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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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She'd been quiet since the moment she walked into my house. After work, she'd gone home and then got dressed to head on over to my place. I'd spent most of the day in my office at home working on a report on my last job. I'd be leaving town again after the Fourth, this time taking three planes to get to a town in the Belgian Congo.

Just for consulting on security for a team of researchers down there but always have to prepare for action even on these jobs. The traveling's a bitch but I've been doing it for so long, I've learned how to eat just about anything, pack what I need in less than five minutes and sleep standing up.

Getting older has made it tougher and I've been looking at getting out of the field part of the job and sticking to consulting but that part of me that craves the excitement and unpredictability keeps vetoing any change of plans. Being in the military and then being muscle for hire around the world, it's the only way of living that I know.

Devlin gets that part of what makes both of us tick and both of us have ways of sliding back into the routines of living in a quiet lifestyle in a small town when we need a breather. But he seems to need this chaotic lifestyle more than I do. I know I'm not ready to settle down, drove Caroline nuts when I told her this before she took that job in London. Telling me we both needed some space as she called it when I told her flat out I wasn't looking to get married or anything that had to do with raising kids. Maybe someday in the future, sure I'll settle down with a woman who'll have my kids and raise them but I'm not ready to pack up my life just yet.

I'm not like Devlin who could ever do both at the same time. I know I could never do the work that I do and have a family half a world away. I would be thinking about them when I needed to focus on staying alive and it wouldn't do them good to have a husband or a father who got blown up by a landmine because his mind had wandered to places it had no business being in a combat zone.

Caroline shed some tears over it but then she said she'd take the gig in London and then she'd return. I guess she expected me to be someone different then, someone ready to put a ring on her finger and head off to get married.

She'd find out how wrong she'd be about that soon enough. In the meantime, I had Ruby in my bed. Sweet, little sexy and always keeping me on my toes, Ruby. I'd seen her grow up just a sprout most of her life living with her mama and a variety of dads. When you saw her mother about town, she always had a different man with her. Most of them people who drifted in and out of town, stopping for a spell in her place. When you saw them walking about town, Ruby always walked a step or two behind a mama who acted like she didn't exist, only the man walking next to her.

My own parents had died early on in a car accident so I'd grown up with grandparents who'd passed long ago. I knew what it was like to grow up without parents, but I didn't know what it was like to grow up with a mama whose head was anywhere else but concerned with her kid.

Ruby did grow up into one beautiful and sexy young woman. Her body ripened perfectly into one woman who had curves any man would want to get their hands on, to caress her softer edges and I know how much she liked touching. Ruby also loved to be fucked and to fuck.

A wild spitfire in the sack, or anywhere else she gave as good as any woman I'd ever had in my life and there'd been many. Breasts that filled a man's hands and then some, nipples that teased the inside of a man's mouth and a pussy….a man could go hard just thinking about how snugly it wrapped around a cock. I'd been hard most of the day just thinking about seeing her again. The moment when she'd slip my hard on into her mouth to suck me off and then we'd be at it the rest of the night until we crashed totally spent in bed.

Ruby gave me what I needed when I came back to town to unwind. The danger of the job, the thrill of the work had me worked up by then that my balls ached to just take a woman hard until I rubbed away all my rough edges and felt normal again, wrapped up in a woman's body and her scent.

"So you excited about the Fourth?"

I looked up to where she spread the fried chicken and potato salad on the table out back on the patio next to the spa that would see some action later. I hadn't given the holiday much thought, seeing the entire town at the park picnicking and then the fireworks.

"I'm excited about going with you."

She smiled, right answer clearly. She reached for a couple of beers and handed me a bottle. I popped the tab and swallowed it down. The coolness in my throat made an already good day just perfect. So we settled down to get some food.

She straddled me in the spa, where we'd headed off after I'd fucked her in the kitchen against the counter. Right when she'd been rinsing some dishes, I'd slid my hands over her body from behind and unzipped her shorts, tugging them down and then those nice lacy little panties. I heard her breathing hard as I unzipped my own pants and shoved them down, pressing my cock against the globes of her ass before I thrust inside that pussy, in one swift stroke. It's been the perfect welcome back home for me and afterward we headed on out to do some relaxing in the spa.

Now she looked at me, our faces inches apart. The heat of the Jacuzzi making us sweat, our bodies slick as she kissed me slowly on my mouth, using her lips to nip at my own. Pulling away teasingly and then returning full force the next time. Damn, Ruby knew how to kiss to make a man think about how he could fuck her hard and fast.

Right now, we just let our bodies tangle up, while we enjoyed the warm night. I felt myself growing hard but I stroked her body while nursing her lips with my tongue. She drew herself even closer to me as the steam rose around us.

"You ever been in love?"

Her question caught me by surprise. Ruby never talked much about feelings, just what she wanted and knowing what I wanted. I thought about it, what was love anyway…when I thought about women it was whether or not I could imagine fucking them.

But once…maybe I had looked at a woman and thought about a future. The idea of it, the abstract not the reality…but those thoughts had been fleeting. I'd been fooling around with a married woman who had an itch that her husband didn't scratch. He was gone most of the time on his work and she felt restless even when he was home.

The sex had been incredible mostly because it carried the hint of being on the edge of ruining a marriage. She'd met me at a motel and inside the darkened room, we hit the sack without talking, taking our clothes off if we could wait and getting it on in the bed until it was time to go. She'd talked afterward sometimes about her life.

About her husband who made me feel guilty. About the kids he wanted her to have but she told him she'd need him close enough to fuck to get pregnant. They'd fought over it, his being away and she feeling pressured to get pregnant and then she'd driven to the motel to meet me just to forget about it for a couple hours.

It wasn't my business what she did with her husband. What we did was separate from her marriage but she'd come at me like she was in heat, stripping off my clothing until she straddled me hard on the bed. The mattress springs creaked as we went at it, and I flipped her over and drove in hard, sinking my cock so deeply inside of her, nothing separated an inch of us.

After that, it ended soon and life moved forward as if there'd never been that time. I didn't think about it much, l lived my life without regrets.

But I couldn't answer that question for Ruby so I just smiled and I maneuvered my cock to slide into her waiting pussy and she moaned as I stretched her, riding her in a way that made her bite her lip. I knew her pleasure spots and how to play them. She knew what I liked and how to make me come hard inside of her.

When I was with her, I didn't think about Caroline at all and even when I was out of town, Ruby and the way her body moved came to my mind even when it shouldn't.

"No I've never been in love Ruby," I told her, "I keep life simple the way I like it."

She digested that and nodded.

"Me too…love just complicates things and it gets you hurt."

I heard something in her voice that reminded me of the little girl who had walked behind her mother and latest surrogate daddy.

Then I started fucking her against the hot tub until she screamed with it.


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