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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I worked in the nursery into the late afternoon and found myself thinking about the key. The one that had turned up inside the envelope tucked in Tiffany's baby book. I didn't have any experience with such books because my mother hadn't really kept any photos of back when I'd been a baby. It's almost as if she wanted to forget that part of her life.

The beginning of my life.

I was so past taking it personally, as I'd learned to accept my mother as she was, once I figured out she'd never take care of me. It was a full time job just seeing to her own needs, needs that a child could never begin to fill. And I'd been an accident after all, the baby that had ruined all of her plans, destroyed her future.

No wonder my childhood had been erased by her without much of a record. But Tiffany had a mother who loved her, cherished her since even before she'd been born. I could tell that when I thumbed through the pages of the book recording her birth, her first steps taken and her first words spoken.

Photos of her from before kindergarten through her high school graduation. No part of her life had been left out. But why had the key been there? I also found it interesting that there were as many photos of Brock in there as her own father. Brock holding the baby in his arms at the hospital, a private and intimate moment caught on film. Brock hoisting her up so she could pet a horse…and a photo of him holding her hand while wading in the ocean…all caught without him watching. Before being tucked away in the baby book…I wondered why he had figured so prominently in her life, well at least the earliest part of it because once she hit junior high, he disappeared.

The heat seared the valley that day and I took many water breaks but the thoughts that lingered inside my head…questions about what I'd seen and they were foolish really. It was totally innocent for him to be included in her book if he'd been Devlin's working partner and one of his closest friends.

He was neither now and I didn't know why. Also Brock just didn't seem as close with Gloria as he had in these photos. But a lot of time passed and a lot could happen in even a short period of time as this summer had already shown.

Brock and I double dated with Lars and Tiffany and we went on a picnic in the nature park near the lake. We brought fried chicken, potato salad and other side dishes and a couple bottles of wine. Not that we did much talking because Tiffany was totally into getting Lars' clothes off so we chatted for a while about nothing really and then she took Lars off into the bushes somewhere.

That left the two of us alone and we went on a walk around the lake holding hands almost like a normal couple. Which we weren't of course but sometimes it was nice to pretend for a little while…

"So this ball is next week," I said casually, "sure you want to go to it?"

"Yeah haven't been to it in years," he said, "Never been in town when it's going on."

"If it makes you uncomfortable…"

He stopped and looked into my eyes.

"Does it make you feel uncomfortable?"

His question surprised me but I shook my head. No it didn't, because I didn't care much what people thought or said about us being together. I'd been pretty much labeled a slut even when I'd been a virgin because of my mom so what difference did it make what I did?

"I feel fine with it," I said, "I even got a dress for it."

He smiled.

"You'll look beautiful in it or nothing at all."

I slapped his arm playfully.

"Brock…we'll have to do some dancing first."

He stroked my face with one of his hands and my skin tingled.

"You always look so pretty…I'd say when you look prettiest but it'll make you blush."

I looked up at him.

"Yeah I like riding you too," I said, "and watching your face just before you come from it."

He smiled wider and slipped his arms around my waist as we stood there hidden in some trees facing the ocean. I watched him as he looked at me just before he kissed me, teasing me with his mouth and making me want more until he seized my lips with his own, ardently. I responded even more and slid my tongue inside his mouth while his lips tried to hold it snugly.

His hands roamed my dress unbuttoning the front of it, breaking his kiss just enough to do that and then palming my lacy covered breasts so they'd harden in his hands. I arched against him and my hands reached for the snap on his pants, so I could pull out his cock and watch it grow harder in my hands. He liked that groaning when I stroked it with my hands while looking at him. His own hands moved from my breasts to sliding my dress up my thighs slowly, his fingers grazing my inner thighs. I sucked in my breath because I knew if he didn't fuck me right now, I'd scream. He lifted me up.

"Wrap your legs around me…"

I did that and he carried me to push me against a huge tree trunk and then I felt his fingers fondle my panties as he lowered them just enough to bear my pussy. His fingers caressed it, rubbing my clit and oh god, I nearly bucked right out of his arms.

"You're nice and wet…you've been waiting for this all day haven't you?"

I bit my lip because the way his finger rode my wetness I couldn't speak. I just wanted him inside of me nice and fast.

"I know you have and now you're going to get it. I'm going to fuck you right into that tree."

I gasped as his thick cock parted my pussy lips with a single hard thrust and my walls clung to his hardness letting him inside just slow enough to torture me. My weakness of course, being ridden slow and leisurely always undid me, made me beg for more…left me feeling so hot that I'd spiral out of control.

Brock figured that one out quickly. He didn't need to tie me up, when he impaled me with his cock I was putty in his hands. In ways that frightened me sometimes to give up that control but Brock's way of being in charge was different from Devlin's, as different as the sun and the wind.

He bucked his hips jamming me against the tree so my bare ass felt its roughness. His cock tunneling inside me each time so that we were so close…damn I just wanted to explode around his cock but just when I came so close…he slowed the tempo down even more.

"Damn you Brock…just let me…"

He shut me up with his mouth on mine and pushed me against the tree even harder. Then he quickened the tempo, and oh man, I could barely hold on when he did that. Sliding in and out of my wetness, my clit on fire until suddenly…damn I climaxed so hard he had to kiss me to keep me from screaming. He bucked a few more times until I felt his molten heat inside of me.

We lay on the ground on a patch of grass after we fixed our clothing and he held onto me kissing me still. His hands on my breasts in a gentler way, rubbing my nipples…promising me when we got back to his place that he'd dab them with some tequila and taste them….oh what that did to me just remembering that.

But for now we just held onto each other as our bodies returned back to normal. I felt so elated and so…I couldn't put it into words.

And then something slipped out.

"Brock…I took a pregnancy test."

He stiffened suddenly next to me and around me and I cursed myself for saying it out loud. Why had I done that, how could my guard go down so much?

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you…it was just recent and I wasn't pregnant."

He remained silent and I thought damn, I just lost him before I reminded myself there was nothing to lose.

"Okay…I wished you told me."

I heard a twinge of wariness in his voice.

"Me too…but damn it was just so overwhelming," I said, "I mean I'm on the pill so I thought I'd be safe."

He didn't let me go which I took to be a good sign at least.

"When I got tested, there was nothing to tell."

He sighed.

"That's not true Ruby," he said, "You should have told me so I could have shared that with you."

That puzzled me.

"Why…why would you want to do that?"

"Because it's part of being with someone Ruby," he said, "Whatever happens, it involves me too and I have responsibilities."

"No you don't…like I said it turned out okay…if it hadn't…I wouldn't have kept it from you."

"I would have been there for you Ruby even if I weren't the only candidate for fatherhood."

I just looked at him in shock. How had he known but then I thought, wait I had told him in the beginning I'd been sleeping with another man. I just hadn't told him who.

"Well that's nice Brock but it's not necessary," I said, "You know this is all so new to me…having sex and worrying about pregnancy."

He squeezed me tighter enough so I could feel it.

"I know… but I didn't say that to hurt you," he said, "I just hope you're as open with him as you were with me."

I couldn't answer that because there's no way in hell I'd tell Devlin about the test. No way that I could tell him, the way he'd been acting lately.

So I just nodded and he pulled me closer to him as the sun began to set over the ocean.


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