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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I looked at myself in the mirror and didn't think I looked so bad. Tiffany must be on something to even suggest that I might be knocked up. I felt totally fine, okay maybe a little tired at the end of the day but I worked in the hot sun all day at the nursery. I didn't hang out in the shade all day near a swimming pool like her.

Right now I felt great, filled with energy. I just didn't feel like going out with her because I already felt like she'd interrogated me enough. Like I'd ever get myself in the same situation as my mom and get knocked up before I even hit 20. No, she had made that mistake not me. I had been careful and got myself protection before I opened myself to any man.

Okay so there were two men but the pill had to work, it was supposed to be nearly totally effective and I'd know if I were pregnant by either one of them.

I slipped into my jeans which molded to me the way I liked them and slipped a tee-shirt over my head. My mom had headed back to Vegas with Dirk and hadn't even called. But I was fine with being alone in the house.

The quiet didn't bother me, I liked it. After cooking myself some soup in the kitchen, I sat in the television room to watch a movie. It grew dark outside as I watched some silly comedy which made very little sense but kept me watching.

As I pushed Tiffany's comments out of my head…it just had to be ridiculous. I left the movie to go get some more soup feeling quite hungry now that it had cooled off a bit.

I remembered the stories my mom told me when she had time in between live in lovers about how when she was my age, she had great plans for her future. She had been told she was pretty enough looking to make money modeling in some big city far away. More than once, she told me more than once.

But after she barely finished high school, her mom kicked her out and told her to find her own place to live and to work. After she had accused my mom of seducing her boyfriend in the living room while her mother had been working at an office at a law firm…

Not true my mom had told me more than once but she didn't explain further. Then after hooking up a gig at a night club she wound up pregnant.

The details got sketchy after that and what little I learned had been after my mom got sauced up and was being tucked into bed before I returned to studying. But I knew even less about the man who sired me.

My phone vibrated and I looked at it.

"Hey good looking, you interested?"

Brock maybe, he was probably back in his hotel room by now. But when I checked the number, it said unidentified.

I didn't respond to it. Probably a wrong phone number or some guy picking numbers randomly to get his rocks off.

"Hey you want to fuck?"

What? Who was this jerk? I looked at my phone but still no way of identifying the color. Just that it was an unknown number.

"I want to fuck you."

I put my phone down feeling annoyed mostly. God, what some people did for kicks when they were bored. Somewhere a teenage boy and some of his friends were probably laughing right now at what they did. The phone buzzed and sighing, I picked it up hoping it was Tiffany or someone else.

"I want to tie you up first…then I'll fuck you…"

Still no number…who could it be? I ran through my head the possibilities but seriously there weren't that man.

"I should come over there right now…tie you up with some good rope on the bed… and sink my cock in between those folds."

Damn, he painted a graphic picture now. This unknown person who had decided to fuck with me.

"Come on bitch, you know you want it…I can give it to you."

My body tensed and I felt a bit of fear…who would write something nasty? I didn't have anyone who hated me. Most people didn't notice me like they did my mom.

"You know you want it…you home right now?"

I just looked at my phone like it was the enemy. Then I almost dropped it because my hand shook suddenly. Who was doing this to me and why? I clicked Tiffany's number and called her up.

I heard noise in the background.

"Hi Ruby…didn't expect to hear from you."

"Where are you?"

"Just got out of the movie theater," she said, "You'd never believe it but Gary and his wife were there. Talk about awkward."

"She doesn't…"

"No the woman doesn't have a clue," Tiffany said, "I could fuck her husband right in front of her and she'd never know."

I didn't doubt that actually but I had other things on my mind. Someone had been sending me nasty texts and I didn't know who.

"So what's up?"

"I've been getting some nasty texts but the number comes back unknown."

"Sounds like some loser who's getting his rocks off on calling up strangers to freak them out."

I paused. My first thoughts but somehow I didn't believe that now.

"I don't think so," I said, "they're very graphic texts about how he wants to come over and you know…"

I didn't want to say it out loud.

"Like I said, sounds like a creep," she said, "I wouldn't worry about it. I'd worry more about whether Brock knocked you up."

I sighed.

"I'm not pregnant," I said, "I feel like myself."

"You don't look like it. If you're late, tell me and we'll go get you a test."

"At the store…?"

"Where else," Tiffany said, "Geez, it's times like this I have no problem believing you just got your cherry popped this summer."

"Tiff…I'm not pregnant," I said, "There's nothing to test."

"Okay…we'll see in a few days right?"

I wondered why I had even called her. Any time she mentioned the possibility of pregnancy, it slammed me inside because if that were true, then it wasn't just Brock that could be the father.

It could be Devlin…making the baby her half…I didn't even want to consider it. No, it couldn't be true…in a few days my period would come and everything would be normal.

It had to be normal.

"I got to go now," she said, "I did run into Chad and we've been talking…"

"You're getting back together with him?"

A pause and then a sigh from the other end…

"Probably not…maybe…I did miss him…and he's being nice."

I just listened to her rhapsodize about her ex boyfriend and my mind filled with so many things. I barely heard her.

"Hey Ruby…you working tomorrow?"

"Yeah but only half day."

"Come by the house," she said, "I can do your nails before Brock comes back."

I thought that might be fun. Tiffany could have been a manicurist with her skills.

"Okay…I'll be there."

After saying goodbye I hung up the phone. It vibrated again. I looked at it.

"get down on your knees suck my cock until I cum."

Again no identifiable number showing up on, damn who was it? I put down my phone and went into the kitchen to put the dishes away.

Next day, at the nursery I found myself looking around, feeling uncomfortable but everything looked the same. No more texts had been sent and the next morning, I got up feeling queasy again but it was nothing.

I looked up and saw Gloria looking at some perennial flowers on the border of the store. I continued working until I heard her voice.

"Well hi there Ruby…"

I brushed my hands off on my jeans.

"Hi…you need any help with anything?"

She paused.

"No…I was going to get some flowers for the center plot on the side of the house…you know the one by the chimney."

"Yes I do…what did you have in mind?"

"I don't know…it's mostly to keep me busy. Once the ball's done with, I'll have more time on my hands."

I wondered why she didn't spend more of that time with her husband in the sack so he wouldn't crave fucking young women. Didn't she even like sex? None of my business I reminded myself. One woman clearly wasn't enough to keep him happy.

"Have you seen Brock at all?"

I looked up at her startled.

"No…no he's out of town on business. He'll be back tomorrow."

She just nodded.

"Oh I know that you're seeing him and well, he's a bit older than you."

I sighed.

"I know but I don't mind," I said, "I like him and he seems to like me."

She appeared to digest that.

"I know but I hope you're being careful with a man like him."

I bit my lip as I considered that.

"Why are you telling me this," I asked, "I mean I know he's your husband's friend."

"Was his friend," she said, "They're not really that anymore."


I couldn't let on that I knew that Devlin didn't seem to like Brock much because I don't think I'm supposed to know that. Not as Ruby, her daughter's friend anyway, and Ruby, her husband's lover wasn't someone she needed to know about.

"I think I'll go with the pansies," she said, "They look nice. Where are they?"

I pointed out to the other wall where they were included with other similar flowers in starter pots. She smiled and thanked me and then she left.

But what she had said baffled me. Why was she so interested in Brock? Something about her face when she'd asked…no I really didn't need to think about her. After all, I'd been fucking her husband practically under her nose.

No better to keep my questions to myself.


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