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What happened under the Moonlight

Novel By: Marzy Dotes

Ruby had her eyes on Tiffany's father but when it was his birthday, she came up with the perfect gift... View table of contents...

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I went to work at the nursery thinking about what happened last night. Sorting the latest shipment of annuals that came in this morning helped me think, as the images lingered inside my head.

Me on the floor handcuffed on my knees sucking Devlin off as he grabbed my head and pushed his cock even further in my mouth. I have to remember how to breathe sometimes and when it gets intense I forget and feel like I'm smothering. It's hard to even keep your balance with your hands cuffed behind you. They were softened by the fuzzy material around them so they didn't dig into my wrists but I had to move carefully, my knees pressing onto the carpet as I got closer to him. He maneuvered his cock, jutting it against my lips, forcing them open to take him inside. I parted my lips to wrap them around his head nice and snug, sucking it, tasting the saltiness of his eagerness.

"Deeper Ruby..."

I sucked on the head, flicking my tongue underneath it, which made him moan and that's when he grabbed my head, wrapping my hair around one hand in a fist and urged me closer…his cock sliding deeper in my mouth, rubbing it with its girth. With my hands cuffed, he controlled the tempo by thrusting his ass and his cock inched further as I tried to relax and let him deeper inside, his balls spanking my face gently. I got excited by how he took over and controlled me. He came hard inside of my mouth and I drank every drop of it.

"Hey you got a date for the Fourth?"

I looked up and saw Tina standing nearby, pushing a shopping cart of what looked like Basils and Rosemary plants. I shielded my face from the sun as I looked up at her.

"I don't know…maybe…I'm kind of seeing someone."

"Anyone I know?"

I hesitated.

"Maybe…Brock, you know him?"

Tina's mouth opened and she put a hand on a hip.

"He's ultra hot so you're his girl for the summer then?"

I paused and I supposed that I was his fling until the autumn. Not that I minded because the sex was incredible…the weekend I spent with him, I started to feel wet. No, I had to focus on my work because he was returning home tonight.

"I suppose…neither one of us is serious about it."

Tina nodded.

"Yeah…he went out with my sister a while back," she said, "Winnie said he's pretty intense, she never felt like she knew much about him."

I knew the feeling but I felt that every time I saw him, I learned more about him although he sure kept a lot close to the chest. But that's what I needed right now and was that any different than Devlin?

"Is Tiffany going to take Chad?"

"You're going to have to ask her," I said, "but I imagine so."

"Chad's grown up a lot since when I went out with him last year," Tina said, "His club's doing awesome."

Once again I was reminded of how in a small town, it seemed like every woman had fucked each other's boyfriend at some time or another. The pond of men was to be shared until new blood moved into town and then every single women would scout them out. Tina reached in the basket for her bottle of iced tea and sipped it thoughtfully.

"You know about Tiffany's father don't you?"

My smile curled quickly across my lips. I knew to play along and act surprised about everything.

"No…only that he's her father."

Tina sighed.

"He's been married to Tiffany's mother like forever."

"I know that," I said, "I think everyone knows that."

Tina looked around the nursery but it was pretty deserted where we were talking.

"He…he…this is kind of embarrassing but I think he tried to make a pass at me."

I blinked my eyes. That did surprise me because Tina had a nice body, but she wasn't exactly what men would call pretty.

"What? Really…?"

Oh I was getting good at this and she just continued.

"I…we were alone by the pool at his house," Tina said, "Tiffany got called into the house to help her mom with the dinner and he came and sat next to me to you know talk…or so I thought."

"Then what…?"

I knew to ask was expected after all.

"He leaned closer and he started, you know touching me…my leg and it felt so good but…Tiffany's my friend and I couldn't believe that he was doing that…"


Tina nodded.

"Yeah he as much came out and said he wanted to…do me. His wife wouldn't care, she was so busy with her social obligations.

I felt my throat go dry but was I really supposed to be surprised?

"What did you do…did you fuck him?"

Tina looked taken aback.

"No…of course not…Tiffany would freak if she knew he hit on me right under her nose."

My throat turned into sandpaper and I felt awful…suddenly it just hit me. Tina had turned Devlin down because she was friends with Tiffany and I was supposed to be her best friend….Yet…I was fucking him like I could never get enough.

"Does she know…he hits on her friends?"

Tina scrutinized me.

"Did he…did he try it with you?"

I said nothing; I didn't think my lips could move at that point. What could I say? But my body remembered what he'd done last night after I'd taken his cock inside my mouth and sucked it.

So I shrugged.

"No…but then he knows I'm her closest friend."

Tina nodded seeming to accept that response. Then she went back to her cart.

"Well I've got to go finish this batch but…damn you and Brock," she said, "I can only imagine what it'd be like to fuck him."

I watched her walk away and then the thoughts that swirled inside my mind threatened to consume me. After all, when I'd fucked Devlin last night in his own home, his wife or Tiffany could have come home at any moment. Earlier than either one of us had expected or planned….

After I sucked him off, he didn't uncuff me. He talked about what he would do to me next as I still remained on my knees, tasting him inside my mouth.

"You like it Ruby don't you," he said, "You're a wanton little slut who needs restraint."

I felt the headiness of it rush through my body. I knew he spoke the truth about me. After all, a woman who'd fuck her friend's father in his own house…what else would you call it? But when I was with him, I didn't want to be anywhere else.

He picked me up and guided me by holding onto my cuffed wrists and pressed me against the end of the couch, my legs hitting it.

"Bend over…I want that pretty little ass of yours up in the air for me."

I bent over and my face felt hot as I heard him unzip his pants, then slide the panties off of my rear.

"You ever been fucked in the ass Ruby?"

His words shocked me. But he had to know the answer to that.

"Does he do that to you? You save that part of yourself for him?"

Meaning Brock but no…I just shook my head. He slid one of his hands over the globes of my ass sending tingles through me…and laced into it was some fear. Was he….my body tensed.

"Not tonight…it can't be rushed Ruby," he said, "but another time…"

I sighed and instead I felt his cock nudge at my pussy teasing its lips apart before he'd thrust inside of me, sinking his erection inside until his body pressed against mine. He fucked me hard, slamming me into the couch and so deep…it hit a part of me that almost hurt. I bit my lip.


"Shut up," he said, quietly thrusting harder, "or I'll fill that mouth again."

I felt aroused when he treated me like his slut. I'd been a goody two shoes most of my life as Tiffany called me but now…I was anything but. Still…I felt that guilt sometimes, slicing through me when least expected.

Like when he'd filled my body again with his seed, and then zipped his pants back up.

"My wife will be back soon," he said, "She never stays out this late…meeting must have gone longer than expected."

Yeah, I had left the house before she or Tiffany returned but I knew Tiffany was with Chad. I went back to my own quiet house, my mom gone again with her latest boyfriend. Vegas maybe or Reno…to feed her gambling habits.

But sitting in the nursery I thought not for the first time if this is what I really wanted. Then I thought about Brock returning and seeing him tonight. He was rough around the edges in a way that sometimes reminded me of Devlin but I had also noticed this sweetness about him, though he'd kept it hidden. I'd be spending the night at his place again, after he cooked up one of his dinners in the kitchen. I'd do the salad because that's all I knew…when my mom wasn't able to cook I made good with what was in the pantry…in a can.

I looked up and saw the sun finally starting to favor the direction of sunset and concentrated on finishing my work. My cell phone buzzed. I hoped it would be Brock…but it was Tiffany saying she needed to talk to me about something. She sounded upset so I told her I'd stop by her house before heading home to get ready for Brock.

Were things going bad between her and Chad, I guessed soon enough I'd find out. But as it turned out, it was more complicated than that.


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