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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Ruby can be such a clueless chick sometimes. I know she's my best friend and god I love her but I couldn't believe how she acted in the bathroom earlier.

It was just a stupid pregnancy test that I'd picked up for her at the drug store in town because she'd been too embarrassed to do it herself. I didn't give a crap if anyone saw me get a test and then gossiped about it to their friends. Ruby had stayed outside while I took the test to the clerk who just scanned it and then took my money.

We sat in the bathroom the next morning following the instructions. Basically you take the stick and just pee over it and then wait a few minutes to read it. Blue for negative and pink for pregnant, sounds simple right? Of course, the stick came up a soft shade of purple instead. That color wasn't included in the instructions so what did it mean? Was she pregnant or not?

I told her she'd just have to go to a doctor but she kept insisting that there was no way she could have gotten herself knocked up. I know she'd taken the Pill but maybe she'd slipped up or Brock had some super sperm.

Then my mom came to call us down to breakfast so I stashed the test into a bag to get rid of in someone else's trash. We went downstairs to eat where my dad already sat at the table.

He looked at me oddly the whole time we ate but didn't say much. Maybe he's still worried I'm going to tell mom about what he was doing to Megan on the beach. But then he started asking me questions when I mentioned I would be hiking with a friend. He wanted names but I didn't feel like giving him any, after all what I did with my time was my business not his. I didn't know how he'd react if he knew it was Lars who'd be taking me.

I didn't know if he knew that Lars and Brock were friends and that he and I had been seeing each other. I didn't want to get the third degree from him right now. Luckily my mom had started to ask Ruby if she'd be going too but Ruby said she and Brock had other plans.

That shut my mom up. I don't know what it is with her about him.

Lars did take me hiking and we stopped to picnic near the stream at the top of a peak. After finishing our sandwiches and a couple of beers, it didn't take long for us to be lying on the blanket, our hands under each other's clothing. I unsnapped his shorts and pulled out his cock, grabbing his shaft and wrapping one of my hands around it.

"You like that don't you?"

He groaned on the blanket and I maneuvered myself to lower my mouth so that I could tongue the head of it. That nearly made him jump up.


I looked down at him.

"What Lars? You don't like…"

He groaned again in answer as I settled my mouth lower, so his gorgeous head could breach my lips and slide into my mouth. Lars was thick in girth so I knew I'd have to stretch my mouth to take him inside it.

I love blowing men. I can't help it. I don't even mind swallowing it when they come; I love that I can make a man react just by using my mouth on them; make them want it so much.

Lars bucked his hips, pushing his cock further into my mouth but I held onto its base to control his movement. I had him where I wanted him.

"Oh god…you love it don't you…"

I released him just at the point I felt him tense knowing he was very close to the edge.

"Yes I do...but I need you so much now…"

I slid down my shorts and my panties and straddled him, wanting to push my wet pussy down on his erection, closing my eyes at how incredible it felt when my pussy hugged him tight. He reached up to grip my hips as I began to grind against him, my clit aching for some good friction to get it off.

He rolled over on top of me before long wanting to be the man and nudged my legs part to fit in between them before he started thrusting harder inside me. I gripped his shoulders, begging him to make me come, quick as our bodies slapped together.

Lars had told me how he and Brock used to frequent clubs when they'd been in the military and pick up women though Brock had been more selective with those he took back to the motel they frequented near the base. It just excited me as he told me his stories after we'd done it.

It hadn't taken me long to say to myself, Chad who?

"So you going to go to the doctor or not…," I asked Ruby.

She dunked more fries into the ketchup as I ate my onion rings. We'd both met at the diner to catch the special burger plates handed to us by a subdued Carolyn. She'd been in my high school class but I hadn't gotten along with her very well.

"No…no reason to go….I'm feeling fine," Ruby said, "It's probably just the heat."

I reached for my iced tea.

"What if you are pregnant," I said, "God you think Brock will freak?"

She just frowned at me.

"He doesn't seem the type to freak out about anything. But there's nothing to worry about because I'm not pregnant."

"You got your period."

She looked at me annoyed and then shook her head.

"No…but I've been late before and didn't mean anything."

"So you're late now?"

She shrugged picking up her burger.

"Only a day…maybe two," she said, "I'm sure it'll start soon."

Tiffany rolled her eyes.

"God you're so calm. I'd totally be wigging if I were you…I mean if I were…I wouldn't know who got me pregnant."

I'd been with Chad and Lars and…don't forget Gary though that had happened only once. Ruby just froze when I said that, looking straight ahead.

"Ruby, what's wrong?"

She shook it off quickly enough.

"Nothing…If I'm really late, then I'll go to a doctor," she said, "but one I can trust to not tell anyone."

"I've got a good doctor if you need one," I said, "She hasn't told on me to my parents yet and I trust her."

Ruby appeared to think about it.

"You are going to tell him?"

She blinked her eyes looking almost startled.


"Brock…you know the one who put you in this situation."

"Oh…no…not unless there's something to tell him," she said, "So far there's no reason to tell him anything."

"He seems like a cool guy," I said, "Maybe he'll understand about it."

Ruby shook her head.

"He's got nothing to do with it," she said, "If I'm pregnant, it's my problem."

"Ruby…he's got to know the truth," she said, "It's his right."

She just looked at me.

"Says who…what difference would it make? Most men bail when they get a woman pregnant."

I knew she was drawing on her own life experience so I didn't protest.

"It's not like I grew up with a father."

I sipped more iced tea.

"Maybe Brock would be cool with it," I said, "Of course he's got that girlfriend in London who'll be coming back soon."

Ruby just focused on her fries and Carolyn walked on over to refill our glasses with more iced tea.

"So how's your day?"

I looked up at Carolyn.

"Damn fine…I went hiking with my boyfriend."

She arched her brows.

"You have a boyfriend?"

"Sure do…he's hot too," I said, "He took me hiking and we couldn't keep our hands off each other."

Carolyn smiled.

"That's really nice Tiffany," she said, "What's with your father anyway?"

I looked at her suddenly.

"What do you mean my father?"

Carolyn sighed.

"Oh…nothing…he just seemed upset…must have had to do with the picnic."

I felt anger fill me…did she know about it but I covered it nicely with a smile that felt tight on my face.

"What makes you say that," I said, "My father had a rough job that put him under stress."

I didn't know why I lied for him after what he did but I didn't want this to get back to my mom once I'd decided not to tell her.

"Oh…I didn't know that."

I didn't worry too much about Carolyn because she had her own secrets. But if she hadn't seen us at the picnic, who had told her about my dad's dalliance with Megan?

Ruby spoke up.

"Carolyn knock it off," she said, "You're one to talk with those late night parties you have at your house."

Carolyn narrowed her eyes.

"What do you mean?"

Ruby looked straight at her.

"You met up with two out of towners at the club," she said, "and you took them both home didn't you?"

Carolyn's face flushed up I noticed and I turned to look at Ruby just as Carolyn stormed towards the kitchen.

"What the…"

She smiled.

"Oh Carolyn likes to perform strip teases in front of men, the more of them the better. Likes to drive them crazy until they have to do her."

"Wow…how did you find out?"

Ruby shrugged her shoulders.

"Heard about it," she said, "All the times she judged me in high school because of my mother and she's nothing more than a skank."

I couldn't argue with that but how did she know so much about Carolyn? It hadn't been on the gossip mill as far as I knew.

"You still should go see that doctor," I said, "to know for sure."

She just looked at me as if she were tired of hearing about it.

"Okay…if it doesn't come in a few days I'll go," she said, "but I know my own body. "

We finished our meals and then headed out to my house not knowing what awaited us there.


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