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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I spent most of the day talking with Tiffany in the lake, after both of us had swum out to one of the rafts. We lay down to soak in the heat which dried us quickly while talking. She had second thoughts of taking a break from Chad and hadn't been too happy when she saw that he came to the picnic with one of our ex-classmates Bobbie.

Still she should have known that Chad would move on from her to the next available girl. Men were like that and I didn't fool myself otherwise. I'd seen it happen with my mother and her revolving door of lovers and surrogate fathers. They'd stay for a while, tell her the right things, sponge off of her need to be everything to them and then one morning they'd be gone.

She'd replace them soon enough but I learned that men used women and then they left them. After all, I wasn't in love with either Brock or Devlin. I got what I wanted from both of them and they took what they wanted from me.

Brock had brought me to the picnic and he'd take me back to his place after the fireworks. He'd bury his cock deep inside of me while I urged him on, wanting the pleasure to break me into a million pieces over and over.

But I'd left him to talk to a couple of men who were his friends and maybe women too. I didn't tell him what to do anymore than he told me. So I thought as Tiffany and I swam out to the raft to get some son and talk apart from the men that we fucked.

She lay on her side, her hair plastered against the side of her face, drying in the summer heat. I lay on my back enjoying myself, just relaxing and enjoying the day.

"Hey Chad, do you think he's serious about that girl?"

"You mean Bobbie," I said, "Probably not; she's just working her way through the population, that's all."

Tiffany frowned.

"She's a skank… just like her mother."

I bristled when I heard that because I resembled that remark. Bobbie's mother played loose and fancy free since her divorce and so did mine. But I wasn't Bobbie, I'd only fucked two men and that's all I wanted to handle. I'd be done with both of them by the time I headed back to college.

"She's been busy for sure."

Tiffany shook her hair out with her hand.

"Chad will dump her after they hit the sheets."

I frowned at her, at the vehemence in her voice.

"Why do you care," I said, "You said you didn't want anything to do with him."

Tiffany fell silent.

"Well you did and besides there are other guys out there."

"I know that and like you're the expert…"

I heard an edge in her voice and steeled myself. She'd teased me for a long time about my keeping my legs closed but now that she knew I did it with Brock, the teasing didn't stop. It changed in tone and sometimes I felt like telling her how it really went down…but I could never hurt her that way.

What I was doing now with her father wasn't hurting her if she didn't know about it.

"Look I just think it's a good thing that you took a step back from him," I said, "if he was making you worry about what he was doing."

Tiffany sighed and flopped on her stomach looking at me.

"He's a guy, of course he screws around but he's a bit controlling…like I'm some kid that needs to be told what to do and how to feel."

"He's just being a man," I said, "That's their nature."

Tiffany paused again.

"Is Brock like that?"

I had to think about that. He was definitely determined to get what he wanted from me in the sack, even demanding at times. But he didn't just take, he gave back without asking. Just thinking about him going down on me, lathering me all up with that tongue of his…it made me miss him right now.

"He's fun, we have fun together," I said, "but I know he's got a girlfriend in London who'll be back when summer's over."

Tiffany gave a little shrug.

"We'll be back in school by then," she said, "Perfect timing actually."

I thought so most of the time that it'd be great to avoid having to run into Caroline when I returned. I don't imagine that Brock had told her about what we were doing. But he wouldn't be the only one I'd be getting away from…and naturally I had to keep that to myself.

Tiffany closed her eyes and I shifted onto my side. We were about 100 feet from the shore and the beach was a bit rocky there cloaked by trees.

"Anyway I'm thinking like you said there are other guys and we've still got a couple months left."

She'd have no trouble keeping herself busy if that's what she wanted. We were both going to have our fun.

"Jake's kind of hot…"

I listened to her discuss his attributes including how he looked when he would be playing volleyball later today when suddenly I saw the couple appear on the beach in plain view.

My body tensed as I recognized Devlin, and with him walked a young woman who I recognized as Megan who'd been a year ahead of Tiffany and me in high school. He had his arm casually around her waist and then he took hold of her and kissed her on the mouth right there. Megan slowly slid her own arms around him and she pulled him closer. His hands started fidgeting with her bikini top, as he slipped his hands over her breasts and she arched against him.

Oh they were going to go at it and they didn't know that they were seen. He didn't know his own daughter was lying on the raft next to me, her face turned away from where her father was getting it on with a young woman.

I didn't know what to do…it didn't shock me to see him there. I knew I wasn't the only young thing he fucked but to actually see him with another woman again. After I'd been with him, it still stung more than I wanted to admit.

Not that I cared about it. I knew men weren't to be trusted. I knew that before Devlin. I watched Megan start to slide down in front of him, her hands caressing him in passing until she reached his bathing suit and then oh god…he wasn't…but didn't he know Tiffany was out on the raft? If she turned her face in his direction, she would be watching Megan wrap her lips around his cock and suck him off.

"So anyway, I'd like to ride with Jake on his Harley and then I'd like to ride him."

She didn't know, she just continued to talk about the next guy she wanted. I looked back over at the couple and Megan had slipped her hands into Devlin's suit and pulled his cock out and now it looked like she was sliding her mouth over it while he held her head with his hands. His own body had arched slightly with the pleasure she gave him, the release that would swiftly overtake him.

"Ruby have you heard one thing I've said?"

I broke my gaze and tried to force calm into my voice.

"Yeah Tiff…you want to do Jake and I think that's what you need."

I watched her nod.

"That'll show Chad…"

I glanced over and that's when I saw Devlin get up, adjust his suit and then grab Megan pulling her into the trees. Whatever they were doing, I could no longer see it. But my blood rushed with what I'd witnessed and thinking if Tiffany had seen it…

But disaster had been averted. I thought of all the times that Tiffany had narrowly missed seeing me with her father in ways that she'd never guess. We'd come so close, too close and sometimes I wondered if he'd wanted it that way. Did he want us to get caught…I don't think so but it seems that he wants to flirt with the risk of it.

"So you heading back to Brock's place after the fireworks to make some of your own?"

I tossed her a look.

"That's really corny but yeah…it's not like I can bring him home…we almost got caught that one time my mama's friend crashed."

Tiffany chuckled though it hadn't been funny at the time.

"Do you like him?"

"Of course I do," I said, "I wouldn't be with him otherwise."

"I mean as a person."

I thought about it, thinking that yeah there'd been times when he and I spent time together when we weren't having sex. We'd had fun together, I liked being with him because while he was intense sometimes in the sack, he could be playful as well. It wasn't serious between us so there was room for that.

"Yeah I do."

Tiffany frowned.

"I'm not sure I ever really liked Chad," she said, "I mean I thought he was hot. Still do, but I don't think we'd be friends or anything like that."

I furrowed my brow. Would Brock and I be friends? I don't know…sometimes like during that weekend we'd spent together I thought maybe we could be.

Now Devlin and me…I couldn't answer that question…then I saw my best friend freeze. Her eyes fixed on the direction of the beach. The same spot I'd seen her father going at it with Megan earlier before they slipped into the trees.

I turned my head slightly to look and I saw Devlin on the beach again. He had his arms around Megan, his hands on her ass while his mouth kissed hers. I could tell by how they went at it, there was tongue action.

"Oh my god….that bitch…"

I didn't know how to react to what I saw on Tiffany's face. Pure anger, intertwined with shock, her face twisted.


She got up on her feet.

"Now I'm going to kill that little slut…"

"You can't be serious," I said, "Look you don't mean that."

The look she gave me was pure venom. One I hadn't seen on her face before.

"The fuck I don't," she said, "I'm going to kick her fucking ass right now…then I'm going to deal with him."

Just like that before I could stop her, she dove onto the water and swam furiously to the shore.


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