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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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The texts returned even more vicious than they'd been earlier. More graphic including one that said, "you're going to get what's coming you damn cunt."

I still didn't know who wrote them, who hated me so much that they had turned my phone into an enemy something to be feared. Every time it vibrated now, I felt my heart stop before I reached for it bracing myself for more of the same.

Then I thought that's what the person without a face probably wanted, to make me afraid and to make me question everything and everyone around me.

I didn't tell anyone this time. Tiffany had told me I was being paranoid in making a big deal out of nothing and Brock…he was out of town again.

Anyway, I had to do some errands since I didn't work today and so I wound up in Lacey's boutique again shopping for some lingerie to wear at the gala beneath my dress. I knew that Brock had reserved a hotel room for us to spend the night and I wanted it to be special for him.

So I went with the black lingerie set that would go with my dress and Lacey helped me pick it out.

"That'll look lovely," she said, "I wish I could go to the gala but I'll be out of town doing some shopping."

I liked the way the lingerie, both silk and lace felt against my skin. I knew I'd love how it felt sliding across my body when Brock ran his hands over it, driving me crazy before undressing me. He dominated in the bedroom but he took good care of me too…and I didn't know how to feel about that. Sometimes afterward when we were coming down from amazing sex, he'd still hold onto me and explore my body in ways that made me feel so good…before we both fell asleep.

It was getting way too serious between us. I'm not talking about love and commitment and any of those things. But the way it wasn't just about fucking each other, we were both supposed to just walk away from each other weren't we?

"You might want a garter to go with it," Lacey said, "I've got a few pretty ones that just arrived."

"A what…?"

She brought some of them over and I looked at them. Oh yeah, this is what brides wore with their gowns and weren't their husbands supposed to remove them?

"But I'm not a bride…"

She smiled at me.

"It's a special night…this is the social event of the year. You'll have a great time together."

I hoped so because I found myself looking forward to it despite all my promises to myself that I wouldn't treat it as anything but another night out.

After I tossed in some more body paints because I knew Brock liked them…and it warmed my insides to remember why. I decided to head off to the diner where I knew I'd meet Tiffany who had just done some errands for her mom.

She was eating a burger plate special as I joined her in the booth.

"So you done yet…?"

I nodded.

"My dad's acting all weird," she said, "Just because I asked him some questions about Brock and why they don't get along like they did."

I didn't want to talk about Brock and Devlin in the same sentence. I knew why her father didn't like Devlin but it's not like I'd say anything about it…I couldn't without betraying my own secret. Anything Devlin told me about his former best friend had been told before or after he fucked me in the cabana or at the motel. I knew he'd gotten some pleasure each time he took me after he knew that I also shared Brock's bed. But I'd told Devlin to stay away from me…even though he made it clear that he wanted to resume our affair.

Was it he who'd sent the texts? After all, texting had been foreplay for us when we told each other what we wanted to do when we met up and sometimes we showed each other. But I couldn't see him being this vicious even if he didn't like that I broke it off with him. It had to be someone else who clearly hated me but who?

"I think that there's more to my dad and Brock than I know and somehow my mom's involved."

I widened my eyes.

"Your mom…what would she have to do with him?"

"She was in a lot of the pictures with him," she said, "but now…she avoids him. I don't know anything about Brock…except that he's in town as much as my dad and he's had a lot of girlfriends."

Somehow right now I didn't want to be reminded of how many and I didn't know what to say about Brock and Tiffany's mom because I didn't know anything about their pasts beyond that they appeared together in photos.

"What's Brock like…when you're not fucking him?"

A crass way to put it but I knew she wanted an answer to that question. I didn't know really what to say because I still didn't know much about him.

"Well, he's actually nice to me," I said, "We have fun together and not just in bed…and I think he fell in love once…I mean really in love."

Tiffany laughed suddenly.

"What's so funny?"

She shrugged.

"I don't know, it's just when you said that I had a hard time picturing it. He's one of the guys ever woman wants to try out."

"Including me?"

She didn't back peddle like I hoped. But maybe she was right. I'd accepted his offer for a date and then soon enough I was sucking his cock.

"Well who can blame you? I think it's great you finally have a boyfriend as long as you understand he's not serious."

That irritated me too. She might be right but did I want her to sound so sure about it?

"He likes women and that's much better than a man who hates them."

That made me think of the texts suddenly but I just bit my tongue.

"He's just a mystery that's all," Tiffany said, "I wish I knew more about him and what happened with him and my parents."

I just wanted to see him again even though I couldn't want that. No, I had to keep things casually didn't I?

I slept in my own bed that night turning my phone off to not even be tempted to check it for texts. My mom wasn't here, I think she probably hit Vegas or maybe Reno this time and she'd left the frig empty so I ordered some pizza.

I missed him and I found myself rubbing myself where it felt so good so I could drift off to sleep afterward. I bucked my hips upward to meet my fingers, rubbing my clit and thrusting another finger inside of me where I felt my wetness.

I imagined that Brock had me on the floor of his recreational room, the plush rug pressing against my bare skin and he sprinkled the body paints on my breasts and then started with his tongue to lap them up tracing circles around my nipples, teasing them until they hardened.

He tongued my pussy replacing my fingers until I wanted to grip onto nothing just to keep from screaming with pleasure. When he made me come under his tongue, I knew he'd make me come again even harder with his cock.

After I climaxed, I relaxed enough to sleep but then I found myself someplace else. A man stood over me and I couldn't see his face. I was lying in my bed and he made the springs creak when he sat on it. I knew he'd want to touch my face even as I recoiled.

"I've been waiting for this Ruby…and I'm done waiting…"

He leaned over and pinned me to the bed, his breath on my neck and where he'd gone hard beneath his briefs against my stomach.

"Please…no…just leave… go back…"

He whispered into my ear.

"No I can't…you are making me crazy with it…"

I felt his fingers fondling me trying to slide beneath my panties…I tried to move my body away but he held me fast.

"I'm not going to hurt you…"

Then he kissed my mouth…

I woke up with a start and with my heart pounding. I couldn't believe what I'd just dreamed. Where had it come from? I tried to remember my dream but it was already lost to me. So I got out of bed to get some water from the kitchen and after filling a glass, I gulped it down. Shadows crept around me but I didn't hear any noise.

I saw the note my mom had left for me about her and Dirk. He'd been in and out of my mom's life most recently back in it. I didn't like him but I didn't know why. Maybe because he'd been one of the men who stole my mother from me and every time my mom kicked him out he returned a while later.

He worked jobs but didn't keep any for long. My mom told him not to worry about it. I didn't know when they'd be back but until then I had the house to myself.

The dream rattled me more than I would admit. I didn't understand it. But it'd felt so real, down to being able to smell a man's cologne intermingled with his sweat.

But I had to go back to bed, to get some sleep because I'd be getting up early for work tomorrow and I found myself looking forward to seeing Brock again.


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