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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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Damn she's hot…fucking little tease…doing all kinds of craziness to my cock while not with me.

Her photo captured on my phone right now teases me from miles away. Then a text, telling me she's laying by the pool in that fucking hot red bikini of hers daring me to meet her in the cabana…the same one where I took her virginity as my birthday present…damn I'm so hard inside my pants just remembering how it felt to be the first to dip my cock into her sweet pussy as she lay on the bed looking at me with those eyes of hers.

I'd already warmed her up with my hand in the swimming pool before she led me to where I'd break her cherry. When I popped it, she didn't cry or even tense up, she felt so damn tight as her pussy hugged me. I started riding her…so slowly…until she urged me to fuck her faster. So damn sweet as she cried when we both came, with no one to hear us.

My wife and daughter asleep as we both slipped outside in the darkness to finish what started before either of us remember. We slipped back separately just before sun rise, while the house slept.

I had wanted that sweet pussy for so long…longer than I'd ever tell her. But I'm not a cradle robber; I waited until she turned 18 to fully start planning how to get in her panties. I'm going to hell for admitting it but there were so many times…damn I could have almost raped her. Not that it would have come to that but a man can only take so much. It never would have been rape because I know how to warm a sweet young woman up so by the time I do fuck her she's coming to me…begging for what had just scared her. I can slide the nervousness out of her as smoothly as I can slide off her clothes before I fuck her.

My first woman after getting married had been my daughter's au pair, a young blonde woman from Sweden who looked after my daughter for the summer. She arrived with the summer in June and by the Fourth of July celebration I had her pushed against the jetty at the beach, her bikini bottoms down at her ankles begging me to fuck her which I did then and for two months until she went home. As it turned out, she'd been a natural blonde.

In fact, I gave her a goodbye fuck inside one of the bathroom stalls while my family ate at the McDonalds inside the terminal. My wife feeding Tiffany from her Happy meal while I banged the nanny not far away…until her pussy milked my cock dry.

A few more nannies and academic tutors later, I set my sights on Ruby, the girl who had grown up alongside my daughter, Tiffany. I swear I never looked at her as anything but my daughter's playmate until she was a lot older.

Her breasts got bigger beneath her clothes and she grew taller, curvier not rail thin like most girls her age. I looked at her at 17 and knew I had to stop thinking about what I wanted to do with her, if I could only get her alone. You see that's what I do; I sweet talk a young woman into leaving everyone else like a predator culls out its prey from the herd. I'll say, I need to go to the basement to get some soft drinks from the old refrigerator and she'll nod her head and follow me down the steps. One of the nannies had nearly reached the refrigerator before I coaxed her with my soft voice to sit on the couch while I got the sodas. Within minutes, I'd sweet talked my way in between her thighs where after pulling her panties down, I tongued her pussy, while she mewed like a little kitten. I tasted her sweetness and thrust my tongue inside of her mentally counting down the hours until I'd lure her into the cabana and fuck that pussy. Because once you eat a woman's pussy, she'll be putty in your hands.

I fucked her in the cabana later that same night.

I taught her so many things during the four months she took care of my children. My wife never suspected a thing.

Sweet Ruby turned 18 before Tiffany reached that age. I being a proud father threw a party in the pool area for my only daughter. She showed up wearing a blue bikini with thin straps, which barely covered her breasts, and her bottoms hugged her pussy. Her ass tanned from the sun, accentuating by the curve of the bikini fabric. Damn, she laughed with the other girls and swam like a fish gliding through the water.

When she lay on the chaise to dry off, I just watched her, thinking of what I would do, how I would get her alone. My cock hardened as I watched her pour suntan oil and lather it over her thighs and her arms. Her red hair like spun fire and her eyes catching mine, the hint of a smile on her lips, luscious ones made for kissing.

Made for doing a lot of things to a man.

She sat there chatting with my daughter and all I could think of was how much I wanted her…the cleft between her thighs nestled in fabric hid what I most wanted right now. I thought of all the favors I needed her to help me with…anything to get her away from the other girls.

To get her alone but I stopped my thoughts. I knew right now she looked at me as her friend's father and not as someone to fuck…maybe she didn't even think about what it'd feel like to have a man in between her thighs or sucking what must be hard nipples beneath her bikini. Maybe the thought of me wanting to strip her naked and fuck her would scare her.

I knew she didn't screw around. I guessed she'd never had a lover. Did she even know how she affected men? She seemed more concerned about chatting with Tiffany about nothing than what she did to me without trying.

My mouth watered and my cock ached, pushing against my briefs as I watched her. My wife had gone into the house to finish up the birthday cake with frosting. I hadn't even noticed her slipping away, my eyes had been on Ruby.

Then we were alone by the cabana. I had told her I had some newly planted flowers to show her which caught her interest because she worked summers in a nursery. But then that's why I asked her. She followed me to the garden behind the cabana.

"They're very pretty…"

She stood there casually wearing her bikini covered by a thin robe that ended mid thigh.

"So are you Ruby…."

She smiled at that. Maybe she wasn't used to it.

"Thank you Mr…"

"Call me Devlin…after all we've known each other for years."


She seemed to like the way my name rolled off her tongue. As soon as he did that, she began to slowly thaw. Breeding familiarity between us, blurring the boundaries set between us would relax her defenses, her inhibitions. Soon enough, she'd be screaming my name when I had her good and ready.

"I…thank you…but I'm not pretty."

"Oh yes you are," I said, "You're really growing up into a beautiful woman."

She smiled more widely. Her lips full and ripe, perfect for sucking my cock.

"Very beautiful woman…"

She moved closer to me so where our bodies almost touched. My cock jumped, being so hard just at the sight of her.

"Devlin…do you like what you see?"

She looked into my eyes innocently but with a trace of…something not so innocent.

"Yes…yes I do…too much Ruby…"

A hint of a smile on those lips.

"Enough to…to…kiss me…?"

Her question jolted me and damn, she had caught me by surprise. But we were alone where no one could see us. She moved even closer brushing those damn bikini bottoms and what they covered against where I was hard for her. How did she know…? But she did…

"God…Ruby I can't…you don't know what you're asking…"

She placed her hands on my bare chest, toying with the whorls of hair on it with her fingers while looking up at me.

"I…I want you to do me…like you did her…the history tutor…"

I closed my eyes then…remembering Ginger who I'd hired to help Tiffany raise her grades in history in junior high.

To be honest, I didn't hire her just to tutor. But our affair had been short and sweet and…discreet or so I thought. I'd met up with her in the cabana while taking lunch at home…

"What…what are you talking about?"

"The woman you fucked in here," she said, "I saw you once…you and her went inside the cabana and you kissed…then you picked her up and put her on the bed and…"

"You were looking in the window?"

The thought both horrified and tantalized me. The former because she'd been about 15 and the latter because her voice now told me she liked what she saw…a lot.

"My wife and I…we were having problems…she's so damn busy all the time."

She looked at me without blinking.

"I watched as you fucked her on the bed," she said, "She cried out but she wasn't sad was she? She was happy…and her legs were around you…"

I sighed, knowing she had pretty much seen everything.

"That wasn't for you to see Ruby…we should have been more careful."

She smiled at me.

"It was only that one time," she said, "But I want you to do me like you did here…right now…no one's watching. God…I didn't understand what men and women did together until I saw your…moving in and out of her and she begged for more."

Damn she really had gotten an eye and earful of what I'd done to Ginger.

Her words taunted me; her invitation aroused me beyond what I could stand. The thought of getting her alone…inside the cabana, stripping her bikini off her body and then…my cock pushed against my suit. But…

"I can't…because what you need is someone who can take their time with you," he said, "I couldn't do that right now…it'd almost be rape Ruby…is that what you want?"

She looked at me confused.


"You little tease…you don't mean it but that's what you do," I said, "if you were watching…I came so close to pushing her too hard and too far….she wasn't sure she wanted me but once I got her alone…I pushed hard and if she hadn't warmed up…I might not have stopped."


"I might…god I wouldn't want to do it but once I got you in that cabana…there'd be no going back Ruby."


"No it's not…it's not what you want…you want someone to woo you fill your head with nice words and it's not like that with me Ruby…I'd get you inside of there…say and do anything to get you alone…"

She just listened attentively.

"I'd strip that bikini off of you, and then I'd grab your wrists so you'd be helpless…because I'd want what you've got for me so much…I shouldn't be saying this…"

"I don't care…Devlin…"

"Oh you would…no foreplay…no sweet talk, I'd push you against that bed, spread those legs of yours and I'd fuck you…before you could say anything…and I wouldn't let you leave until I had my fill of you…you understand?"

She didn't react to my words. I said them to scare her I told myself so she'd turn around and walk back to the pool. Just stop this ridiculous talk of spending time in the cabana being fucked by a man old enough to be her father.

"She did want it too…but we did things together that you didn't see…you've got to walk away right now Ruby…and just forget this conversation."

She looked indecisive.

"I…I'm 18…I know what I want."

I sighed heavily…this attempt to play nice wearing me out. God…I was so close to saying screw it and saying sure baby doll, I'll take good care of you before I fuck you…Damn thoughts of tying her up and spread-eagling her on the bed before I thrust in her tight little pussy…not images to feed a young woman who had never had a man's cock anywhere near her.


"No…no Ruby…maybe…god I can't say this but maybe when you're older…and mature and know that there's men out there like me who like it hard and fast…and I like them young."


Damn she was stubborn. My cock fought me every step of the way, god all I wanted to do was part her legs, push aside the cloth that wouldn't protect her and fuck her to ease the ache.

She frowned at me and he knew she felt rejected. But I also knew I was a liar. I knew that by discouraging her, it would cause her to want me even more…and I'd keep luring her alone and then pushing her away until…because I had every intention of fucking her soon.

Then she just looked at me upset and she walked away and I watched her go…knowing that I couldn't return to the pool until I jacked myself off. I imagine what would have happened if I had taken her inside the cabana….but if she couldn't handle it…she needed to be able to handle me and I had to teach her.

But the day will come when I will fuck her there, hearing her cries when I thrust my cock inside her for the first time. For now I'll just have to wait and play my game with her to get her pussy exactly where I want it.

I watched her photo now as I slide my hand over the bulge in my pants, stroking it, easing the burn because it can't be inside of her right now. I grab it hard enough to squeeze and god, I wish myself back by the swimming pool faster than I could ever drive there.

To where she's waiting for me…like she is in the photo.

Her red hair haloes her face as she lies on her bed, totally naked. Her eyes tease me as she covers her pussy with her hand, daring me to remove it and replace it with my mouth. I love sliding my tongue over her pussy, the lips rosy pink that darkens when she gets aroused. I love sinking my cock inside its tightness as she squeezes me, before letting me ride her even more.

I pick up my things and head on out the door to drive to give us what we both want. Enough to risk my family finding out…


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