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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I went to bed that night but I couldn't sleep.

Gloria hit the sack first after cleaning up and fell asleep quickly. I sat in the entertainment room watching movies while Ruby's words filled my head.

She had told me that our affair should end. I told her it that wasn't necessary. Tiffany's behavior after catching me with Megan had scared her. It had alarmed me too but it won't stop me from doing what I want to do.

It just means being more careful but if Ruby thinks what we have is over, she's wrong about that. Already I'm planning the next time we'll be together, where I'll be back between her thighs where I belong. I looked at the screen but instead of the movie, I saw the two of us together, tangled up in each other while I made her scream from what I did to her.

Something about her made me return for more each time. She didn't complain when I wanted to tie her up before I fucked her or had her on her knees sucking my cock. Megan hadn't wanted to be tied up. No, Ruby was special.

The next morning I woke up and headed to work at the office. I had some blueprints for a security program to inspect before emailing the specs to the client. Gloria had left to take Tiffany shopping and Ruby was probably at work.

"Hey boss the next round of blueprints is almost ready."

I looked up at Dave who handed a stack of them to me to review. It'd be mostly paperwork today and then I'd be hitting the tennis club for a set with some former clients. Tennis didn't suit me but I learned a long time ago that it was important to keep networking in my line of work. I made very good money but I wanted to make even more of it before I retired.

So I finished my work and headed to the tennis club which had light traffic on the courts that morning. I changed into my clothes in the locker room and headed on out to meet up with Lyle and Bob. To my surprise Gary had suited up with them.

"You need a partner?"

I looked over at Gary knowing he'd played tennis semipro some years ago, before he met Nancy.

"Let's get started," I said, "before it gets too hot."

Bob chuckled.

"We'll keep the heat on the courts."

The game turned out to be more intense than usual. Bob and Lyle were sharp and hit back serves hard keeping us on our toes but Gary proved to be my best partner. His turn of foot on the court and his lethal backhands put us immediately on the lead.

After the first game which we won handily, we grabbed some Gatorade and sat in the shade.

"We should have played for something," Gary said, "Winner gets a prize."

Bob shrugged.

"We usually play for drinks at Links."

Gary nodded.

"That'll work," he said, "but I'd rather play for some pussy."

The three of us just stared at him.

"Did you just say what…"

That was Bob with more than a hint of astonishment in his voice. Gary nodded.

"I love my wife but man, I've been missing out."

I arched a brow at him.

"How'd you figure that," I said, "You've been married for…"

"Nearly 15 years," Gary said, "but lately…I've been seeing what's out there."

Lyle sighed.

"It's not all it's cracked up to be," he said, "My wife caught me with the maid and now owns half of everything…but I did get the summer cabin."

Gary hesitated.

"I think I know what I want," he said, "I met someone and she's pretty hot."

Lyle guzzled his Gatorade.

"You fucked her yet?"

I saw a hint of a smile on his face and knew the answer.

"I'm thinking about it."

Liar….but then he knew already how to be careful. Better to say he thought about it than he did it.

"So what's she like?"

Bob always liked to ask the questions, to live vicariously through whatever men did because he didn't have the balls to do it himself.

Gary smile wider.

"She's very pretty…young and her tits…more than a handful and she likes to tease."

Lyle's brows furrowed.

"Anyone we know?"

Gary hesitated for just an instant.

"Probably not."

Again a liar, but a careful one…couldn't be anything else in a small town.

"So when you going to do it to her," Lyle pressed.

Gary didn't look as eager to answer that question. I knew why but did the others? A better question to ask would be how long he'd been banging her.

"I'm still thinking about it."

Bob swigged the rest of his drink.

"Just don't be careless and get caught with your balls hanging. The wives come after those first."

Only if they found out and Nancy wasn't the brightest in the bunch. Gary could probably fuck someone in front of her and she might not pay attention. In that way, she was like my wife. But then how long had it taken for me to find out about her fucking Brock?

So I wasn't always looking out myself.

I thought about it on the drive home after showering off the sweat from winning two set matches. We did wind up playing for drinks and not pussy. I wasn't sharing mine and Gary wasn't advertising his, as for the other two they talked about it but that was it. Some might think it crazy for married men to share Intel like this with each other but that was the culture in a small town with families with deeply buried roots in its fabric.

Nothing ever changed nothing much happened but behind closed doors anything could happen and often it did.

I texted my wife that I'd be home later that day in time for dinner and I texted Ruby that I wanted some pussy before then but I didn't hear back from her.

At least not right away.

Then she textI ed back that she would be going out with Tiffany to the movies that night.

I responded by texting that she could go to the motel afterward and we could hook up. But she nixed that too.

"I mean it Devlin…no more."

That little bitch, I thought as I put my phone down and drove back to the office. Who did she think she was saying no to me, that she'd be keeping her legs closed from now on? I wasn't done with her yet. I would decide when it ended.

Not her.

I had more plans for the little slut. Plans to push her further than I had with the others…and I know she'd be begging for it when the time came. She liked a little pain mixed with pleasure and I grew hard thinking of all the ways left to take her.

My phone rang.

"What's up Nancy?"

Gary's wife had called.

"I'm sorry…I met to call your wife and got you instead. My bad…"

"No problem," I said, "See you later…"

But she didn't hang up not right away.

"Devlin…can I ask you something?"

I felt irritation prickle inside of me but I could afford to be patient.

"Fire away."

She paused.

"It's about Gary."

"What about him? He sure plays a mean game of tennis."

"Does he seem happy to you," she asked, "about his life."

I had to think about how to respond to that one. After what Gary had admitted to me and the other guys earlier.

"Yeah…sure…he cares about his family a lot."

Yeah sure, I'd seen the look in his eyes when he remembered the sweet young thing he had fucked already while acting like it was just fantasy. But it wasn't the wives' place to know what their husbands did when they weren't there.

"I know that but…well I…god I don't know how to say this but last night…"

My skin prickled. Last night he was at our house.

"What about it?"

"Oh god Devlin this is so awkward," she said, "But he was awfully friendly with Tiffany."

I almost wanted to laugh at that. What was she thinking that her husband had been hitting on my daughter?

"Tiffany and he talked but that's not unusual."

"I know but well…he…I told you it was nothing."

"You're right it is nothing," I said, "My daughter didn't mention it."

She sounded relieved on the other end when she shouldn't be but I couldn't tell her that. I had my own problems like how to handle Ruby's defiance.

I wanted to go swimming when I got home before dinner and Tiffany was helping Gloria in the kitchen with dinner. I felt antsy and thought a few laps might take off the edge.

Then I walked out to the pool area and I saw her with him.

Ruby standing next to Brock… Guess who my wife had invited to dinner.


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