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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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It didn't take much talk to get him to let me into his car. He'd been doing some work on it and just decided to test it out on the open road. Perfect, for what we both wanted. We both just wanted to get away.

All I wanted was to be alone with him. Just the two of us…if I could just do that, I wouldn't leave a virgin. We'd park…somewhere alone and we'd fuck. This time, he wouldn't turn me away.

The scenery blew by as the car picked up speed. I knew when we left city limits behind I'd won. No wife, no daughter, and no best friend to remember…out of sight, definitely out of mind.

When I'd offered him my body this time, I knew he'd take it. I had some time to work on a plan that I'd already started.

When I got up that morning, I dressed for him, picked out one of my flowery sun dresses and a pair of flip flips. I didn't wear a bra and slipped some white lacy panties on underneath my dress. I knew he'd like them.

I wore my hair up while I spent most of the day at his house working with Tiffany on a project and didn't see him.

Then I told her it was time to go home as I went to find him. I knew I'd find him working on his old car. I knew he'd be itching to take off in it and drive far away.

I knew he wanted me too. But he needed to know he couldn't hurt me. I wasn't a child, I was grown up and ready.

He pulled off the highway at last and drove the car to the edge of a bluff with the most breathtaking view of the valley.

I told him right away.

"I'm a virgin…"

He asked me if that bothered me and I mentioned school and not wanting to go there one. Then he started with all the reasons why we couldn't fuck. I had heard them back at the cabana, but now I knew what to do.

I slid my hand between his jean clad thighs, teasing him and then moved to kiss his mouth. My lips brushed his as my hand caressed his thigh. Much lower than I wanted but the way he looked at me…it wouldn't take much. His mouth yielded under my lips and I tasted mouthwash and something else. I wanted to keep kissing him forever. I used my mouth to explore his and flicked my tongue to trace his lips. That seemed to surprise him but then he kissed me harder…as if he hungered for it.

I fidgeted under his mouth, my body tensed and this ache underneath my panties…where I wanted him to fuck me.

So I slid my hand further up his legs until I brushed the bulge in his jeans and he reacted. He broke his kiss and looked at me.


I caressed his bulge looking back at him.

"You know what…"

He sighed but he didn't stop me from stroking him…his cock pushed against the denim to reach my fingers. I shifted in my seat so I could watch his face while my hand stroked his shaft, growing under my hand. It felt so alive, like nothing else I'd ever touched.

"God Ruby…you don't know what you're doing to me."

"I do know…and I want it…I want to know what it's like to be fucked by you…"

He squirmed under my hand.

"You can't know…god…what I'd do to you…"

I used my thumb on his bulge the way I knew he'd like…and oh…his face…it almost made me pause. What I saw there…made my mouth go dry.


He sighed as I used one of my thumbs to draw lazy circles around the bulge.

"Would you fuck me right here…?"

There was an edge in my voice when I said that because my own feelings, the sensations that shook my body…I needed him so bad…so much more than I'd ever needed anything in my life. If he pushed me away…but he didn't move at all.

"This isn't about making love Ruby…not with me."

I didn't care about that. I didn't want flowers and candy and sweet words, I never was into being romanced. I just wanted to be…I couldn't even say the word except I didn't want to have to carry the guilt of what I did…I didn't what to choose.

I just wanted his hands on my body and him to push his cock inside my pussy.

"It's not about that," I said, "I just want you…and I know you want me…"

He groaned because I had him there.

"It's not that simple…"

I squeezed his bulge to make a liar out of him. Just enough so he'd stop talking like I was a child…not a woman…

"Why not…I'm 18 and I'm here with you. Isn't that what you wanted?"

My hand fondled him and kept the words from coming…at least easily.

"If you know what I wanted…you'd get your sweet ass out of the car Ruby…and you'd forget about what you think you want."

His voice sounded raspy, and god, I knew he was so close…so close to just pushing me against the seat of the car, shoving my dress up and his cock inside of me.

What I wanted.

"I'm not leaving…"

I knew I had to up the ante so I reached to unsnap his pants.

"Damn it Ruby…"


"What you planning on doing?"

I tilted my face.

"I thought it was obvious."

He looked at me and I saw anger intermixed with the desire.

"Playing me like a tease Ruby? Luring me in to get me all hot and then pushing me away?"

I shook my head.

"No…I know what I want and I think you do too."

Suddenly he shifted and pushed me against the seat, his weight on top of mine pinning me there. My hands trapped underneath his weight. My anticipation heightened, some fear and a whole lot of desire rushed through me.

"I should just teach you a lesson you little tease," He said, his face inches away from mine, "and give you a good fucking to take back with you."

I struggled to breathe…the way he talked, his voice hinting at something so dark it made me tremble yet I wanted that darkness.

"I want it…I do…god…"

He just looked at me and he moved his body so the bulge in his jeans pressed against my pussy. Damn, he felt so hard even under the denim.

"Do you?"

He pressed his sheathed cock even harder against my pussy, and I felt my panties dampen.


Then he rubbed it against me, and the sensations I felt…made my body shake underneath his hardness. I felt his hand ride my dress up my thighs and it burned my skin. I bit my lip praying he wouldn't stop before reaching my panties.

I felt his fingers there before long.

"You're soaking Ruby…that pussy of yours must be so wet…"

I felt his fingers creep into my panties and the ache in my belly became unbearable. Only one thing could ease it…

"Damn…you're slick enough…"

Then he started rubbing my pussy…sliding a finger along the seam until he reached my clit and I nearly jumped.

"Like that…of course you do…"

"God it feels good….don't stop…"

"This will feel even better," he said, "I bet that pussy of yours is tight too."

Then my eyes widened as I felt him thrust a finger inside me…but being so wet it slid in easily. He pushed it in deep and then pulled it out and oh, I liked that a lot.

"Oh I bet underneath that virginity you're hiding a slut."

Not my favorite word, at least when I've been called one but I liked it better than being called a tease. Another finger joined the first and he hooked them together before he thrust them deeper. I arched my back…and he chuckled.

"You know…this is nothing compared to my cock," he said, "That's going to hurt...at first."

I sighed as he pumped his fingers in and out of me.

"I don't care…"

"Oh you will…"

I felt my body tingle at first especially when he used his thumb to rub my clit as his fingers fucked my pussy. Oh god…my body just tightened and tightened, each time it did, sheer torture…to be on the edge of pleasure…hurt. Anything to ease it…I moved my hips up to meet his thrusts. Close…so close…each time he thrust his fingers I thought I'd come but…he just pushed me closer to the abyss. But…oh god…I felt it…I needed it…

Then he pulled his fingers out of me and smiled.

"No…no climax…"


"Now I'm going to go outside and you'd better not follow…I've got to take care of something…"

I had some idea of what he needed to do…but what about me?

"I want to leave you hungry…damn you for teasing me," he said, "the best thing for you to do would be to find some guy in college to ease that hunger…"

"I…can't wait…"

He fingered my lips so I could taste myself…rubbing my juices over my mouth.

"Ruby…you just tempted me so damn much…I don't know if I can hold back…"

"Then don't…"

He sighed and shifted back up to sit in his seat.

"Okay then…but be careful what you ask for," he said, "and that you really want it…because when I come after you, it'll be too late."

I swallowed hard.

"I do want it…"

"I won't be gentle."

"I don't want gentle…I just want you."

He looked at me for a long moment and then he opened up the door.

"I'll be back in a few…stay in the car."

He left and I watched him go, wondering what I'd gotten myself into…it was like taking the tiger by the tail. But god, I couldn't wait.


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