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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I entered the boutique with Tiffany not knowing what to expect. After all I'd never been to a passion party before and had no idea what happened at one. Despite its name, I knew I wouldn't be walking into a massive orgy but still I felt a bit nervous.

Lacey smiled and so did the pregnant woman she introduced as Elena who helped her with the refreshments. Tiffany and I took a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers and went to sit down inside the circle of pillows on the floor. We saw some familiar faces, one of them the dreaded Angela, Nancy and a few others. We just looked at each other as we got comfortable. Tiffany leaned closer to me.

"Do we have to buy anything?"

"I don't think so," I said, "but

Angela just looked at the two of us.

"Are you sure this is someplace that you should be," she said, "I mean neither of you are married."

Tiffany and I looked at each other trying not to laugh.

"I don't think that's a requirement," she said, "I just think wanting to spice up your sex life is and that makes me wonder what you're doing here."

Angela scowled.

"I'm just here because I'm curious."

Tiffany nodded.

"Sure…so are we and I want to know how to make my boyfriend even happier in the sack."

Angela's face twisted.

"I see…I heard about you," she said, "Seems you had to make a very private trip to the drug store recently."

Tiffany just stared at her. I knew she was trying to recall that but I already knew. It had been when she'd gone in to buy me a pregnancy test.

"Oh well you shouldn't believe everything you hear Angela," she said, "but I've never been into the town gossip mill."

Angela smiled.

"So I hope your…problem turned out okay."

Tiffany waved her hand.

"Oh that…it turned out just fine," she said, "So how you handling your husband lately? I heard he got a brand new intern."

Angela just smiled more widely but as she got up she seemed shaky.

"Excuse me…I just got a call…"

Tiffany rolled her eyes.

"God she makes me sick," she said, "Always trying to stir up trouble when she needs to watch her own house."

I sipped my wine.

"So what if she gossips about you buying that test?"

Tiffany shrugged.

"I'm not worried about it," she said, "Of course if my parents find out…"

A chill rushed through me then because if that happened, what if Tiffany was forced to tell the truth about why she'd bought the test? What if she had to tell Devlin that the pregnancy test had been for me? My stomach twisted and so I sipped more wine.

Then we both heard a familiar voice.

"Tiffany…Ruby…what a surprise…"

We looked up and saw Gloria standing there looking at us. We could tell that this party had already gotten off to a roaring start even before Lacey started showing off the merchandise.

Gloria sat across from us looking more than a bit uneasy. We sat around in a circle and finally Lacey came in and turned off the light after lighting some candles for ambience she said, to free us up to be more comfortable sharing with each other.

As if that could happen safely in this town, where more than likely what happened here would spill out into the grapevine soon enough. I knew better than to reveal too much.

I just said I came to the party because I was curious about it having never been to one before and because I wanted to look at some of the lingerie because my boyfriend liked it. The truth of course because Brock loved it when I stripped down to silk and lacy bras and panties right in front of him….he loved stroking my pussy sheathed with silk and suck my nipples through the lace. It made me hot for him just to think about it.

The town gossip crowd could take that information and run with it. Tiffany had no such shyness. She said that her boyfriend loved sex toys and she wanted to see what he might like. I glanced over at Gloria but if she was shocked at her daughter's revelation, she hid it well.

"What do you like Tiffany," Lacey asked.

My friend shrugged.

"Oh I'd love to try toys," she said, "I used a vibe but since I've been with him…I wondered what it'd be like if he did it to me."

My face burned as I remembered how her father had fucked me with a long thick vibe while he had me tied to the bed in the cabin one night. It had thrilled me even as I felt some fear to be penetrated by it over and over.

I cleared my throat and reached for the wine. Then Lacey moved on to Gloria who was blushing, her face a shade of pink I hadn't seen before.

"I…I don't see my husband as much," she said, "He works out of town a lot but I still…want…so I am…curious about some toys."

Tiffany and I just looked at each other after her admission. God, I can only wonder what it'd be like to hear my own mom confess she wanted to get herself off with some sex toy. But then she used men that way and they used her. Gloria just didn't see her husband enough and when he was in town…he spent as much time fucking me when we were together as he could have done her. That is if she…he did each other. But then they were married so of course he fucked his wife.

Lacey smiled at her.

"I see…well as you can see we have quite a good collection."

The women started handling the vibes and dildos. Ruby picked one up and ran her hands over it while she watched Tiffany pick up a huge one and give it a hand job.

"Lars likes it when I do this," she said, "But I don't think I'll bring this home."

She didn't seem worried that her mother sat in the room watching her but then they'd been close, like a real mother and daughter relationship. I didn't get what that might be like at all. I hardly saw my own mother. Sometimes we met in the hallway in passing before she took off on another trip.

Lacey kept showing us the different products and fascination replaced nervousness among most of the women. I picked out another bra and panty set out with holes in just the right places, this one in black.

Tiffany appraised it.

"He'll really like that," she said, "Maybe I'll buy it in blue."

I didn't pay much attention to whether or not Gloria bought anything because that just seemed too weird. The whole evening left me feeling strange. Being there with both my best friend and her mother carrying my secret…that would remain a secret because I hope I made it clear to Devlin that it was over for us.

Then toss Angela in the mix. Whatever happened in this party wouldn't stay here for sure. I went to get myself another glass of wine. Angela followed me.

"Strange I'd see you here."

I just ignored her filling my glass and then sipping it slowly. I'd be meeting Brock afterward at his house and I couldn't wait to show him my new purchase.

"Really strange indeed," she said, "I know you and Brock are getting it on but you do know his girlfriend's coming back soon."

I turned on her annoyed. As if I needed to be reminded of that, I didn't tell her that Brock and Caroline might not be having a joyful reunion. Why give her more fodder for her rumor mongering?

"Angela why do you care so damn much what other people do…?"

She also filled her glass.

"Ruby…because Caroline's my friend," she said, "and frankly, you're a tramp just like your mama."

I wanted to splash the wine in her face but I knew better. She wanted me to cause a scene with her so she could accuse me of attacking her. She flung out bait and then watched to see how people would respond. It had become her favorite game to play.

I could play games too.

"You know…Angela, I saw your husband the other night," I said, "he seems awfully friendly with his workers don't you think? But it's only the young ones barely out of college or high school."

Her face withered, her smile fell right off of it. But seriously as many people in town knew of her husband's wandering eye as they did about my mom's history with her men.

She didn't have much to say after that.

I lay next to Brock intertwined in his arms. Our bodies still slick, the two of us still breathing hard. I'd done my little strip tease with one of my new outfits and he didn't wait until I finished. When I got down to my panties, he pushed me on the bed and thrust his cock inside the crotchless panties, my pussy waiting to be penetrated as deep as he could go.

Afterward we came down to earth together and my body still tingled from what had happened to it. But my mind weighed heavier.


I couldn't believe I was going to say what I had to say…but it had been on my mind all night.

"I know you've had a lot of girlfriend."

"Yes I have…does that bother you?"

"No…no it doesn't," I said, "I just wanted to know if my mom…"

He stroked my shoulder then in a pattern of movement that relaxed me.

"I never fucked your mom or did anything," he said, "She did…but I was involved with someone else at the time and she just moved on."

He didn't need to sugar coat my mom to me. I'd grown up with her after all and I'd seen so many men and heard of so many more.

"I didn't…well I just…thanks for telling me."

A pause between us left me wondering if I should tell him something else.

"Ruby…I know we're just what you'd call fuck buddies," he said, "but I do like you…I do like to play except for once in my life…It's just that me…love don't mix."

His candor caught my attention and I twisted to look at him.

"You were married much so I knew you were in love."

He sighed.

"That wasn't it," he said, "That just proved to me that marriage wasn't for me."

"Oh…that doesn't matter," I said, "I'm too young to think like that."

He tilted up my chin to look at him as we lay sideways.

"You still have a lot of time Ruby to do a lot of things," he said, "Get married have a family if you want."

I took a deep breath.

"What about you," I said, "Didn't you ever want that…with anyone?"

He chuckled.

"Hey I'm not an old man. I still have time. It's just that my career takes all my energy and time. Though I've been thinking lately about cutting back on the travel…"

I nodded.

"You're right. There is time…."

I didn't know how to tell him what I wanted to say. That for a while there I'd thought I was pregnant after having slept with him. But then the complications sunk in that if I had been knocked up, it might not have been by him.

And I couldn't even get into the fact that Devlin could have just as easily been responsible. So I kept silent. I didn't tell him even as a part of me wanted to do it.

Instead I just kissed his mouth again, tasting its flavor and teasing the seam of his lips with my tongue the way he liked it. He responded by opening his mouth and letting me inside, where I could stroke his tongue with my own. Kissing him was part of what made it so hot. Devlin didn't like kissing much. It was always a precursor to him sinking his cock inside my pussy or my mouth.

I didn't know it could be separate as a pleasure and something to anticipate. Until moments like right now.

"I want to taste every inch of you," he whispered.

And oh how much I wanted that and him.


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