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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I had Ruby where I wanted her, in my bed where I rode her like a horse. If she only knew how much it was about breaking her, she'd bolt. I'd straddled her after she dared me to keep her from walking out of the cabana and I had her pinned to the bed, my cock inside her so fast. The fear in her eyes was fleeting, and anticipation replaced it. But I know I didn't imagine it.

Sometimes I wished that didn't excite me so much. But it's too late to change. The way her breasts bobbed up and down with each thrust of my cock…damn she looked hot, her hair spread on the pillow. Her pussy felt slick against me as I pushed deeper into her with each stroke.

"Get off of me…"

The edge in her voice made me push harder.

"I'm going to ride you, you cock teasing slut."

The words rolled too easily off my tongue but it just seemed to excite her the more. I didn't ask why, I didn't care…all I wanted to do was fuck her. Even if…no I just wanted a good, hard ride.

I love my wife but I don't fuck her. After she had our son, she wasn't interested except once in a while…and I never pushed. Otherwise, she was the perfect wife and mother of our children.

Why push her to do what she doesn't want when there are others, younger women all around to fuck instead? Others reading and willing, or at least by the time I'd bedded them.

But damn, Ruby was different than those others. She'd consumed my thoughts more than the others, and sometimes I couldn't get her out of them. It had been that way long before that first night.

She sighed as I fucked her, leaning backward slightly as if I were on a bronco but this was more than a 10 second ride.

"Remember that first time…"

Damn that was a loaded statement; I think she closed her eyes when I said it. No doubt remembering what happened when she set foot in the cabana.

But she'd dared me after all, had taunted me…and she'd gotten it. I bent over while I fucked her to remind her of that.

Then we both heard noises from outside the cabana. Footsteps, more than one set and voices.

A man and a woman…and the woman…sounded like Tiffany. I knew that just from her laughter at something the man had said.

We both froze as we listened. I hadn't locked the cabana door and the footsteps got closer, the voices louder until they stopped just outside the window.

"Oh damn this is one cool set up…"

"Chad…your place is just as nice…"

I froze recognizing the male voice…and the name. Ruby fidgeted beneath me and I pulled out of her to sit by the window.

I couldn't risk being seen by my own daughter.

"Yeah well…you got this cabana…looks real private."

"It's nice...and since everyone in the house is asleep, it's ours…"

I didn't like the sound of that and not just because we risked discovery but that was my own daughter out there with some stranger talking about using it.

"What about your friend? You sure she's out for the night?"

Tiffany chuckled.

"God yes…finally…she's nice and everything but damn, she needs to just give up her V card."

"You mean she's never…"

Tiffany snorted.

"Hell no and it's not like I never tried to give her advice…or set her up."

"She's a fox…not like you but pretty hot."

Tiffany sighed.

"Shut up about her and stop worrying about my dad," she said, "He's asleep with my mom until morning."

"That's real good baby because I've been wanting to get you alone since…"

He never finished his sentence. I wanted to see him, who was putting the moves on my little girl but I didn't dare.

I heard the sound of kissing, and furniture moving.

"Come right here Chad...just let me pull my nightie up….just enough…"

Chad grunted in response and I heard what sounded like the chaise creak.

"You mean we're not using the cabana?"

I listened to my daughter moan…the rustle of clothing.

"I can't wait…god…Chad…I want it…give it to me…"

"Sure thing…god you're so hot…I remember how you taste too…"

Murmurs and groans…and then the chaise began to make rocking noises. I knew why. Because this Chad guy was fucking my daughter just a few feet away from me…and by the sounds she made, she wasn't a virgin.

"You got something Chad…I've got some in my bedroom but…"

"No I'm covered…just let me get ready…"

"Hurry up…god I want it so bad," Tiffany said, "Give it to me hard…nail my pussy…"

"Sure thing…"

Then I knew he had thrust inside of her after he grunted and she gasped, then the noise of their bodies…the rattling furniture and their cries.

I wanted to go out and kill him…or at least cool him off in the swimming pool and then ground my daughter for the rest of the summer.

Only she was almost 19.

Then the voices grew louder.

"Yes…yes….Chad…harder…fuck me harder…hell yeah…"

"Harder…harder…baby…yes…yes…," Chad exclaimed.

I heard them climax and then they quieted down.

"Damn that's hot," Tiffany said, "I'm so glad you got off early."

"Me too…wow…I heard you were something…"


"Don't believe everything you hear…damn where my panties?"

"I think…here…it's late I got to go…Got my number?"

"Yeah…give me a call if you want to go out…"

I just listened to them talk, as they appeared to get dressed and then their voices started fading. No doubt, Tiffany had headed back to the house to slip back into her bedroom as if nothing happened.

"You surprised?"

I looked over at Ruby.

"That Tiffany's is having sex…who is it by the way?"

She paused.

"Chad's the manager of the club and heads security," she said, "He's almost your age."

Damn, there had been a lot I didn't know about my own daughter.

"You want to kill him don't you?"

I couldn't deny it but I couldn't even confront her without having to explain how I witnessed it.

"Forget about her Devlin…she's a grown woman and she's out having sex," she said, "She can take care of herself."

I knew she was right but it was something I couldn't control.

"Maybe I should leave…"

I looked at her and shook my head.

"You know what will happen if you try it."

She licked her lips.

"You'll do what?"

I grabbed her wrists before she could react. I was angry…furious at the man who had fucked Tiffany and I couldn't go after him.

"What are you…"

"Shut up…and lie on your stomach…"

She tried to pull her wrists free.

"Let go of me…"

"No…on your stomach…now…"

I pushed her down and she finally relented and I straddled, my cock hard against her ass.

"Devlin…you wouldn't…"

"No not tonight but I'm going to fuck your pussy."

I bucked my hips hard and thrust deep inside her pussy…god she was so wet…maybe listening to my daughter being fucked turned her on…maybe she wished it'd been her on the chaise.

She lay flat on the mattress as my cock moved in and out of her, my body pushing forward with each thrust keeping her still. Harder and faster, she moaned beneath me, her voice stifled by the mattress. I couldn't stop, ramming her until my groin hit her ass.

"You like that you don't you…you want to be fucked hard…"

She moaned and I knew that meant yes. Excitement filled me as her pussy grabbed my cock...and I arched my back but kept thrusting.

"You need it…don't you?"

"Yes…oh yes Devlin…god give it to me…"

Her pussy clenched and I knew she was damn close to coming and so was I.

We put our clothes on not long after to get ready to go back into the house. She would leave first this time and then when she was inside, I'd count to 10 and head back myself. Staying out of the moonlight for as long as possible.

Then we'd head back to our respective bedrooms. I watched her go and I thought what would happen next. I needed more excitement, more of a rush and she'd become like a drug. But how far could I push the envelope with her? How hard until she broke?

I kept thinking about that as I headed back to the house.

I lay awake next to my wife, closing my eyes but not to sleep.

"What are you doing?"

I looked up and saw Ruby wearing a sundress and some flip flips looking down while I fixed the car.

"Just checking her…I'm going to take her out for a drive…"

I hadn't seen much of her since that day when I turned her away but she seemed to have gotten over it.

"Can I come?"

I studied her face and only saw casual interest there.

"I thought you and Tiffany were working on some project."

She shrugged.

"Yeah well, her mother's helping her with it now and I was on my way home."

I stood up and looked at her, so damn tempting in that dress that hugged her figure and the way her hair spilled around her shoulders.

She'd been wearing it up in a pony tail earlier.

"I'd really like to not have to head home right now…I'm supposed to be home for dinner but I've got plenty of time…"

I saw that she wanted this in her eyes and I nodded because I know what I wanted too. Time to toss out a lure and see what it attracted before reeling it back in slowly…

"All right get in the car and we'll get going…"

We drove out past the city limits to a wilderness park where I stopped the car in a lot and we looked over a steep bluff to the valley below.

"It's lovely isn't it," she said, "You can almost for miles away."

"I used to go hang gliding here when I was younger…"

"That sounds fun…dangerous but exciting at the same time…"

She inched closer to me thinking I might not notice but I did and the honeysuckle in her shampoo wafted towards me.

"I'm going away for the first time…to school in a month."

She sounded happy about that but wistful at the same time…I had to choose my words carefully.

"It's a great experience, you'll get to try many new things, meet new people."

She bit her lip.

"I'm a virgin…"

I figured as much but to hear her say it, my cock responded.

"Does that bother you Ruby?"

She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Well yeah…I don't want to go to school a virgin…"

I sighed, my cock hardening in my pants and my eyes on her.

"You know I wanted you that day," she said, "I thought you wanted it too."

I looked away for a moment.

"Ruby I told you what it'd be like if we…we walked into that cabana…what would happen to you."

"I know but you didn't give me a choice," she said, "You just made it for me."

"I did what I had to do Ruby…once we were together there'd be no backing out."

She nodded.

"I wanted so much to be that woman that I saw you fuck," she said, "I'll do anything you want if I can just be her."

Damn, being so close to her when she talked like that. If I didn't say no to her my cock would talk me out of it.

We were alone miles away from anyone. No one would interfere. No one would stop us but some instinct told me this wasn't the right time.

Then she slipped a hand between my thighs and looked at me, before she bent to kiss me.


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