. I hadn't done anything yet, having reined myself in to play the waiting game.

He sighed.

"She's very pretty and she's…like her mother only younger so why shouldn't I want her? If I wanted her mama…?"

If he thought that made any sense, he was crazy.

"So you did her…"

He reacted vehemently, too much so to my trained eye.

"Oh no…no…you accusing me of molesting her…? I'd never do that…."

But something told me different. Ruby takes off on her mama after some fight and winds up staying a week, maybe longer at my house. Then this guy shows up at the bar drinking himself into a stupor.

"If you do…it's rape you do know that don't you?"

The man just protested even more and I wondered if he had fucked her. He'd never admit it even drunk but I wondered. I knew if he hadn't done it, he might.

"You do know that and you can be prosecuted for it?"

"I didn't do anything wrong," he said, "If you saw her daughter, you'd want her too."

Oh I did want her but that wasn't for this lowlife scumbag to know. My feelings for her were much different than his own, less depraved.

"Make sure it stays that way then…"

I had paid my tab and left the bar not long after that but I didn't know if he'd been truthful or not. If he'd already done what he'd said he wanted to do to her. She'd be about 16 at that time, still a young girl.

Now I wondered about him. I knew he was still in town and that he had his own secrets. About Ruby and if they included fucking her when she'd been young and innocent then all the more so…because it could still come back and haunt him. I needed someone to help me do what I had to do to get her back where I wanted her opening her legs for me, and not for Brock. Kneeling before me while I pushed my cock into her sweet mouth to suck off…and many other things we hadn't even tried yet.

I'd promised myself I wouldn't go down this road with any of the others, though I'd slipped once or twice…but Ruby, she was special.

Much more special than the others and so I arranged to meet up with the man who had nearly poured out his secret to me at the bar that night.

Gloria greeted me when I got home and damn I was so horny I thought of using her to relieve it…but I just couldn't…as my thoughts were too dark for her. If she knew what I wanted to do right now, she'd push me away and tell me to stop thinking like that…so I just made small talk with her about how her meetings had gone. But something I let slip out might have worried her.

"Devlin…are you okay with that?"

That caught me off guard.

"Okay with what?"

"With me spending so much time at these meetings…"

She'd never asked me that question before and I didn't know why now. But I just shrugged because I knew that's what she must want.

"No…not at all honey," I said, "I know how important it is for you to give back to the town that raised us both…and our children too."

She smiled and I knew I'd said the right thing and she left the room….but I felt so damn restless. Images inundated my mind of Ruby spread-eagled before me, tied to the bed while I thrust my rock hard cock inside of her at my leisure. Her mouth first…making her gag with it as I fucked it and then…I walked to the frig to get myself some leftovers to heat up in the microwave. I had to go relieve myself some other way besides Ruby who was fucking another man right now and my wife who had gone upstairs.

I knew I had to track down the man tomorrow who would help me get things right again…with Ruby as I ate my late night dinner, a plan formulating in my mind.


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