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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Tiffany and I both looked at the stick not knowing its color.

"Isn't it supposed to turn pink or blue," I said, "I can't tell what color it is now."

Tiffany studied it carefully, too carefully as we both sat cross legged in her bathroom. We'd gotten up bright and early to try out the damn test. Actually I had tossed and turned most of the night except the one time I had gotten out of the bed to go downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of mango juice.

I should have known better because he was home.

I wore a lacy little camisole over some silk pajama bottoms and when I entered the kitchen, I flipped on the light and walked towards the cabinet to grab a glass. Next stop would be the refrigerator before heading on back upstairs to Tiffany's room.

But I wasn't alone. Devlin stood there in his worn sweats wearing nothing on top. His muscular chest, well I know my fingers ached to touch it even though I had told myself no as far as he was concerned.

"Ruby, what are you doing up?"

I felt uneasiness surge through me, the way he looked at me now. I knew what he wanted and I felt naked despite my clothes.

"Just getting some juice," I said, "I couldn't sleep."

He sighed.

"Me neither…I'm still a bit jet lagged."

I knew he lied about that just as I had lied to him. I couldn't sleep in the same house that he did and the restlessness I felt was the part of myself that wanted to slide between the sheets with him. I'd told myself it was over and I meant it but why now did I feel my resolve weaken? His dark hair ruffled, his eyes penetrating mine.

It was like looking at a caged tiger who had just left his confinement. He moved closer to me and before I knew it, I was between him and the counter. His warm body pushing against mine as his hands slid to grab my hips, his groin against mine and oh god….he had just gotten so hard against me.

"You feel that Ruby," he whispered, "That's what you do to me. Every time I look at you…I want you."

I sighed, trying to slow my breathing, trying to get control. Before he'd push his body further, opening my thighs so he could get even closer…not what I wanted because I had promised myself it was over.

Devlin didn't seem to get that part and I felt his hands slide up my sides and start toying with the straps on my camisole.


"Don't, what? You mean strip you naked and fuck you against the counter."

I tried to gasp but the way his fingers teased the straps down my arms. It made it difficult to find my words.


He kissed me then, right on the mouth, his lips taunting mine and his tongue tracing the seam, trying to press my lips apart.

"You like that don't you? Ruby you're nothing but a cock tease? You know what that means don't you?"

My eyes just froze as he lowered his mouth to my breasts which he bared when he pushed the straps down my arm. He licked the hollow between my breasts and damn, I barely could stand still.


He put his hands on me as he kissed my breasts making my nipples grow hard. I needed to tell him to stop, that I mean it when I said it was over, that I wouldn't risk it anymore.

"Devlin stop it."

He stood up then and didn't look happy. I just stared at him because I couldn't move as he had me pinned to the counter.

"You little slut," he said, "You need a man like you to fuck you."

"This is your house;" I said, "your wife's and Tiffany are under the same roof."

He shot me a look as if he didn't need to be reminded.

"You begged me to fuck you more than once, remember that," he said, "That first night in the cabana when I told you that once we stepped inside there would be no going back…no saying no to it…and you still begged me to take you."

I couldn't deny that because I had wanted him so much that night. Even before he'd taken my virginity, I'd wanted him. But right now, what I wanted to do was to go back to Tiffany's room no matter that my body betrayed me.

He reached for my hand then and he slid it underneath his sweats where his cock grew so hard, I felt the heat of him as he placed my hand on it. It twitched even as it warmed my hand and I remembered what it had been like to stroke him to climax…with my hands and then with my mouth. I felt heat flush inside of me as he held my hand there.

"You want that Ruby…you can't hide it," he said, "No one knows our secret and it'll stay that way."

I tried to pull my hand out but he held it fast.

"No….no…let's go out to the cabana and finish this," he said, "We both want it…"

I pulled my hand out of his pants and he grabbed it and my other one.

"You know you want it," he said, "I can give you want he can't."

Meaning Brock which was what this was really about, it had nothing to do with me as much as the fact that Brock wanted me too and something existed between the two men…something that went back long before I was in either one's bed.

I pushed him away and this time he stayed away. He just looked at me as if he didn't believe what I'd done.

"Go back to your wife," I told him, "I can't do this anymore."

I left him then before he could say anything more and walked up the staircase not looking behind me. I slipped inside the bedroom into the darkness. Tiffany's soft snoring told me that she hadn't waken up and I settled between the sheets again.

The next morning I tried not to remember what had happened downstairs between the two of us. Tiffany greeted me with the instructions of the test and so mostly to make her shut up, I agreed to take the test. I would have given anything if she hadn't been in the bathroom with me, because I knew that if I had gotten knocked up, it might have been her father who did it.

But the stick after all that wait didn't look like any of the colors on the chart. What the hell did that mean?

"Maybe you're a little pregnant…and a little not."

I shot her a look.

"Tiffany that's impossible."

"Well you aren't positive or negative," she said, "Maybe we got a messed up test. We could try again."

My stomach recoiled.

"No…no I don't think so," I said, "I'm sure my period will come any day now and all this will mean nothing…"

"Maybe it just means you need to see a doctor."

Oh god no, I thought immediately vetoing that suggestion. I'd wind up at the clinic where half the people who worked there either knew my mother as the town slut or they knew Devlin or Brock and I didn't want either man to know about it. Not unless there was something to tell them, until then it would have to be between me and Tiffany.

I told her that and she put her hands up.

"Of course, that goes without saying," she said, "I wouldn't tell Brock. I swear it."

Brock wasn't the only one I worried about and Tiffany without knowing the back story could innocently leak the information to her father. If Devlin knew…I had no idea how he would react. No idea how either man would after getting news like that.

"You can't tell anyone," I said, "You have to promise me."

She nodded and I thought she meant it. I hoped she meant it.

"A doctor would help you figure out what to do with it…if you are pregnant."

I hadn't thought that far along yet. I couldn't get past not passing the test and messing my whole life up. I mean look what happened to my mom when she got pregnant with me.

We heard a knock on the door. Gloria's voice told us that breakfast would soon be ready and waiting for us. Tiffany and I just looked at each other and then we went to get ready, with Tiffany saying she'd stash the test in a bag and toss it later.

It might be a little hard to explain to her mother if she found it.

Devlin didn't even look at me the brief time he spent at the table. Gloria had done most of the talking along with Tiffany and I spent most of my time half listening.

"You too are going to the tennis club?"

Tiffany shrugged.

"I might be meeting someone to take me hiking."

Devlin spoke up finally.


She looked at him, smiling.

"Just a friend…."

The answer didn't please him and I thought he might push her for more answers. I knew already she would be hooking up with Lars. They would be hiking before she'd be spending the night at his place. I'd be covering for her. Not that she wasn't an adult but I noticed how her parents had been looking at her particularly Devlin.

"Will you be going with her?"

Gloria asked that question and I shook my head.

"No I'll be spending the day with Brock," I said, "We're heading to a baseball game."

I didn't read any visible reaction on Devlin's face but I knew that he didn't like it.


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