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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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got back into town just after midnight and drove to the diner to pick something to eat before heading back to my house.

Carolyn waited tables that night. She'd gone to high school with my daughter but hadn't gone to college. Her parents didn't have any money to send her and so she'd stayed behind and turned her part-time summer job at the diner into a full-time gig. She kept her dark hair long but wore it up off of her neck in a bun and the uniform molded to her body.

"You're here late," she said leading me to a table, "You just get back in town?"


"Your daughter was in here earlier with her friend, you know Ruby…"

Yes I did, but I just nodded slightly.

"They had gone to the movies," Carolyn said, "before coming here. They spent a couple hours eating dinner and some of the pie."

I didn't know why she was telling me all this but maybe she just had gotten bored working tonight and felt like making small talk.

"Tiffany's seemed a little upset."

My brows rose slightly.

"She's had a difficult summer," I said, "Injuring her head earlier."

"Ruby seemed upset too," Carolyn said, "but then you know about her."

"Know about what?"

Carolyn looked at me oddly.

"You know about her mother," she said, "Sure gets around doesn't she and hardly ever in her own house."

I knew about Betsy and her exploits with men in town had spread through town. If there was a town whore, it'd be her. Not that I ever fucked her, too many men had gone to that well. But Ruby had more sense than her mother. After all, no one in town had been talking about us.

"I don't pay attention to the town's rumor mill."

Carolyn just looked at him.

"Of course not," she said, "After all, you're hardly ever here. Traveling so much for your job must keep you out of the loop."

I didn't want to get into this with her. But she kept talking. As she took my order, brought it to my table a few minutes later and refilled my water glass.

"You know I heard some rumors about you."

I just looked up at her straight faced. She had that coy looking smile on her face but I knew how to play her.

"I don't pay much attention to rumors Carolyn," I said, "Most of it is just made up by people bored with their own lives trying to stir up some excitement."

She didn't look bothered. She just smiled down at me.

"Oh it's pretty interesting stuff really," she said, "Just that your daughter got upset with you for some reason at the Fourth of July picnic."

I kept focused on my dinner.

"Like I said, Tiffany's not had an easy summer."

"Oh the head injury…right but someone said that she was yelling at you near the lake, something about what you did."

I sighed. She had this look of barely concealed excitement on her face like she'd learned some secret. I had to convince her otherwise but I knew what I was doing. She wouldn't have a chance.

"It was nothing…she was just worried about something she had heard…something about a job I'd taken that she thought was too dangerous."

The words came out of my mouth so easily but I was so practiced at lying. I spent years getting paid to lie and live a fabricated existence when I did a job. Invent a new identity at least temporarily and if I hadn't been able to pull it off I'd be dead by now.

"Oh…that's different from what I heard," Carolyn said, "I heard that she'd mentioned a woman's name."

I took another bite out of my sandwich.

"You want to know which one?"

I didn't need to know and I didn't need for here to know.

"It was Megan wasn't it," she said, "Tiffany was yelling at you about Megan…and she'd disappeared for a while at the same time you did."

Had someone noticed that we'd left the picnic at about the same time? I hadn't cared because I knew what I wanted and that I'd get it. Maybe she was just fishing but she'd mentioned the right name…one of them anyway.

"Megan…she was in Tiffany's class in high school."

Carolyn sat down in a chair nearby. I wished she hadn't done that. I didn't want to let her feel comfortable enough to keep probing for more information from me.

"My class too…former cheerleader…kind of a bitch…"

I don't know why she shared that bit of information and I didn't care.

"Don't know her. I don't think she and my daughter were friends."

"Oh she didn't have any close friends really," Carolyn said, "She slept with too many of her friends' boyfriends."

I sipped my water. Megan obviously knew what she'd been doing when she sucked my cock on the beach and then when we disappeared into the trees but I didn't care to know anything else about her. I needed to fuck a woman and she was just there. Beyond that, she didn't really exist.

"She tried that with a couple of mine," Carolyn continued, "but I was too smart for her. I got her game quick."

"Carolyn is there a point to this?"

She shrugged.

"Look if you and Megan got down and nasty on the beach that day I don't care," she said, "I'd just never pictured you doing a tramp like her."

When it came to being a slut, Megan would pale alongside Carolyn based on what I'd heard about her.

"My life is none of your business," I said, "I think you need to let eat and do your job."

She looked around her.

"Place is dead this time of night…especially since Brock's out of town and he's not bringing in his latest girlfriend. You know he and Ruby are an item."

Yes I did and I knew what to do about that.

"Besides, back to what I was saying," she said, "You'd really let a skanky girl like Megan near you…and your um…"

She didn't need to finish. I got her point. I knew what she wanted and I wasn't going to give it to her because who wanted a woman most every man in town had fucked?

"Carolyn…why are you even talking about her like that," I said, "I've heard some rumors about you…"

Her smile dimmed slightly.

"Like what?"

"That one man's not enough to keep you happy," I said, "that you'll fuck three men at once…letting them fill up all those holes."

Her jaw dropped. I could imagine some man's cock sliding into her mouth but it wouldn't be mine.

"What the…"

I kept my voice calm, my face neutral as if I were in a room interrogating someone.

"One guy fucking you while another's got his cock deep into your ass….and then there's that mouth."

Her face turned crimson. If everyone in this town had a secret, I had just divulged hers.

"I…I never…"

"Oh yes you did Carolyn and you begged for it. You begged for them all to do you …after you did a little strip tease for them."

"Who told you that?"

I smiled.

"I'm an Intel expert," I said, "I know enough about your night life to write a book."

I didn't know that much but I knew I sounded convincing. A little bit of knowledge going a long way and I knew it was working on her based on what I read on her face.

"I'm not…"

"Oh yes you are Carolyn," I said, "I know exactly what you are and I think this conversation is over."

She just nodded slightly as if she didn't have anything left to say. Then she walked back towards the front of the restaurant shaking her head.

I woke up in my bed to darkness around me. My wife slept next to me and I saw some light shining in the window splashing shadows on the wall.

Not what I had been seeing before I opened my eyes. I'd been dreaming about my wife and him as I was watching them at a distance. Brock had his hands all over hers, smoothing her dress over her shoulders and down her body while Gloria had been unbuttoning his pants to get at what he had waiting for her. I didn't see details of where they were, the furniture itself appeared dim except the bed where they fell after they disrobed each other. He rolled over on top of her and she wrapped her legs around him, moaning as his hips pushed against her.

I had just watched and had believed what I saw was real but in my dream, I was frozen in place and fury shook my body at the fact that Brock fucked my wife in front of me and by the way she cried out, the way she gripped his back with her fingers as if she were holding on for life, I knew she wanted him.

It stuck with me even awake though the details had faded. I knew it had happened more than once. Brock and my wife hadn't betrayed anything more than a casual friendship, when during part of that time they'd been fucking each other.

I wanted to punish the woman still asleep next to me but I didn't dare. I knew better than to mess with Brock. It'd be like going against myself, just as formidable. But the knowledge that they'd kept their affair a secret seethed at me.

I had my own secrets including one I kept from both. That involved Ruby. My wife didn't know I'd gotten her into my bed and Brock, I don't think Ruby had told him either. I would know if she did that. Maybe I could use that to get her back to doing what she was told, to do what I wanted. I had lost control of her and it was time to get it back.


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