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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I wrapped my arms around him with an ardor that surprised me. We'd only been separated by nearly a week and yet I had missed him. No, I told myself I didn't need him so I couldn't miss him but life just hadn't been the same with him gone. Tiffany would laugh at me if she knew even this much and say she told me so.

No, it wasn't personal with him; I just did not want to stay alone in my empty house while my mom was off playing with Dirk somewhere. When I saw him standing by his car while I left my house, I hurried to him and he swept me up in his arms. His lips met mine and it was like once I tasted him I couldn't get enough so when he lowered me on the ground, I kissed him harder, slipping in some tongue. Something I didn't think I'd have done months ago but well, I forgot what I was thinking about when he ran his hands over my back burning me through my top. I moved closer to him as he gripped my hips and I felt him grow harder.

"Damn I missed you….I missed this…"

I felt part of "this" and it turned me on so much. Then I felt him pick me up in his arms and carry me to the front door. He managed to open and then he took me inside my house. We made it as far as the living room rug before he set me down and I started removing his shirt, anything just to get my hands on his chest.

He fiddled with my blouse and soon tugged it over my shoulders revealing my lacy black bra. Our pants soon followed and wound up on the floor as he tugged me down with him. He slid my lacy panties down my legs, caressing my skin with his fingers lazily though it drove me crazy enough to try to grip the carpet with my fingers.

Then his mouth replaced his fingers and his tongue…it made me arch my body when I first felt it on my inner thighs as he blazed his trail up to where I wanted it most. God, I loved it when he went down on me and the buildup of tension almost to the point of pain until it exploded into pleasure and the warmth of it spread through my body making it tingle, making me want even more of it.

I wanted to go all cowgirl on him, ride him hard because I'd been aching for it and him for days. He lay back on the carpet while I straddled him putting my hands on his chest. I bit my lip as I lowered my wet pussy on his hard cock while it stretched me wider until I sheathed him completely, so snug. He bucked his hips as soon as I started to pull away from him and drove into me harder, while I squeezed down on his cock trying to keep a hold of him.

We looked into each other's eyes and I savored being in control, taking in as much of his cock as I wanted and then pulling away again. The friction made me feel hot all over and his hands rode over my upper thighs urging me on.

"Ruby…damn I'm getting close…what about you?"

I leaned closer so our faces were closer together.

"I already got off …your turn."

He growled when I said that and then his hands reached up to palm by breasts, his thumbs toying with my nipples. They were already rock hard and when he…oh god, it made me want to come again right there.

"Keep riding girl…"

I rode him harder, took him deep each time, our bodies colliding and then I…oh man…I felt myself getting ready to go over the edge all over again.

"You ready?"

I nodded, startled at myself. Then he pushed up meeting my thrusts and then I felt him come inside of me, spreading heat through my body.

All I could do afterward was sink down on top of him as he wrapped his arms around us, our sweat drenched bodies sliding against each other on the carpet. We moved so we both lay on our sides facing each other as he withdrew. He kissed me softly on the mouth and I felt my body relax as he pulled me closer to him, draping a thigh over mine.

"That was…"

I couldn't finish and he kissed me again anyway, his tongue tracing over my lips. My body felt flushed, my heart beat rapidly inside my chest and I came down from the most incredible high. Being with him was so much different than with Devlin. My hunger for Devlin had bordered on obsession but then when I realized who it might hurt I pulled away. But with Brock, I felt differently and though I felt fear with Devlin, Brock terrified me.

Not when I was with him but when we were apart and it sunk in how much I'd missed him. I didn't understand what I felt, how I could miss anyone. I hadn't missed my mom in years, not the way I had when I was a little girl and she was hardly there even when we shared a house.

I didn't want to feel that way about anyone even Brock. But how could I stop it?

We hit the leftovers that I had put in the frig after cooking some Salmon in a bed of wild rice. I knew how to cook for myself but only because I had to eat. We sat on the couch, our shoulders brushing. He'd put his jeans back on and I wore his shirt buttoned down.

"So why did you come back early?"

He smiled at me.

"Got the job done real quickly," he said, "No reason not to return home…did you miss me?"

I hesitated and then I nodded because there was no denying that, not that it meant anything.

"I missed you too Ruby," he said, "I thought about you a lot dressed up in your sassy bra and panties…you're very hot you know that."

I felt my cheeks flushed. Yeah, I did because he made me feel that way.

"So are you…I…that was great…"

He eyed the rug.

"Not the best surface but the company more than made up for it."

I chuckled, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"My mom would be shocked if she knew…but then she thought I was doing it long before I did."

He put his plate aside and wrapped his arms around me pulling me down on the couch with him.

"How come you waited so long?"

I narrowed my eyes not really wanting to go there. Besides…

"I wasn't a virgin the first time we fucked," I said, "I gave that to someone else."

A pause from him.

"The other guy…right?"

That made me bristle as if it were any of his business. It's not like I grilled him about what he did with Caroline.

"I'm not judging you…"

"Good because you shouldn't," I said, "I have the right to decide when and where."

I went rigid in his arms and I knew he felt it. I wasn't even sure why really because I'd always felt comfortable with him. I didn't feel like I had to perform like I had with Devlin.

"Yes you do Ruby," he said, "That's your right to decide. No guy worth his salt is going to abuse that."

I nodded, not sure how to take that. He seemed to care only he shouldn't care because I was just his in between girlfriend. But I was edgy for other reasons I knew, the nasty texts which had once again abated and those dreams…

I didn't understand what I dreamed of and when I awoke, I felt so much fear…sometimes I was drenched in sweat. It felt so real when my eyes were closed but when I woke up, everything faded away like wisps of smoke.

"What's going on Ruby?"

Damn Brock was too perceptive. I know that picking up on even the most subtle forms of body language was a skill he likely picked up as part of his career but it unnerved me.

"I'm fine…I'm just thinking," I said, "I'm not really good at this…being with a guy and having him be…"

He sighed.

"What Ruby?"

I struggled to find the words. They seemed so foreign to me when talking about men.

"I'd say nice…but that's not it."

He shifted which brought me closer to him.

"I'm not known for being nice," he said, "I'm a pretty hard charging guy but I was raised to respect women including those I take into my bed."

I didn't really wanted to be reminded of all those women but I did get what he was saying.

"Okay that must be it," I said, "You're always understanding, you never push me too hard."

He seemed almost perplexed at my observation.

"So this other guy…is he pushing you too hard?"

I didn't want to get into the other part of my life with him especially since it was over.

"No…he's not pushing me at all," I said, "I told him it's over and…he didn't like it much but we've not been together since."

Brock paused for a long moment and god; I had no idea what he was thinking. I don't know why I told him that, it wasn't really any of his business and yet…

"I did it for myself Brock not for you."

He smiled, stroking my back.

"That's how it should be Ruby," he said, "You just do what you need to do, what you want. Don't let some guy decide that for you."

I just looked at him but he seemed sincere. I don't usually match up that word with men. After all, my mother's boyfriends hadn't been anything like that. Dirk, the longest…didn't mean anything he said and his body language rarely matched his words. My mother had kicked him to the curb many a times but he crawled back out of it.

"I don't know what I feel about you," I said, "I'm so not used to this…any of it."

I thought it might make him laugh or pull away from me, I'm sure Caroline didn't lie here in his arms confessing all this stuff. But he did neither; instead he kissed me on the lips softly, gently.

"It's okay…just trust yourself Ruby…and you'll be okay."

Seemed like easy advice but I'd struggled with myself for so long. I didn't know how to stop second guessing myself. We started kissing on the couch, me lying on top of him feeling him growing hard against my stomach.

Finally after we nearly fell onto the floor, he sat up and pulled me onto my feet with him.

"You got a bedroom in this place right?"

I nodded feeling heady all over again. He swooped me up in his arms again, and I wrapped my arms around him.

"Just show me the way…."

And so I did.


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