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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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My dad turned out to be such a skank. What the fuck did he think he was doing standing on that beach with his hands all over her bony ass getting ready to stick it in her, a girl young enough to be my age. I'd always known Megan was a slut. After all she'd opened her legs for most of the jocks in high school or so I'd heard and probably fucked every guy in her class but still it shocked me to see her with my dad.

I knew they had just done it. It was on their faces when I hit the shore after swimming from the raft. I thought Ruby might have followed me but no one would stop me. I was going to kick that bitch's ass as far as I could do it then rip the slut apart.

Anyone could have seen them going at it on the beach. It was at the Fourth of July picnic for fuck sake. Jesus, my own dad couldn't keep it in his pants.

After I sent Megan crying away like a baby, I confronted my dad. I told him how sick he made me.

"You're a fucking cheat," I said, "and when Mom finds out."

Because I was going to tell her as soon as I got done here…she deserved to find the truth about what she married. It couldn't be the first time that he'd cheated on her and Megan couldn't be the first slut he fucked.

My dad tried to play me like he did for a living. But I'm not one of his operatives and I know him better than he thinks. He wanted me to think that this wasn't really what it looked like.

"The hell it isn't…how many women have you messed around with since you married mom?"

Then Ruby broke in saying she had to go, that it was private but I wanted her there…as a witness to my father's betrayal. But she kept begging off and said it was a private matter. How can it be private if my dad had been on the bitch like she was in heat not far away from where crowds of people were celebrating the holiday?

But then dad told me about how much he loved me, my mother and our family as if he meant it. I didn't know just by looking at him but I decided not to break it to mom just yet. I told him not to cheat again and we left it at that.

Then we went back to the picnic to celebrate. Ruby just looked at me as if to ask what happened but I just shrugged and we hit the barbecue. But I had lied to my own dad because I had no intention of buying into his shit. I knew he had other girlfriends and I was going to find them. So now I'm here in his bedroom, the one he shares with my mom when he's not screwing around. I already looked at his closet and damn the guy was good.

But I knew if I kept looking I'd find something, anything. I don't know what I expected, I didn't think I'd find anything obvious like a woman's lipstick marks, condoms or some panties that my mother would never wear.

Instead, just the boring things you might expect to find instead. I looked underneath the linens in the closet even in the hallway and found boxes of photos, mostly family and what looked like my baby book. Not exactly what I hoped to find.

Then the doorbell rang and I went to get it. There stood Ruby with her arms folded.

"I thought we were going shopping."

I shrugged.

"I thought I'd stay here instead," I said, "Hit the pool when it gets hotter."

"That'll be soon enough," Ruby said, "I'm wearing my suit so I'm ready."

"Where's Brock?"

"He's out of town again on work," she said, "He'll be back tomorrow."

"So you've been horny for him?"

Ruby just smiled. We hit the kitchen to make some snacks beginning with nachos we'd heat up in the microwave. I told her what I'd been doing after we grabbed a couple bottles of diet coke.

"You've been what?"

I unscrewed the lid on mine.

"I'm going to find out if my dad has been out fucking other sluts."

"You don't even know he and Megan…"

I sipped my drink.

"Oh yes I do…come on his hands were squeezing her ass…he was going to do her right there."

Ruby looked nonplussed.

"God how awful," she said, "He and your mom have been married so long."

I shrugged, what did that mean anymore?

"Big deal…he's probably screwed around on her since they got married."

"You think so?"

We moved into the entertainment room and she sat down to turn on the TV.

"Yeah…he's just an asshole. It's so disgusting seeing him paw this girl my age like some dirty old man."

Ruby ran a hand through her hair.

"He's not that old."

I scowled.

"Old enough to know better not to dip it in some young thing while he's married and has a family…but then obviously not."

Ruby just sipped her cola thoughtfully while we flipped through the channels.

"Maybe he just had some crisis."

I snorted.

"That Megan bitch is going to have a crisis if she comes near him again," I said, "I'll kick the shit out of any skank who I see with my dad."

"Maybe there aren't any."

I didn't think that likely.

"God, my poor mom, I mean she's pretty clueless and hardly here but she didn't deserve this. She doesn't screw around on him."

Ruby paused.

"How do you know that?"

That stopped me that anyone could even ask that question. My mom loved my dad and her family. She'd never do anything to mess that up unlike some people.

"I…how can you even suggest it?"

Ruby didn't answer. She just took another sip of her drink.

"I don't know…it's just that my mom…"

"Your mom's a slut and a drunk," I said, "My mom never did anything like that."

Ruby didn't look offended. After all, she knew her mother better than anyone else did including the men who wound up in her bed.

"How well do you know your mom," she asked, "any better than you knew your dad?"

That stopped me but it ticked me off at the same time. What the hell was Ruby saying and why was she acting like this, saying shit about my mom? She was my best friend but this was out of the blue.

"I knew her well enough," I said, "Besides she could never pull anything over my dad let alone an affair and he'd kill any guy just for thinking about it."

Ruby didn't say anything more but just kept sipping her drink and when the nachos were done in the microwave, we ate them while watching some chick flick.

"You know I was thinking about getting Megan back."

Ruby looked up.

"How so…?"

I smiled.

"I thought I'd dress up in something tight and go drop by her father's office during a lunch hour," I said, "get him to fuck me on his desk."

Ruby raised her brows.

"You're kidding right?"

"No, he's not bad looking and he'd go for it," I said, "Why not?"

"Because it's reckless for one thing," Ruby said, "his office's filled with other employees."

I shrugged.

"I could work around that," I said, "Just go in there in one of my tight skirts and tell him I'm not wearing any panties."

Ruby didn't look shocked but she didn't look like she approved either. But I knew if I did that, Megan's father would bend me over and fuck me over his desk. He probably fucked the new secretary he'd hired last month by now.

"Tiff…you got to stop thinking like that," Ruby said, "Megan's a skank but this isn't going to help you."

"It'll make me feel better," I countered, "and I'm itching anyway."

Ruby just shook her head and watched the screen again. God, why did she have to be a puritan anyway? Whatever Brock did to her it hadn't loosened her up much.

We heard the door open and I knew my mother had arrived home from one of her nameless meetings. Sure enough she ducked her head in the door a few minutes later.

"Tiff…I thought you'd gone shopping."

I shook my head.

"Changed my mind…"

"I picked up some steaks at the store," my mom said, "Your father wants to barbecue again."

I nodded.

"He's inviting Nancy and Gary from down the street."

"That's nice…"

My mom left then and I turned to Ruby.

"Gary's kind of hot looking…"

She just looked at me.

"You can't be serious."

"You're right…I just think he's sexy that's all…"

I thought more than that. I thought that maybe I'd just flirt with him tonight at dinner just a little bit…enough to get my father's goat. It'd serve him right.

"You are coming over for dinner?"

Ruby shrugged.

"Okay. Better than an empty house…My mom's back in Vegas."

"Great…it'll be fun."

Ruby looked at me as if she didn't trust my intentions but what she didn't know…wouldn't hurt anyone. I had my own plans for after dinner entertainment after all.


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