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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Damn, I had never seen Tiffany so pissed off as she looked when she got out of the water and confronted her father after seeing his hands all over Megan. I followed her some distance behind not wanting to get in the middle of this father/daughter moment for obvious reasons. Tiffany looked like she wanted to tear Megan apart limb from limb as she screamed that she was a skanky slut to fuck her father.

Megan sidled off before Tiffany could hurt her and Devlin tried to get her to calm down but he had his work cut out for him to try to stop her from running off to tell Gloria about her father's tryst on the beach. I stayed out of it, knowing how too easily it could have been me that was the focus of my best friend's rage. After all, Devlin and me had done more than just grope each other on the beach, but at least we were discreet when we met to satisfy our cravings.

She'd asked me to be her witness when she confronted her father and Megan but I was much more than that. I had fucked Devlin and sucked his cock off behind Tiffany's back, and now she wanted me to back her up by hearing the evidence that she'd report back to her mom. My stomach twisted and I felt sick inside as I watched her go at her father and Devlin try to calm her down, to get her to stop her plan of exposing what he'd done.

I knew Devlin was good, that the words that flowed so effortlessly from his mouth would placate her soon enough. He knew which buttons to push involving his daughter by now and that would work with her.

By the end, Tiffany had agreed to think about what she planned to do with her discovery and Devlin had satisfied himself with that. She had said he had to stop cheating on Gloria and Devlin of course had promised to do that not that it meant anything. He would say whatever was necessary to get himself off the hook, I realized. Watching him play his own daughter amazed me, he had no qualms doing that or lying to her to protect himself.

I knew if we weren't careful, one day he'd be forced into the same situation with me…the day that Tiffany found out what we'd been doing together. Maybe it was time to call it quits…and not risk that day coming. She was my best friend; we'd been inseparable since we were young girls. I didn't want to lose her even as I'd badly wanted him to scratch my itch.

"It's hard to find out my own father's a skank."

I looked up at her where we sat on deck chairs by the pool eating sandwiches and drinking more weak iced tea prepared by Gloria before she left the house to go to one of her many social planning meetings. This one, most likely for the midsummer ball in several weeks…

"Tiffany, you know he loves you."

She just cast me a doleful look.

"Maybe he does…but he's still just another one of those men who screws around on their wives," Tiffany said, "I thought my father was different, I thought he was happy with mom."

I shrugged, totally not sure of what to say next. Flashes of Devlin and I in the cabana, or in the motel room our bodies intertwined wrapped up in sheets inside a dimly lit room…my palms began to sweat as I tried to figure out how to navigate myself through a minefield.

"I'm sure he does…love your mom," I said, "Maybe what he does with other women is just completely different…separate from that."

Tiffany scoffed.

"He's just a skank and every time he fucks another woman he's just spitting on his marriage to mom."

I sighed.

"She's not exactly around is she? She's hardly ever home. Maybe he just got restless."

She stared at me.

"Why are you defending him," she said, "when he's acting like such a man whore?"

I just looked back at her not blinking.

"Why are you calling him shit like that," I said, "he's your father…at least you have one."

I didn't have a father of my own since mine had been long gone, I barely had any memory of what he looked like except maybe a silhouette that had once been well defined but I'd only been a child when he'd taken off. A parade of men had drifted in and out of my life since, none of them staying long.

"I'd rather not have one than have one that's such a lying cheat."

I shook my head.

"You can't say that for sure until you don't have one."

Tiffany leaned forward.

"I thought you didn't miss yours," she said, "You kept saying how you're better off without him as long as I can remember."

I didn't say anything in response because it had been true. For most of my life, I hadn't felt like I needed my father, any father at all. My mama hardly could be called that since she was never home anymore but at least she paid the bills…most of the time.

"I still don't know what to tell my mother."

"Why tell her anything," I said, "Why hurt her like that?"

"It's better than her living a lie."

I shrugged.

"Maybe, maybe not and besides, how do you know she doesn't already know?"

That stopped Tiffany cold but it could be possible. Maybe Devlin and Gloria led their own lives including who they took to bed. After all, I knew I hadn't been Devlin's only lay. The picnic had reminded me of that.

And maybe Gloria had secrets of her own she kept from her husband.

Tiffany finally responded.

"My mom would never cheat on my dad."

"How do you know," I said, "Maybe she has her own separate life."

I don't know why I had said such a thing and even hours later, I had no idea what had sparked those words. I knew I was guilty of more than what Megan had done, I knew that I could hurt Tiffany far worse than Megan did if she found out…

"You want another hamburger?"

We were out in barbecuing in a backyard, Brock and I after I had driven to his house after work. I'd picked up some vegetables at the market and sautéed them in a skillet while he cooked to the burgers. After we were finished, we ate on the patio as the sun set. He'd be leaving again for parts unknown tomorrow.

I turned to him.

"Hey, you've made this day much better."

He smiled sipping his beer.

"So you spent the afternoon with Tiffany?"

I nodded.

"She's going through some rough stuff," I said, "so I was just there to listen to her complain about it."

He narrowed his eyes.

"What would she have to complain about?"

I just focused on my burger.

"Oh some stuff with her father," I said, knowing I couldn't tell the whole truth.

He nodded.

"Devlin's a hard ass but I know he loves his kids."

My interest was piqued by his comment.

"You knew him way back when you worked together."

"We worked together including in the military before we set off on our own paths."

I tried to imagine what that must have been like. Two men much younger than they were now and who were friends…much different than both appeared now. But I couldn't picture it.

After we finished, we turned to each other. I settled into his lap after we cleared the dishes away and I wrapped my arms around him kissing him on the mouth. He settled his own hands on my waist. I slid my tongue inside after darting it to outline his own lips. He felt so rugged and strong beneath my fingertips and I loved the way he tasted, as I pressed my tongue inside to trace the contours of his mouth.

Somehow he got us on our feet and then he picked me up to carry to his bedroom, standing me up at the foot of his bed and then tugging off all my layers of clothing until I stood in the shadowy room dressed only in my sky blue lacy bra and panties. He'd made me wet already by what he'd whispered into my ear on the way to his bed.

Then I moved to unwrap him, baring his chest after removing his shirt and then kissing him there, trailing my tongue around his coppery nipples as he ran his hands behind me to unhook my bra. My breasts popped out and I knew how much he loved sucking the nipples until the pleasure jolted deep inside of me from the pressure that'd be gentle and teasing at first and then more insistent.

"You're wet for me aren't you Ruby," he whispered as he went from one nipple to the other while I slid one of my hands into his briefs to fondle him to make him hard for me.

Soon he pushed me onto the mattress and I opened my legs for him without asking. My pussy already slick from wanting it, allowing his cock to push inside of it, its muscles embracing his girth.

"Oh god Ruby…squeeze me like that…yes…"

I moaned as he started moving against me.

"if you fuck me hard Brock, I'll let you do what you want…"

I meant it; I wanted him so much then. I wanted him to forget about making a decision about what to do with Devlin…I gripped Brock's shoulders hard as he fucked me, the mattress of the bed squeaking beneath us.

I thought only about him and what I wanted leaving everything else behind. I squeezed his cock hard, and the friction of him pushing past that almost made me scream. I clawed his back as he thrust even harder, making me cry out with each movement he made against and inside of me until my body exploded beneath his into shards of such intensity, almost painful but then the warmth spread through me and I felt the elation.

Then the splash of heat as his semen shot inside me, just after his body tightened above me as he came…and settled on top of me.

"Damn you're perfect Ruby…you're really something."

I smiled as I lay next to him after he rolled his weight off of me. Something…what did men mean when they said that anyway?

I was far from perfect after all.


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