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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I watched my wife get ready for the Fourth of July picnic. She'd been up most of the night restlessly ensuring that the last details had been handled and her latest project would go off without a hitch. When I saw how she worked, I thought she'd made one hell of an operative.

Not that I would want her anywhere near that dangerous lifestyle. Her place was at home with the children and running the household. It was enough that I know how much the men who shared my lifestyle attracted her. Tiffany had taken off early to go meet some friends for breakfast before heading to the park. Ruby would meet her there and so far, no mention of my daughter's loser boyfriend Chad. I had been close to meeting up with him at one point and telling him to keep his hands off of her. Tiffany didn't need to hang out with characters like him that lived on the fringe setting up clubs to look legit while earned money other ways on the side.

But she had seemed happy enough when she picked up her bag and headed to her car. Gloria had been up having never gone to bed, finishing the potato salad and cole slaw in the kitchen. I don't know why she insisted on making both from scratch rather than picking up batches from the deli but she said store bought didn't taste the same.

"You almost ready…?"

I asked from the living room and she just breezed in looked at me and shook her head.

"I've got to find the table clothes for the dinner buffet tables," she said, "I know I left them near the dining room."

She looked flighty and I told her to look in the den and there they were. She smiled and then packed them away in a bag. I carried them out in the car, helping her pack it up for the picnic I attended every year when it caught me at home. Part of me wished I was on a job somewhere far away, the town picnics didn't appeal much to me unless I could find some diversion.

The park sat abreast next to a lake that held fish and boating on the far side of it near a small marina. It stretched for acres, including a wooded area of old growth trees and other native plants that was barely touched.

Perfect for slipping away and having some fun, away from the festivities where a man and a woman could enjoy each other. There were many ways to celebrate the nation's founding after all.

I knew Ruby would be there with Brock and I hated it. The fact that I would see her with him, acting as if they were together. There might be some casual whispers about what he was doing here with another woman while Caroline worked a half a world away. But not more than that….he wasn't married so what he did would be accepted.

Not like with Ruby and me who had to keep whatever we did in secret. But it'd have to wait past today after Brock left on another trip. I wonder what he thought about sharing her, did he know that she'd been in my bed when she wasn't in his?

I thought about her now as I prepared to get into the car to head on out there. I thought about that time when I had met her in the cabana while my family slept. She'd been waiting for me by the door, the little hussy.

We walked inside the darkness leaving the light off and I grabbed her wrists fast before she knew it and pulled her close to me, kissing her mouth. Hard, insistent and my tongue grazing her teeth until they opened for me…and I picked her up and she wrapped her legs tightly around me, squeezing. I pushed her against a wall and ground my cock against her pussy sheathed in bikini bottoms beneath her sarong. Not too difficult to nudge her outfit aside while the bulge in my pants found where the fabric outlined the seam, where I'd rub back and forth driving her crazy.

Crazy enough to do anything to relieve the ache that would only build…

"Oh god Devlin…do me…god I can't stand it…"

I shut her up with kisses, my tongue back in her mouth and pressing her harder. My hands gripping her gorgeous ass…then I moved her towards the bed. She let me lead her there as I assaulted her mouth. I dropped her there and she looked up at me as I reached down to tear her bikini down over her thighs baring what I wanted to fill.

What I had to fill before I went back in my house. Her pussy glistened with her desire for what she wanted. She writhed as she watched me unfasten my pants and push them and my briefs down, freeing my cock. It'd hardened inside my pants to the point of hurting and I used my body to nudge her splayed legs apart even further sinking my cock inside that wet pussy that embraced it, held it snug. She looked at me.

"Oh God Devlin…I can't take this…"

If she'd been reluctant to continue our affair she didn't show it now. Ruby was like any woman, she wanted what she wasn't supposed to, which was to fuck a man and have him fuck her in all kinds of different ways. Face it, she had two of us in her bed and showed no shame about it. My daughter's best friend proved to be a wanton little whore.

Not that I cared, because I'd fucked her hard, sliding my erection in and out while she tried to squeeze. I moved too quick for her pussy to hold me. The friction proved too much to handle for both of us. She tossed her head, her hair over her face and I slid my hand over to clamp her mouth.

That surprised her.

"We're going to do something a little different tonight…"

I sopped several fingers in one hand with her juices to make them nice and slick and then I slid them caressingly over her ass until I parted her cheeks. I thrust one finger inside of her and she gasped beneath my hand.

I didn't want to hear her protests because I knew she would be panting for it the next breath. I slid my finger in and out of her tightness while I fucked her and she writhed beneath me, aching to scream beneath my hand. I thrust into her pussy and kept moving my finger.

"You like this don't you," I said, "You'll like anything I give you."

She looked at me, her eyes looking as if they couldn't contain the pleasure. Then I thrust another finger inside of her.

That memory lingered with me still and I knew it would plague me all day unless I found some way to relieve it. Gloria would be busy with the other women making sure the event ran smoothly through the fireworks. Tiffany would be with her friends and Ruby with…Brock. I didn't even want to think about where they would be and what they'd be doing when I didn't see them.

Brock and her fucking in the forest, or she kneeling and sucking his cock…but soon again she'd be mine again.

Gloria walked into the living room.

"I found what I needed," she said, "You got the car packed up?"

I nodded and we headed out of the house to head to the picnic.

It was already getting crowded when we got there but she had Tiffany grab us a spot and she'd actually done it rather than flake out. In fact, she was sitting there looking through her bag.

"Hi dad…"

"Hi there," I said, "You going to do any of the games."

She shrugged.

"It's all for kids," she said, "Though I got hit up for the flag football match later on."

I played sometimes but this year I'd be on the sidelines. I think I'd finally gotten too old.

"Ruby here yet?"

She looked up at me and nodded.

"She came with Brock not too long ago," she said, "I'll be seeing her later by the lake."

They'd probably be swimming out to one of the rafts where they'd lay under the sun and talk most of the day.

Then I looked up and I saw them, walking together and talking. Ruby in her red bikini and some cutoff denim shorts. They had set up closer to the lake and Brock carried what must be their lunch in a ice chest.

"Dad, you going to be here a while?"

But I was already looking for her, the woman who would ease my ache as soon as I could get away.

"A little while."

Then I saw her, a daughter of the man who ran a law firm. Megan was about 20 and had returned from training at the music conservatory. Her body looked ripe beneath her flowery bikini, the bottoms accentuating a nice pair of legs. I thought of what I would say to her, to get her to follow me into the woods.

My cock hardened as I watched her talk to a young man. Her boyfriend…not that it'd matter once I got her alone…


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