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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Damn her for what she does to me.

I left the car after I didn't let her climax from my fingers. I walked just far enough away where she couldn't see me and I pulled my cock out of my pants. She'd made me so hard just by being there that it ached.

Being snugly wrapped by my fingers wasn't as good as pussy but after I spit on my hand and rubbed it a few times, I came…enough to get the edge off. I cleaned myself off with a rag so I could get back in the car. Ruby sat there waiting for me, her dress nearly reaching her knees again.

"You weren't gone long…"

I started the car and we pulled out to head back on the highway to the house. I didn't look at her, I knew if I did I'd pull over by the side of the road and push her against the seat. I'd be up and inside of her so fast…she'd cry. Despite what she said, she wanted a man to romance her. To shower her with hearts and flowers before taking her into his bed for what's called a sweet deflowering.

I'm not that kind of man. My fantasies about what I want to do to her are darker. I wanted to rip her panties off after I fed her a taste of my cock in that sweet mouth. I'd take her wrists in one hand and pull her dress up with another and push myself between those thighs. I don't take a woman gently, I take her hard so she'll scream and I won't ask why. So many things I want to do to Ruby, most of them involve fucking against some unyielding surface.

Her pussy, her ass, her mouth and finally her breasts spraying my seat over her skin…the image of my semen drying on her belly makes my cock twitch as we drive. If she knew what I wanted to do to her, she'd run.

Bad enough I was just thinking about them.

I drove her to her house and dropped her off.

"See you later…"

I looked at her as she leaned against my car.

"You are heading off to college soon…with Tiffany?"

She nodded, making a face which told me I didn't give her what she wanted.



"Be careful what you wish for…have a good year in college."

I sat in the den while Gloria worked in the kitchen on some desserts for the charity event that night. I had just returned from out of town business and Gloria hit on me as soon as I walked in the door with a list of things to do.

All I wanted to do after the 20 hours of flying half way around the world and the taxi ride home was sit on the couch with a Scotch and kick my feet up for a spell.

The garage needed cleaning, the pool filter was wearing out and she wanted me to wear a tux to the gala tonight.

But I poured myself my Scotch at the wet bar and then settled down to watch some football on the tube.

My phone buzzed where it sat next to me. I picked it up and damn, it was Ruby again. I'd given her my phone number to text and she did that.

My eyes widened a bit when I saw the photo that she'd sent. The sweetest pair of rosy lips I'd ever seen before, fleshy and moist.

Only they weren't on her face. The minx as I often called her sent me an up and close picture of her pussy. I could tell she'd fondled herself until she came by looking at it. God, I wanted to lick those droplets of juice right off of them for starters.

My groin hardened. But for her a photo wasn't enough.

"You like…?"

I typed back after pausing.

"What do you think?"

A moment passed.

"I think if I were to slip a hand in your pants, you'd be hard…"

Damn, she played dirty. She had to know that my cock would be pushing against my briefs right now.

"So hard…I wish I could be there…I'd help you with that."

I had figured that she wasn't getting any in college and that she must be a virgin still with the way she sent me photos.

"You think you can handle it?"

"Just thinking about touching you is making me cream in my panties…"

Damn…what was happening to me…god…I needed some release.

"Why you wearing any?"

She didn't answer…at least not through words. She sent me a photo of her wearing some red lacy crotchless panties.

Damn that little minx, what was I going to do now?

The gala was in full swing when Gloria and I arrived. I'd showered and put on my tux but wore the biggest hard on beneath my pants. If my wife noticed, she said nothing. She seemed more focused on hitting the wet bar with her circle and figuring how much money they'd raise for the foundation.

I talked to some husbands that I knew in passing. Since I was mostly out of town, doing a job I couldn't talk about, I didn't socialize much in town.

After about an hour of small talk, I slipped away. I'd spotted a red headed woman wearing a black cocktail dress from across the room. She looked about 20 and I recognized her as the daughter of one of the board members who ran a local bank.

She'd glanced up at me while drinking some wine. Her dress hugged her figure including some shapely breasts that threatened to spill out.

I know what I needed right now. I headed towards her to get it.

We were out by the garden near the fountain. Rose bushes were blooming their last flowers with winter coming soon. She had gone outside and I had followed her.

"So you're Tiffany's dad?"

I sighed, I was always her dad. I chalked that up to the day job too.

"You're Bob's daughter."

She smiled and nodded.

"Yes…just taking a semester off from college…to do some traveling. I leave for Paris on Monday."

Perfect. My cock pushed against my pants and I think she did see it, the way her eyes looked at me.

"Paris is a great city…very historic…very romantic."

She rolled her eyes.

"I'm more into the historic…though I'm open to the latter too."

I closed in on her.

"Your father's okay with that? "

She looked at me a bit surprised and t hen nodded again.

"I'm a big girl and he knows that," she said, "How's Tiffany…she still with Dave?"

Dave, who the hell was Dave? But then there was a lot I didn't know about my own daughter. Being a here today gone tomorrow type dad since she'd been little.

"She's busy in school. She'll be back at Thanksgiving for the week."

"That's good…hey you want to go for a walk? These gardens are very pretty and I've seen better parties."

I smiled, thinking this wasn't going to be hard at all. What I needed now she had in between the thighs she kept hidden by her dress.


We made it as far as the gardener's shack just off the gardens. I thought when I invited her in there, she'd balk but she followed me into the darkness to a ledge by the window.

She sat on the ledge. We hadn't said that much before…now the only sound in the shed was our breathing.

Harsh and quick, just like with fucking.

"You sure about this…?"

She smiled at me.

"I followed you in here didn't I," she said, "Truth is, I always wanted to do you…god you were always hot looking…"

I brushed strands of hair off of her face.

"You're very pretty Shelli…"

She opened her thighs and I pushed between them, slipping a hand up her dress but…she must have seen the look on my face.

"I left my panties at home…"

I slid my fingers across her pussy, brushing it, as it dampened my fingers. I fingered the delicate seam between her lips, sliding across the wetness to her clit. She jumped when I began rubbing it, while looking at her.

"Ooh…you get right to the chase don't you?"

I thrust one of my fingers up into her and started pushing it in and out. She was tight…but very slick, coating my finger with her juices.

"I get what I want Shelli…and right now that's you," I said, pushing her dress up so she could watch my finger thrusting into her pussy.

She just looked at me.

I fingered her while working the snap loose on my pants so I could pull them down along with my briefs. My cock stood straight up, hard as rock and she swallowed visibly.

"Oh my god…I…I…can't believe I'm doing this…"

I pulled my finger out of her and she just looked at me. I primed my cock with my hand for a few strokes and then thrust it inside of her so fast she gasped and her back hit the window.

"Devlin…god you…."

She felt so damn tight wrapped around me that I couldn't stop myself from pushing hard inside of her until my balls slapped against her pussy. I fucked her so hard; I slammed her body again and again hitting that window.

My cock sliding in and out of her while she tried to use her hands to pull me in for a kiss. I put my hands on her ass just lifting her off the ledge enough to hit her even deeper. Her pussy holding my cock snugly but not enough to keep me from sinking it deep…deep and the friction as I rubbed against her made me push harder.

"Devlin…god…you're so intense…"

I slipped a hand in between to rub her clit and she stopped talking. The room filled with the sounds of our breathing, her mews and the slap of my balls against her as I fucked her.

But I wasn't fucking her, in my mind I fucked Ruby, thrusting into her hard as she begged me to fuck her…to just take her. Her red hair haloing her face, her eyes on mine…her hands running over my body and her pussy squeezing my cock…damn damn I was so close to coming…and Shelli cried out when she climaxed.

I sank against her when my cock spasmed deep inside of her, leaving a trail of heat.


She mumbled as I began to pull out of her. I put my cock back inside my pants and my breathing returned back to normal.

"We'd better get back to the party…when you clean yourself up."

She just looked at me, straightening her dress.

"I'll need a towel."

I found her one and she wiped her pussy off of our juices.

"So how long are you in town anyway?"

I sighed.

"You're going to Paris on Monday…have a good trip…"

We returned back to the party in silence.

I lay in bed checking my phone at the photos sent by Ruby…thinking how much I wanted her right now. She'd sent me an email that was on my phone when I returned.

I read it as Gloria slept next to me.


I hope you enjoy the photos. Send me some of yourself…I want to see all of you before we meet again. I know you think I'm not going to remember what you said but next summer when I return, I'm going to get what I want from you.

I know you want it too…it's going to happen and we both know it. Until then…"

Then damn if she didn't send a picture of herself fondling one of her rosy nipples. My cock hardened…it was going to be a long night.


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