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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I saw them together and anger filled me almost before I could stop it.

Ruby walking down the street with Brock, her arm linked with him as they talked a smile on her face the kind she never showed me. I'd been out on errands before I had to fly out on an overnight conference meeting with a client. But they looked like they were any ordinary couple out enjoying a Saturday morning.

How dare he take away what was mine.

I went into the grocery store with the list that Gloria had given me. But I remembered the day at the nursery when I'd come across her after she'd gone to help a woman find a tree. The woman had left with it and Ruby had been standing there alone.

My wife was back fawning over the latest shipment of roses while I'd slipped away to follow Ruby. She stopped working as soon as she heard my footsteps and she didn't turn around.


So she knew it was me and then she did turn around. She put a hand on her denim clad hip and looked at me. Her face inquisitive, her hair in a thick braid down her back…but she didn't smile.

"What are you doing here?"

"My wife's shopping for some more roses for the border gardens."

She digested that and then her brows arched.

"I mean what are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd check out some trees for the backyard, there's that spot next to the cabana. You do know where that is don't you?"

Her face turned a soft shade of pink and I knew she remembered what we'd done there.

"Devlin it's over…"

I took a couple deliberate steps closer to her.


"Because it has to be…I can't hurt Tiffany, she's my best friend."

"I would never let anyone hurt my daughter," I said, "but this is different. She'll never know about it."

She looked at me in amazement.

"She knew about you and Megan on the Fourth and she went ballistic."

I sighed.

"That was the only time," I said, "and it was because I wanted to be with you and you weren't there."

She tilted her face.

"I was with my friend," she said, "and I already told you we couldn't do it anymore."

"So you ran off to Brock?"

She folded her arms.

"I was seeing him before I broke off with you."

I sighed shaking my head.

"Ruby he's a user. He'll fuck you hard and then he'll walk away when he's got to make right with Caroline."

"She might not be coming back."

That was news to me but was it something Brock told her? The man couldn't be trusted to tell the truth because like me he'd been specially trained to lie to get the job done. Like me, he'd find that this skill would serve greater use off the job. Not that it caused any harm; I used it to protect my family.

"She will…and he'll go back to her."

She shrugged.

"I'll be back in school then," she said, "and not here. I'd never force him into anything."

"You couldn't with him anymore than with me but Ruby you don't have to walk away," I said, "I'll take care of you so that my wife will never find out…"

She looked at me carefully not saying anything but her hands fidgeted at her side. I knew that at least a part of her listened to what I said and that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. But it was my daughter who got in the way for no good reason. Her finding out about Megan had been a fluke, it'd never happen again.

"Devlin…no…I can't…"

I moved closer and she didn't back away. Of course the trees hid us and the wall stopped her.

"Yes you can…"

I had her trapped and pressed my body against her flattening her breasts underneath her shirt as I rested my hands on the wall on either side of her. Pinning her there while my mouth brushed hers and at first she resisted.

"No…I can't…"

But I know the tease didn't mean it and if I put my hand inside her panties I'd find dampness there. Maybe not slick enough to take me but give me time…I kissed her harder and this time she just moaned. I ground my crotch against her where she'd ache for it before long.

"Feel that Ruby? That's the part of me that wants inside your wetness right now."

She gasped at my words and at what pressed against her pussy kept away from me by several layers of fabric but I could make short work of them. I reached my hands to the snap on her jeans to unfasten it and then she tensed against me.

"Devlin…no…what are you doing?"

I kissed her mouth closed and traced the inside of it with my tongue which silenced her as I worked her jeans open and slid my hands inside her cupping her lace clad ass pulling her closer.

"Oh god…"

"I want you Ruby, you know what that means?"

She just looked at me because my mouth was back on hers and one of my hands stroked her panties where it'd make her arch her body for me.

"Meet me at the motel after work," he said, "and I'll do you like Brock can't on his best day."

She hardened then and I felt her wrench her mouth away.

"Damn you…get off of me."

I grabbed her wrists and raised them above her slamming her against the wall with my body pressing against her.

"I want you…you little bitch and I know you want me too…so I'll be seeing you later…"

She just shook her head and pushed me off of her and reached to fix her pants.

"No Devlin…I don't want this and I want you to stay away from me. You got it?"

The sharpness in her voice cut at me and I saw her shake as she snapped her pants back up. Then I heard some footsteps approach.

A man pushing a cart who worked there looked at both of us.

"Anything wrong Ruby?"

I looked at her but she shook her head and smiled.

"No Bud, I was just showing him some fiscus trees. We're almost done here."

Bud left and she just glared at me.

"And I mean that Devlin…we are done."

She walked away and damn her for thinking she could do that and that be the end of it.

I saw her with Brock on the street and it reminded me of that day. She'd fuck me willingly I knew if it weren't for him. He'd fucked my wife after I married her and now he'd fucked Ruby too.

I bought some fixings for dinner that night knowing I'd be on my own again because my wife would be doing last minute preps for the midsummer ball next week. So I'd make some pizza from scratch and catch baseball.

But I couldn't stop thinking of the two of them together. At some point she'd made a choice between the two of us and it had been him. No other woman had done that before once I'd bedded them. They did what I wanted until I decided to end it. But Ruby hadn't followed those rules and I'd have to do something.

I heard some laughter coming from the seafood section and looked up to see the two of them looking at the salmon section.

"So this looks pretty good what do you think?"

Ruby looked at him.

"Perfect for tonight…"

He put it in the cart and they continued onward. God it made me sick to watch. Then I heard another familiar voice.


She saw what I did and voiced her disapproval.

"I can't believe he's running around on Caroline like that," she said, "What if she found out?"

I didn't say anything because I knew all Angela wanted to do was stir up trouble and I had my own plans.

"I imagine he's not thinking about that."

Angela just looked at me.

"That's pretty clear but if she comes back home to this…"

I sighed.

"It's not really your business Angela."

She pursed her lips.

"Couples splitting up everywhere…did you hear about Gary and Nancy?"

No I hadn't but I doubted that their marriage was in trouble. His cheating on her that time with some young woman wouldn't change that.

"She found some woman's panties in his office drawer," she said, "I heard it was a trashy little thong."

Angela just shook her head.

"God what is it that make men like him throw perfectly good marriages away?"

"Maybe you should ask your husband that."

She looked at me, her eyes not blinking at all. I don't know why I said it but I'd grown sick of her gossiping.

"What are you saying?"

I continued enjoying it. The trashy bitch deserved it and more for trying to get her thrills out of messing with people's lives.

"Just that he's been looking at those sweet girls working the phones in his office a bit too long, get my drift?"

That shut her up and she mumbled something and pushed her cart away from me. I know that he'd be getting the degree when she got home from shopping. So Gary got a little careless and took home a trophy after he fucked that girl.

The gossip mill had little to say about that just that she'd been young enough to be his daughter and it had only happened once. If he got caught, served him right for being too horny to take care he didn't get caught. But I knew that Nancy would be spending more time at my house with Gloria talking about her wreck of a marriage.

I'd be spending most of my time in the backyard while my wife consoled her friend. Maybe she'd send Nancy over to Brock to fuck, after all it'd worked for her.

I didn't see Brock and Ruby again so I paid for my groceries and headed out to the car. Then I drove off to another store to buy items off another list.

A very special list.


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