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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Tiffany just looked at me incredulously.

"Your mom actually walked in on you and Brock?"

I sighed.

"Not exactly…but we were in the hallway kissing," I said, "I had no idea she'd come home so soon. I guess things didn't go well in Vegas."

"I guess not…but she got upset with you for bringing him home?"

We sat outside her pool in our bikinis and drinking some of her mom's sweet tea. I'd worked until early afternoon and was going to meet up with Brock later to go to a movie or the club. He'd recovered well from his run in with my mother and her boyfriend.

"She kept telling me how she's my mom but she's never been that to me," I said, "More like a roommate."

"I know she's gone a lot."

"Yeah that and having her boyfriends live and act like they own the place," I said, "I wish she'd kick out Dirk for good."

"You never liked him…"

Of course I didn't…the guy worked more than my mom did these days but he still hit her up for money. Probably because he gambled his earnings away as soon as he got them…and he drank too. They often fought screaming at each other and then Dirk would come to me and apologize before my mom did. She'd come to me later and say that was part of being with someone…you fought with them over everything to clear the air and then you made up.

She made up with Dirk but there had been one time when she'd frozen him out for a few days and Dirk had grown used to that. I didn't like those periods at all because that's when he started paying attention to me.

"So she's never going to dump the loser?"

I shrugged thinking it highly unlikely.

"No…besides if she did that, she'd pick up another one soon enough," I said, "She attracts them like magnets."

Tiffany shuddered.

"If my mom did that…I'd freak but she's the opposite, she's too good."

I couldn't argue with that, in fact Devlin had complained about that to me often enough when we were lying together in the cabana or motel after fucking. I figured out that I was the "bad" girl he craved so much because he had a wife who didn't have that side to her. The one he wanted to screw so badly it hurt to breathe…the one he wanted to be rough with almost as if marking her. Had Devlin ever marked his wife like he did me?

He was a hard lover, rough with his women yet that had been exciting at the time. Being tied up or handcuffed by him and then pushed on the bed and just fucked hard every which way, a part of myself had gotten off on that. But looking at Tiffany I knew I had to stop or I'd ruin her in ways that she didn't deserve…but if her father wasn't getting it from me, there would be others. He'd break her heart unless she toughened it and just accepted him as is…I wondered if his wife had done that. She must know he got it on the side from women like me and Meagan, the tutor I'd seen him fuck when I'd been just old enough to wonder what it'd be like to be her and god knows how many others.

I had no illusions that Brock was faithful to me. He'd cheated on Caroline to be with me and maybe I wasn't the only one. So I couldn't fall for him, no it'd just cause pain to believe even for a minute that I meant anything to him.

To admit that he meant anything to me…but I couldn't lie to myself…somehow he'd grown on me in the past month. He was so different from Devlin, ruggedly handsome in the same way but he had cared when I thought I was pregnant.

Devlin didn't even know I was ever worried even though it could have easily been his kid. My instincts told me not to let on and as it turned out it had been for nothing. When Brock had told me he hoped I had hoped I'd be all right even if I hadn't just been with him…without judging me for it, that had threatened to undo me. I'd been scared to hear that concern, I didn't deserve it but still…a part of me had soared from it.

"So you and Brock are going to his place tonight right?"

I nodded.

"My mom is in town for a while and I don't like hanging around her and Dirk."

"You can come to my place," Tiffany said, "You know that…"

I did and I had retreated to her house and her normal family life many times over the years for up to a week at a time. Her parents didn't complain, they'd included me in everything even though when I was older, Devlin started paying more attention.

"You still get those stupid texts?"

I shook my head.

"Not for a few days," she said, "Maybe you're right. It's just some random pervert and he's moved on."

"Of course…who else would it be?"

I didn't even want to go there with her because at one point, I had suspected her father of sending them because he was upset at me cutting him off. But it seemed silly now. He'd never do that kind of behavior, he'd move on to another sweet young thing soon enough if he hadn't already.

"So what are you and Lars doing tonight?"

Tiffany smiled.

"It's pretty hot and heavy," she said, "You know he's into the whole bondage scene."

My eyes widened.

"Oh god, that sounds intense," I said, "What…are you into it too?"

"Chad kind of liked to dominate…and I've always been attracted to men like that since the first…"

The guy who had broke her cherry some time ago. Tiffany had hinted at him but not much more than that just to say she got the deed done. Some albatross was removed from her neck. I knew what she meant, did she have any idea her father liked to tie up women and handcuff them before he fucked them or had them suck his cock? Of course not and I didn't want her ever to know.

Brock, he liked to dominate too but in a gentler way. Both Devlin and he had such strong personalities probably due to their careers but they expressed them so differently.

"But Lars takes it to a whole new level," Tiffany said, "yet I trust him unlike the others."

Good for her I thought but trust for me was a hard thing to come by and yet I did find myself coming the closest with Brock. I didn't know how I felt about that.

I went out with Brock later and we headed to a movie where we sat together in the back, his arm slid around me and sharing popcorn. Afterward we walked to the club where we ordered some drinks and listened to jazz music.

I saw Angela and her husband across the room and hoped they didn't see us. She was such a troublemaking bitch that I didn't want to have to deal with her tonight.

"That was some surprise running into your mom like that."

I sipped my drink, as it burned a path down my throat but relaxed me too. I'd been on eggshells a bit since she'd gotten back.

"Sorry…but they must have cut out of Vegas early," I said, "Dirk probably got kicked out of a casino for counting cards…he always cheats."

"How long has your mother gone out with him?"

"On and off for more than I like to remember," I said, "I don't want to talk about him or her."

"I knew your mom years ago," he said, "back when she was working at the old salon. I went out with one of the stylists."

Suddenly my heart dropped as a thought whipped into my head.

"You didn't…"

He looked at me puzzled and then shook his head.

"No…I never did why do you ask?"

I sighed.

"She's done it with a lot of men," I said, "I just wondered…"

"I wouldn't be with you if that'd happened Ruby."

I did believe him but I'd never gotten used to having a mother with a bad rep for screwing men that went back to high school. Sometimes people looked at me as if I were a chip off the old block which couldn't be further from the truth…not that it mattered if the fiction were more exciting…

"You want to stay at my place tonight," he said, "because I'm thinking as soon as we get out of here…I got something to show you…"

"Oh you do, do you? Okay, I can do that. My mother won't wait up for me."

He reached with one of his hands to caress my face and though I knew it made me feel hot, there was sweetness to it as well. I knew that I didn't want to go to my own house tonight. He got up and reached for my hand and I walked with him out to the car.

"You got to work tomorrow?"

I shook my head.

"No…they're closing it tomorrow…"

"I'd like to take you out then," he said, "I got a place I want to show you."

I nodded.

"Sounds great…"

"I think so," he said, "wear something naughty underneath your clothes."

That peaked my interest and stirred me up in places…I couldn't wait to get back to his house. He slid his arms around me and while we kissed, he picked me up and put my ass on the hood of his car. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer…he ran his hands over me as our tongues danced together…it felt so hot…but I felt self conscious and as I looked around to see if we were being watched. I saw a man staring at us looking charged and not in a good way.



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