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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I sat and watched Gloria eating dinner with Nancy until our own order arrived. My stomach grumbled when I smelled the delicious aroma of my chicken dish. But still it was hard not to focus on the two women who seemed caught up in their conversation.

I hadn't missed the way that she'd looked at Brock when we'd stopped at their table. I thought I'd imagined it but something didn't get past me. Of course he'd worked closely with her husband though they weren't friendly now. Maybe…but no, I couldn't even imagine that so I put it out of my head. But I didn't feel calm in the restaurant as I held secrets that would rip the lives apart of both of them.

The first and obvious, was that I'd been screwing around with Gloria's husband until recently and the other…I knew about what Tiffany and Gary had done in the cabana.

I would keep both of them and the two women would remain friends.

"You and Gloria seem to be good friends despite everything."

Brock looked up from his eating and shrugged.

"We've got no reason not to be," he said, "Just because Devlin and I are rivals in the business…has nothing to do with her."

I spooned some more sauce over my chicken.

"How close were you to her?"

His own fork stilled.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean were you good friends…did you hang out together…when Devlin wasn't around?"

I knew he was fishing and he knew it but he looked up with me smiling anyway.

"We were good friends…what does it matter," he said, "She's a great lady always been since I've known her."

Not the answer I sought but I dropped the issue. I guess I didn't want to know the longer answer.

"Devlin and I…we're just professional rivals and we're both so competitive that sometime it gets personal," he said, "but we're not enemies."

I guess he hadn't talked to Devlin lately about it because I knew that Devlin viewed their relationship different. Maybe hate wasn't the right word to describe it but it appeared steeped in something deeply personal.

"He's very complicated," I said, "even more than you."

Brock chuckled because we'd joked about it.

"Blame it on the day job."

I knew that had a lot to do with it as it did with Devlin. They had years in their profession to learn how to balance separate lives, separate personalities and to keep secrets from everyone around them. That had permeated into their personal lives, how could it not?

"I have to say it's never a dull moment with you."

His eyes looked guarded then.

"Same with you," he said, "It's been quite a summer."

We both returned to eating because the conversation faded when it got to personal for either of us. Slowly I felt like he were less of a mystery to me.

"Yeah school will be starting up in just over a month."

He dug his fork back into his food not looking at me. I knew he was thinking that his girlfriend would be back in town at about that time. He'd slip back into his life like I would, this summer interlude a fading memory.

We left the restaurant before Gloria and Nancy did. They'd ordered dessert but Brock said he'd rather have it at home and I felt my muscles relax already. That's what he called eating pussy after all, and god his tongue, his lips, I almost came just from the memory.

Sure enough when we got back to his place, we stripped down and relaxed into his hot tub first. I closed my eyes as his fingers deftly slid into the seam of my pussy riding it, brushing my clit and heat filled me inside as the hot waters bubbled against my skin.


"You like that," he said, "God you're so hot…the way you feel right now…"

"You hard yet…?"

"Why don't you find out?"

I slipped my hand between his hard thighs and damn, his erection waited some sweet attention from me. I loved handling his cock, thick in girth so it stretched me with each penetration. His balls lighter in the water than they were in my hand. I rubbed one of his favorite spots beneath them and he started breathing faster.

We got out of the tub and we lay sideways on the plush carpet going at it. My mouth wrapped around his hard cock while his lips brushed my pussy before his tongue teased its lips open to ride it like his fingers had done earlier. Slowly and leisurely we sucked each other off, I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth as he bucked his hips gently. My hands on his ass pulling him closer even as my pussy hummed under his mouth. He nipped at its lips, suckling them and his tongue darting around my clit which send shards of pleasure through me. The rush of sucking his cock while he went down on me shook my body when I came and within a second, his cum poured down my throat while I swallowed it still basking in the vibrations my pussy sent through my body.

I maneuvered my way afterward to lay my head on his chest, thoroughly sated. But even though I had just climaxed, I still wanted him but he needed some time to relax.

"You want it don't you," he said, "I'll be hard again soon enough."

"This is nice too," I said, "I…god I heard 69 was hot but I'd never done it."

He kissed my mouth after I turned sideways to look at him.

"Glad I could be your first."

I sighed.

"I really wish you had been…in other ways."

He frowned.

"What do you mean by that? Did someone…"

I shook my head.

"No…but you care about what I want," I said, "I love it when you go down on me…it's so fucking amazing to feel that way."

"I love sucking pussy so it's no hardship on me."

I kissed him on the mouth and I felt him going hard against my groin.

"I know that but not all men do…"

"Their loss…"

He rolled me over on my back and slid in between my thighs. My pussy slick from his attention welcomed him inside it with the first thrust. His mouth captured mine as he moved his hips against me nailing me to the carpet. I wrapped my thighs around him gripping him tightly.

The next morning I slipped out of the bed where we wound up under the sheets sometime after midnight. I had to get to work in a couple of hours but my stomach felt uneasy, tense but some of the food last night had been spicy not to mention what Tiffany called, the ultimate protein shake afterward.

I thought maybe some toast would taste good so I went into the kitchen to scramble up some eggs to go with it. I knew that Brock would be working at home today on his next project. I went to go look for the silverware but opened the wrong drawer.

Inside this one were napkins and placemats, lain out in different corners and some loose photographs. I picked them up and saw they were a bit frayed with age and showed Brock with Devlin and Gloria at what looked like a picnic on the beach. Then a photo of a smiling Gloria holding a baby boy on her lap while wearing a swimsuit and shorts…she looked so much younger and her eyes sparkled at the man holding the camera. I guessed it wasn't her husband.

I put them back because whatever happened with him and Gloria, none of my business and they had clearly put it behind them.

"Hey you're up early."

I turned around to smile at him dressed in his faded grey sweats looking too damn tempting.

"I got to go to work early."

He nodded and went to get some juice out of the refrigerator. My nose didn't like it and I shook my head opting for some of the Thai tea we'd brought back with us instead.

"I got a pile of stuff but I'll be here," he said, "I'm meeting up with some guys tonight to play some poker."

"Sounds serious," I said slipping some bread in the toaster.

"It is…though we keep the wagers low."

I shrugged.

"Tiffany and I thought we'd hit the blues act tonight at the club."

We cooked breakfast and ate it on the back deck, before he let me use the shower. Alone…because if he joined me I'd never make it to work on time…but as I soaped my body I wished it were his hands doing it. I wanted him to push me against the tile of the shower and thrust inside me so deep I'd be pinned beneath him unable to move, not caring.

I don't know why I wanted it so bad. But I'd spend the whole day wishing I'd spent it in his bed. As I drove to the nursery, I felt the heat of the summer day hit my body and knew it'd be another struggle leaving me wishing I could retreat to the shade.

I never thought it could be anything else.


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