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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I had to finish the decking out back or else Gloria would get on my back about it again. So I had gone back to the home depot to pick up some more nails. I didn't see the clerk that I'd fucked the last time I'd been here and I didn't need her. I bought some other things too, items that I'd need later on for something else. But first I had to concentrate on being what my wife needed as she rushed off to one of her many meetings. She'd left me some cold cuts and bread to make lunch and I had a couple of beers in the frig.

Tiffany sat in her favorite chair by the swimming pool only she wasn't reading one of her women's magazines this time. She had what looked like a thick pink photo album and she thumbed through it each page attracting her rapt attention. What it was, I wondered idly as I settled down to work, but then I had my own thoughts to occupy my attention.

She sipped from her cola and I could hear the pages turn.


I looked up at her.

"What is it?"

She just looked back at me.

"Why aren't you and Brock good friends anymore?"

To say that question hit me from left field would be an understatement. Where the hell had that come from and how to respond?

"Things change…relationships change too," I said, "So do interests."

She appeared to consider that.

"So you just dropped him off your list?"

I sighed, putting the hammer I held down. I really needed one of those cold beers right now.

"No honey…we went to school together, worked together but that was years ago…back before you were born."

She looked at the book in front of her and then up at me again.

"You were tight after I was born too."

I was careful now.

"Yes…but things changed after that," I said, "Life changes people."

She looked at me as if I had just patronized her.

"I got photos here of the two of you…and mom…even when she was at the hospital having me."

My hands clenched but I put a smile on my face.

"He took her to the hospital," I said, "I got there in time for your birth. Saw you come into the world."

She nodded slightly. She'd grown so much from the baby that had been born nearly 20 years ago during what sometimes seemed a lifetime ago.

"He took me into the ocean at the beach," she said, "I never knew he went with us on summer break."

I shrugged.

"He did a few times…long ago."

She flipped through another page and then smiled to herself.

"He looks the same back then, but younger," she said, "Just like you dad."

I smiled for her sake but I didn't like being reminded of those days now that I know both Brock and my wife had lied to me. Not what they said, but by sharing a secret.

But Tiffany had her own secrets.

"I'm not angry with you about buying the test."

She just looked at me without blinking at first.

"Oh…that…I told you it's none of your business," she said, "and in case you're still wondering I'm not pregnant."

The relief that filled me at that news I couldn't completely hide. The fact that her thug of an ex-boyfriend hadn't ruined her life and saddled her with his bastard child…my daughter had a future ahead of her that didn't involve him.

"That's good…you're too young Tiffany."

She nodded at that.

"I know that and besides I'm making sure my new boyfriend keeps a glove on."

I sighed.


"That shock you dad?"

Nothing shocked me anymore after hearing about the test from some bitches who had nothing better to do than spread gossip while their men were out fucking other women.

"It concerns me. I think you're too young to think about getting serious with anyone."

She rolled her eyes at me.

"Dad, I'm not serious. I'm just having fun and besides you're in no position to judge anyway."

She still held my indiscretion against me. The one time I hadn't covered my tracks.

"I'm not judging…you're my daughter and I love you."

She shook her head slightly and then looked up at me.

"Do you love mom?"

Another question broadsided me and I'd been trained to cover all the angles.

"Of course I do," I said, "What kind of question is that?"

She paused biting her lip.

"If you love her, why did you cheat on her?"

I saw her eyes search my face for an answer, waiting for it.

"That's between me and your mother…"

She scoffed.

"Does she even know dad that you screwed some young bitch I went to school with right on the beach?"

I heard the anger in her voice and just thought there was so much she didn't know that if I cheated on her mother that she'd done it first. Back before Tiffany had been born, Gloria had fucked my best friend behind my back and I hadn't known about it until just recently. I couldn't believe my wife had kept it secret for so long…being married to a former operative.

"Tiffany, you're my daughter and I'm not going to discuss this with you."

She just looked frustrated but turned her attention back to the book. I returned to work and then heard footsteps.

Ruby had walked in dressed in one of her red bikinis and faded shorts which accentuated her tanned legs. She just glanced at me and then walked over to where Tiffany sat.

"Hi girlfriend…"

Tiffany smiled and Ruby sat down.

"You still are looking at that?"

Tiffany shrugged.

"Yeah…you up for going to a movie later on…?"

Ruby nodded.

"That'd be nice."

"When's Brock getting back?"

Ruby lay back in the deck chair.

"Before the dance," she said, "It's another job."

Tiffany put the album on a table.

"Yeah Lars is gone too," she said, "So I guess it's the perfect time for some girls to go out and have some fun without them."

I half listened. I didn't even want to imagine Ruby with Brock. His mouth on her lips, his hands palming her breasts and those luscious thighs of hers wrapped around him as he pushed inside her. Ruby loved to make noise when a man fucked her just right and I could hear her pleading with Brock for more and getting it. My body tensed and I felt restless.

If my daughter hadn't been here right now…if Ruby had been alone…she'd be mine. She'd learn that I got what I wanted when I wanted it. I imagined how she'd looked tied up tightly spread eagled and buck naked on a bed as I spread her even wider and fucked her after making her beg for it. I'd gag her so she wouldn't scream and later I'd replace it with my cock until she sucked it dry swallowing every drop at me. Kneeling before me while I held her head fast…it made me hard just to think about it.

Her body looked so ripe and inviting sheathed in a few strips of clothing that only enticed. I wanted her so badly that I'd tear that bikini right off of her and push her down on the chaise spreading those thighs open for me.

But all I could do now was watch.

"Dad…Ruby and I are going to head to a movie," Tiffany said, "So I won't be here for dinner."

I just nodded, keeping my eyes on Ruby. If she were just alone….but she wasn't and she wasn't acting real friendly and that would have to change.

"Your mom and I will be out to dinner tonight with Gary and Nancy…"

Tiffany and Ruby just looked at each other.

"Okay…let's go pick out a movie then."

She and Ruby got up and both headed into the house leaving the book there. I took a closer look at it and saw that it was Tiffany's baby book that Gloria had put together. I flipped through it and saw her birth announcement complete with a baby's footprint and a lock of her hair with a pink ribbon around it taken when she was a toddler.

Lots of photos from the time she'd been born wrapped up in a blanket. Photos of her and Gloria and me. Photos of her with Brock too…including after her birth. He'd been with my wife when she'd gone into labor and I'd been relieved at the time rushing her to the hospital and staying with her until my office reached me.

I saw the photo where Brock held her and smiled for the camera. Another where he looked down at her seemingly unaware of the camera…the way he looked at her. I thought he'd been a friend but now…I knew differently

He'd fucked my wife before my daughter was born. I wasn't sure how long before and now looking at the two of them it dawned on me that if they'd had their affair before…then maybe…I didn't even want to think about what came next.

I broke out into a sweat and my fingers clenched the book tighter. What if the man who'd been my friend, the one who'd betrayed me with my wife had fathered the girl I believed to be my daughter?


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