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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Ruby's mom:

Dirk and I drove all night to get back into town. Actually he drove because I had too many other things on my mind. We'd left the Casino near midnight after he'd been asked to leave by a couple of thugs dressed like security there after he'd been accused of counting cards in Blackjack.

Stupid of him, to have kept playing so long and not quitting while he'd been ahead…of course some guard without anything better to do than sit on his ass in front of a camera was going to catch him. So they kicked him out and since I was his ride home I had to leave with him. The humiliation as they marched us like we were common criminals past the crowds…well I told them I'd never be spending my good money there again.

Dirk wasn't the smartest guy I'd ever shacked up but damn if he was this careless with blackjack what else did I have to worry about? I know he didn't cheat on me because I kept him busy in bed and paid for his gambling fun even though he hardly made any back. I'd just given him the money that was saved to pay the utility bills for this last binge, leaving a note for Ruby that I'd pay her back if she'd use her own money to keep those bastards from shutting us off again.

Ruby, the only good thing in my life…not that I had planned it that way….but she'd grown on me. I'd fucked a couple of men that I remembered and probably some more that I didn't and well, one of them was her daddy. I married one of them who believed me when I told him he'd sired her but truth be told, I'm not sure about that. I'd gotten a reputation in town for fucking the local men including those with wives, women I had gone to school with who'd given me nothing but shit with their snotty little airs and them labeling me the school slut.

Truth was I only fucked one man in this miserable town and that had been Angela's husband and for the grief she gave me, the bitch deserved it. Okay a couple others but some of them like that Devlin's crowd stayed away from me. They'd all married after high school and were too good for someone they called trash like me.

But Devlin…he turned out to be a damn fool because when I'd taken Angela's man to fuck and suck in the hotel, I saw his sweet little wife, Gloria who'd kept her legs pretty closed in high school leaving the motel with Devlin's business partner…Brock something. Now there's a man that any woman would love to fuck but no…I didn't do him either. But Gloria sure did…I'd done Rodney good in the room next to where she'd disappeared with Brock and the way she screamed when he got her off, you'd have thought the woman never got it at home.

The thing is that Devlin used the motel too and I saw him there with some sweet young things, always just barely out of high school and he thought he was being so damn careful when he left the motel but not careful enough. The truth was, everyone fucked each other's wives or husbands or boyfriends or whatever in this town but only I wound up pinned with some bullshit scarlet letter over it.

The town whore, that's what they called me behind my back and a couple times to my face. But hey, I had needs; I was trapped at home with a crying baby to raise all by myself and working a series of dead end jobs.

I'd been the fucking homecoming queen for god's sake. Got the crown and the tiara, I had it all but didn't have enough to get money to go to college. So I hooked myself up to men instead including my husband who was long gone by the time Ruby started walking.

Dirk's been my steady the most of any of them and he's a jackass. I kick him out of the house to prove to him that I don't need him. He's the one who needs me but when I'm low on cash and he's looking for a handout until his next payday, I ask myself why I take him back.

I thought about this while looking out the window as the scenery went by, what you could see of the fucking desert in the middle of the night. We'd get there by morning, if we stopped to pick up a breakfast burrito at one of the truck stops. Dirk had enough winnings to pay for it. He worked in construction and made a lot of money. Trouble was he spent most of what he made on his booze and gambling, what he said he needed to relax after working so damn hard. I should be a little more understanding when he needed to borrow a few bucks to keep his streak alive in Vegas.

Ruby would be asleep in her bed as always when I was gone. She had grown up a good little girl. Got good grades in school, had graduated with honors and gone to university. All things I hadn't done but damn her for being better than her mama. I wanted all of what she's got, I earned it and I told myself over and over that if it weren't for my sacrifices, she'd be a nobody. She didn't argue with me, she barely asked me for anything. She did her own thing and I did mine.

I hadn't been ready for a child. Hadn't wanted one and I got my tubes tied not long after so it'd never happen again. My mom had raised eight, three now dead and three others in prisons across the state. When my period was late, I knew I'd been cursed like the rest of them and hadn't deserved it. I'd gone to the clinic to get rid of it but…some group of religious rousers had protested the clinic and gassed it with something that smelled like shit so they closed it down for the day and I never made it back.

So I kept Ruby around though she had to understand that I had other things I had to do, I couldn't spend time raising a child. She seemed to understand that and when I left her alone, she didn't die or anything like that. But I started feeling guilty so I had Dirk stay with her some times when I wasn't there. She hit her teens and she started looking less like a little girl and more like a woman. Even pretty…just like I'd been at 16 only with smaller tits and a longer curlier hair that she kept up most of the time…damn I'd wanted to put her on the pill right off so she wouldn't go off and act stupid leaving me with her brat to raise.

So I sent her to the doctor who examined her and I had her tell him some stupid made up story about monster cramps and the doctor wrote her a script without question. So every day she took her damn pill so I wouldn't have to worry about nothing.

Almost nothing…I had noticed that Dirk seemed more interested in Ruby when she'd started getting curves. Not that anything came about it of course because he was totally into me and not any younger version. But sometimes I'd come home early and they'd be sitting on the couch in the den and I don't know…but they seemed friendly or he seemed friendly. Ruby just seemed to be there.

I knew as I grew older and my looks starting going I'd have to worry about the younger competition but did that include my own daughter? Would she try to seduce Dirk behind my back? No, if she threw herself at him he'd push her way. Of course he'd do that. I had matched up with some losers in my life but had that been my fault?

One morning I came back after staying late at the club. I'd run into an old boyfriend and time got away from us. I'd been tempted to head home with him but I didn't…and when I got home, was when Ruby said that she be staying with her best friend Tiffany for a while as her mother had been driving her crazy as her father had taken off on a month long assignment.

God, if it would get her out of the house. We both needed the break from each other. Dirk didn't think it was a good idea but I just told him my daughter, my decision and it'd give us more time alone together. When Ruby came back from her time at Tiffany's, she stayed in her room a lot and at night, I heard movement inside the room like she was moving things around to redecorate her space more than likely.

We hit the city limits and the sun began to rise up over the hills turning the sky a rosy pink. I parked the car in front of the house and we got our tired asses out of it. Once inside, we'd just crash in bed and maybe Ruby would cook us a nice breakfast if she was around.

But when I walked into the house, I could hear her voice along with a man's as soon as I headed up the stairs. My eyes widened when I saw her standing with a hunk of a man dressed in dark briefs and nothing else in the hallway. She wore a silken robe and her hair loose around her face.

"Hey, I'll cook you an omelet before you go," he said, "got any eggs?"

She nodded.

"I went shopping after my mom left…it's the only way to have plenty to eat."

Then he wrapped his arms around my daughter kissing her on the mouth and the way she kissed him back, it was pretty clear what they'd been doing in her bed just before he arrived.

"Oh god…don't get me started again."

She sighed against him as he kissed her neck and his hands fondled her ass underneath the robe. I just stood there shocked. Thank god, Dirk had probably passed out on the couch downstairs.

"What would be wrong with that? I got a little time before I got to head to work…"

He responded by pulling her closer, and their lips met with such hunger. I felt a bit uncomfortable watching them. Then I saw the man's face and almost dropped on the floor.


What the hell was he doing bedding my daughter who was young enough to be his daughter? Because that's exactly what he'd been doing and it obviously had been going on for a while. Didn't she knew she was supposed to stay away from men like this? Hadn't I raised her right?

God, I didn't think she'd still be a virgin but she should have some values. Did she really want to wind up being labeled the town tramp like her mama? Didn't she want better than that? She had the chance to do what I couldn't in life and instead she was screwing a player like Brock in the hallway! I had to say something but she broke her kiss and I knew she saw me.

"Mom….what are you doing home?"

I put my hands on my hips as they pulled apart to look at me.

"I'm back from Vegas early with Dirk."

"Where is he?"

"Downstairs somewhere…what is he doing here…no that's obvious but how could you screw him?"

Ruby didn't look upset with what I said. I invited him here and I've been seeing him."

"What, how could you?"

Her eyes flashed back.

"It's none of your business mom."

I stood my ground.

"It certainly is if it's happening under this roof."

She looked at me calmly.

"Fine…We can go to his place."

Brock looked at Ruby.

"I'll go…you should get ready to go to work okay? We'll take a raincheck on the omelet."

She looked at him and I knew that something more serious was going on here than just a fling between the sheets. God, what had my Ruby gotten herself into? She slid her arms around the guy and kissed him goodbye. He smiled at her and went to the bedroom presumably to get some clothes on before leaving.

"Now Ruby…"

She put up her hands.

"I'm not going to talk about this with you," she said, "My life, my business…I don't mess with your life."

"I'm your mother Ruby…"

She just looked at me, her eyes piercing.

"Yeah you are…but I've raised myself pretty much and I don't need a mom…"

Her words cut to the quick as intended. How fucking dare she criticize me like this after all my sacrifices to keep her happy and healthy?

"I'll see you later mom…I've got to get ready to go to work and then I'll be out…don't wait up for me but then you never did."

That made me angry.

"What? Of course I did."

"No you don't…but he did…"

Without further explanation, she walked away and went inside her room closing the door. What the fuck had given her the right to sass me like that? Oh I'd been way too easy rearing her, given her too much freedom.

But she'd left me alone in the hallway and I was too damn exhausted to think about it so I headed into my own bedroom.


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