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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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When I was 18, he made me cry once. Devlin had asked me to walk with him to a garden where he had just planted flowers. He knew I worked summers at a nursery and thus knew about flowers. I walked with him but not just for the flowers.

I wanted to be alone with him, away from the others at Tiffany's 18th birthday party. Her mother, Gloria had gone into the house to frost the cake and Tiffany and the others had been talking in the shallow end of the pool while I slathered more lotion on my body.

Devlin sat nearby and I saw him looking at me again. When I catch him, he'll look away sometimes. But now he just kept watching me while I spread the lotion over my legs so they would tan without burning. He looked at me like I'd seen him before as if I were naked.

I didn't care in fact I liked it. I rub the lotion into my skin all over, slowly with my fingers because I want him to watch.

I wanted him to look at me that way, as if he could see my breasts which were bigger now. They grew later than Tiffany's but now they filled out my clothes and I liked showing them off. I wanted him to touch them…to be the first. But I'm just Tiffany's childhood friend grown up, not a girlfriend.

I picked my bikini just for him with Tiffany's help but she doesn't know why. Royal blue, with thin straps that always slid partway down my arms…bottoms which covered me…and made my legs look nice…. I run every day since I used to compete in high school track so they're nice and fit. I wear it when I drop by Tiffany's to use the pool which is most summer days I don't work…sometimes after work before the sun sets.

Sometimes Devlin does laps wearing his black Speedos which look fine on him. He's got the hottest body from working at his job…whatever he does. He leaves town a lot on work and it's like he never existed until he returns one day.

But today he led me to the garden near the cabana and I told him I knew what he did there. You see I saw him take a young woman there. She worked a couple of months as Tiffany's tutor for history and she seemed awfully shy at first. I heard some moans coming from the cabana while walking to the garden to get some flowers for lunch. Gloria had invited some members of her charity committee to eat sandwiches while they met.

Tiffany and I thought some flowers might be nice so I went to go get them. I was 15, and had just looked in the mirror that morning hoping for breasts like the ones in the magazines. What I knew about what men and women did when they're alone came from those magazines. I thought I knew it all what I needed to know.

Until I looked in the cabana window…and got an education.

Devlin was naked like I'd never seen him, and that part of him, his…it was big and thick, like a steel rod and he had his hands all over the history tutor. Her blouse was open, her breasts hanging out of her bra and she trembled in her panties. Her shorts at her feet, forgotten.

I could see that clearly.

"God no…I really need to get back…"

Her voice didn't sound scared just rushed. She didn't seem in a hurry to leave and he picked her up and carried her to the bed…inches away from my view from the window. They were so into each other they didn't notice me watching…listening.

"I'm not letting you go…you followed me in here," he said, "knowing what I wanted to do since I hired you."

He joined her on the bed, his cock bobbing slightly. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. It was purplish at the swollen tip like a ripe summer plum. I made out his balls tucked underneath what Tiffany referred to as the shaft while reading out loud from some magazine.

"Open your legs for me…"

The woman sighed as she splayed them open and I watched Devlin yank her panties down off of what they covered…her pussy. A word that slipped off the tongue much better than vagina…but didn't really describe it. It was hidden mostly with dark hair and thick lips.

"I…what if she walks in on us or the kids…?"

"She's busy with her guests and Tiffany and Ruby are inside the house…probably up in her room."

"I….this is wrong," the woman said, "I…I…come from a good religious family."

Devlin pushed himself in between the woman's thighs.

"So do I…this is not about family," he said, "It's about me and how much I want to fuck you right now…you want it too…I knew that when we were in the garage and we kissed."

The woman sighed and winced as Devlin moved against her and damn, I stood there watching his cock thrust inside of her and disappear from sight…all the way up to…his balls. She gasped as it disappeared inside her.

"Oh god…"

"Like that don't you…you're a cock teaser," he said, "and the teasing is over."

I watched him rut against her spreading her legs open…fascinated watching Devlin's cock reappearing and disappearing and how she sighed, and made little noises in response. His ass bobbed up and down as he pushed into her, sliding effortlessly before pulling away.

I watched and I should have been embarrassed but I wasn't…I felt a part of me tingle…the part of me where Devlin had thrust his cock into her. He covered her mouth with his hand as he pushed her into the mattress, their naked bodies so intertwined. What did that feel like, I thought. I didn't fully understand what I witnessed but I remember how it made me feel…

I wanted to be her.

I wanted the father of my best friend's body in between my thighs, I wanted him to push against me like he did her, to feel what it was like to have a part of him inside of me…making me feel like her.

I didn't know why, I just wanted it more than anything then.

The moans continued mixed with his grunts and the sounds their bodies made when they collided like the smacking of flesh. The creak of the bed which rocked beneath them…more and more until I heard her cry out but not in pain.

The look of sheer elation on her face when he stopped thrusting…god I wanted that.

I slipped away as to not get caught and he never knew what I saw until I told him…before he sent me away. What an asshole he'd been after I had told him what I wanted, what I would do…like that woman.

It just made me more determined.

Tiffany and I ordered pizza while her parents went out. We put a movie on net flex…some soft core movie cloaked in a flimsy plot.

"God do you think they're really doing it," she asked me.

Watching the couple screwing each other in silhouette hit close to him because I'd just fucked Devlin in the cabana…and my body still felt imprinted by his hands.

"Nah…it's body doubles…you'd see penetration if it were real."

Tiffany looked at me funny.

"So you're some expert now…you haven't even done it yet."

I bit my tongue. How could I respond to that? I'd done it just that afternoon by the pool when no one had been looking.

I'd be doing again tonight once Tiffany had fallen asleep and I could slip out of the house and meet him in the cabana.

"Are you ever going to do it?"

I just looked at her.

"Of course…when I find the right guy…I'm picky you know that."

Tiffany harrumphed.

"Yeah… I know…"

She had told me her first time which had been as a senior in high school with a college student named Randy. She'd hated it for the first month until it started feeling better.

"I think my father's bored with my mother …"

Just out of nowhere Tiffany dropped that bomb. I tried to not react.

"Tiffany…why would you say that," I said, "They've been married a long time…"

My friend shrugged.

"He's just…different but he's been this way before. Maybe he'll just be glad to go out of town again."

Maybe, I thought but it'd be a while before he left…at about the same time I'd be returning back to college.

Plenty of time to be together….

We did 69 as soon as we hit the bed inside the cabana. I'd waited upstairs in Tiffany's room until she fell asleep and then slipped my robe over my nightie to meet Devlin in the cabana.

I loved the taste of his cock, licking its head carefully exploring it before sliding it inside my mouth just enough to suck it…use my muscles to draw it in just enough…and unlike with some other things, Devlin had been patient. I'd gotten a lot better since I first went down on him, now that I knew what he wanted.

He licked my pussy, parting the lips as I tried to focus on twirling my tongue around the head of his cock. Catching any droplets of precum… and then when he started moving his hips, I opened up my mouth wider to take more of him inside.

As I sucked his cock, the sensations of his tongue on my pussy, thrusting it just enough inside to drive me crazy…I realized how much that movie had worked me up…into where I just had to have it.

Now, as he thrust his cock deeper into my mouth, I felt overwhelmed by the sensations rocking my pussy. What he did with his tongue…I braced myself for what would follow…

Afterward, he lay beside me on the bed in the dark. A stream of moonlight flowing in the window…just missing us.

"So how much time do we have?"

He looked over at me.


I played with the whorls of hair on his chest.

"Tiffany suspects something's not right with you."

"Did she say this?"

"Just that you're not the same," I said, "But you've been like this before…and we both know why."

"Because of what you saw…Ruby…I don't make a habit of screwing around on my wife," he said, "It's just a couple of women."

"How many…?"

"Not many…I'm no saint Ruby but I'm careful…with those around me."

That didn't quite answer my question but that's the best I'd get from him. There was a lot about him I didn't know.

"That woman…you saw…she flirted with me first…"

She seemed so shy from what I could remember and he'd been trying to draw me out of me shell, I knew that now. But had it just been to lure me to the cabana?

"I wanted you that day when I told you and you said…no…"

"I hurt your feelings didn't I?"

I didn't deny it.

"Yes…but all it did was make me want you more," I said, "even with your terms."

He sighed.

"I know I was hard on you," he said, "Some might say…well my life makes me that way…I've seen a lot of things that harden men."

"I don't care about the past," I said, "I'm here aren't I?"

He looked at me, harshness in his eye at that moment.

"A part of me wants to break you Ruby," he said, "It's just as well the summer ends soon."

I shivered at his words. There were parts of him I didn't understand. The man who'd taken my virginity like I wanted...but not in the way I expected.

"Use me then Devlin…make me want you," I said, "I want a man who knows what he wants and takes it."

"It excites you?"

"It does more than that," I said, "so if I were to leave you right now…"

Before I got the words out, he straddled me hard, his cock pushing at my pussy, but I resisted.

"Fuck you…get off of me…"

He placed his thighs on either side of my hips and squeezed them tight so I couldn't move at all.

"I'm going to ride you, you cock teasing slut…"

He pushed his cock harder to get inside of me but I squeezed my own legs together.

"Promises, promises…"

I put just the right amount of mockery in my voice for him. His eyes changed in a way that sent some fear along with the arousal. He forced my legs apart…just enough and then when I tried to squeeze them again, he thrust his cock inside of me, burning as he pushed through.

"Fuck you…"

He leaned over.

"No…I'm going to fuck you…"

He pushed hard with that first thrust and my body moved up and down as he kept pushing deeper inside my pussy each time. The thrill of being taken like that filled my body, pooled in my belly the most incredible rush.

"Remember that first time…"

I closed my eyes….hearing the edge in his voice.

"Remember what you begged me to do…you taunted with it, you teased me?"

Yes I remembered, but I thought I'd known what I was doing…only…

"You did it too…"

The memories of that first night in the cabana rocked through me like the river rushing through a gorge…overwhelming. ..but I looked at him now as he rode my pussy.

"You dared me…you wanted it and you got it…"

I did and now he was fucking me, like a cowboy rode a filly that didn't know she wanted to be ridden. I knew when I came, it'd be fast and hard…and I'd want him even more again.

Sometimes he could be tamed, he could almost be sweet to me but then these other times…I looked up at him as he rocked against me, and felt my body getting so close…so damn close to coming apart.

Then we both heard voices outside the window.


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